The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1191

Chapter 1191 Good Intentions

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Later, Ah San had been recaptured by the Pirate God and stayed in the land of the gods, only to continue to look for and recruit prostitutes.

What made Ah Da and Ah Er very dissatisfied was that even though he knew they were facing a serious situation, Ah San only wanted to play with women and was not contributing at all.

Hey, brother, lets forget about it. Even if Ah San recovers, our main responsibility is to watch over the God-Destroying Crossbows. He doesnt help us much. Let him go. As long as he doesnt lose the God-Destroying Crossbows, it doesnt matter.

Ah Da snorted coldly.

In the third secret room, two charming women with exquisite clothes exposed themselves. They looked stunningly similar to the Sheng Deity. They were on their knees, facing Ah San.

Well its comfortable but if you all are the Sheng Deity, its even more comfortable. Even after learning the true identity of the Sheng Deity, Ah San still thought about her a lot. He was specifically seeking out women who looked like her, which was truly somewhat disgusting to others.

Suddenly, the woman beneath him had a thought. Since Ah San wants her so much, why dont you seize the opportunity?

Ah? With a stunned look in his eyes, Ah San turned over, pushed the woman onto the ground and said coldly, Who are you?

Giggle, of course! We are the people who will help Ah San! Another woman laughed along with her.

Ah San seemed murderous. You have been sent by the other gods? Hum, its really hard to find out my desire for the Sheng Deity; you must have really done your homework! Go! You will be handed over to the Pirate God. To think that you tried to use your beauty to make me betray the Pirate God and work for you? Really whimsical!

The two women were in no hurry to leave. Why is Ah San so anxious? Maybe look at this first.

A timely messaging jade pendant appeared in her palm.

Whos this from? Ah San blinked and asked.

The Wolf Deity!

He hesitated for a moment. The Pirate God treated him with modesty and trust. The important things, such as the God-Destroying Crossbows, had been handed over to him for safekeeping.

However, the suppression under the Pirate God was self-evident.

After struggling for a long time, Ah San gritted his teeth. it didnt matter if he listened to his heart. If he could find out their plans, maybe he could make a contribution in front of the Pirate God.

Opening the jade pendant, Ah San Tan didnt say anything when he heard the voice of Wolf Deity. Ah San, if you will help us, we can kill the traitorous Pirate God, and all his sources will belong to you! For you, a quasi-god, devouring his Great Path Divine Origin can speed up your goal of becoming a god. The Pirate God Cavern world will be yours! You will also head a new generation of Pirate Gods in the land of the gods!

Ah San was tempted but still hesitant

Rest assured, I am representing the other six deities, and there are no falsehoods in my words. If you can do it, why wouldnt we support you as a new deity?

Was that a collective promise from the gods?

Ah Sans heart surged with emotions. This temptation was too great!

Who wouldnt want to be a god?

Can you really kill the Pirate God? He has turned to the gods of the Great Eastern Alliance. With nine gods helping each other, you cannot be their rivals! Ah San said.

We will use the big killing machine held in the land of the gods. As long as you help us steal the God-Destroying Crossbows, we can easily kill them!

The Big Killing Machine! Ah San was shocked. He had heard the Pirate God mention that the land of the gods had a weapon that made the two alliances jealous. Once utilized, both alliances were on their toes.

After thinking for a long while, Ah San finally made up his mind. Okay! I promise!

Time passed slowly, and ordinary creatures gradually became aware that the Pirate Gods and the other six gods Cavern Worlds were stretched further apart

There was an invisible smoke.

Sheng Deity, we cant wait any longer. The six big Cavern Worlds have gathered together, and they are about to start the war! The gods found it more and more difficult to suppress their mood.

It had been a full month since they had killed the God of Doom.

Alas, their think tanks were still in retreat, and they were advised to stay still!

This made the gods more and more dissatisfied, and they even began to doubt Su Yus intentions. More doubts began to rise.

Even the Sheng Deity felt restless. Su Yu still had not mentioned any countermeasures that he would take when the war started, and she didnt feel assured that nothing bad would happen.

The All-Access Merchant God also showed signs of anxiety. He held back the fear in his heart and tried to soothe the others. Everyone, bear with it.

I cant stand it anymore! A hot-tempered god shot up. When is he going to stop cultivating? Do you know that the situation today is endangering us to an unthinkable level?

Looking around, the god sneered, If he knows that the Pirate God has been hiding from our party for half a month now, I dont know how he can cultivate in peace!

The gods were silent.

The situation was worse than expected, and the situation has changed drastically!

In the first half of the month, the six deities in the land of the gods were preparing for war. In the second half of the month, soldiers were already drawing near, and war might break out at any time.

What made the gods feel most indignant was that because of Su Yus inaction, the attitude of the Pirate God had gradually changed!

After all, the Pirate God had promised to take refuge with them. The original intention was that Su Yu had promised that he would be safe and would not be attacked by the gods. By now, the Pirate God would surely have several others who were following him and he would not come to them alone.

But now, Su Yu had not made a single move and seemed not to have any intention of letting the Pirate God take refuge with them.

Things were so bad that the six gods were completely set on attacking and were determined to go to war with them.

The Pirate God had become the target of the gods. If they were the Pirate Gods, they would also be reconsidering whether it was worth taking refuge with the Great Eastern Alliance.

It had been half a month, and he still hadnt come to them. This was clear evidence of his vague attitude.

If there was a war between the two sides, it was more advantageous to be on Su Yu and the other gods side, so the Pirate God most definitely should still help them.

However, the Wolf Deity and the others were powerful as well. They were afraid that the Pirate God would be the hidden danger and would stab them in the back.

All of this was caused by Su Yus reversal in his attitude. The situation was initially so advantageous to them, but Su Yu had made it entirely confusing.

In light of the anger of all the gods, the All-Access Merchant God also found it difficult to calm down. The matter was indeed too serious. He only had one thing to say. Lets do this. Luo Deity, you go to the port to keep our warships in position and be ready to open fire at any time. If the Pirate God rebels, we will not be blocked from retreating.

The Sheng Deity and I shall break through the gate to see what Su Yu is doing. As for the other six gods, please pay close attention to the potential border war.

With the Sheng Deity starting to take action, the gods were a little more at ease.

OK! Lets do this!

We should have acted on our own. By listening to Su Yus words, we ended up being so passive, and now we have lost all our gains!

All-Access Merchant God, Sheng Deity, it is not that we have an opinion on Su Yu, but you should also reconsider whether Su Yu deserves our full trust. It is incredible and unreasonable to leave everything behind and retreat to cultivate at such an important juncture!

The gods chimed in one after another and poured out the long-suffering resentment in their hearts before acting separately on their respective tasks.

The All-Access Merchant God and Sheng Deity looked at each other with bitter smiles.

Sheng Deity, what the gods said is reasonable. We were too dependent on Su Yus strategy. Along the way, he gave up, but we were passive. It is not a good thing in the long term.

The Sheng Deity shared the same feeling and sighed. Stop it. The war is imminent, and Su Yu is not allowed to continue cultivating any longer. Lets go and find him now!

The two gods glanced at the closed stone gate. The prohibition on it seemed like nothing to them, and they moved past it instantly.

The Black Phoenix sighed. Hey, group of mediocre people, how can you all know the good intentions of the master?

She did not stop them and let the two gods enter.

In the backroom, the All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity saw Su Yu, who had been in retreat for over a month.

Compared to the past, Su Yu could now reach the peak of Vientiane and could always try to break through the realm of the dust fairy.

On the surface, a layer of dark magic faintly appeared, and the blood power of the devil and the God of Doom rolled in his body. Among them, the power of the devil occupied the vast majority of it.

Even more stunning was the fact that a pair of imaginary sharp corners had appeared on Su Yus head, and his face also showed some characteristics of the demons.

At first glance, the All-Access Merchant God and the Shang Deity were shocked, and the killing intentions in them suddenly started to rise. Devil!

Fortunately, Su Yu woke up at this moment, and the illusion on his body surface flashed away.

Looking at the two gods in front of him, Su Yus eyes were crystal clear. Before they could say anything, he asked, Have the six deities in the land of the gods gathered together? Has the Pirate God shown any traces of rebellion?

Ah? The All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity were both shocked. You know all about it?

Su Yu had been in retreat the entire time. Even the black phoenix had not entered this room. How could he possibly know what had been happening in the outside world? He even knew about the rebellious act of the Pirate God?

These are all predictable and are nothing to be fussed about, Su Yu said calmly.

What? The Sheng Deitys eyes flickered. Did you deliberately let the situation develop this way?

Su Yu laughed without saying a word, which meant yes.

Su Yu, what do you want to do? You dont want to sacrifice any gods in the land of the Gods, do you? The Sheng Deity was desperate to slap Su Yu to the ground and search his soul to see what he was actually planning.

Oh, what do I want to do? Wont the Sheng Deity already know? Su Yu smiled.

The All-Access Merchant God was surprised. You really dont plan to allow them to take refuge! Even the Pirate God

Su Yu sneered, Let them take refuge here? Huh! Dare I ask the both of you; of all the nine deities in the land of the gods, which one is not full of sin?

The All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity were stunned. How were they full of sin? Any soul in the land of the gods could be described as sinful, and the nine gods were kings of sin.

The creatures of the Cavern World who had died at their hands, and even the creatures of the Great Eastern Alliance, could not be fully described in whole numbers!

Even the Pirate God who trusted plundered the Xing River region all year round. How many people had been killed by him? His hands were stained with the blood of half of the families in the Great Eastern Alliance.

Welcome them and let them join the Alliance of 100 Deities, which means forgiving them for all their past sins? But what about those who died at their hands, and the families of the victims? What qualifications do we have to replace those who have died, those who have suffered? Will their family members forgive them?

The answer is no!


The All-Access Merchant God looked at Su Yu, never thinking about it. Su Yu seemed to do whatever he had to do to get what he wanted. It was surprising to discover he actually had a bottom line.

In fact, they were also in conflict about allowing the nine gods to take refuge here. After all, they had been enemies for many years, and to have them identified as their own would be really difficult to accept.

However, for the sake of the bigger picture, they were not entirely unwilling to tolerate this.