The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1190

Chapter 1190 The Counterattack On The Alliance

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In the Wolf Deitys Cavern World.

Foreign god, you want me to let you use me just by saying a few words? You might think too highly of yourself. The Wolf Deity stared blankly at the Book Deity in front of him.

The Book Deity said, This is bad! The gods of the Great Eastern Alliance are coming over, and the plot that they are carrying out is very big!

How big can it be? I merely need to hand you over and they will leave. The Wolf Deitys dark eyes were cunning.

The Book Deity calmly said, If the Wolf Deity does this, will the other gods agree? Can the creatures in the land left by the gods agree? Handing over the alliance traitors means that you bow your head to the alliance. How will you gather the hearts and minds of your followers in the future?

Also, even if you surrender me to them, will the Alliance Gods really leave? I dont think so!

The Wolf Deity sneered. Wont they dare leave? Did they forget the serious casualties they suffered?

Oh. That was then, and this is now. At this moment, the Pirate God who has nine God-Destroying crossbows is taking refuge with them. Can you still rest so peacefully?

Ah? The Wolf Deitys eyes suddenly sharpened, emitting a dangerous light. Book Deity, speak carefully. If the unity between the gods of the land left by the gods is destroyed, I will spare you, but the other gods will not.

Hahaha The Book Deity chuckled. How do you think the gods of the Great Eastern Alliance got to the land of Gods relics safely? Without the Pirate Gods permission, can they get in?

The Wolf Deity was unmoved. Whether the Pirate God relies on them, I will investigate. I will not believe you, whatever you say now.

Haha, by the time you investigate, Im afraid that the God of Doom would have already encountered unexpected events.

Just then, something dramatic happened.

A large beast roared from the Xing River, passed through the entire land of the gods, and shocked all the deities.

Then, a divine light indicating that a god had fallen radiated throughout the land left by the gods.

What? The God of Doom has fallen! The Wolf Deity stood up, his eyes flashing with shock.

As the third deity in the land of the gods, the God of Doom had actually fallen!

Ah, it seems that they succeeded, the Book Deity sighed. Starting from the God of Doom, they will leave none behind and remove you all.

Hearing this, the Wolf Deitys face had a drastic change of color. He stared at the Book Deity. Okay, I promised you that I will invite the rest of the gods to come and discuss the matter. However, I am not sure that I can invite the God of Death here.

The Book Deity frowned slightly. As the strongest existence of the land left by the gods, the will of the God of Death could be said to sway everything. If he blocked it and stood in the way

He thought for a while. The Book Deity shook his head slightly; the God of Death had no reason to stop him.

The land left by the gods had almost been invaded by the outside world, and the God of Death would never protect them even if he did not intervene.

Suddenly, at this point, the Book Deity felt at ease.

Half a day later.

There were five more gods in the secret room. They were all there except the Pirate God and the God of Death.

You must have learned about the fall of the God of Doom, but Im afraid the details are not clear yet. The Wolf Deity looked at everyone coldly.

The gods said, Does the Wolf Deity know anything? Please tell us why the God of Doom fell!

His death was not a bad thing for the rest of the gods. After all, he was a tad too dangerous.

However, because of how dangerous the man was, they were paying more attention.

What could cause such a god, second only to the God of Death, to fall?

Its Chaos! The god frowned. Its just that even if you can hold the God-Destroying Crossbow, its still hard to kill the God of Doom. Would the Pirate God be able to do it?

The Wolf Deity flashed. Of course it can be done! This is because the Pirate God has nine gods to help him! The nine gods of the Great Eastern Alliance!

The gods were all surprised, and the light on their bodies was disordered.

Do you speak the truth?

Besides this reason, what other explanations do you think are plausible?

There was silence in the room. The rebellion of the Pirate God was not good for them, for he was a powerful god holding nine God-Destroying Crossbows.

Based on mere strength, the Pirate God could only be ranked sixth. However, with the God-Destroying Crossbows, no one can be sure that they can defeat him, except for the Wolf Deity.

What do the gods of the Great Eastern Alliance want to do? Is it just the Pirate God that they are after?

The Wolf Deity sneered. To this day, people still dream such dreams? The Pirate God is the gateway to the land of the gods. Since he has fallen, it means that the portal of the land of the gods is wide open. What reason do they now have to let you and me off the hook?

The gods did not speak and realized that their situation was serious.

Unlike in the past, the land left by the gods was likely to suffer an impact now, unless of course, the God of Death took action.

However, many gods thought differently. Since the Pirate God can be made to switch sides, why cant I too? I might as well wait and see and then join forces to destroy them later.

Hum! I urge you to stop being so naive. If the gods of the Great Eastern Alliance really wanted you, wouldnt you have heard from them by now?

The gods thought for a while, and their hearts went a little cold. Yeah, if the Great Eastern Alliance really wanted them, then it would make sense for them to have already been in contact before the cleansing had begun.

Now, they had killed the God of Doom and had started a bloodbath. Where would they want them?

So, dont be imaginative anymore! Besides, when are the gods of this land left by our gods afraid of a few passersby? Are you merely a few foreign gods? If we cooperate, it will not be difficult to kill them and return home! The Wolf Deity licked his lips excitedly.

One of the gods said, It wont be that difficult to bring out the killer machine from the olden. However, at this moment, the Pirate God has nine God-Destroying Crossbows, which are extremely dangerous in a confrontation. I am afraid the threat is great! It may be better to invite the God of Death out of the mountain to deal with that killer machine. That would be enough to kill all enemies in the future.

The Wolf Deity sneered. Pirate God, what is he without his God-Destroying Crossbows? Rest assured my gods, I have a plan to ensure that none of the nine God-Destroying Crossbows will be used!

As for the God of Death, I have sent someone to invite him, but I dont know

Just then, a messaging jade on his body flashed, and a message emerged.

A touch of regret emerged around them. The God of Death said that he will not act for the time being and will only come out when he was needed.

Hearing this, the gods were disappointed.

Alas, as things stood, they would have to fight.

The Wolf Deity said, Go back to your Cavern Worlds and prepare for war in one month!

He stood up and licked his lips excitedly. The land of the gods has not been involved in a war for a long time. The gods of the two major alliances seem to forget the agony of the past!

The gods reached a tacit understanding of what to do and rushed back to prepare for war.

At the same time, they were all still a little hopeful that Su Yu would come to persuade them to jump ship.

The mansion of the Pirate God, the All Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity were alas, out of reach.

It had been half a month since the death of the God of Doom. According to Su Yus plan, he should try to acquire as many gods as possible, attract whoever he can, and divide the land of the gods, causing it to fall into inner strife. This was so that they could kill off the land of the gods without spilling much blood.

However, as of now, Su Yu had no intention to move.

Black Phoenix, is Su Yu still in retreat? the Sheng Deity couldnt resist asking.

Yes, Black Phoenix said.

Let him come out; this is not the time to retreat! The Sheng Deity was annoyed. The moments of life and death must be arranged as soon as possible.

Black Phoenix responded expressionlessly. The master said that the gods should be calm and not impatient and should not act unnecessarily. We should always respond to changes, and the situation is currently still in his grasp.

The Sheng Deity was annoyed. She had heard this sentence for the third time, but the more she heard it, the more anxious the gods were.

The situation was deteriorating sharply, but Su Yu remained indifferent. It seemed that he was leaving the remaining seven gods to unite and deal with the issue themselves.

From the information intercepted by the Pirate God, six deities are preparing for war, and various resources and soldiers were being moved around.

The Cavern Worlds of the remaining regions had also gradually suspended their connections with the Pirate God Cavern World. Seals were transmitted and the border was guarded heavily by soldiers.

This was clearly a sign of impending war!

Alas, Su Yu did not have anything to say about it.

The All-Access Merchant God also frowned deeply. As a businessman, he was more sensitive to the importance of having an overall picture of things than the other gods were.

According to common sense, after Su Yu killed the God of Doom, the situation was extremely clear. Killing the God of Doom sent a strong signal and would encourage other gods to jump to the alliance. It was like killing two birds with one stone.

However, Su Yu had merely sat around and watched the other gods unite. Now, the gods had no intention of surrendering. The All-Access Merchant God was afraid that those gods who had wanted to join them would have no choice but to prepare for war.

The situation in the land of the Gods can be said to have changed from being very good to being highly precarious.

An impatient deity said, All-Access Merchant God and Sheng Deity, we cant wait any longer. It would be better for the nine of us to go to the other Cavern Worlds to lobby the gods. This can alleviate the situation.

The Sheng Deity shook her head. No, Su Yu must have a plan. If we act blindly we may disrupt it.

Oh! Couldnt we have done anything without Su Yu? Seeing that the situation is getting worse for us, we do not act?

The Sheng Deity was silent for a while. It was true that since they had come to the Xing River, they had always listened to Su Yus instructions.

As a god, the Sheng Deity would be lying if she said she was satisfied with what she realized.

But Su Yu had produced some incredible miracles, one after another. They couldnt fail to be enticed by it.

However, now the situation was worsening, but Su Yu merely stood on the sidelines. This was making everyone anxious.

Everyone be calm. I believe that for Su Yu not to move, there must be some reason. The All-Access Merchant God finally came forward to appease everyone. Trust Su Yu. He has already created so many miracles for us, perhaps his choice of action has another meaning?

After all, the All-Access Merchant God was a businessman. In this mission, he was like a leader. Although the gods had grievances, they had to hold them back.

The Pirate God was watching from the side, and he frowned deeply.

On the other side of the mansion, Ah Da and Ah Er were busy preparing for the war, ordering the pirate forces from all sides to gather together for a big battle.

Brother, with so many forces, and with only half a month left to integrate them, it is very difficult. Ah San also happens to be seriously injured! Ah Er complained.

Ah Da sneered. Serious injury? Serious injuries can allow him to play with women?

Since his body was shattered by the roar of chaos, Ah San had been recuperating in the back room.

A few days ago, Ah San ordered someone to bring in a few beautiful women from other places and had fun with them in the back room.

In this regard, they were not surprised. Ah Sans best trait was his desire for females, and he liked them strong. Before he was recaptured by the Pirate God, he was the leader of a pirate ship and plundered along the way. He especially liked plundering women. In the cities, many women had been violently raped. Many Cavern World cities were scared of him. They called Ah Sans pirate ship the Rape Boat and its name became famous throughout the galaxy.