The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1189

Chapter 1189 Killing Doom

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A palm-sized Five Elements Mountain flew out of Su Yus sleeve. It swelled in the wind and expanded.

With a soft bang, the dagger launched by the God of Doom hit the Five Elements Mountain and immediately broke into black mist.

The black mist seemed to have a life of its own. Unable to hit its target at the first try, it divided into ten million strands to bypass the Five Elements Mountain and headed straight for Su Yu who was hiding behind it.

However, the Five Elements Mountain suddenly burst into bright light. If the five-colored light could not resist the attack, the black mist would be suppressed on the top of the mountain.

Looking from far, there was more black light on top of the five-colored Five Elements Mountain.

Ha! Even my will can be suppressed! What the hell is this mountain? The God of Dooms old eyes narrowed sharply.

Even the God of Death was not able to suppress the will of the God of Doom. After all, the so-called Doom was his very soul.

The Pirate God also took in a breath. Su Yus eyes had surprised him, and the mysterious Five Elements Mountain made him even more shocked by Su Yus lofty identity.

Su Yu raised his hand and made a grabbing motion. The Five Elements Mountain returned to Su Yus palm, and he stared indifferently at the God of Doom. You are indeed a slave who has repeatedly rebelled and betrayed his alliance. The rumors are indeed believable!

The God of Doom shuddered. You you were prepared for my fake surrender?

Yes, because you had not even performed your final trick before you surrendered, so I thought you must be conspiring and awaiting the right moment. Su Yu was a little disappointed. Originally, I wanted to allow you to live a little longer, but you, right now, dont want to live. If thats so

The God of Dooms heart twisted into knots; he was really panicked now. Wait! I will accept the imprint of the divine power!

Too late! Su Yu winked at Ah Da, Ah Er, and Ah San.

Three God-Destroying Crossbows were launched at the same time!

With a roar from a seemingly inexplicable beast, three weird monster heads burst out of the God-Destroying Crossbows. They seemed to be in the shape of a soul. They came out of the crossbow and rushed towards the God of Doom.

The roar from the beasts head could only be described as shocking.

Su Yu was far away, but he also felt as if everywhere was violently trembling. His body was trembling, and the earth at his foot was shaking as if there had been an earthquake. Even the entire Cavern world of the God of Doom was slightly shaking.

When the three roars were stacked one after another, the multiplier effect of the roars increased dramatically. With the three crossbows at the center, the entire Cavern world of the God of Doom fell apart, revealing large cracks.

The endless Xing River poured into the Cavern World through the cracks, accompanied by the beasts in the Xing River. Wherever the Xing River passed, the beasts swallowed everything in its path!

Su Yu was startled. What a terrible roar! It could entirely destroy a Cavern world!

When the roar headed for Su Yu, the Pirate God flashed over, and a powerful divine power emerged on the surface to shelter him and Su Yu.

Ah Da, Ah Er, and Ah San were not so fortunate. They were hit straight on by the shockwaves from the release from the crossbow. Ah Da and Ah Er were relatively more stable as their Great Path Divine Origin was abundant and they could release enough divine power to protect themselves.

Alas, Ah San was unlucky and had insufficient power. He screamed, and his body was shattered into pieces. Even with the divine power he had, he was still hit hard.

With a damaged Great Path Divine Origin, whether he could recover in the future was doubtful.

The God of Doom was extremely solemn, and he was full of shock and hatred. Pirate God! Su Yu! You


Another roar shook the Xing River, drowning out the God of Dooms voice.

The heads of the three beasts besieged the God of Doom and opened their mouths to bite.

What was strange was that no matter how the God of Doom resisted, the beast head could always severely tear a big piece of his soul. It was as if they were intangible.

In just three breaths, the spirit of the God of Doom was almost eaten!

Die for me now! The God of Doom was terrified, and the power of doom was launched between the roars. Bad doom! Chaos doom!

Alas, he was trapped by the beasts and struggled to send out any sources of doom, each of which was enough to kill a god.

However, to these beast heads, it was nothing. They ferociously devoured the God of Doom.

Seeing this scene, even Su Yu felt that his scalp was sweating buckets.

What the hell were those beast heads? Looking at the Xing River, the creatures that could ignore the power of the gods were probably non-existent. It would even be difficult for the rumored Demon Emperor.

He originally thought that the God-Destroying Crossbow was some kind of powerful weapon. However, now that he had seen it he knew that it was an unknown and terrible beast. It should be said that they were just souls.

Amongst the roar and hissing, the God of Doom was eaten alive by three brutal beasts and no trace of his soul was left.

Even his Great Path Divine Origin was swallowed up by the three beast heads.

At this point, the three beast heads were satisfied and turned their heads to stare at the Pirate God and Su Yu.

In that look, there was a sense of brutality that had not disappeared, and their eyes turned. It seems that their next target was the Pirate God.

The Pirate God looked calm, but Su Yu noticed that his palms were shaking.

Finally, after the three beast heads looked at one another, they flew back into the crossbow without looking elsewhere.

Their eyes were filled with contempt and arrogance as if they were looking down at the Pirate God.

The Pirate God was relieved, but Ah Da and Ah Er were still frightened. When the beast heads returned, they sealed the crossbow immediately.

Pirate God, what are those beast heads? Why havent we heard of them before? Su Yu had spent quite a lot of time at the Xing River and had collected quite a lot of secrets pertaining to it. However, he had never heard of such terrible beasts.

The Pirate Gods soothing expression stiffened yet again, and he turned back and said, It is better that you do not know.

Tell me about it. Su Yu was even more curious. Could they have special origins?

The Pirate God stared at Su Yus eyes and said, They were the spiritual pet of the demon emperor!

Su Yu shuddered. Spiritual pet?

How did such an awesome spiritual pet fall into your hands? Su Yu asked.

The Pirate God laughed. Awesome? These nine pets are discarded by the demon emperor! This is because the demon emperor has nine more powerful spiritual pets! They were discarded because they were too weak!!

Su Yu was shaking. Such terrible beasts shattered the god with every strike, but they were actually abandoned spiritual pets!

This beast is called Chaos. It is one of the many wild beasts. It was born with a god-level power. Back in those days, the Emperor found a total of eighteen, but for some reason, he could only raise nine. Therefore, he let the eighteen chaos kill each other. The survival of the fittest concept allowed him to select the nine strongest, and the weakest nine emerged. However, the Demon Emperor could not kill them, they could not be destroyed, and could not be trapped. They could only be exiled to the galaxy, endangering the land. Finally, the first deities of the earth discovered them. After fighting for thousands of years, they finally reached an agreement with them, and they voluntarily entered the crossbows for our use.

Chaos? To think that actually there was such a history, and even the demon emperor cannot kill, extinguish, or trap them. From the fact that the God of Doom attacked them and was directly ignored by them, Su Yu was afraid that the story was true.

If thats the case, why do you own the nine crossbows? The other gods have no opinion on that? Su Yu asked.

The Pirate God smiled proudly. This is because our agreement with Chaos is that they must no longer take the initiative to cause trouble and they can assist us if necessary, but we must feed them food regularly! A god soul must be fed to them every ten years and a quasi-god once every three years, in addition to the quasi-soul spirit and the heaven and earth treasures. The lowest consumption in a year is the value of tens of billions of Alliance Coins. With such a huge price tag, which god will possibly be able to raise them, apart from me with my perennial looting of the galaxy? Once their needs cant be met, Chaos will tear up the agreement and break out of the God-Destroying Crossbow. The first one to be harmed is, naturally, the god that cares for them. Therefore, who would dare to raise them?

Su Yu secretly marveled at what he heard. Feeding them a god once every ten years, and quasi gods once every three years! As many as 10 billion Alliance Coins were consumed every year!

The pressure was not merely on the Pirate God. For them to be raised by the entire Great Eastern Alliance would also bring pressure to others.

Therefore, although I have plundered many things, my resources are not as abundant as the other eight deities. The Pirate God laughed at himself. More than 90% of what he plundered was consumed by the nine crossbows.

However, Su Yu didnt agree. For your efforts, you get nine very powerful crossbows. If you did some calculations, you would be the most powerful in the land left by the Gods.

Of course! The Pirate God shook his head. You saw it earlier on the battle with the God of Doom. If you had not taken out the power of the God-Destroying crossbow, you would have been killed! The gap between the gods is very difficult for external forces to fill unless it is a royal sacred artifact. However, do you know how rare a royal sacred artifact is? The God of Death is the only one who possesses the royal sacred artifact in the entire land.

Su Yu bowed his head. Indeed, although the power of the God-Destroying crossbow was great, after all, it needed to be artificially exerted.

He stared at the God-Destroying crossbows. Su Yu had a lot of dignity in his heart. The nine chaotic beasts were already so fierce. How powerful might the nine around the demon emperor be?

As he thought about the situation of internal and external troubles in the Great Eastern Alliance, Su Yu had a thick shadow in his heart.

He sighed lightly. Su Yu looked at the Five Elements Mountain in the palm of his hand. The God of Dooms doom did not disappear simply because of his death but was still firmly attached to the Five Elements Mountain.

Surprisingly, these dooms will be able to exert their unexpected effects. Su Yu was smiling.

Then, Su Yu cleaned up the corpse of the God of Doom from the ground and collected ten drops of scattered blood. The remaining blood was dim and had lost its divinity.

Ten drops! According to past experience, that should be enough for me to start a new dragon, right? Su Yu secretly thought. He looked forward to experimenting.

Now that he had mastered time, space, soul, and life, what could be the next crystallized dragon be?

After an hour, the All-Access Merchant God and others returned from all directions.

The Book Deity fled! We blocked nine places in the nine directions of the God of Doom Cavern World according to your instructions, but he somehow managed to escape! The Sheng Deity was slightly puzzled. They had sought to execute Su Yus plan to its tee and cut off the escape path of the Book God. Alas, though the plan was good, the people who executed the plan still failed.

It seemed that the Book Deity had already made arrangements for his escape and therefore could escape even with nine gods surrounding him.

Su Yu was disappointed, but he had partly expected it and he comforted everyone. It doesnt matter. As long as he doesnt escape into the demon world, we will have the opportunity to seize him again.

At the same time, a Divine Bone Ship came silently into the port.

On the boat, there was a cold and gorgeous woman with purple lips and white hair. She had a beautiful face and a smile on the corner of her mouth. If you are in the Great Eastern Alliance, the gods bless you. I wont dare do anything funny towards you. Alas, you decided to come to the World of Divine Remnant. In this case, I will take back the Demonic Body!

With a chuckle, the woman disappeared into the port.