The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1194

Chapter 1194 The Holy Demon Summoning

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The expression of the Pirate God began to change!

The situation was changing rapidly, from the earlier one-sided situation to how things stood now.

The Pirate God stared with killer eyes at the familiar figure who was preparing to slowly launch the God-Destroying Crossbows. Ah San! How dare you betray me! When have I ever treated you badly?

Ah San smiled strangely. The winner is the king and the loser is the dirt. You and I are pirates who kill people. What kind of kindness do we have? If you are dead, I take your place and bring forth a new generation of Pirate Gods. That is the reason.

Mastering the nine God-Destroying Crossbows of extermination, Ah San seemed to be holding the winning ticket. He now faced the former Pirate God on equal terms.

Immediately, he glanced at the Sheng Deity. Sheng Deity, if you surrender, deprive yourself of the Great Divine Source Origin and become my woman. I promise to keep you alive. If your daughter is willing to do so, both of you can follow me from now on and be my women.

Ah San had always held indiscriminate thoughts about the Sheng Deity.

The Sheng Deitys white face was icy cold.

The All-Access Merchant God frowned deeply. The situation had developed too differently from what he had imagined. There were six other gods on the other side. Although they were all seriously injured, they had nine God-Destroying Crossbows. His entire team seemed likely to perish.

Chaos was terrible. They had seen it with their own eyes.

Ah San, open the seal and talk about dealing with other matters later! the Wolf Deity urged.

Ah San gazed at the Sheng Deity with pity and nostalgia. Hey, why are you so persistent in ignoring me!

Sighing, Ah San opened the seal.

All nine crossbows of the swarthy God-Destroying Crossbows were opened at the same time, and all the divine powers of Ah San were emptied in an instant.

Instantly, the chaotic breath that made countless creatures tremble permeated the area like a raging wind.

The Pirate God was desperate and there was no further hesitation in his eyes. A flash of fierceness flashed across them, and he rushed to the back of All-Access Merchant God. A palm was printed behind him, and he shouted: This god is one of our people! Do not accidentally injure them!


The temporary mutiny of the Pirate God was quick and decisive, and his action was extremely potent.

This scene was witnessed by the Wolf Deity and the others. A glimmer of joy secretly emerged. Observing the general situation, the Pirate God returned to the Land of the Gods and gave the enemy their strongest opponent, the All-Access Merchant God.

However, the All-Access Merchant God had expected something like this. Just as he was about to be seriously injured, he moved Su Yus side with a sneer on his face. Su Yu was right. The Land of the Gods is indeed born out of sin. We desire peace.

The mutiny of the Pirate God proved how accurately Su Yu had judged the situation.

The Pirate God will betray them! The other gods from the Land of the Gods are by no means safe and secure as well. As long as the opportunity comes, they will stab each other in the back at any time.

The Pirate God couldnt make an attack, and his expression changed slightly once again. He immediately teleported next to the Wolf Deity, standing side by side with them. He was now the enemy of Su Yu and others.

Now it is seven against three, and there are nine God-Destroying Crossbows. Gods of the Great Eastern Alliance, its time to teach you another blood lesson! We will let you know about the ferocity of the Land of the Gods! The Wolf Deitys mouth was buzzing with the intent to kill and had a tint of excitement.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

The nine God-Destroying Crossbows trembled, and the terrifying beast roar, that could shatter Cavern Worlds, emerged.

All the gods in the Land of the Gods retreated, sneering and watching how these three gods would be bitten and eaten by Chaos.

At this moment of crisis, Su Yu did not panic. He brought together his palms, interlocking his five fingers as if seeking to cast some secret spell.

In his body, the amazing power of the devil rolled. Su Yus body had a few characteristics of the Devil. From a distance, Su Yu seemed to originate from the Devil.

The surging demon power became stronger and stronger and above Su Yus head, an unusually large array of runes began to appear. They were shining darkly.

Holy Demon Summoning!

The stronger the power of the demon, the more it could be used to summon spirits.

For this reason, during his month of retreat, Su Yu had entered the 100th floor of the Tower of Wuta. From the body of the demon gods held by the dust fairies, almost half of the blood of the demon god was taken out. All of it was refined into his body through the Nine Dragons carved in the Divine.

With sufficient demon power, Su Yu could summon even more powerful demons.

Staring at the God-Destroying Crossbows, Su Yu smiled with a hint of unpredictability.

Chaos was the spirit pet of the old Demon Emperor. If the mystery of the Demon Emperor was discovered, would they continue to obey the agreement to help outsiders, or were they afraid of the devil emperor who raised them?

The answer was obvious.


Suddenly, the roar of the nine Chaos Beasts of the God-Destroying Crossbows suddenly doubled and was superimposed.

The stack of roars directly flattened the Pirate Gods Cavern World. The world collapsed and the galaxy poured backward. Beasts flowed in and out. After merely a few breaths of effort from the beasts, the Pirate Gods Cavern World was on the verge of destruction.

Whats going on Ah San instinctively felt that something was wrong. The stronger the roar, the more excited Chaos was.

But the excitement in front of him was not like the excitement of eating people in the past. It seemed that they were in another mental state.

The Wolf Deity and others didnt realize it and sneered. It seems that Chaos cant wait to eat you, huh, huh! I havent seen such a wonderful picture for a long time. The gods of the Great Eastern Alliance, your end today is destined to be. The alliance will always, however, be remembered. Haha haha

The other gods also laughed. It was as if the big picture had been set and everything was cast in stone.


At last, with a terrifying roar, nine heads rushed out, leaving a ferocious and wild atmosphere behind.

The All-Access Merchant God, the Sheng Deity, and Sheng Yuanxin all had an expression of panic on their faces. In their hearts, they were secretly wondering exactly what Su Yus backup strategy was? Why was it not yet on display?

Retreat first! The Sheng Deity grabbed Sheng Yuanxin and worked with All-Access Merchant God Shangshen to quickly retreat from the area.

The All-Access Merchant God also grabbed Su Yu.You follow us as well.

However, Chaos noticed his actions, and its body flickered. They suddenly moved towards Su Yu, and the nine beast heads bit fiercely at the All-Access Merchant God.

The All-Access Merchant God was terrified, and his powers were being drained away. However, if it hit the air, it would directly penetrate the chaotic body without harming them.

Chaos became more and more fierce and kept trying to bite the All-Access Merchant God, wanting to tear him into pieces on the spot.

The Sheng Deity was anxious. All-Access Merchant God!

The gods from the other side were sneering like they were watching a wonderful show. Staring at the scene, they could not let their eyes look away. They want to see how the All-Access Merchant God, the second-ranked god of the Great Eastern Alliance, would be eaten away, bit by a bit.

Stop it. There was a command that was not too loud, not too heavy, and came out lightly.

The face of the gods on the other side suddenly became stiff, and an incredible scene appeared. Chaos immediately stopped its attack on the All-Access Merchant God, just like a dog who heard an order from its owner. It ran to Su Yu excitedly, turning around, and stopped.

Su Yu smiled, stroking their heads one by one. Through their brutal bloody faces and their terrible reputation, Chaos now showed a very enjoyable expression. It lay quietly at Su Yus feet, and its mouth made a comfortable humming tone.

As for the rune formation above Su Yus head, no demon creatures were called upon.

This was because the summoned creatures of the demon were here.

The All-Access Merchant God had almost died and his face paled slightly. The Sheng Deity was too scared to be able to move as well.

Only Sheng Yuanxin stared suspiciously at Su Yu and said, *sshole! Why didnt you say it earlier!

What had just happened truly scared her.

However, staring at Chaos behaving just like a dog and obeying Su Yus commands, she was surprised and happy.

The All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity also showed deep joy across their faces.

It turned out that this was the strategy that Su Yu had prepared for the war.

To destroy the God-Destroying Crossbows!

As for the main backbone of the land of the gods, the Pirate God had also temporarily rebelled against them because of their terrible existence. Alas, in turn, he had become their source of dependence.

Su Yu looked at the gods on the other side and said indifferently, Did you not want to see a wonderful picture of Chaos eating people? Just look at how wonderful it is while he goes after others? Lets say, wont It be much better to see how you become the food in his mouth instead. Really, how about it? Would you agree to what I just said?


The hearts of the six gods seemed to be being drummed, and they were getting hit hard.

Their stiff faces, accompanied by Su Yus killer eyes, and Chaos turning its head, revealing greedy and excited eyes staring at them, created boundless fear in them!

Even the Wolf Deity, who was seemingly full of self-confidence earlier, also took in a gulp of cold air, his heart trembling.

The Pirate God was even more frightened. How could this be happening?

Isnt Su Yus biggest backer the God of Death? But the God of Death had not been out of the mountain for a long time, and now he had the courage to rebel.

It turned out that he was relying on Chaos the beast!


Nine loud roars shook the sky. Like a tiger who escaped an iron cage, Chaos rushed toward the gods in the Land of the Gods.

The gods were already wounded. How would they be able to deal with the terrible Chaos?

They did not seek to take part in this battle, and their faces changed drastically. They all sought to escape immediately.

Alas, they had merely fled a short while before a deity was smashed and had his soul thrown to the ground and torn to pieces by Chaos.

The other five gods were all caught and entangled by Chaos.

The All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity looked at each other, and the Sheng Deity left to protect Su Yu the leader. The All-Access Merchant God sneered with icy frost across his face, much like his soul leaving his body. Every palm can seriously hurt any god in flight and make them no longer able to resist. They are soon buried in the mouth of Chaos.

In the blink of an eye, three gods fell.

Blood flowed out and filled the land. Sadness filled the air and the entire Land of the Gods was raining with blood. It was a spectacular scene indeed.

Then, another one fell.

Master Feather God, I was wrong! I urge you to let me stay with you again and make me do whatever you want! the Pirate God said as he was surrounded by three chaotic beasts. He was filled with infinite remorse. Why had he not stuck with this side; the opportunity had been there for him!

Su Yu did not speak but shot the Chaos Beast a few glances. They darted up fiercely, devouring the Pirate God completely.

The fifth god fell, and the Pirate Gods Cavern World was on the verge of destruction. It also began to rain there.

Then, it was the turn of the Wolf Deity.

The All-Access Merchant God displayed great magical powers, and the Wolf Deity was unable to cope with it. He was repeatedly severely injured and vomited blood. His blood and soul were severely injured by the All-Access Merchant God and more than half was gone.

Book Deity! Come quick and help me out! the Wolf Deity roared and looked at the Book Deity. For some reason, everyone was chased and bitten by the Chaos Beast, but it turned a blind eye to the Book Deity.


As he was distracted, Chaos rushed up and tore his body in two. The other chaotic beasts rushed over from the battlefield and joined in, devouring his body completely. His spirit was eaten ruthlessly and cruelly by them, amidst struggles and frequent screams.