The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1199

Chapter 1199 The Holy Chain

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The Giant of the Bitter Sea! The Tree Goddesss face was pale, and her eyes were filled with fear. Go! Run!

She grabbed Su Yu by the hand and teleported. With the power of the Tree Goddess, Su Yu might not be able to cross the entire Demon World, but it was more than enough to leave the bitter sea.

As the Tree Goddess launched the teleportation, the gray eyes of the giant in the sea of bitterness emitted gray light, covering the earth. The Tree Goddess was also shrouded in it.

She was full of divine power. Alas, without warning, she was blocked, and the teleportation was forcibly interrupted!

The beast was strong and able to interrupt her teleportation as if he was swiping a flying maggot. His speed was also extremely fast.

Cling Clang!

A metal sound rang out, and Su Yu turned his head. His pupils shrank as he saw that the huge giant had removed the black chain tied around its waist. It was so thick that it was soaked entirely by the bitter sea. Nevertheless, no signs of corrosion showed on it, showing that this object was an extraordinary item indeed.

The giant looked at the Tree God and came towards her with the chain in his hands.

Immediately, a mighty divine light came forth. It was as if it was from a mighty army It created the illusion and idea that there was no way to run away from it.

Centering on the Tree Goddess, more than hundreds of thousands of square feet of air suddenly froze. The chains filled the space.

Soon, the chain suddenly tightened.

The Tree Goddess pushed Su Yu away with a smirk. Its over. This time, its over!!

Cling Clang!

He had enveloped them with a 100,000-square-foot chain. Suddenly, it was tightened, entwining the waist of the Tree God.

The Tree Goddess has pushed Su Yu away; if she had not, they would have been entangled together.

The deity is here! As the Tree Goddess closed her eyes, her exquisite body was full of energy. She quickly grew into a thick ancient tree and kept expanding. Quickly her bark was a few million feet thick. This was all witnessed by Su Yu for the first time.

However, the pitch-black chain wrapped around her waist also expanded as her body swelled.

The Giant of the Bitter Sea grabbed the ancient tree with one hand, turned around, and walked deep into the bitter sea.

The Tree Goddess had a root system that covered half of an entire Cavern world. However, it was simply uprooted by the giant and gradually moved to the bitter sea.

Although the ancient tree continuously exuded its divine power and firmly tried to grasp the mainland, for the giant of the bitter sea, that was no obstacle. Even the mainland was taken up and also headed for the deep bitter sea.

In a way, the majestic sight was breathtaking.

A bitter voice came from the ancient tree. Su Yu, I cant do it. Since ancient times, whoever was caught by the Giant of the Bitter Sea has been unable to escape! I really hate the fact that I havent even got a single artifact from you even though you have so many! I am so indignant about that!

At that moment, Su Yu couldnt laugh at all.


There were nine silver swords behind them. The swords began to chop down the chains. The sound of metal against metal could be heard, but no crack appeared on the chains.

Instead, it was the blade of the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo that showed signs of corrosion.

Dont waste your efforts! The chains of the Giant of the Bitter Sea is the holy artifact of the imperial family. Your weapon is nothing to it. The Tree Goddess had been dragged to the seashore and was about to be drawn into the bitter sea.

The water of the bitter sea was a place in which the gods could not stay for too long.

The giant had even eaten two demons alive. Would the Tree Goddess encounter a similar situation after being towed away?

Retracting the silver bamboo sword, Su Yu gritted his teeth and flew forward to use the Five Elements Mountain. He exerted the power of the Five Elements to the fullest extent and slammed it down on the giant.


The black chain trembled, and there were signs of looseness.

The giant seemed to feel that the chain in his hand was slipping. He turned his head indifferently, glancing around.

He only heard a loud noise. The Tree Goddess was in great pain due to the chain that was embedded in her body.

Dont work any harder and waste your energy. Go quickly, there is too much movement here. There must be strong ones who will rush in. In pain, the Tree Goddess urged Su Yu to get away, and her voice was intermittently getting softer.

Su Yu didnt speak, but he was anxious.

From the moment they had become acquaintances to the present was not a long period of time but it was not short either. The Tree Goddess had been able to leave Su Yu at any time, but she had always been with him.

He couldnt watch her being eaten alive.

Holding the Five Elements Mountain in his hand, Su Yu clenched his teeth and charged forward again.

The violent collision caused the water of the bitter sea on the chain to tremble, and it splashed onto Su Yus body. It instantly rotted his body, with bloody holes emerging one after another. Even his bones were visible.


Su Yu was in pain, and he sucked in cool air for some relief. Although the eternal heart released the power of life to repair his physical damage quickly, the pain lasted forever to him.

Stubbornly enduring the pain, Su Yu was unwilling to stop. He continued to smash forward and his body was partly rotted by the water of the bitter sea every time. His whole body was covered in blood and rotting flesh.

The huge tree crown of the sapling Tree Goddess moved gently. As she watched the scene unfold before her, it was as if she could once again see the younger Su Yu who was weak but who had tried to help her take out the evil earlier in the year.

He was persistent but helpless.

Su Yu Due to the pain, the Tree Goddess spoke softly. Her gentle voice was filled with grace, a sense of appreciation, and emotion. Thank you for letting me live a few more years, and finally let me meet you. I am very happy.

Although she was a giant tree, Su Yu seemed to be able to see her smile. A fresh and beautiful girl in a blue skirt, bid farewell to him amidst a smile and crystal tears.

As she spoke, her huge body was finally dragged into the bitter sea, and it began to rot quickly from the roots upwards.

The Tree Goddess shook her branches in pain, and her entire body continued to dim, but Su Yu could feel those eyes staring intently at him. I said you broke the realm of the dust fairy, and I will give you a gift Now it seems that I can only give it to you in advance Well, its not too late.

From the torso of the Tree Goddess, the glory of the size of a rice ball flew out and landed in front of Su Yu.

Su Yus heart trembled. This is your heritage item!

Generally speaking, the inheritance of the gods could only be passed on before their death, because there is only one person that can be the same deity.

If two who sat on the same throne appeared at the same time, it would certainly weaken the strength of each others deities.

She was leaving behind her last words.

Perhaps the gift was not as she would have intended it to be, but this was now the case.

Su Yu felt a sense of inexplicable anger. He was used to seeing too much life and death, and after too many helpless deaths, he would not allow similar things to happen again.

Who allows you to make your own claim? Who agrees with you? Your life was saved by me! You can only die if I let you die! Su Yu roared, and his eyes burst through with time, space, and soul.

Adjust Space and Time!

Suddenly, the Tree Goddess was drawn into a different time and space.

The Giant of the Bitter Sea leaned back, no longer able to pull the Tree Goddess who had been behind him.

Of course, he couldnt pull her anymore unless he could pull the entirety of time and space! !!


In a different time and space, the Tree Goddesss body turned back into a girl, and her crystal eyes flashed with inward light as if she was laughing and crying at the same time.

If I had met a friend who was just like you before, who risked everything to save me, I wouldnt have been crucified for thousands of years.

Su Yu frowned. Lets stop talking nonsense! It doesnt take long to start a different time and space, and you must be rescued as soon as possible!

She shook her head lightly, large clear tears on her beautiful cheeks. Its useless! Once the chain of the Giant of the Bitter Sea entangles someone, the god cant break free. You should leave quickly. I now know that there is a person who would do so much to save me; I can die contented.

Hmph! Su Yu ignored her and thought about it carefully.

The Five Elements Mountain had smashed it dozens of times, but the chain was not broken and there werent even any traces of damage on it.

Forcibly unlocking the chain will not work. How else could he save the Tree Goddess?

Su Yu was anxious. He was always smart, but why did there now seem to be nothing that he could do.

The Tree Goddess smiled, her tears still flowing. She stepped forward gently and stroked Su Yus cheek as she softly said, Im gone, take care

The alternate time and space were crumbling, and she would soon be dragged into the bitter sea once more.

But just then, Su Yus mind flashed with a thought.

You cant change the present, but you can change the past!

If he could return to the moment when the Tree Goddess had been caught, maybe he could change her destiny!


The alternate time and space was broken, and Su Yu launched another time and space movement. That had not been done for a long time!

The eternal heart continued to radiate powerful vitality, which was enough to continue back in time and space.

Su Yus heart was beating fast as time really started to flow backward!

He went from this moment, back to when the tree transformed into a towering giant tree.

From that moment, he went back to when it was entangled by the chain.

But what sunk Su Yus heart was the fact that everything was going backward except the Giant of the Bitter Sea and the chain. It was as if they were affected by time and space, and the giant was still firmly pulling the Tree God.

Time and space also seemed to be stuck. In any case, they could not go back to the moment before the Tree God was trapped.

At the same time, the Giant of the Bitter Sea finally locked his eyes on Su Yu and made an incomprehensible noise.

Su Yu was proficient in the languages of many ethnic groups, but he didnt know which language was being spoken by the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

But none of this mattered.

I dont believe it! Su Yu roared, and the eternal heart moved to its limit, releasing an extremely powerful life force.

Suddenly, time and space flowed again and finally turned back a little.

The chain that bound the Tree Goddesss waist gradually loosened, though only by a trace that was as thin as the thread of cocoon.

The Giant of the Bitter Sea roared. He pulled hard on the chain and opposed time and space but still failed to resist the trend of loosening chains.

Soon, the chains wrapped around the body of the Tree Goddess were completely loose.

Su Yu whispered, What are you waiting for? Get out of here!

The Tree Goddess looked at Su Yu, looked at his sweaty head, looked at his desire to use everything till the point of being overloaded but still able to reverse time and space. She had a strange feeling in her heart. It was warm and she was grateful. All kinds of emotions filled her heart and now she had a strange new sense of understanding of Su Yu.

With her heart pounding, the Tree God jumped out of the chain as obediently as a little girl.

But as soon as she got away, they were both shrouded in an invisible force from the chains.

The Tree Goddess bit her lip tightly. This is useless! Unless a chain is entangled with a god, it will not stop, Su Yu, I

Su Yu ignored her, and with a thought, the demon body of a dust fairy of the Wuta Tower was summoned.

Dont you like to eat? Ill give you the eggshells to eat! Su Yu threw the demons body into the chain and it was immediately entangled by it.

The blood of the dust fairy demon had been completely drained by Su Yu, and its Great Divine Source Origin had also been taken away. Only an empty shell was left.

The chain had entangled a deity and stopped targeting Su Yu and the Tree Goddess.

With a bang, the chain was dragged into the bitter sea by the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

It found that the prey it had caught had been replaced, and the Giant of the Bitter Sea roared towards the sky. The roar shook the demon world.

He shattered the demons body with one hand and threw the chain out again.

However, the Tree Goddess and Su Yu had already taken advantage of the delay caused by the chain dragging away the demon shell to escape.

As he looked at Seawatch City, a pure-blooded, burly and dark-skinned demon with a stern face and a sharp head suddenly opened his eyes.

The roar of the Giant of the Bitter Sea? What is it that makes the giant so crazy? The demon god revealed surprise and dread, and a little fear. If the Giant of the Bitter Sea can become so crazy, what happens if you land on the earth

When he thought of that, the demon felt cold.

Giant of the Bitter Sea, the nightmare of the demon world!

A nightmare that any life that existed feared. Once a life stared at him, no god could be spared, not even the devil!

A demon emperor had once been dragged into the depths of the bitter sea by the Giant of the Bitter Sea!

However, the Giant of the Bitter Sea would not easily go ashore unless provoked.

The last time it had happened was a thousand years ago!

The previous owner of Seawatch City, his predecessor, had also been dragged away by the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

The demon god burst into a cold sweat. No! The ninth princess must be notified. Only the latest refining magic weapon of the Demon Royal Family can stop the Giant of the Bitter Sea!

Huff! Puff!

It was unclear how far they had come.

The Tree Goddess and Su Yu stood on a mountain. Their faces were pale.

It took a lot of energy to escape from the Giant of the Bitter Sea.

Su Yu has a lingering thought in his heart. Tree Goddess, where did the Giant of the Bitter Sea come from? It is too terrible a creature!