The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1192

Chapter 1192 The Great War Begins

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Unexpectedly, Su Yu was concerned about were the victims. This made the All-Access Merchant God swell with emotion. He had not seen such a principled person with a clear bottom line for many years now.

The Sheng Deitys eyes softened and the color of love seemed to be revealed in them. She had always admired Su Yu but had always had the intention of keeping a distance. The junior with too many tricks can hardly love her.

Upon hearing Su Yus words, she was impressed as a woman.

A reincarnation of heaven and earth, good and evil will always be rewarded fairly. I never thought of forgiving them. What I want is to use their blood to wash away the sins of the past! I want them to disappear, even the God of Death. Accept the price that you deserve for your actions!

Even the God of Death

In addition to appealing to Su Yus inner principles, there were also other advantages to exterminating them.

The Land of the Gods had been a disaster for many years, and it had already become a place that was a collection of blood and sin. It was difficult for them to change simply by making them seek refuge with the alliance.

They could join for a brief moment, but the sense of insecurity over their loyalty would always be there. The God of Doom had repeatedly betrayed the alliance and left spilled blood all over the ground every time.

Rather than guarding them after letting them join the alliance, it would be better to wipe them off the face of the earth and never suffer any troubles in the future.

However, the Pirate God has sincerely devoted himself to us. If we then kill him, my Great Eastern Alliance is in the wrong and we will lose credibility in the Xing River region, the All-Access Merchant God said.

Su Yu said, This is why its not safe to recruit the rest of the gods. If we let them join the alliance and want to openly kill them, we will lose our only excuse!

Then the Pirate God is an exception?

Su Yu said coldly, Of course not, unless he refuses to betray us all the time. However, from my observation of him, the Pirate God is a man who is unwilling to move if there is no profit for him. He goes with the wind and has no stand on things. I did not move any troops in the last month. He is probably feeling very anxious now isnt he?

The All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity looked at each other, secretly surprised at Su Yus extraordinary wisdom. They couldnt help but smile at the same time. The anxiety is not only felt by the Pirate God. Even our gods are scared to death. If you do not come out now, I am afraid it will all be a mess. However, youre right. The Pirate God hasnt shown up this month, which means something.

Su Yu said, Wait for us to deal him a fatal blow when he rebels!

What do we do now? The All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity had regained confidence in Su Yu.

Su Yu said lightly, Keep your feet on the ground and do not move!

Without waiting for the two to ask any more questions, Su Yu continued, The six gods in the land of the gods have gathered in one place, but they have never started any trouble. There must be fears, and they should be fearing the God-Destroying Crossbows! If there are no accidents, when the crossbows appear is when they will start their attacks! And then, it will also be our time to strike!

Having received a clear response from Su Yu, the two gods felt reassured and said goodbye.

Before he left, the All-Access Merchant God turned back and said, Su Yu, what techniques have you been practicing recently?

Eh? Su Yu raised an eyebrow, hesitated, and spoke the truth. It is the practice of the Demon Clan. For some reason, I can use the power of the blood of the Devil to cultivate.

If it was someone else, he would have been arrested by the two gods and severely interrogated.

He had the blood of the Demon God and could practice the demon race skills. Didnt this mean that he was from the original demon race? At the very least, he should be interrogated further.

However, this was Su Yu. The two gods exchanged a look and said, Dont do it in front of the others.

They did not intend to investigate further.

Su Yu had won the trust of the two gods.

In another secret room.

Ah Da and Ah Er waited patiently outside.

Whats the situation outside? The calm voice of the Pirate God came out of the secret room.

Ah Da and Ah Er, who were around the Pirate God all year round, heard the impatience and anxiety in his tone.

The army of the six major Cavern worlds have gathered together!

I asked about the gods of the Great Eastern Alliance; what actions have they taken? the Pirate God asked, sounding even more disturbed.

Things had developed in a different way from what the Pirate God had expected. If he was still trusted by the God of Death, he would have already returned to the land of the gods when Su Yu did nothing in the first half of the month.

Now, it was just his faith in the God of Death that could give him a little peace of mind.

If the God of Death changed his mind and asked him to return, he would not accompany the people of the Great Eastern Alliance to fight against the entire land of the gods.

The Luo Deity has their warships in position and is ready to launch, but the other gods remain motionless.

The Pirate God shook his fist. Anxiety and anger appeared between his eyebrows. Su Yu! What on earth do you want to do?

Send out my orders: keep a close watch on the Luo Deity! Destroy their warships as soon as it is necessary! No, destroy all warships in the port and never let them leave!

What! Ah Da and Ah Er were taken aback. Was this the best way to break the agreement with the gods of the Great Eastern Alliance?

Yes! But the two did not dare to hesitate. To be honest, they secretly breathed a sigh of relief. If they really joined the Great Eastern Alliance, they were really worried that the gods of the alliance would seek to settle old accounts with them.

The atmosphere of the battle was getting heavier and heavier, and all beings could feel that an unprecedented war was about to erupt.

At the border, the Wolf Deity and six other gods, as well as the Book Deity, stood coldly at the border.

Once the war started, they would be the main force of this war. Of course, apart from them, there would be the big killing machine.

Now they were waiting for an opportunity to strike.

And Ah San was helping them put their plan into action!

In the Pirate Gods mansion in the land of the gods, there was a lot of tension. The gods of the Great Eastern Alliance were also feeling it.

They also felt the crisis was coming, and the gods in the land of the gods seemed to be waiting for the opportunity to strike.

All-Access Merchant God, please order us to take action. Even if there is no Pirate God, we have nine gods here, and the other side, including the traitorous Book Deity, only has seven gods. We will be victorious in the battle between the gods!

Yeah, you cant sit back and wait, otherwise the situation is going to be even more critical! The subordinates of the Pirate God have started to watch the Luo Deity at the port. It seems that once the situation is found to be unfavorable to him, he will cut off our retreat and attack us from behind!

The All-Access Merchant God was calm and said, You guys, please be calm and do not be restless. The two of us have personally asked Su Yu about his plan and now know about it.

Whats the plan? The gods subconsciously cast their inquiries. Although they questioned Su Yus loyalty, they were still looking forward to seeing what he was planning.

Stop and do not make a move!

The words drifted into the ears of the gods. For a moment, they were stunned and then immediately became angry.

All-Access Merchant God, are you sure you know what is happening outside? How critical is the situation today? How sure are you of the Pirate God swaying in his loyalty? a fierce god asked impatiently as he exploded in temper.

The All-Access Merchant God nodded. Su Yu knows everything, so let us stay still and do not move!

What! The gods couldnt bear it anymore and were deeply angered. All-Access Merchant God, as things stand, can you still rest your hope on this boy?

I Im really mad at him! Its already like this, but we still have to keep our guard up? Is he hoping to watch us all die here?

All-Access Merchant God, Sheng Deity, please forgive us for not being able to continue to sit like this and forgive the fact that we can no longer act according to plan!

Suddenly, several gods got up, full of anger.

We have to solve the problem of the land of the god in our own way, and I ask the two gods to inform Su Yu about the hidden dangers of the land of the gods. He doesnt need to worry anymore. We, the useless gods, will solve it!

They were angry, and the gods were about to leave.

However, at this moment, the Pirate God suddenly appeared, with an ugly look on his face.

He glanced at everyone and then looked at the back room. In a deep and disturbing voice, he said, Everyone, something terrible has happened. The nine God-Destroying Crossbows are missing!

What? The gods preparing to go to the battlefield were shocked.

Why didnt you notice it? Arent the God-Destroying Crossbows under your protection?

Pirate God, make it clear! How did they disappear!

If the God-Destroying Crossbows that could easily kill the gods were missing, had they really been stolen or was the Pirate God hiding them so that he can rebel and strike the Great Eastern Alliance from behind?

Only the All-Access Merchant God and Sheng Deity truly understood what was going on.

Su Yu was right again!

The God-Destroying Crossbows had disappeared!

The war was about to begin!

My subordinate Ah San has always been valued by me and is responsible for protecting the God-Destroying Crossbows! However, just now when I suddenly felt that he left the Cavern World, I felt something was wrong. I went to check and found that the God-Destroying Crossbows were also missing!

Several Alliance Gods distanced themselves from the Pirate God. There was no chance that they would believe the lie fabricated by the Pirate God.

Are you really sure that the God-Destroying Crossbows were stolen and are not being used for another purpose?

Of course they are!

A clear, long-lost voice appeared, answering the question for the Pirate God.

Su Yu!

In unison, the gods looked at the Secret Chamber. The chambers opened silently, and Su Yu stepped out.

The alliance gods were angry. Hmph; you finally decide to appear! Lord Su Yu!

Hum, you said that the God-Destroying Crossbows have really been stolen. Is there any evidence? one of the Alliance God said coldly.

Su Yu smiled slightly. The gods in the land of the gods will give you evidence! I think they should be almost there.

As soon as Su Yu finished speaking, the expressions of the other gods changed; they had felt that their enemies, the other seven gods, had already come to the border of the Pirate Gods Cavern world!

The war has begun! The Alliance Gods faces were gloomy. They all angrily glared at Su Yu who had delayed their opportune time to strike. They hurried to the border.

The Pirate God clenched his teeth, stomped his feet, and quickly hurried over.

The All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity were excited and looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu nodded gently. Lets go! This war is not as simple as the land of the gods thinks it is!

The chill in his words was felt by the All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity.

The gods and creatures in the land of the Gods did not understand all. This battle was not one that would be merely won or lost, but a battle to destroy the land of the Gods.

Instantly, they moved to the border. The other seven enemy god were lined up in a row, each of them shining with light.

Among them, there was the Book Deity.