The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1196

Chapter 1196 The Princess Of The Demon Clan

Chapter 1196: The Princess of the Demon Clan
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The Book Deity suddenly looked up and met Su Yus eyes. He was smiling.

The Book Deitys heart sank fiercely!

The All-Access Merchant God, Sheng Deity, Sword God and the others looked at Su Yu, who was very different to how he had been in the past, and couldnt help sighing. They couldnt imagine that a gentleman who had all that wisdom would end up like this.

Alas, they had no intention of showing mercy.

Book God, look at your ties with your former alliance and do it yourself, the All-Access Merchant God said indifferently.

The Book Deity looked up at the nine gods, knowing that there was nowhere to run, and said with a grin on his face, You won! I am the Book God, but I was defeated at your hands. Su Yu, I am unwilling to admit defeat.

If Su Yu came to the Great Eastern Alliance ten years later, the Book God would have given all the secrets of the gods he collected to the Demon Clan. The Great Eastern Alliance would have been destroyed long ago, and he would have become the hero of the Demon Clan!

What a pity. After Su Yu came to the Great Eastern Alliance, everything went in the worst direction, even today.

The gods did not speak, staring coldly at the Book Deity waiting for him to decide.

Su Yu frowned slightly. You guys, lets do it. The Book God is deceitful! Dont let him play tricks to escape!

The gods glanced at each other and finally looked at All-Access Merchant God. He sighed and said coldly, Fine. I can also send you on your way. To die by my sword is also worthy.

Hahaha Alliance gods, didnt you hear that when the mantis catches the cicada, the sparrow is waiting behind? A familiar womans voice fell into their ears.

Su Yus face changed slightly, and he suddenly looked back. Looming white hair appeared.

Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy!

The All-Access Merchant God and Sheng Deity frowned. Devil Clan!

The huge Nine Demons God Sealing Ring was floating around. It approached the white-haired shadow.

Hum, a mere Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy of the Demon Clan, how dare you to show up in front of me! The Sword Gods face was cold, and the sword behind him turned into a ray of divine light, which penetrated through the sky and stabbed the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy through the chest.

What was strange was that the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring actually seemed to protect her, and created a magical force on its own, blocking the sword light.

This you havent sacrificed souls! How can you control the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring? Finally, the Alliance God found an anomaly.

The Wolf Deity and the others launched this damaged emperors holy weapon but sacrificed the God of Dooms Cavern world to do so. Now, the world they were in was already broken and no sacrifice was available. Alas, there was nothing they could do, and the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy knew it.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairys eyes were cold and grim. Hahaha, do you still need to say anything more? The Nine Demons God Sealing Ring belongs to my demon tribe. Otherwise, the original deities of the original Land of the Gods would have been incredibly lucky to simply find this thing and use it as a foundation to build a Land of the Gods?

It turned out that the establishment of the Land of the Gods also had the shadow of the demons.

So what? You, a mere Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy from the Demon Clan chose not to hide but to show up here instead when you saw the Alliance Gods! The Sheng Deity was very cold. Spinning a red bun in her palm, she went forward to strike.

As an emperors holy artifact, her hairpin could forcibly terminate the operation of other emperors holy artifacts.

If they could break through the magic ring, their opponent was a mere Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, who they could kill merely with their will.

However, the flying bun was suddenly intercepted by a god light.

It was a snow-white palm, just like that of a human, but without color. It was pale, much like a piece of paper. It revealed some gloom on it.

The palm of the hand lightly grasped the bun and then appeared physically.

Devil gods! The Sheng Deity was startled.

Su Yu looked intently. His pupils also shrank slightly.

Unlike the Alliance gods, they were covered with divine light all year-round. However, for the Demon Clan, it manifested directly in themselves.

It was a handsome young man with pale features.

His skin, hair, and eyebrows were all pale, with only a pair of eyeballs, shining brightly like red gemstones.

The pale man, with a calm temperament and graceful movements, lightly grasped the bun and smiled calmly. The Holy Artifacts of the Royal Road, the inheritance of the Holy Artifacts of the Holy World. Yes, it can be given to the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine. That will be very suitable.

The pale man put the bun into his arms, turned his head and looked calmly at Su Yu and the others. He was still smiling slightly at the corner of his mouth.

Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine? Su Yu was shocked in his heart. Tian Jizi had confessed two last wishes to Su Yu, of which one of them was to pass on the message to the Yunxia Fairy.

Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine, Yunxia Fairy, were they the same person?

For the first time, Su Yu couldnt help paying attention to find out more.

But what was even more important were the pale demons that suddenly appeared.

This persons skin color was extremely strange. His body was no different from the human race.

The Demon God! Where had he come from? Why was there no sign of his arrival?

My holy artifact! The face of the Sheng Deity changed, and she wanted to snatch it back but was held back by the All-Access Merchant God. He didnt know when the look on his face became extremely ugly, and it was no better than when he was bitten by Chaos earlier.

He looked at the angry face of the Sheng Deity. The All-Access Merchant God stared firmly at the pale youth. Dont act rashly. He is the seventh son of the Demon Emperor, and you are no match for him.

Son of the Demon Emperor? The Alliance Gods took a deep breath. The power of the Demon Emperor was like the shadow covering the hearts of the gods, said to be the strongest in the Xing River.

His sons were said to be extremely brave.

The seventh prince was one of them. Although he was not the most powerful prince among the princes, he was strong enough to rank in the top three. From the perspective of his previous attacks, his strength was equivalent to that of the Daikini.

If they really engaged in battle, the Sheng Deity couldnt possibly have an easy time.

Oh? Are you the All-Access Merchant God? The seventh prince smiled lightly. Ive heard of you, he said quietly. The second-ranked god of the Great Eastern Alliance. I have known of you for a long time. I didnt expect to meet you here.

All-Access Merchant God took a breath. I didnt expect to meet the son of the Demon Emperor in the Land of the Gods!

He had finally managed to wipe out the Land of the Gods only for the demon prince to appear.

The seventh prince replied with a negative tone. Oh, you are uninvited here, and you have destroyed the Land of the Gods. I simply cannot ignore it.

Suddenly a flash of killing intent arose.

The All-Access Merchant God stared even harder at the light and said, Luo Deity, go immediately to the port to find available warships and instruct the other gods to attack together. Dont leave behind any effort!

The identity of the Seventh Prince of the Demon Clan had really scared them. The Luo Deity went to the port without saying a word. Now, they did not know whether what they had just experienced, the destruction of the Cavern World, was such a good thing.

The seventh prince smiled slightly, raised his hand, and a pale breath penetrated the nothingness like a sharp edge and went straight to Luo Deity.

The Luo Deity foresaw the danger behind him. His sleeve robes waved repeatedly. Three imitation emperors holy artifacts appeared in the shape of three small tripods, and the incoming pale breath was reversed. The three tripods were superimposed, and this breath was easily suppressed.

With a buffer from the attack, Luo Deity took the opportunity to teleport.

However, the overlapping little tripod suddenly snapped, creating black cracks which turned into a pale blade that moved at a rapid speed, cutting Luo Deitys waist.

Be careful! The All-Access Merchant God gave a loud scream and together with the Sheng Deity, worked to teleport the pale blade away.

The seventh prince struck one blow, but the All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity gave no less than 30% of their strength!

The two had an ugly look on their faces; the seventh prince was stronger than rumored!

Attack together! The All-Access Merchant God gave the order and the six gods rushed over to attack together.

Suddenly, the gods collided again.

The difference was that now, it was a god of the Demon Clan against all eight alliance gods.

The invisible battle frightened the Xing River region. It was already torn apart and was in a state of utter collapse. It could no longer bear the battle between the gods.


With a boundlessness roar, the Land of the Gods was completely shattered and reduced to nothing, except for the Cavern world of the God of Death.

Hehe, its interesting. The seventh princes laughed a long time. He was not afraid but instead was trembling with excitement over the battle. Fighting eight gods alone, his strength was comparable.

The Alliance Gods were getting more scared the more they fought. His power was terrifying!

If they were not together, they would not be able to survive at this persons hands.

Fortunately, a message arrived from Luo Deity. They had found a warship large enough for all of them, including Su Yu and Sheng Yuanxin, two juniors who could not cross the Xing River to board the ship.

After receiving the information, the eight deities started to beat a retreat and headed to the port. As long as they waited for the battleship to arrive, it was like they were heading back to safety.

In the Xing River, even the gods couldnt teleport, and their speed was not as good as the God Bone ship.

In addition, they were not opponents of the Seven Prince.

And they always had doubts in their heart where did he come from?

The seventh prince was not in a hurry to chase them. He did not seem worried that they would escape.

Soon after, the battlefields of the two sides moved to the port, where the Luo Deity already had a battleship waiting for the gods.

The All-Access Merchant Gods eyes lit up. He was about to order everyone to board the ship quickly. Suddenly, the huge Nine Demons God Sealing Ring sent out some strong magic of the demon breath, and a large vortex was formed inside the devil ring. The center of the whirlpool led to a certain dark area. It was as if the magic ring had the ability to teleport through both worlds.

The Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy stared at Su Yu with a smile. If you are in the Alliance, I cant help it, but when you come to the Land of the Gods, it is really a dead-end for you!


Another shocking demon god power erupted. The source was within the central vortex of the Nine Demon God Sealing Ring.

A whisper of coquettish laughter sounded. Seventh brother, it seems that you alone have the strength but not the will to strike.

A slender girl with purple hair and green eyes floated slowly out of the vortex.

The young girl had fair skin, green eyes, and bright, delicate and exquisite facial features. Dressed in a black skirt, she appeared more mysterious and noble than ever.

When they first saw this woman, they thought that she was from the human race. If she didnt say that she was the daughter of the Demon Emperor, no one would believe that such a beautiful purple-haired girl could be from the notorious Demon Clan.

Sixth Princess! The pupils of the All-Access Merchant God shrank fiercely and there was a look of horror on his face. The abandoned Emperors holy artifact is actually a giant teleportation array!

This thing must have been deliberately arranged by the demons. It was convenient for the royal tribe of the demons to teleport at any time.

When necessary, they could immediately use this holy artifact and induce the gods to work for them.

Although the strength of the sixth princess was not as high as that of the seventh prince, she was also a powerful god who was equivalent in strength to the Daikini.

The seventh prince himself could suppress them so that they could hardly breathe. Now, adding on the sixth princess

Oh? If you want to go, that wont work. You ruined the Land of the Gods. My father is very angry, and I must take you back for questioning and punishment, the sixth princess said and smiled sweetly.

However, in the next moment, with a cool look on her face, they were all teleported from the battlefield.