The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Silver King

"I'm so jealous of Jiang Xueqing. If only I had the love of the junior duke, I would be able to get the training resources."

"That's right. Look at Jiang Xueqing, two months ago she was a Level Two Lower Tier, now she is a Level Three Lower Tier! Moreover, she has the Middle Tier martial arts tricks from the junior duke. She is undoubtedly a dark horse in the fight for the Silver King title!" discussed two jealous girls.

"The two of you are dreaming! You need to have the looks!" a male student at the side jeered at them.

"Huh! We are not bad looking, it's just that Jiang Xueqing is too beautiful," the girl was unsatisfied.

The male student smirked to himself and looked towards Jiang Xueqing, unable to conceal his love, but he said regretfully, "Indeed, she is too beautiful. With this kind of girl, if you are together with her and you have no powerful background or skills, you will end up like Su Yu, heartlessly abandoned. Too sad."

Upon hearing that, the two girls agreed, "Poor Su Yu, he was so infatuated. He apparently got on his knees and begged for Jiang Xueqing to come back to him, but was heartlessly rejected, and jumped into the lake."

The male student said uncaringly, "What's there to be sympathetic about? He does not know his place, serves him well to have his woman taken away! What I am interested in is that I heard Su Yu defeated Chen Feng. It is possible that he will meet Jiang Xueqing at the Silver Assessment."

"I really want to know Su Yu's thoughts when he is defeated by Jiang Xueqing! After all, her powers were all given to her by the man who had stolen her, so I think it will be rather humiliating."

The two girls sighed, "Poor Su Yu, he must be trying very hard to avoid that scenario. Not sure if he can bear to take action when he meets Jiang Xueqing."

The appearance of Jiang Xueqing and Qin Feng had caused a commotion in the crowd.

Su Yu overheard the discussion about him, but merely smiled slightly. He had no liking for Jiang Xueqing.

This kind of beautiful woman, who liked guys for their money, was easy to find on earth.

When he worked as a white collar manager at a high class center on earth, there were countless women throwing themselves into his arms. What was so rare about that?

Although Jiang Xueqing and Qin Feng had yet to form a romantic relationship, Su Yu believed that it would happen soon. It was merely the people in this world being more strict about romance.

Su Yu closed his eyes, not bothered by the gossip.

"Look! Silver King Chen Tiannan has appeared!" A shout burst through the crowd at that moment.

Su Yu immediately opened his eyes and shifted his gaze. With the audience's gaze fixed on him, a dark-skinned, vicious-looking and skinny male wearing a white robe and silver crown slowly walked through, as though he were the supreme king.

With each step he took, the audience's gaze followed and moved an inch, and their heart rate increased by a beat.

The Silver King, the strongest member of the silver students!

Rumor had it that he once challenged Li Minghao, a gold student ranked 30, and only lost by one move! He became the first silver student to enter the top 30 gold ranks in the institution, and was the strongest Silver King in history.

Rumor also had it that his student number plate was a hair away from becoming golden color; he was just a step away from becoming a gold student!

With all the attention on him, Chen Tiannan, as the Silver King, sat on the most dazzling seat on the stage. A king seat made of pure gold, a seat designated only for the Silver King! From that seat, one can see every corner of the arena.

"Is that the Silver King's sister, Chen Feng, by his side? I heard both her arms were injured in a fight with a silver boy!"

By Chen Tiannan's side was a young lady in a black robe, who was ugly and had vicious eyes. She was looking around, searching for that unforgettable enemy.

"Brother! He is there!" Chen Feng shouted coldly. Her pupils constricted as she discovered Su Yu's presence, as though she had discovered her arch nemesis.

Su Yu did not hide, and just looked away, his face calm. She would come in the end anyway, so hiding was not a solution.

Chen Tiannan looked towards Su Yu, his eyes like daggers that could pierce through Su Yu, making Su Yu shudder. The strong menace that was missing in Xuan Lefei, Xu Sen and Jiang Xueqing made Su Yu's heart tremble.

The students around Su Yu were merely participating in the vicious look but immediately felt uneasy, their faces turning pale.

"Chen Tiannan is- is he looking at you? Did you offend him?" An obese student stammered to the tall student beside him, as his eyes shifted around.

"What- what are you talking about? He should be looking at you!" The tall student stuttered, lowering his head and averting his eyes.

The students nearby fidgeted their bodies uneasily, that vicious look caused quite a scare. It is just a look, how big of a deterrence could it be!

Chen Tiannan, with the title of the Silver King, how terrible was that!

Su Yu was not afraid, and he returned a calm look, not fearing confrontation. Chen Tiannan neither spoke nor threatened, but merely smiled a vicious smile.

"Brother! You have to avenge me!" Chen Feng said bitterly.

Chen Tiannan took back his gaze coldly and said, "Don't worry. He hurt my Feng-er, brother will end his life in the most cruel way!" His voice was raspy, like two metal pieces being rubbed together, and was unpleasant to the ear.

Chen Feng's lips parted to show a vicious cold smile. Her brother's skills were terrifying, and could make people become crazy.

His life was over. Half an hour later, all 10,000 silver students had arrived. The 100 judging masters had also arrived. Since there would be a large number to students at the Silver Assessment, many masters had to be transferred over.

Master Jiang, who had taught the celestial being to practice arrows, was among them on that day. Beside him was a middle-aged man in a blue robe, Jiang Zhishi! Jiang Zhishi was in a high position, holding onto the students' learning resources, and had the title of head judge. He had also achieved the scary Level Four peak!

Besides that, the leaders of the institution had arrived! Among them, the most attention-grabbing was undoubtedly the vice housemaster!

In the martial arts training institute, there is a housemaster and a vice housemaster, and they are the highest managers in the institute. The housemaster's powers had apparently reached the intimidating Level Seven, and he was an undefeatable legend-like power in the Xianyu prefecture.

As for the vice housemaster, he was a terrifyingly strong figure in Level Six, with only a few strong figures in the whole Xianyu prefecture worthy of being his opponent.

Su Yu was sizing up this vice housemaster. Middle-aged, pure white robe, handsome, valuable powers, but he looked indifferent and cold.

Su Yu had some degree of respect for him. His surname was Ye, and he was in charge of discipline matters in the institute. Any student that broke the rules would be subjected to his review and punishment, and everyone was in awe with him.

He was fair, and although he was a strict person, he was not biased. Even when dealing with gold students, he showed no favoritism, thus the silver students liked and respected him.

Housemaster Ye took a look at the arena and nodded slightly.

Jiang Zhishi received the confirmation, looked around coldly and shouted in a deep voice, "The annual Silver Assessment elimination competition officially starts now!"

"Everybody will be split into teams randomly based on your student number. 10,000 people will be split into 100 teams. According to the rules, everyone will have 10 chances to be tested; if you can win five rounds, you will have passed the assessment!"

To win five out of five rounds meant that half the students would not achieve five rounds, thus eliminating them from the competition! Many silver students were feeling uneasy.

These kind of assessments also had some element of of luck. Out of the 10 rounds, if you could meet five weaker opponents, then the chances of staying would be very high. Of course, if luck was not on your side, and you entered the same team as the people who were ranked in the first 100, the chances of being eliminated would be very high.

Following that, Jiang Zhishi mixed up the 10,000 student number plates and randomly assigned 100 teams.

Su Yu's luck was neither good nor bad. In his team, there was just a silver student who was ranked 30th.

Su Yu inquired and found out the student was called Li Minghai, who was at Level Two Peak, comparable to himself.

"Minghai, brother will watch out for you, whoever dares to be ruthless to you will not be forgiven by me!" A slightly familiar voice entered Su Yu's ears.

Su Yu turned his head and his pupils involuntarily constricted slightly.

Su Yu had seen the person who had spoken before. It was the person who had stolen Xu Sen's girlfriend and later dumped her, gold student Li Minghao! Xu Sen went to seek revenge, but ended up knocked out in the fight. His power was terrifying.

However, what truly surprised Su Yu was the silver student named Minghai. He was a follower of the Young Princess of Xianyu, but had been kicked out by Su Yu that day! He turned out to be a silver student of the institute too!

Su Yu felt a slight nervousness in his heart. If he were to be recognized, he would be in big trouble.

Fortunately, Su Yu was alert and used his shirt to hide his face. They would soon be fighting face-to-face; the opponent might not be able to recognize him.

Moreover, Su Yu was not the only one who learned the Universal Stroke technique. He would not be able to pinpoint Su Yu based on that.

Feeling his gaze, Li Minghai returned the stare. There was nothing special in his look. He had apparently not recognized Su Yu as the vulgar thief that the Duke of Xianyu sought.

Su Yu and his team were brought to one of the arenas, and the judge coolly announced the starting of the tests. After a few rounds, it was Su Yu's turn.

"Su Yu, against Zhen Liuming."

Liuming was at Level Two Upper Tier, a tier lower than Su Yu, but was still a silver student near the top 100 ranking.

"You are the Su Yu who defeated Chen Feng?" Liuming's face showed his readiness to fight as he said, "Very well! I had once written you a challenge book, which you ignored. Now is my chance to fight you!"

"Let's fight!" Su Yu said concisely as his crystalline pupils constricted.

Fighting was a chance to sharpen his skills. The crystalline pupils that could increase hs speed should only be used at a crucial moment.

Liuming was ready to fight and he started his attack.

"Wolf Attack!" Liuming shouted deeply. The Wolf Attack technique was a low class, middle level technique, with good power and it was easy to master.

His feet were full of power and he came crashing in like a giant wolf, his two fists in front of his chest like a wolf's fangs.

Su Yu did not move, his eyes staring coldly, until the opponent was within a one meter range. He then suddenly kicked out his right leg like a leather whip, a black shadow flashing past.

"Continuous Jade Leaf Kick!"

The continuous attacks were linked together, completed within that moment. After many days of training, Continuous Jade Leaf Kick had been trained to the Top Class level, its power not to be looked down upon.

Liuming's body took the attack, and flew backwards like it had been knocked by multiple ships, landing outside of the arena!

The judge's eyes lit up slightly. To have completed training for Continuous Jade Leaf Kick to the Top Class, no wonder its power was so strong. The surrounding people were attracted to this fight as well.

Everyone's gaze was on Su Yu. No one was looking at him before this, but he now had all their attention. To many Level One and even Level Two people, Su Yu was definitely a dangerous target! To have defeated a Level Two Top Tier with basic leg techniques is indeed terrifying.