The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1193

Chapter 1193 Nine Demons God Sealing Ring

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It could be said that Su Yu had facilitated the alliance of the six deities to opposed the alliance gods together, and he was the one manipulating things behind the scenes.

There were seven gods on Su Yus side, plus the Pirate God!

In addition, the All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity were the best highly skilled masters in the Great Eastern Alliance. In contrast, the God of Death, ranked first, was unwilling to participate. In addition, the God of Doom, who was ranked second, had since fallen. The difference in the strength of the gods of the two sides was extremely large.

Because of this, the Pirate God dared to face the seven gods directly at the border.

Alliance gods, hum, this time you successfully bought over the Pirate God. Its really hard to not admire you for that! The Wolf Deity stared at the Pirate God with contempt.

As the leader of the gods, the All-Access Merchant Gods demeanor was calm and he stood firm. Here is the scourge of Xing River, which has already made him the target of public criticism. Now he is ordered to pursue two alliance traitors, and by the way, destroy them! Why not stop while you still can?

Well, you forgot the lessons of the past! How dare you speak such crazy words! the Wolf Deity sneered. Lets go together and attack the gods of the alliance! Lets teach them an unforgettable lesson!

With a loud roar, the Wolf Deity took the lead and turned into a towering gigantic wolf.

Several gods behind him, including the Book Deity, also bravely fought their way forward.

The All-Access Merchant God glanced at Su Yu who nodded at him. He exhaled deeply. Alliance Gods! Obey your orders! Kill the gods who are not profligate!

Kill them! At that moment, the sound of killing was evident, and more than a dozen rays of god light were intertwined in one place. What burst out was colossal magical light that shocked the stars and rivers!

The scattered light of the gods ran through the heavens and the earth, crushing the barriers of Cavern Worlds and breaking up several Cavern Worlds.

With many Gods intertwined together, an unprecedented collision erupted!

Suddenly, Su Yu even saw the colliding gods, breaking from their meditation to come through the barrier and onto the infinite lands. Several broken chains were looming.

Thats Su Yu was startled. Wasnt that familiar chain the broken chain that was described in the Book of Enlightenment?

That was the Law of the Heavens!

However, everyone except Su Yu saw it, and only the Book Deity looked up. The rest were unaware of its significance. To them, it was as if no strange chain flash had ever been discovered.

Is it only me and the Book Deity that can see this? Su Yu was startled. He had only been able to find out about this through the Book of Enlightenment donated by Yun Yazi. Has the Book God also

Breaking off from his thoughts, two people fell into a decisive battle.

God-level warfare was far from being something Su Yu was able to participate in. Su Yu did not even have the qualification to be aware of the fighting.

When the war began at the god level, the creatures below also started their war.

Dust Fairies, and the army below them, began to fight.

As far as the strength of the two sides was concerned, the army of the Pirate God was less than one-fifth of the other party. Once they started fighting, they were headed for defeat.

However, everyone knew that the real battlefield was the battle of the gods, and their victory would determine the final battle.

From the current situation, it seemed as though the gods on the alliance side had absolute crushing power.

Not only were the individual strengths stronger than those of their opponents, but they also held a huge advantage in terms of numbers. As soon as they brought down the Wolf Deity and the others, they were in a dominant position.

There were more than ten quasi-gods on the other side, far more than a Sheng Yuanxin, Black Phoenix, Ah Da, and Ah Er. However, they did not dare to act rashly in case one of the gods of the alliance come towards them. If that happened, they would easily be wiped out with just a few breaths.

The two sides fixed their eyes on the battlefield of the gods.

A seemingly short amount of time had passed. In fact, more than a dozen gods had engaged in thousands of rounds of battle.

Finally, with a muffled sound, the flesh of the Snake God from the land of the gods was penetrated by the Sheng Deity, and even his Great Divine Source Origin was broken up.

A god had fallen, along with his soul. Under the cooperation of the gods of the alliance, he was bombarded into smoke.

Upon successfully killing an enemy god, the morale of the alliance gods rose, and their offensive became even more fierce.

The Pirate God hesitated. It seemed that the alliance was more reliable.

Dont panic! Continue! the Wolf Deity shouted. He was fighting hard against the All-Access Merchant God.

Although the Wolf Deity had used all his power, and his combat strength was commendable, he was simply no match for the All-Access Merchant God and was easily dispelled by him. More than 30% of his gods blood was destroyed, and he sustained heavy injuries.

The other gods from the land of the gods were also severely hit. Seeing the repeated failures, many began to realize that things did not bode well for them.

But instead of panicking, the Wolf Deitys eyes had a crazy look.

Its coming soon! We will continue! Today is the day we destroy the Great Eastern Alliance! The Alliance Gods were overjoyed by their advantageous situation. They had not expected that the horrible gods of the land of the gods were actually so weak.

Hahaha! Its time to kill them all! I hate us for waiting for a month! Its a shame!

Many alliance gods glanced at Su Yu and contempt appeared on the corners of their mouths.

In the world, force decided everything. Su Yu, a speculator who depended on strategy, was a small person who was not worth much in the end.

The situation gradually became clear. The gods of the Land of the Gods were fighting and retreating at the same time, and their defeat was extremely obvious.

The Alliance Gods were enthusiastic and excited. If they could annihilate the Land of the Gods, they would definitely be remembered in history and known throughout the galaxy. From then on, they would stand in the family of the gods and live forever.

However, Su Yu, who was always watching on the sidelines, saw the crux of the matter.

The enemy gods were not defeated and they had not retreated as much as they should have. While the Alliance Gods were addicted to their offensive, they had unknowingly followed them in their retreat and had entered the other Cavern World.

Su Yu watched the scene and immediately shouted, Stop your chase and be careful! The gods of the alliance; quickly return!

Although the All-Access Merchant God and Sheng Deity were also full of rage and wanted to continue on the offensive, they were still calm in their hearts. Upon hearing Su Yus words, they immediately noticed that they had accidentally left the Pirate Gods Cavern World and had entered the enemy s Cavern World.

Once again reminded by Su Yu, without thinking, they immediately backed up.

The Pirate God was a good player who was careful in his actions, having sailed his ship for almost ten thousand years. He reacted even faster than the All-Access Merchant God and Sheng Deity and turned back.

However, what made the All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity look somber was that the other Alliance gods, except for the Sword God who hesitated and gave up going for the god that was about to be killed, did not look at Su Yu and blatantly ignored him!

Why dont you all return quickly? the Sheng Deity cried aloud, and her voice contained divine power to awaken them from the state of killing.

Alas, even with that, it was useless!

Sheng Deity, why do you still listen to this ignorant kid! It is because of him that we have missed a great opportunity and are now in our present situation. Now that the major events are ahead and the situation is good for us, how can we let him hold us up?

Exactly! In fact, I have some doubts. Where exactly does the Feather God stand? Why does he repeatedly let the unscrupulous gods leave the Land of the Gods!

Hmph! Wait for us to kill off these gods, and we can torture Su Yu! We need to, at least once, to search his soul; this kid is simply too suspicious!

Seeing that the enemy was going to succeed, Su Yu once again asked them to retreat. This really made them very angry.

Stupid! The Sheng Deity was anxious for them and was trying to rush over and pull them back one by one.

Just then, the Wolf Deity laughed. They fell for it! Open the big killing machine!

Buzz! Buzz!

Suddenly, the heavens and the earth roared, the barriers of the six Cavern worlds suddenly broke, and the earth shattered, with cracks leading all the way to the Xing River.

Under the continents connecting to the world of the six major Cavern Worlds, a huge black ring was hidden.

This ring, engraved with a line of demon characters, exuded amazing magic.

The Pirate God just looked at it. Stunned, he said, Its the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring!!!

The gathering of the nine deities in the Land of the Gods was not without its foundation.

Here, they had found a broken imperial sacred artifact, the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring.

It was extremely large, large enough to build the nine Cavern Worlds on top of. The power released by the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring could also resist the invasion of wild animals, especially the invasion of god-level wild animals.

The existence of this object not a secret in the Land of the Gods, but at least five gods were needed to activate it.

The Pirate God did not think that they would use this thing, for the price was that it would bury an entire Cavern World. Who would want to sacrifice their own Cavern World

Hey, wait! The God of Doom!

Wouldnt the Cavern World he left be suitable for sacrifice and be capable of activating the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring?


A loud noise roared in the galaxy, bursting suddenly.

The God of Dooms Cavern World was shattered into hundreds of millions of pieces without any warning. It returned to form a Great Source Divine Origin and was drawn into the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring.

The seals of the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring suddenly burst into a thick magical atmosphere.

It was so enchanting that it trapped several of the Alliance gods while the Wolf Deity and the others moved away instantly.

Finally, the Alliance Gods who were repeatedly on the offensive finally realized that they had been fooled!

Panicking, they tried to teleport back.

However, they were horrified to find that their magical powers had been cut off by the magic ring. They were unable to teleport back.

Divine power cannot be used, but what about the body of the god?

There was a scream of pain. When an Alliance God bumped into the magic ring or when he hit the black magic mist, his flesh immediately rotted away, leaving only the soul to hold on to his Great Source Divine Origin.

The remaining Alliance Gods who were also preparing to rush forward to attack the ring were frightened and retreated.

But what happened to them was even more shocking!

Thousands of magic crows turned into dense fog and flew towards the Alliance Gods like dark clouds.

The nearest Alliance God, who was too late to scream, started rotting away, and most of his spirits were corroded. If there were no other gods to pull him out in time, he would decay into ashes in an instant and then be destroyed.

Finally, fear and confusion took over their hearts, and they completely recovered from the mania they were in.

All-Access Merchant God, Sheng Deity, save us!

The All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity looked extremely pale, and the Sword God was cold and sweaty. His complexion turned pale. If he had not hesitated for a while just now, that would have been the end of him.

He couldnt help but look at Su Yu, his eyes full of rejoicing but also full of anxiety.

The situation had now completely reversed!

The other six gods on the front line were facing death. They now only had four gods left!

From behind the enemy gods, nine crossbows emerged from the black hole, making the Sword God despair completely!

God-Destroying Crossbows!!