The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Who's The Ant Now?
Chapter 119: Who's The Ant Now?
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The air vibrated as Yuan Hu's leg moved rapidly.

His Second Level Holy King's powerful spiritual energy imbued his Legacy level cultivation technique and his power was terrifying beyond imagination!

The powerful gale tussled Su Yu's long hair, but it failed to disrupt his clear gaze!

"Ice and Thunder Feast!" Unexpectedly, Su Yu did not use his stronger attack, Purple Star Thunderbolt. Instead, he used his slightly less powerful Holy Decree.

However, his Holy Decree's power was relative.

Now that it was imbued with spiritual energy its power had reached new heights.

Alternating violet and white light shot out from Su Yu like lightning.



Thud, thud, thud

The moment Yuan Hu's Dragon Tail Whip was jolted back, sharp pangs of pain struck him and made his right leg tremble. During the violent collision, the two destructive ice and thunder based cultivation techniques had simultaneously hit his right leg!

Yuan Hu staggered back several steps, his eyes were wide with horror. He was incredulous, "What is your Holy Decree?"

The power of a saint grade Holy Decree would never reach such intensity!

Su Yu's Holy Decree had already surpassed the Saint Grade Top Realm, and it was transforming to a new level.

As Li Guang had said on his deathbed, Su Yu's Holy Decree was unique; it had an inexplicable cadence. With a little sharpening, it would be amazing.

"How does it feel? You're from the Inner Sanctum and now you're trembling in front of mewho's the ant now?" Su Yu stood firmly and calmly.

He had not used the more powerful Purple Star Thunderbolt. Instead, he had used his slightly weaker Holy Decree to defeat Yuan Hu! To Yuan Hu, it was an insult.

Yuan Hu's face first turned pale before he flushed red. He stole a quick glance at the spectators and they had looks of derision.

Before this, Yuan Hu had condescendingly called Su Yu an ant, and Su Yu had promptly beaten him. The contrasts made others sneer, especially Zhao Longyang, who stood on the sidelines with a mocking smile on his lips!

Yuan Hu flaunted himself as someone from the Inner Sanctum and had looked down on people, and now he was finally forced to yield!

"Su Yu! Don't be unruly and arrogant! Let's do this again!" Yuan Hu was enraged and immediately made his move! As his right leg was injured, only his Deity level cultivation technique imbued with his spirit energy helped him cope.

"Iron Head Strike!" With a growl, Yuan Hu's stout body slightly bent. His spiritual energy concentrated on his head as he unexpectedly changed into a bison and came charging at Su Yu!

His whole person propelled forward with both of his legs exerting force. He was incredibly fast!

In a blink of an eye, he shot toward Su Yu!

With such a fast speed, a First Level Holy King had no chance to evade him!


However, Yuan Hu charged into empty space. He stumbled and fell to the ground on the spot!

A gasp of disbelief sounded among the spectators.

"Quickly, look! What is that? Such beautiful wings! They look like ice sculptures, like a ball of crystalline light!" Extraordinary splendor shimmered in a young girl's eyes.

The crowd looked over and saw a pair of bright icy wings had unfurled from Su Yu's back and soundlessly flapped, radiating a bright colorful rainbow under the sunlight.

Seen from afar, it looked as if Su Yu was draped with multicolored wings which complemented his handsome face, elegantly mysterious silver hair, and his suit of fluttering purple clothes. He looked inexplicably precious, like a legendary celestial immortal.

Many young women fixed their gazes on his pair of wings, as well as Su Yu himself. They expressed surprise and praised him repeatedly.

Only a hardened and steady male disciple was able to discern a key point and commented on it in disbelief, "His speed was so fast, he already exceeded the First Level Holy King and reached the Second Level Holy King! How did he get those wings?"

"Could it be... from a remnant volume of a Legacy level cultivation technique?" asked someone else.

"Are you saying he could have two remnant volumes of Legacy level cultivation techniques? Where exactly did Su Yu come from? Some of the Inner Sanctum disciples are not able to take on two volumes of Legacy level cultivation techniques!"


Su Yu nimbly landed with one foot on Yuan Hu's chest.


The force of the impact caused Yuan Hu to cough up a mouthful of blood. A pair of cool eyes looked down at him.

"You called me an ant when in fact you are not qualified to even look up to me! Take back your so-called arrogance." Su Yu demanded coolly as he used his toe to roll Yuan Hu off the bridge.

"Su Yu wins!" The referee announced.

The spectators were silent.

The newly appointed Inner Sanctum disciple Yuan Hu had unexpectedly been defeated by Su Yu, the newly appointed disciple from outside of the Sanctum.

The two of them were of similar ages, had entered the Faction together and participated in the Faction's formal contest, and had collided in the arena at the same time.

The result was so startling!

Yuan Hu of the Inner Sanctum was no match for Su Yu from outside of the Sanctum!

Yuan Hu, who had been so demeaning, was instead stepped on by Su Yu, the person he viewed as an ant!

Having quietly watched everything, Cao Xuan dashed over to check on Yuan Hu's injuries. He glared cooly at Su Yu.

"Very well! I, Cao, made an error of judgment, you are stronger than Liu Guang after all!" Cao Xuan looked icy.

Su Yu shot him a chilly look!

This was the man Xianer was to be forced to marry?

"You have always lacked foresight. Your judgment is lacking, as is your attitude!" Su Yu's eyes were cold.

Cao Xuan had grabbed hold of Yuan Hu and was about to leave. After hearing Su Yu, he turned his head back and sneered, "When you are qualified to enter the Inner Sanctum, then we can talk again. My acknowledgment is a handout in and of itself."


He left in a flash, leaving only the echo of his contemptuous words.

As a powerful Dragon Realm disciple of the Inner Sanctum, Cao Xuan was elusive and mysterious. Indeed, not everyone had the privilege to speak with him.

At least for the present moment, Su Yu was not entitled to speak to Cao Xuan.

Zhao Wuxie stood with his arms folded and appraised Su Yu admiringly, "He takes on two volumes of Legacy level cultivation techniques, his Holy Decree is transcendent, and he makes quite a good opponent. It's a pity, my current enemy is still Sun Tianyang!"

With these words, his gaze abruptly turned to Sun Tianyang.

Sun Tianyang was Zhao Wuxie's enemy. Though Su Yu was strong, he was still a tier lower than Sun Tianyang!

"The next battle is Zhao Wuxie versus Zhao Longyang!"

All the spectators' spirits were raised.

Of the Three Heavenly Kings from outside of the Sanctum, the First Heavenly King Zhao Wuxie and the Second Heavenly King Zhao Longyang were going to finally collide?


The two men darted to the middle-layer of the bridge. The section's spiritual energy was six times more than the outside world's.

Zhao Wuxie stood with his hands behind his back and he lightly nodded his head, "It has been a year since we last exchanged blows, I don't know how much you've progressed. Give me your best shot and I can give you a pointer or two."

These remarks sounded self-important. Any ordinary person who heard it would certainly feel the harsh intention meant for the proud Zhao Longyang.

However, surprisingly, Zhao Longyang actually restrained the ferocity in his brutish face. He reverently and respectfully cupped his fists in appreciation, "Many thanks to Big Brother Wuxie for your help! Please do not hesitate to advise me."

The spectators from outside of the Sanctum felt that Zhao Wuxie had not acted self-important. Outside of the Sanctum, Zhao Wuxie was considered an invincible legend.

Many people believed it was unfair that Zhao Wuxie had stayed outside of the Sanctum and he was truly a talent who had been wronged.

His powerful insight and ability were not bad, he was only barely below the Inner Sanctum standard.

Whether it was his ability or character, Zhao Wuxie was someone whom people from outside of the Sanctum held in high esteem.

"Cloud Parting Ghost Hands!" Zhao Longyang made his move!

He moved his hands around, overlapped his palms, and turned them over. His movement was very fast, like wings violently flapping.

The crowd clearly saw Zhao Longyang turn his wrists, but they could not see his palms.

They could only feel a boundless formidable force gathered within his ghost-palms as if the force was parting the clouds to see the bright moon, it was a majestic momentum.


The ghost-palms came attacking, and with one hand behind his back, Zhao Wuxie extended one hand to duel with Zhao Longyang.



Zhao Wuxie was clearly light and deft, and he had not used his cultivation technique yet. He easily deflected Zhao Longyang's moves! Even the crowd could see Zhao Longyang was straining; he was no match for him!

Finally, ten moves later, Zhao Longyang was lightly beaten back by Zhao Wuxie's one palm.

Zhao Longyang smiled wryly, "Last year I lost to Big Brother Wuxie within ten moves, this year is the same."

Zhao Wuxie shook his head lightly, "You're proficient in your palm technique and your level of maturity is extremely high. Your Cloud Parting Ghost Hands technique has already reached its pinnacle. Compared to last year, you have shown great progress. Your shortcoming was that your body was stiff, and your body variations were not able to follow your palm momentum with ease. The result was, when your body was advancing or retreating, there was a gap in your palm's movement. Therefore you were defeated."

Feeling enlightened, Zhao Longyang gratefully bowed, "Many thanks to Big Brother Wuxie!"

The disciples from outside of the Sanctum were pleased and envious at the same time. To be able to receive Zhao Wuxie's personal guidance, Zhao Longyang would be even stronger next year!

"Next battle is Zhao Longyang versus Su Yu!"


Su Yu used his Icy Divine Wings to fly up in the air and land on the second bridge. He felt the spiritual energy was six times more than the outside world's, as well as the powerful chill. He felt exceptionally at ease.

What mildly pleased him was the bottleneck in his cultivation base was ready to blow, he could break through any time.

To someone like Su Yu who was going to break through anytime, the spiritual energy of this place was beneficial and infinite!

Zhao Longyang grinned, his brutish face looked ferocious, "Although I'm thankful to you for helping me teach that disdainful trash, Yuan Hu, a lesson, I will not go easy on you!"

"It's a fair fight, there's no need for you to go easy on me," Su Yu lightly said.

As a Second Level Holy King, Zhao Longyang was an opponent with the highest cultivation base that Su Yu had ever encountered.

Zhao Longyang took a few deep breaths to calm his charged up inner strength from the battle just now. His ruthless eyes sized up Su Yu and a hint of ridicule teased the corners of his mouth, "It seems you are very confident. Overcoming difficulties along the way and skipping right to the next challenge gave you an ego boost."

Su Yu closed his eyes, quietly waiting for Zhao Longyang to have enough rest.

When he did not receive a response, Zhao Longyang's eyes flared. He bared his teeth and grinned, "Don't tell me, just because I was defeated by Zhao Wuxie, you despise me now?"

Su Yu closed his eyes, "I'm just giving you enough time to rest to avoid having an unfair advantage in the fight."

"An unfair advantage? Haha, you really think too highly of yourself!" Zhao Longyang guffawed angrily, "Let's start the fight, I only used up a little energy! I want to see where you get your confidence from!"

Zhao Longyang inwardly sneered. He had deduced that during Su Yu's duel with Jiang Ming, he had held something back, but he revealed it when he fought against Yuan Hu.

His two volumes of Deity level cultivation techniques were indeed astounding; unfortunately, those were all Su Yu had!

Zhao Longyang's Realm would absolutely crush Su Yu. He was doomed to fail at his hands!

Su Yu nodded, "If that's the case, please make your move!"

"Good! I want to see what abilities you have that allow you to be so unruly and arrogant!" Zhao Longyang growled!

"Cloud Parting Ghost Hands!" After receiving Zhao Wuxie's advice, Zhao Longyang obviously paid attention to his body's drawbacks. His moves were more fluid!

Like parting the clouds to see the moon, he charged towards Su Yu with an airtight formation of his ghost-palms move.

Su Yu's calmly looked and deftly made his move.

"I'm not arrogant, you're not my opponent! I can defeat you with one move!" Su Yu coolly said.

A violet lotus quietly rotated within his palm. It was exquisite and enchanting.

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!" Su Yu softly chanted.

He used the same move, but his accumulative destructive force was far more than the battle with Jiang Ming!

His power had increased by about thirty percent or so!

That crackling thunder flames and the destructive force caused the sneering Zhao Longyang to suddenly turn aghast!

But it was already too late for him to dodge!


An exceptional roar shook the ten-thousand people arena!

The purple lightning flooded the sky and earth! An unprecedented dust storm blew in all directions.

The earth-shattering scene shook everyone to the core.