The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1200

Chapter 1200 The Giant Who Went Ashore

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When Su Yu looked at the Tree Goddess, he found she was looking at him lovingly. Hearing his question, the Tree Goddess said softly, I have no idea about the Giant of the Bitter Seas background! Different kinds of giants can be found in different bitter seas. And they are also at different strength levels. The giant we met just now was just a middle-level or low-level one. If we encountered a high-level giant, it would have been impossible for us to escape from its chain!

What? Are there more giants of the Bitter Sea?

Thats Right! Each bitter sea only has one Giant! However, there are other bitter seas outside the Realm of Demons! I know of several other bitter seas!

Did it mean the Bitter Sea in the Realm of Demons is only one of many bitter seas?

Then, how was the Bitter Sea formed? The water in the Bitter Sea could even erode gods! I dont think they were created by deities!

Public opinion differs about the origin of the bitter seas! I also have no idea about where they come from!


There is only one giant in such a vast sea! How did we encounter it by chance?

I guess it was attracted to us by the abrupt change of the space rules!

So, that was the answer!

Since we are safe now, the inheritance could be obtained by the Tree Goddess! Su Yu said as he pointed at the area between his eyebrows.

The Tree Goddess shook her head. Her face was even paler than before. Then, she said, It is not necessary! It will not influence me unless you can prove you are the Tree God!

You have to take care of yourself in future. I will not be able to help you for some time! the Tree Goddess said. Her face was as pale as a piece of paper.

What? Su Yu looked carefully at the Tree Goddess and found she was quite weak now. The divine energy in her body was chaotic.

Her slim body started to tremble slightly as if she was enduring a painful sensation.

Suddenly, Su Yu found her waist was bleeding and he could see water from the Bitter Sea in her blood.

The water of the Bitter Sea has infiltrated your body! Su Yu shouted in surprise. He knew the chain had been strapped into her body just now.

The Tree Goddess was tottering. As if she was not able to put up with the pain anymore, she feebly said, I am OK! I need some time to get rid of the water of the Bitter Sea in my body. Maybe I will go into a deep sleep!

Let me take out the water of the Bitter Sea for you! Su Yu placed his palms on the Tree Goddesss back. Then, faint starlight went into her body.

However, it was very difficult to take out the water of the Bitter Sea with the Milky Way Star Sand.

Just then, the Crane Deitys voice came into Su Yus mind. The water of the Bitter Sea is more powerful than any divine strength. Unless you can control the Milky Way Star Sand completely, you will not be able to take out the water of the Bitter Sea with it!

Su Yu was quite disappointed to hear that. He knew the Tree God was not able to purify the Evil Fatal Energy. That was what was making her sleep heavily!

It was impossible for her to deal with the water of the Bitter Sea which was more formidable than the Evil Fatal Energy! It was likely that she would die during her deep sleep!

The Tree Goddess was trying to console Su Yu!

The next moment, the Tree Goddess fell into Su Yus arms. Then, she fell into a deep sleep as her body was wrapped up in a green halo.

If Su Yu couldnt find a way to take out the water of the Bitter Sea in her body, the Tree Goddess might die in her sleep!

Does that mean I have to control the Milky Way Star Sand completely? Su Yu murmured in his heart as he looked at the Milky Way Star Sand in his palm.

Tian Jizi had assigned two tasks to Su Yu. He had accomplished the first task by killing the Blood Emperor.

He still needed to send Tian Jizis message to the Rosy Clouds Fairy Maiden!

However, he hadnt found the Rosy Clouds Fairy Maiden in the Great Eastern Alliance. How could he find her in such a short time?


Su Yu remembered the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine mentioned by the Seventh Prince.

Could this woman be the Rosy Clouds Fairy Maiden?

After pondering it for a while, Su Yu thought to himself, I came to the Demon Realm with difficulty. So, before leaving here, I have to find that so-called Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine for the Tree Goddess and the second task of Tian Jizi!

Su Yu placed the Tree Goddess into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl and asked Sheng Ge to take care of her. Then, Su Yu started to dash towards the Carefree Demon Master according to the directions given by those two demons.

As one of the 81 Demon Masters under the jurisdiction of the Seawatch City Master, the Carefree Demon Master controlled the area where Su Yu was.

This Demon Master would be the only one who might know where the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine and the entrance of the Demon Realm were.

On his way, Su Yu passed through several villages of the Demon Clan secretly. He tried to avoid unnecessary communication with those demons. To do otherwise might result in a great deal of trouble.

In this way, Su Yu had been dashing towards the Carefree Demon Master for two weeks. However, he would need another two weeks to reach his destination.

The Demon Realm is much larger than the Great Eastern Alliance! Su Yu exclaimed in surprise. In the alliance, he could reach another world within a month.

In the Demon Realm, one month was only enough for him to go through the dominion of one Demon Master!

The Seawatch City was almost as big as the Great Eastern Alliance. Inside the Demon Realm, there were nine huge cities like Seawatch City.

I really dont know how the Great Eastern Alliance has existed for so long! Su Yu frowned deeply. The area and strength of the Demon Realm were ten times that of the Great Eastern Alliance!

Before this, Su Yu had taken the fact that the Eastern and Western Alliances were well-matched in strength with the Demon Realm for granted. Now, it seemed the situation was totally different!

The Demon Realm was much more powerful than the Eastern and Western Alliances.

Then, why was the Demon Realm so cautious instead of launching a full attack?

What? I didnt expect someone could wander around outside the city recklessly! someone shouted in surprise.

Su Yu turned around and saw a cute little girl whose head had 2 horns. She was about 14 or 15. It seemed she was not a full-blooded demon.

The little girl was standing on a demonic artifact made from a ferocious beast head. Beside her was a middle-aged demon. Su Yu didnt sense a strong demon aura from him. It seemed he was also not a full-blooded demon.

Compared to the other demons in this place, the little girls stage was quite low. However, she was a Stage One Mortal Fairy, whose level was even higher than that of Su Yu!

The middle-aged demon, who was a Stage Three Mortal Fairy, was wrapped up in a chilly aura.

Standing in front of two demons, Su Yu remained calm to avoid suspicion. I am traveling, he said. Anything I can do for you?

Hah? Havent you received the notification from the Carefree Demon Master through Demonic Idea? The little girl asked as she looked at Su Yu curiously. The Giant of the Bitter Sea has gone ashore! He is devouring all creatures in his way!

Hearing this, Su Yu felt his heart miss a beat. The Giant of the Bitter Sea has gone ashore!

It seemed the two demons had become suspicious. Su Yu said, I am from the dominion of the Sixth Princess. So, I havent received the notification from the Carefree Demon Master through Demonic Idea yet! I am on my way to the dominion of the Carefree Demon Master!

Although Su Yu didnt know what the Demonic Idea was, he knew it must be a kind of communication skill.

Sixth Princess? I see. Many people from the dominion of the Sixth Princess travel in the dominion of the Ninth Princess! the little girl said after discovering the reason.

The middle-aged demon relaxed his vigilance. Speaking frankly, he said, we are fleeing towards the dominion of the Carefree Demon Master. If it is OK for you, you can come with us. We will be safer in the demonic city that way!

The Giant of the Bitter Sea was dangerous. He had caused great destruction on his way and had caused order to break down. Many ferocious demons had started to murder and rob rampantly.

Now, law and order only existed in the demonic city controlled by the Demon Master.

Su Yu became a little bit hesitant after hearing that. However, the Giant of the Bitter Sea was still chasing him. He wanted to reach the demonic city as soon as possible. So, he replied, OK and thanks!

The beast head was flying rapidly. It was as fast as a Peak Mortal Fairy.

You are lucky to meet my father here. Otherwise, as a skinny guy, you would have been devoured by the Demonic Beasts or the ferocious scoundrels in this barren wasteland! the little girl said as she patted Su Yus shoulder with a smile.

Su Yu didnt being touched by a demon at all. However, he didnt do anything but smiled quietly.

Seeing Su Yus reaction, the little girl looked up proudly and said, Humph! You dont know who we are, do you? My father is a Patrol Envoy of the Carefree Demonic City! Under his protection, we can arrive at the demonic city safely!

Su Yu nodded his head with a smile again. But he didnt say anything.

Patrol Envoy? I remember the two demons at the stage of Peak Mortal Fairy were also Patrol Envoys!

Are you dumb? The little girl pouted discontentedly. You should be surprised after hearing my words!

Then, the little girl, who didnt get the reaction she had expected, angrily said, What a boring fool!

Su Yu replied with a smile again. If this little girl was not a demon, he would really tease her.

Shaer, mind your words! the middle-aged demon said as he shook his head in embarrassment. Young man, sorry! Shaer has been spoiled by me!

Su Yu folded his hands with a smile and replied, Its OK!

What? The middle-aged demon stared at Su Yu in surprise. As a little demon at the stage of Peak All Creation, he was so calm in front of a Stage Three Mortal Fairy! Wasnt he too rude?

Normally, an All Creation demon would greet him. When they discovered he was a Patrol Envoy, they would even drop to their knees.

It seemed this young demon knew nothing about courtesy.

Although he didnt care about Su Yus reaction, he was a little bit surprised. Did it mean that the people of the Sixth Princess dont know how to behave?

The middle-aged demon secretly shook his head and remarked, A lot of bandits are making trouble in this area. You will be safe traveling with a Patrol Envoy like me. So, dont worry, young man!

Again, Su Yu smiled and replied, Then, thanks!

The middle-aged demon shook his head snappily. How rude this young man was!

They kept flying for several days. When they were only two to three days away from the demonic city, the middle-aged demon became more vigilant.

All demons in this area were running towards the demonic city. In other words, it was highly possible for them to encounter bandits here!

When they tried to cross a pitch-dark river, Su Yu, who was performing secluded training, opened his eyes abruptly and looked at the river as he furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

The middle-aged demon, who had also sensed something, shouted, I am a Patrol Envoy!

All of them had sensed several powerful auras hiding in the river. There might be bandits there.

Normally, a Patrol Envoy could scare away most bandits.

However, the bandits in the river didnt run away. Then, three beast head Demonic Artifacts flew out from the river and surrounded Su Yu, the little girl and the middle-aged demon.

The demonic city has gone! A Patrol Envoy is nothing now! A ferocious mutated demon, who was standing on the largest beast head, sneered at them.

The demonic city has gone? The middle-aged demon and Su Yu were surprised after hearing that.

Nonsense! What are you talking about? The demonic city is under the protection of the Carefree Demon Master! It is impossible for bandits like you to occupy it!

Hah! Hah! Hah Hearing this, the bandits on the beast heads laughed wildly. The entire demonic city was devoured by the Giant of the Bitter Sea! The Carefree Demon Master also disappeared! I am the boss here now!

Was the Giant of the Bitter Sea here?

Su Yu trembled a little. His instinct told him that he was the target of the Giant of the Bitter Sea and the reason he had come ashore!

Su Yus heart was pounding furiously because he had sensed something extremely dangerous.

The Giant of the Bitter Sea must be in this area. And he must be the target of this giant!