The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1198

Chapter 1198 Falling Into The Demon Realm

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Su Yu did not know how much time had passed. He suffered the huge shock of the upheaval of space law and then fainted.

In his unconscious state, Su Yu vaguely felt an anxious urging, and at the same time, intense pressure came from within his chest.

In the midst of the confusion, Su Yu opened his eyes, and the Milky Way Star Sand transformed by the Crane Deity anxiously reminded Su Yu to quickly wake up.

Master, wake up quickly! Your physical body can no longer bear it!

Only then did Su Yu discover that the other half of his body was unconscious!

He glanced sideways and was shocked to find that the other half of his body was gone!

He relied on the Milky Way Star Sand to release the Power of Life and repair his body quickly.

But he had only repaired his body when a black tide came in and drowned the other half of his body. What followed was the experience of boundless pain as half of the body submerged by the tide was immediately corroded!

Su Yu had a clever thought. After his body was repaired, he would immediately soar up and get away from the terrible black tide.

Just then, Su Yu finally realized that he was in front of a black ocean.

The entire sea was endless and full of dark seawater which exuded an excruciating stretch of rot.

If Su Yu had fallen into the corrosive ocean, he would have died silently!

After thinking about it, Su Yu was shocked and broke out in a cold sweat. Where was this? What was this black ocean in front of him?

He did not have time to think carefully. Two arrogant breaths came quickly from behind the mainland.

Looking into the distance, Su Yu could see that there were two demons of tall stature with white hair and purple lips.

The cultivation of the two people, without exception, had reached the peak dust fairy level!

Devil? This is the Devil Realm! Su Yu murmured. For a moment, he could not believe his own guess.

He recalled that before the upheaval of the law of space, the seventh prince and the sixth princess had captured him and had thrown him into the vortex of the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring. Su Yu was now more certain than ever that he had fallen into the Devil Realm!!

Also, due to the confusion of the law of space, Su Yu, who should have been caught by them, was teleported to an unfamiliar area.

He didnt know if he was lucky, or if he was unfortunate.

However, Su Yu could find out the reality of his situation from the two demons that had just appeared.

Its a creature from a foreign race! The two demons came over to him quickly, surprised.

Why did he appear in the bitter sea?

Is he a slave that has run away from some master?

The two demons talked in the language of the demons and looked at Su Yu menacingly.

Catch him, take him back to the city, and give him to the Lord of the city. Huh, things will not end well for a slave who dared to escape!

That If I may ask the two demon brothers, I have just landed here; I need to ask you some questions, and I hope that you can give me some advice.

The demons on the left smirked. Is this a lunatic?


As soon as the chanting was done, Su Yu shot a golden arrow from his palm and nailed his body to the ground.

The demon on the right side was shocked. Alas, before he could return the strike, he was pierced through the body by the silver sword with nine silver handles and was also nailed to the ground.

The two peak level Dust Fairies were stunned. Who is this opponent, of a mere Vientiane cultivation level? However, they were easily subdued by him.

Really, its good for you to be obedient. Alas, you have to lie down to be honest with me. Su Yu shook his head without any ambiguity in his words.

Is this the Demon World? Su Yu asked.

The two demons were stunned once more. It was like someone was having breakfast, and suddenly a stranger asked is this earth?

They nodded blankly, and they looked at him as if they were looking at an alien. Yes, here is the Demon World, um, the Demon Realm.

Where is the Demon Realm? What is the black ocean in front of me?

He really is an alien!

This is the eastern city-state under the domination of the Ninth Princess. The border of Wanghai City is also within the border of the Demon Realm! The Sea of Bitterness is part of the Devil World and also the border of the Demon Realm.

Specifically, what is the origin of the bitter sea, how big is it, and what is on the other side? Su Yu had fallen into the demon world, naturally, he must find a way to leave as soon as possible.

Uh The two looked at each other but realized that they were talking to an alien and they were slightly relieved.

The Sea of Bitterness has existed since the birth of the Demon World. The waters of the Sea of Bitterness cannot be resisted by the gods. Ships made of any material cannot float in the Sea of Bitterness, and they will be corroded immediately. A prohibition in the air means that even gods cannot fly and teleport over the bitter sea! As for the other side, the princess has never known what lies there, and we are even more ignorant.

To think that such a place still exists?

According to logic, the Demon World was also a Cavern World, but just a very huge Cavern World.

Since he was in a Cavern World, how could such a bitter sea exist?

Oh, if it is the first demon emperor, he should know. After all, he is the only holy demon.

Holy demon? Su Yu heard this name for the second time, and he had practiced the Sacred Demon Summon which spoke of this name.

Could it be that the holy demon is the first demon emperor?

Since this world was created by the holy demon, he should also know it about the origins of this bitter sea. However, why did he not inform the future generations about it?

Well, since the other side is way out of the Demon Realm, Su Yu would need to ask more questions.

Well, do you know how to leave the Demon Realm?

Leave? Apart from the Devil Realm, is there any other place in the world? The two demons were stunned once more.

Wait wait! They didnt know that there was a wider galaxy beyond the Devil Realm?

How big is the Demon Realm?

Well, who is your leader? Where is he?

Our leader is the Carefree Demon Master, one of the 81 Lords under Seawatch City. He is responsible for managing nearby villages and towns. He is a very powerful Lord.

If you wanted to find out how to leave the Demon Realm, you would have to find a more advanced Demon.

However, Su Yu also knew that in his current identity, he was afraid that he would immediately stir the Demon Clan to attack him.

He thought for a moment. A drop of half gold and black blood appeared on his palm. This was the essence of the sixth princess.

If it was inserted into his body, he would be demonized and join the Demon Clan and would stay forever loyal to the sixth princess.

He thought for a moment, and then Su Yu broke the magic blood and inserted it into himself.

Suddenly, Su Yus appearance changed dramatically. A pair of dark sharp corners appeared on his forehead. His face changed slightly as well. His lips became purple, and his pupils became reddish.

With the Milky Way Star Sand, Su Yu could easily control the degree of the transformation of the god blood in his body and could also separate the magic blood at any time. Thus, it would not really turn Su Yu into a demon, let alone transform him into a slave to the sixth princess.

Su Yus demon characteristics were not obvious, and demons of this type were numerous. He was a demon that had transformed from an alien race.

Such demons were the vast majority of individuals living in the Demon Realm, and there were very few pure demons. They accounted for less than one percent of the population. They were the real masters of the Demon Realm and held supreme positions of power.

Therefore, such changes were normal here.

In fact, if Su Yu completely controlled the blood of the gods and retained his human form, he would now a member of the royal family with the breath of the royal blood!

The sixth princess did look completely human!

However, even fools can see that there was a problem when the members of the royal family appeared in such a marginal place.

Therefore, it was more appropriate to pretend to be an ordinary demon.

The two demons were stunned and couldnt believe it as they watched Su Yus transformation.

When they transformed from non-demon creatures, they experienced a painful process for decades, but the person in front of them

It is the blood of the royal family! He he is a servant of the royal family! The two demons finally came to their senses.

Su Yu smiled lightly. Next, I will trouble the both of you to lead the way and take me to see your Lord.

The two demons had no choice but to agree.


As Su Yu was preparing to set off, he heard the sound of water blistering and turned to look at the bitter sea behind him.

In the bitter sea, he saw a huge pillar that was slowly stretched out. It was a thousand feet thick, rising from the bitter sea, straight through the sky. To that end, it reached as high as ten thousand feet!

How could such a pillar appear in the bitter sea?

Didnt you say that no materials can withstand the erosion of the bitter sea? What is that? Su Yu asked.

The two demons were recovering from their injuries. Su Yu reminded them to look at the bitter sea.

They looked around at random, however, what they saw made their two souls fly away.

Ah! Its a giant of the bitter sea! Run away! The two demons were scared and turned away to run.

Eh? Although Su Yu didnt know what the giant of the bitter sea was, the reactions of the two demons told him that it must be a terrible thing!

He did not hesitate. Su Yu was faster and flew away further than them in a flash.

After he escaped far enough away, Su Yu turned his head and looked behind him. The scene also shocked him.

It was not one pillar, but a whole collection of five of them!

It was no pillar; it was clearly the fingers of a hand! There was two hundred thousand feet of palm skin on that!

The one that was exposed from the sea before was just a bar higher than the other four fingers!

With the bitter sea tossing and separating, the huge palm slammed forward, and the entire sea was split into two, revealing the bottom of the sea tens of millions of feet deep.

Suddenly, Su Yu could see a giant standing at the bottom of the sea. It made Su Yu take a deep breath!

The palm of his hand was 200,000 feet, and his entire body was as high as 2 million feet! !!

Su Yu vowed that for the first time in his life, he had never before seen such a huge creature!

It was a human-like creature, covered with black scale armor with black long hair scattered all over and covering the face. Only a pair of gray eyes were visible, though, in them, there was no sign of vitality.

But, those pale eyes were moving, sweeping past the two dust fairies behind and looking at Su Yu.

He saw the giant open his huge mouth and took a deep breath.

Suddenly, the monstrous suction force made the mainland collapse.

The two peak dust fairies were closer to the giant and were experiencing hundreds of times more powerful suction than Su Yu. They were sucked into the giants mouth in a roar.

Chew! Chew!

The giant chewed and made a very annoying oozing sound from his mouth.

Su Yus hair on his arms stood up! Taking advantage of the giants momentary pause, he summoned the Tree Goddess immediately. Go!

Well, whats wrong. You ask a woman like me to come out and then to go immediately, I The Tree Goddess chattered, but when she glanced at the huge giant behind him, she let out some cool air. This this is

It was as if the Tree Goddess knew who the giant in front of her was. Her face was deathly pale.