The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 120

Chapter 120: The Strongest Opponent Yet
Chapter 120: The Strongest Opponent Yet
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Dust and smoke filled the whole sky, obscuring the daylight. It was hard to make out the situation inside the dust and smoke.


A muffled sound of something falling came from above the cold lake. The smoke and dust gradually dissipated, and the surroundings gradually cleared. A shocking scene emerged!

With all his clothes in tatters, Zhao Longyang's entire body was covered with blood. He had fallen to the ground and was half conscious. Had the Second Level Upper Tier Holy King suffered the same defeat at the hands of Su Yu?

Everyone had a startled, shocked, or incredulous look. The First Level Upper Tier Holy King had defeated the Second Level Upper Tier Holy King with one move? He had exceeded one whole level! Exactly how strong was Su Yu?

The spectators stared at the silver-haired, purple-clad figure and felt they were looking at a haughty invincible god of war. Su Yu looked breathtaking as he walked off the bridge.

Zhao Wuxie's fighting intent increased a little in his eyes. He smiled and nodded, "Not bad! After the Fallen Star Contest, I look forward to fighting you!"

Although Su Yu was strong, he still did not surpass Sun Tianyang's qualifications. In this battle, Sun Tianyang was the strongest opponent yet! He glanced sideways at a fifteen years old young man.

With his lean build, he was slightly bigger than Su Yu and had long and narrow cheeks. Clearly, he was still a youth, but he had deep and sunken eyes with a hooked nose. Around him, there was an air of malice that seemed incongruent with his age.

His icy eyes coolly sized up Su Yu. After a moment, he slowly turned his gaze back and roughly commented, "Your overall ability relies on powerful cultivation techniques, you lack physical training, so your achievement is limited, you can only be considered ordinary."

Zhao Wuxie was astounded, Su Yu is considered ordinary? Regardless of his movement techniques, his attacks were top rate. All in all, he had reached the standard to fight beyond his level, how could he use the word "ordinary" to describe him?

But shortly after, he felt calm. Sun Tianyang was the Great Elder's disciple, and Yuan Hu was the Tenth Elder's disciple. The Great Elder was the Tenth Elder's Master.

Sun Tianyang and the Tenth Elder were of the same status in terms of the social hierarchy, which made him Yuan Hu's Uncle-Master. No wonder Sun Tianyang could be deliberately demeaning and prejudiced, and naturally, he was unable to give a fair comment.

"The next battle is Zhao Wuxie against Sun Tianyang!"

Zhao Wuxie's eyes had a look of intense fighting intent as he gave his body a shake and laughed, "Haha... Good! Sun Tianyang, at last, I will fight you! Since you're from the Inner Sanctum, I want to see how strong you are!"

There was a fighting intent in his words, and also his grievance towards the Inner Sanctum and his unwillingness to concede. They were both Second Level Peak Holy Kings, so what did Zhao Wuxie lack?

Sun Tianyang looked over indifferently. He spoke evenly, "What a meaningless contest this has been. If it weren't for my master's command, I would not have taken part."

"Why?" Zhao Wuxie felt unconvinced.

"Because... there are no opponents for me!" Sun Tianyang snappishly croaked.

Clearly, Zhao Wuxie was within his sight. But Sun Tianyang's gaze seemed to look through him as if he could only see the clouds on the horizon and not see the person in front of him. His disrespectful, standoffish pride and conceit disturbed Zhao Wuxie's serene mentality.

Clenching his fists, Zhao Wuxie's mind boiled. He took a few deep breaths to compose himself, and briskly smiled, "I will take things as they come, make your move as you wish. I, Zhao will go along with it!"

Sun Tianyang was slightly startled. After a while, he slowly nodded, "As I wish? Alright, I'll do as I wish."

"Shoot for The Moon!" Sun Tianyang stood with one hand behind his back and simply extended his finger. There was a faint halo around his fingertip, like a starlight in the night sky. He pointed repeatedly, and his gesture looked like many bright specks of stars dotting the starry sky. It looked more like a heavenly finger was plucking the stars. His force was like a rainbow stunning the heavens.

Zhao Wuxie looked focused and properly made his move for the first time!

"Magic Sea Dragon!"

Both his palms glided away from his chest and drew a Yin-Yang Tai Chi diagram above his head. The momentum of his palm was unpredictable and changeable, and harmonizing hardness and softness.


Suddenly, one finger and two palms collided.


A crisp cracking sound like shattering jade was distinctly heard. A violent wave of energy blasted out in all directions. It was not any weaker than Su Yu's Purple Star Thunderbolt. With the lake just ten feet away, the azure water was rolling with great waves during the battle. Zhao Wuxie looked shocked and felt rather strained using all his strength!

How similar was this scene to his battle with Zhao Longyang? Except the situation was reversed! His face-off with Sun Tianyang was like Zhao Longyang facing him. The need for admiration and sense of being unsurpassed made him breathless.

"It definitely deserved to be called a Deity level cultivation technique from the First Family of the Hundred Vassal Clans. The power of the Shoot for The Moon technique is resisting a true Legacy level cultivation technique." In some inconspicuous corner of the spectator stand, several twenty or so young men and women wearing the Liuyun coat of arms around their torsos were quietly watching. The Liuyun coat of arms could only be worn around the waist of the Inner Sanctum disciples.

The man who had spoken was a Seventh Level Holy King! He was only a step away from reaching the legendary Dragon Realm. Standing beside this person was a young woman with a charming and graceful appearance and a beautiful countenance, but her icy temperament made her seem standoffish, cold, and detached.

After hearing his words, the icy beauty gently shook her small head, "No matter how powerful his Deity level cultivation technique is, he's still unable to transcend from the restriction of a mortal level cultivation technique. In the end, he cannot reach the power of a Legacy level cultivation technique. It should be said, this Great Elder's disciple's powerful insight is excellent, he uses the comprehension of his holy decree and merges it with the Deity level cultivation technique, for the power to be so great."

"Senior Sister Mo Wu's acumen is enlightening! I've heard rumors that Sun Tianyang's powerful insight is extraordinary and he is prized by the Great Elder. It is said he has already begun to cultivate a true Legacy level cultivation technique," said a junior sister beside her who was exceptionally reverent of the icy beauty.

The icy beauty looked anxious, "The Great Elder and the Tenth Elder, one a master and the other a disciple. Both hold the two seats of the Faction's ten great factions, every accepted disciple of theirs is also extraordinary. As time goes by, a day will come when the Liuxian Faction may have to change its owner."

Having faced Sun Tianyang, Zhao Wuxie felt horrified. He was now aware of the huge disparity between the two of them. After fighting for a short while, Sun Tianyang sighed with disappointment, "Sure enough, this is a meaningless contest. Let's just end this now." His palm flipped around. Suddenly a resplendent star-plucking power struck outward.

Zhao Wuxie's Yin-Yang Tai Chi diagram was unexpectedly fractured! Sun Tianyang simply pointed his finger and aimed at his chest. But, suddenly, it was as if a huge ship had collided with him and knocked him flying into the Icy Azure Lake.

Everyone was silent! He was also a Second Level Peak Holy King, but the disparity between the two was so unexpectedly huge! The crowd looked at Sun Tianyang, their eyes filled with deep horror!

Sun Tianyang was the most powerful newly appointed disciple of the Inner Sanctum! His one finger could subjugate everyone from outside of the Sanctum!

Coolly drawing his finger back, Sun Tianyang strode off without an expression.

The referee swallowed a little, "Sun Tianyang wins! The last battle is Sun Tianyang versus Su Yu!"

Sun Tianyang walked away to leave as if he had not heard the announcement.

The referee dared not offend Sun Tianyang. He politely reminded, "Sun Tianyang, the contest is not finished yet, please return to the lake."

Sun Tianyang did not even turn his head and continued to walk away with his hands behind his back, "It's a meaningless contest, there's no need to compete anymore."

"But..." The referee broke out in cold sweat. Sun Tianyang was definitely the Great Elder's disciple for sure, his unbridled arrogance could not be compared to ordinary people.

Such a solemn faction competition, and yet Sun Tianyang dared to turn and leave so abruptly. Perhaps after this incident, no one would dare hold him responsible!


A piercing sound broke the silence of the arena. A purple-clad, silver-haired figure landed on the third bridge without hesitation.

"Such an intense spiritual energy!" Su Yu lightly breathed in. His cultivation base vibrated even more violently, there were oncoming signs of a breakthrough. The energy on the third bridge was ten times the spiritual energy of the outside world. Together with the intense chill, Su Yu felt completely at ease.

"It's a pity that my opponent has run away and I have the unfair advantage in this contest." Su Yu evenly said. A drifting sound gently glided from the cold lake's surface.

Sun Tianyang came to a stop and icily said without turning his head, "I'm not running away, it's just that you're not qualified enough for me to make a move."

"Not staying to fight means you're running away, what's there to explain? referee, please quickly announce it." Su Yu felt a little regretful in his heart, the spiritual energy of this area was rich, it would be difficult to encounter such energy in the future. Unfortunately, he could not stay here any longer with the end of the competition.

The referee slightly nodded, "Su Yu..."


A powerful wave swept in front of the referee. Fast as the speed of light and difficult to catch sight of, he darted onto the cold lake's third bridge! His hoarse growl echoed above the cold lake, "Disgusting noise!"


Sun Tianyang stood opposite Su Yu, with his hand behind his back and malice in his eyes. He looked deeply bored. "Though a fly may be small, if it's not dead, it's extremely irritating. Make your move! Let's get this fight over with now! You have two chances to make your move!" Sun Tianyang growled.

So far, Su Yu had revealed two of his powerful moves. He gave Su Yu two chances to absolutely crush and beat him. Otherwise, to the haughty Sun Tianyang, leaving Su Yu with not even a chance to make a move would be unfair.

Su Yu was calm and not ruffled.

"Good! Let's get this fight over with!" Without another word, Su Yu decisively make his shot!

"Ice and Thunder Feast!" Su Yu's fingertips teemed with the violet rays as ice and thunder melded together. They turned into a violet white light, which was like an obliterating divine glow.


The beam was extremely fast, and it shot straight towards Sun Tianyang's chest.

However, Sun Tianyang who stood with one hand behind him merely extended his hand and raised his palm to grab it!


The destructive and powerful beam was extinguished within the grasp of his palm!

"Child's play! What else have you got? Better use it as soon as possible..." Sun Tianyang coldly chided Su Yu. He did not even bother to look up.

However, without waiting for him to finish, a spinning violet lotus struck! The Purple Star Thunderbolt had followed the Ice and Thunder Feast closely. Sun Tianyang was caught off guard, he slightly took a step back and extended his finger, "Shoot for The Moon!"

Pop, pop, pop

His repeated star points poked several cracks in the violet thunder lotus! The lotus shattered into one-tenth of its full power! The thunder flames from the explosion were extinguished with a swat from Sun Tianyang's palm! For the first time, someone had cracked the Purple Star Thunderbolt.

All the spectators were extremely afraid! Sun Tianyang was unusually powerful, almost supernatural.

"Your two moves have been made, and that's all you've got! Now let's send you packing!" Sun Tianyang coldly snapped as he suddenly charged toward Su Yu in a flash!

With his unstoppable terrible force and Su Yu had already exhausted all his martial arts, the battle outcome looked certain! However, Su Yu's eyes underneath his silver hair were calm as an autumn lake without even the slightest ripple.

The corners of his mouth curled to a slight smile, Su Yu calmly smiled, "Who told you, I only have two moves?


The crowd was baffled, could it be that Su Yu still had something hidden up his sleeves? Sun Tianyang's eyebrows slightly twitched, suddenly he had a bad feeling. Su Yu lightly chuckled as he suddenly pulled with his finger!


The sound of the explosion in the air suddenly came at Sun Tianyang from all directions! Strands of crystalline fine threads, hard to distinguish by the naked eye, had already unknowingly surrounded Sun Tianyang. Following Su Yu's wrist flick, the infinite Divine Ice Threads, like a vast net being pulled together, had trapped Sun Tianyang within!

Suddenly he felt his body being bound up. Sun Tianyang's hawkish eyes showed panic for the first time. He snarled, "The violet lotus just now, that was only a decoy?"

Indeed, it was. The Ice and Thunder Feast and Purple Star Thunderbolt were all moves meant to attract his attention. The real killer move was the Divine Ice Threads wound around the violet lotus. After the violet lotus had exploded, the Divine Ice Threads dispersed and enveloped Sun Tianyang.

After all, a Second Level Peak Holy King was too powerful, Su Yu had no choice but to prepare.

Coolly shaking his head, Su Yu's eyes were clear, "There's no need for you to know! Worldly Ice Seal!"


Suddenly, the countless Divine Ice Threads released a terrible chill! Instantly, without warning, a human-shaped iceberg appeared in front of everyone. Within the iceberg, Sun Tianyang could still move his cold eyes.

"Purple Star Thunderbolt!"

Without even waiting for the spectators to be shocked, Su Yu made another ruthless move and used his Purple Star Thunderbolt! The frozen Sun Tianyang was engulfed by splendid violet lightning!

As the violet lotus exploded, Su Yu's pupils suddenly shrank!