The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1201

Chapter 1201 Wipe Out The Bandits

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Hearing this, the middle-aged demon shouted in surprise, This is impossible! The Giant of the Bitter Sea is behind us. How could the demonic city be devoured by him?

Boo! I dont care whether you believe it or not! the bandit leader sneered. Now, you should pay more attention to your current situation!

Among the four bandits in this place, the weakest bandit was a Stage One Mortal Fairy like Shaer. However, there were two Stage Three Mortal Fairies among the four bandits.

Now, you have two options. First, you could surrender. We will add seals to you and you will become our companions! Second, you will be killed immediately and all your demonic artifacts will be taken away by us. Now, you can tell us, which option do you want to choose?

Faced with such a large gap in strength, most people would choose the first option.

Heh! Heh! Heh! You can fool those inexperienced creatures. As a Patrol Envoy, I will never be fooled by a group of bandits like you! the middle-aged demon sneered.

The Patrol Envoy knew this was the bandits customary tactic. The bandits would always try to induce their targets to surrender and join them.

However, once the targets were controlled by them, the targets would be sold to some big demonic families and become slaves.

For those bandits, slaves were more valuable than dead bodies!

Moreover, once their targets decided to resist, the bandits would also suffer casualties. Therefore, they would always try to induce their targets to surrender.

It was quite ridiculous that they had even tried to fool a Patrol Envoy!

Hearing this, the bandits faces darkened. However, they were not surprised because they knew it would be very difficult to fool a Patrol Envoy.

Attack! Leave the Patrol Envoy to No. 2 and me. No. 3 and No. 4 can capture that little girl!

No. 3 was a Stage Two Mortal Fairy. No. 4 was a Stage One Mortal Fairy.

The 2 two of them could defeat Shaer immediately.

The middle-aged Patrol Envoy shouted angrily, How dare you!

Hah-hah-hah! Cut it out! Just accept your bad luck without complaints! No. 1 and No. 2 sneered as they dashed towards the Patrol Envoy. Then, a fierce fight began.

The demonic artifacts and skills of the two bandits and the Patrol Envoy were almost at the same level. The middle-aged Patrol Envoy, who was more experienced, managed to break even against his two opponents.

However, it was impossible for him to provide any assistance to his daughter.

Although Shaer was quite petite, she was not terrified at this crucial moment. She shouted ferociously, My father always told me death is not horrible! It is horrible to lack the courage to face death!

Instead of running away, Shaer dashed towards the two bandits without hesitation.

Her courage was laudable. However, the gap between her strength and that of her two opponents was too large.

The bandit who was at the level of Stage Two Mortal Fairy looked at Shaer frivolously. Heh! Heh! Dont kill her. We can sell her after weve had enough fun with this little girl!


Shaers shoulder was penetrated by the Stage Two Mortal Fairy as soon as the fight began.

Then, the Stage One Mortal Fairy took out a black rope and placed it around Shaers neck.

It seemed the rope was a demonic artifact, and it sealed Shaers Mortal Fairys strength instantly.

In this way, Shaer was easily captured by her opponents.

Seeing this, the middle-aged Patrol Envoy shouted angrily as he forced back his two opponents. When he turned around and was about to save his daughter, his two opponents, who were at the same stage as him, found a weak point in his back.


A black spear flew out from one bandits sleeve and penetrated the body of the middle-aged Patrol Envoy instantly.

There were three barbs on the spear. They could fix the spear tightly in the targets body.

Seeing this, the two bandits smiled grimly as they pulled the spear back together. Then, the middle-aged Patrol Envoy was dragged back painfully.

His back was ruthlessly torn apart by the two bandits.

The middle-aged Patrol Envoys body was almost divided into 3 parts!

However, he didnt give up even after being seriously wounded. He shouted angrily as he tried to break away from the spear in order to cut the rope on his daughters neck.


A big bang sounded, and he was knocked down on the ground heavily by a demonic artifact that looked like a brick. It was being held by one of the bandits.

Like the black rope, this brick-like demonic artifact could also seal the strength of Mortal Fairy. Now, no matter how hard the middle-aged Patrol Envoy tried to break away from the spear, he was not able to move anymore.

Dad! Seeing this, Shaer screamed miserably.

The middle-aged Patrol Envoy was also quite anxious and angry at this moment.

These four bandits were extraordinarily powerful. Their skills and demonic artifacts had totally surprised the Patrol Envoy.

However, he knew the background of these bandits was not important now. He knew what would happen to them in the future would be more horrible than death!

His daughter would die miserably after being raped by those b*stards.

Hah! Hah! Hah! I didnt expect a Patrol Envoy could be defeated so easily! the bandit leader said with a disdainful smile. The other three bandits were also quite excited. They knew a Patrol Envoy, who was the trusted follower of a Demon Master, must be wealthier than an ordinary person!

No.1, No. 2, their belongings are yours. I only want this little girl! Heh! Heh! I havent slept with a woman from a big family for a long time!

No problem! After this, we will report on the completion of this task. It has brought us a lot of windfalls!

The four bandits started to talk about how to divide the spoils with greedy smiles.

Hey! You four! I guess you have forgotten me, right? Su Yu said coldly with folded arms.

Maybe because of Su Yus low stage, the four bandits ignored him completely.

Before this, Su Yu didnt want to get involved in this issue because he was not interested in the internal conflict of demons.

When Su Yu saw the father doing his best to save his daughter, he was moved. Were they like the demons he had been told about?

As far as he knew, demons were greedy, ferocious, selfish and bloodthirsty. They only tried to strengthen themselves by devouring all the other creatures.

However, these two kind-hearted demons had provided protection to Su Yu on his way. The daughters courage and the fathers desperate struggle had impressed Su Yu a lot.

Maybe the demons of the Demon Realm were different from the demons in my knowledge!

Therefore, after thinking about it for a moment, Su Yu decided to help the two demons.

Heh! Heh! Interesting! If you had kept silent just now, we might really have ignored you! An All Creation demon is too cheap for us. Since you reminded us, we will sell you too. You look quite handsome. Maybe we can sell you because you might be quite popular among some rich women! The Stage One Mortal Fairy who didnt take part in the fight just now walked over to Su Yu with a smile. Then, he extended his finger towards Su Yus shoulder.

As a Stage One Mortal Fairy, the bandit believed he could capture an All Creation little demon easily.

However, to his surprise, Su Yu pinched his finger with two fingers which were wrapped up in dazzling golden light.

Then, the bandit started to scream miserably because his finger had been easily broken by Su Yu.

The next moment, the bandits miserable scream stopped when Su Yus two golden fingers penetrated his head, which killed his body and his soul at the same time.

When that demons lifeless body collapsed on the ground, the other three bandits stopped smiling and started to stare at Su Yu with their eyes wide.