The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1197

Chapter 1197 The Demon Prince And Princess Strikes

Chapter 1197: The Demon Prince and Princess Strikes
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Suddenly, an Alliance God was attacked and his body destroyed, leaving only his spirit to escape back to the ship.

The gods could not resist the combined force of the prince and princess of the Demon Clan.

Scrutinizing the situation, the All-Access Merchant God yelled, You go first! Ill hold them off!

Any delay and none of them would live. If they sacrificed him, he could still fight for a short time. Even if his end is certain, it would be even more terrible if they were all to die.

But as the second leader of the alliance, the All-Access Merchant God has been mentally prepared for this day.

The Sheng Deity clenched her silver teeth and said, Follow me!

The rest of the gods showed perseverance and sorrow and gradually withdrew from the battlefield and flew off towards the god bone ship.

The seventh princes face was dull, and the sixth princess was smiling. Its great, she laughed. Its no wonder that you have been able to fight against the demons in the galaxy for so many years. Alas, you may not be able to fight for much longer.

A cold light flashed, and the blood of the sixth princess condensed into that of half black and half gold. It turned into a black and white mist shadow and instantly hit the chest of All-Access Merchant God.

Half a liter of yellow blood burst into the chest of All-Access Merchant God as he was struck. Suddenly, the All-Access Merchant Gods body was sprayed with a thick smog of Demon breath and his eyes gradually changed color. Sharp angles appeared on the top of his head. These things were actually signs of becoming a demon.

They are going to transform me into a demon! Sheng Deity, after returning, tell the Alliance Gods that I, the All-Access Merchant God have disappointed all of you! All-Access Merchant God smiled sorrowfully. As the Demon Royal Family, they possessed the special ability to turn other gods into demons.

Although the strength of the god will fall to the mid-to-late stage of the quasi-gods after being transformed, many gods have been transformed in this way since ancient times.

After the transformation, the gods would be loyal to those who transformed them and become the enemy of the alliance.

This was something that All-Access Merchant God absolutely could not tolerate. With a grin, the divine power in his body boiled before he could be transformed by the power of the Demon God.

The sixth princesss lips were wet, and she was a little angry. You simply do not know what is good for you! That was enough to ruin your God Source Divine Origin, and you still chose not to work for me! Huh!

The seventh prince laughed without saying a word and did not stop the self-detonation of the All-Access Merchant God.

Unless he was willing to stop, it would be difficult for outsiders to stop him.

All-Access Merchant God! Onboard the ship, the Sheng Deity and others issued a sad cry.

Life and death parted too suddenly, too thoroughly, and they were unprepared.

These dangerous places, such as the Land of the Gods, had been successfully destroyed, but at the last moment, they had lost the All-Access Merchant God!

Dont worry about me! Go, as I hold them back by my detonation! the All-Access Merchant God shouted, and the spirit in his body boiled to the extreme.

But just then, a silhouette of the ship soared into the sky, flew behind the All-Access Merchant God, reached behind him with a palm and said, Stop quickly, the demonization is not irreversible!

The All-Access Merchant God was stunned and said, Su Yu, you are crazy! Go back to the ship and leave immediately!

Even if Su Yu said that demonization is irreversible, it was impossible to defeat the two members of the royal family in front of you!

Hey, its not the last step, why sacrifice yourself? Su Yus Milky Way Star Sand had now been able to absorb the power of the god level.

The blood of the sixth princess was naturally in this column.

Oh! The Sixth princess did not care much about someone of the Vientiane level, but she was surprised to find that the blood of All-Access Merchant God was actually separated, and the demonized All-Access Merchant God returned to its original state.

The seventh prince lightly said, This human race is actually interesting. Okay, the All-Access Merchant God shall be given to the Emperor, and this human race kid will be demonized by me.

No! Ive changed my mind and want him too! The sixth princesss bright green pupils blinked.

Even the All-Access Merchant God couldnt reverse their demonization. They could truly see Su Yus value. They were ranked above the All-Access Merchant God, and the sixth princess was not stupid.

Lets see who gets him first. The seventh prince chuckled. With a phantom teleport he moved towards Su Yu, but a collision was heard midway through his move. It was the sixth princess who intercepted him. She then grabbed Su Yu as she let out a peal of cunning laughter.

The Seventh Prince did not want to be outdone and intercepted her in the air.

The prince and the princess had originally come to arrest them but were instead scrambling to catch Su Yu.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the All-Access Merchant Gods eyes turned, and Su Yu was teleported to the ship.

When the Sheng Deity saw this, she immediately steered the warship to slide into the galaxy.

The seventh prince and sixth princess had to stop.

Hmph, I shall get rid of these flies before arguing with you! The sixth princess hummed, her face turned cold, and she instantly moved towards the warship.

The seventh prince nodded and immediately teleported to the warship as well.

Alas, they had failed to escape after all. The warship had become a battlefield while facing these two terrible beings.

Presumably it is useless to persuade you to surrender. In that case, I shall abolish your god status before we talk about it any further! the sixth princess sneered, and the battle began.

The seventh prince also nodded his head and immediately boarded the warship.

The two of them joined forces to slaughter them; it would be easy enough!

In the critical moment, Su Yu frowned and mumbled quietly, God of Death, do not wait any longer. What are you waiting for?

There was a vaguely uncomfortable feeling of depression.

The seventh prince and sixth princess couldnt help but stop and with a dignified expression, said. God of Death?

With a ray of compassion, a monk stepped out with his palms held together and stared at the warship.

Seventh Prince and sixth princess of the Demon World, can you let the gods save face and let them go? The God of Death spoke gently.

The seventh prince stared at the God of Death without speaking, and the sixth princess raised her eyebrows. God of Death, you are the guardian of the Land of the Gods. Not only did you watch the Land of the Gods get destroyed, but also you are helping them escape! Do you want to be the enemy of the Demon Clan?

The God of Death was still aloof and indifferent. Sixth Princess, I have a deal with them, and they cannot die before the transaction is completed.

Transaction? The seventh prince and sixth princess frowned deeply.

The transaction of the God of Death was a famous promise. Once the transaction is reached, even if the price is high, the God of Death will execute it regardless of anything.

Even if they are the demon princes and princesses, even if it was the Demon Emperor himself, they may not be able to change the mind of the God of Death.

Both the All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity flashed their eyes; transaction? When did they strike a deal with the God of Death?

It must be Su Yu!

They recalled that when they were destroying the Land of the Gods, the most terrible God of Death had been standing on the sidelines. They knew there must have been a reason.

But what did Su Yu trade with the God of Death?

The eyes of the sixth princess flashed and she nodded softly. Okay, since the God of Death has come forward, we will not make it difficult for anyone anymore. We will leave!

The seventh prince and the sixth princess returned to the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring side by side, jumped into the vortex, and left the realm.

Upon watching them leave, the gods of the alliance breathed a sigh of relief, but the mood was still tense.

They had sent away two members of the Demon Royal Family, but in front of them was the terrible God of Death!

He was second only to the Demon Emperor the god of the world!

In the end, what kind of deal had Su Yu done with the God of Death, so much so that the God of Death did not hesitate to sit in the ruins of the gods and watch them destroy the evil world?

Dont forget your trade, the God of Death said indifferently and turned back to his Cavern world.

The All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity were secretly surprised. Wasnt the action of the God of Death coming to protect them the deal?

Su Yu, in the end, what kind of transaction did you reach with the God of Death? He did not hesitate to intervene at such a great price. Is your previous transaction with him unusually huge? the All-Access Merchant God asked.

Su Yu bowed his head. Yes, the transaction is huge and amazing. Once I say it, I will immediately become the public enemy of the Great Eastern Alliance, but I believe that I did nothing wrong!

After such a torturous experience, which of the gods present now would ever distrust Su Yu?

But it doesnt matter if you tell us, we will support you! the All-Access Merchant God said. He believed that Su Yu would not do anything detrimental to the alliance.

Su Yu took a breath and said, Our transaction is

Suddenly at this moment, a sudden explosion of magical energy broke out of the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring, and the breath of the seventh prince and sixth princess disappeared.

Two strong figures with a thunderbolt quickly descended, caught Su Yu together, and instantly returned to the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring.

Everything happened instantaneously. The All-Access Merchant God and the others were powerless to respond. Only the person who was captured would have had any sense of what was happening.

On the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring, the figures of the seventh prince and the sixth princess flashed around, but they immediately jumped into the vortex without any hesitation.

At this moment, Su Yu only heard a groan and saw a boundless palm with dense god light, covering the sky and the sun. It moved across the sky and shone on the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring.

The expressions on the faces of the seventh prince and the sixth princess changed their faces and as they worked together to deflect it.

However, as soon as they made contact, the two were horrified. Under the might of the giant palm, the two of them were easily injured like children.

Seeing that they would be crushed by the God of Death under this palm, suddenly, another mighty and powerful god on the shore burst out of the whirlpool.

What accompanied it was a ray of indifference. God of Death, dont you put the emperor in your sights when you attack his babies?


The two collided, and a powerful and unparalleled shock erupted as if even time and space were ever more chaotic.

In the invisible fight of the gods, clear flashes of broken chains were audible. It was the Law of the Heavens!

And the fight between the two set off an entire chain reaction!

The vortex in the center of the Nine Demon God Sealing Ring also changed drastically. It suddenly multiplied a hundredfold and swallowed everything nearby.

Including the Glittering Jewel Mortal Fairy, and even more, the Book Deity!

The God of Death appeared, and the color of compassion disappeared from his face, replaced with dignity. He was staring at the closed center of the vortex and said, The law of space has changed, and Su Yu has been transmitted to the Demon World!

In his opinion, if Su Yu fell into the hands of the seventh prince and sixth princess, it may be a blessing among the misfortune. If he fell in the wilderness instead, that would be a horrible death!

When the All-Access Merchant God and the Sheng Deity came over, the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring had stopped working, and Su Yu was swallowed into it.

He he fell into the Demon World! The Sheng Deitys face was pale, and Sheng Yuanxin could not help but sob uncontrollably.

A non-demon creature had entered the Demon World. Who could say what would happen next to him next?

The creatures of the Demon World will eat him without hesitation because the Demon World was such a terrible and ferocious dark place.