The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1202

Chapter 1202 Lord Demon King

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When No. 3 realized what had happened, he let out an angry cry. Then, he took out another black rope and threw it towards Su Yus neck.


Su Yus golden palm grasped the black rope tightly. Then, he dragged No. 3 towards him with magnificent strength.

No. 3s body and soul were also penetrated by that horrible golden palm.

No. 3 collapsed on the ground. Disbelief and pain could still be seen in his eyes.

When the other two bandits realized what had happened, they asked in surprise, Who are you?

This guy had managed to kill No. 4 and even No. 3 within one round.

Su Yu looked at the other two bandits calmly but said nothing. His body was covered by nine golden light beams, which looked like nine golden dragons entwining on his body.

Retreat! This guy is not an ordinary demon! He must be a hidden Demon King! the two bandits said in terror. They felt their blood run cold.

They didnt expect they could encounter an expert at the level of Demon King who had concealed his strength in this place.

Su Yu stared at the two bandits. Then, nine golden dragons dashed towards them rapidly.

Along with two dull sounds, the two bandits became two piles of golden ashes.

Su Yu had managed to kill four bandits within just a short space of time.

Then, the golden light on his body disappeared. Su Yu regained the appearance of a demon. He walked over to the middle-aged Patrol Envoy and kicked away the brick-like demonic artifact from his body. Then, Su Yu snapped the rope around the neck of Shaer.

The two demons stared at Su Yu in surprise. Their eyes were full of shock and reverence.

Young man No! Lord Demon King! I greet you, Lord Demon King! I am a Patrol Envoy and my name is Qian Jun! I didnt know your identity, Demon King! I deserve ten thousand deaths! The middle-aged demon came to his senses and dropped on one knee immediately. Then, he greeted Su Yu with beads of cold sweat on his forehead.

Demon King was an honorific title for demons who had reached the level of the Peak Mortal Fairy.

In the Demon Realm where strength was revered, a Demon King was always respected. Even the Demon Masters showed their respect to the Demon Kings.

At the thought of traveling with a Demon King for so long a time, Qian Jun was even more terrified.

Suddenly, he noticed his daughter was still staring at Su Yu with widened eyes. He shouted as he forced his daughter to kneel down hurriedly. Just greet the Lord Demon King!

After being reminded by his father, Shaer came to her senses as well. As a brave girl, she also stammered, I greet you Lord Demon King My name is Shaer!

This was a Demon King!

An underling of a Demon King had the right to give orders to 10,000 Patrol Envoys like her father!

Shaer blushed when she remembered she had been bragging about the protection her father, who was a Patrol Envoy, could offer.

Now, she knew why this guy was always so aloof and quiet as if he didnt feel grateful to her and her father. Shaer, who was so embarrassed at this moment, didnt understand why Su Yu had chosen to fool her and her father.

Lord Demon King, I was wrong! And my father has nothing to do with my mistake! Please punish me!

Looking at the miserable expression on Shaers face, Su Yu replied with a smile, Its OK! I have to hide my identity because of a secret mission. Its not your fault!

Since they believed Su Yu was a Demon King, he decided to make full use of this opportunity.

Lord Demon King, the city of the Carefree Demon Master has been ruined. Are you still going to go there?

I will never go there! The Giant of the Bitter Sea is very close to that city. How could I bite the hook at this moment?

The demonic city has been ruined. It is useless for me to go there! Su Yu said as he shook his head calmly. Where is the nearest Demon Master? We shall immediately inform him about the possible attack of the Giant of the Bitter Sea!

Su Yu had planned to get some information about the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine and the entrance to the Demon Realm from the Carefree Demon Master. However, things didnt turn out as planned. Now, he had to find another Demon Master.

The nearest Demon Master is the Agile Demon Master! Qian Jun blurted out because he thought what Su Yu said was reasonable.

Su Yu nodded his head as he looked at the father and daughter who had been seriously wounded. Then, he said, Since you have nowhere to go, you can come with me!

In this way, Su Yu could provide protection to them and use them as a disguise to avoid unnecessary problems.

Then, Su Yu took away the demonic artifacts and the storage space of the four bandits.

After checking these items, Su Yu found all of them were full of powerful demonic energy, which was completely incompatible with his skills and techniques.

Therefore, Su Yu threw those items to the Patrol Envoy and his daughter, which made them ecstatic.

Among the four bandits, there had been two Stage Three Mortal Fairies! Because of their previous plunders, their storage rings were full of all kinds of precious items, which were even more than the Patrol Envoy could ever hope to own.

Su Yus casual handout was more than the properties of Qian Jun which had been accumulated for several hundred years!

Thank you, Lord Demon King! You are the most generous, brilliant and handsome Demon King Ive ever met! I love you so much! Shaers eyes lit up as she looked at the other storage rings in her hands. The treasures were making her mouth water.

Hearing this, Qian Jun shouted angrily, Mind your words! You are not allowed to speak to the Demon King like that!

Qian Jun folded his arms at Su Yu again and said, Lord Demon King, you saved our life and gave us so many precious items! We are not able to make any recompense to you! So, we decide to serve you from now on!

The demonic city had been ruined. Qian Jun was no longer a Patrol Envoy. So, it was reasonable for him to pledge loyalty to a powerful Demon King.

Su Yu replied with a faint smile, OK! I need your assistance now!

Hearing this, Qian Jun was overexcited. Being an underling of such a powerful and generous Demon King was much better than being a Patrol Envoy.

When Qian Jun excitedly checked the two Storage Rings, his expression changed, and he said in surprise, This is

Whats wrong? Su Yu asked.

Qian Jun frowned. Then, he checked the storage rings in her daughters hands and said seriously, How could this be?

He took out four identical tokens of passing from the four storage rings. Su Yu found identical characters on the back side of each token.


My lord, they were not ordinary bandits! They were envoys of the Jingxuan Realm!

Su Yu raised his eyebrows after hearing that. Jingxuan Realm? What was that place?

Ahem, is it a special place? Su Yu asked.

Qian Jun looked at Su Yu in puzzlement. My lord, you are from the Jingxuan Realm! Dont you know the Jingxuan Realm of the Sixth Princess is hostile to the Jingyu Realm of the Ninth Princess? Why did the envoys of the Jingxuan Realm appear in our Jingyu Realm?

The Jingyu Realm? Su Yu was surprised as Xia Jingyus beautiful face appeared in his mind.

Long time no see, Xia Jingyu!

We havent met since we separated on the Zhenlong Continent!

Su Yu shook his head to suppress his yearning sensation. Then, he said seriously, Does it mean they have other plans in this place?

I guess so! Just now they said they looted at their convenience while they carried out their task here, which means that task was their real object! Qian Jun said. Thats why they were so powerful and different from ordinary bandits! I didnt expect them to be envoys! Humph! How abhorrent they were! Its the Jingxuan Realms style to send their envoys to act as bandits!

After thinking it over for a moment, Su Yu said, Forget it. I am not interested in their plan. Lets go to the demonic city of the Agile Demon Master immediately!

Then, the three of them left this place.

One month later, a large mass of dark clouds descended in this area.

Over 100 demons walked out from the cloud. All of them had reached the level of Mortal Fairy.

Their leader was a Demon King at the level of Peak Mortal Fairy. It seemed he was a full-blooded Demon King.

After checking the corpses of those bandits, a chilly light flashed in his eyes as he said, No wonder I lost contact with them many days ago! They were killed as I expected. I dont know whether the secret has been exposed!

Anyway, this is a worthy loss. We have lured the Giant of the Bitter Sea to the Seawatch City which is guarded by the Ninth Princess! I guess the fight between them has commenced!

When his voice still echoed in this place, he and his underlings had disappeared.

In a far away forest, Su Yu, Qian Jun, and Shaer were standing beside a bonfire.

After traveling together for one month, they had come to know each other very well.

Qian Jun, have you heard of the Star River outside the Demon Realm? Su Yu asked.

No, my lord Is there really a Star River outside the endless Realm of Demons? Qian Jun asked.

Shaer also looked up at Su Yu, and her bright eyes were full of curiosity and admiration.

It seemed this Demon King, who was a little bit weird from time to time, knew nothing about this place. For example, he had been asking them about the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine.

It was quite strange that he didnt know the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine who was the concubine of the Demon Emperor!

Sometimes this Demon King seemed to know many things. He told Shaer that there was a vast Star River outside the Realm of Demons.

Su Yu sighed in his heart secretly because Qian Jun, who was a Stage Three Mortal Fairy, didnt know the Star River either!

The Realm of Demons was so vast that many demons were not able to go across it in their lifetime. How could they be interested in exploring the outside world?

In the past month, Su Yu had acquired many pieces of information about the Demon Realm by beating about the bush. Now, he knew the demons here were totally different from what he had experienced before.

For example, Qian Jun, Shaer and the demons in the villages they had passed through never performed training by devouring other creatures. They also made progress by absorbing the demonic energy in all kinds of resources.

Therefore, they were totally different from the demons Su Yu was used to seeing and had learned about in the records.

Also, demons were not ferocious by nature. Although they were bellicose, they also had all kinds of emotions like the other creatures in the Star River.

Then, what was wrong with those ferocious demons who devoured everything like grasshoppers in the Star River?

Maybe ordinary demons didnt know the answer. So, he decided to ask a Demon Master.

My lord, I think you could get an answer from the Agile Demon Master, who is very knowledgeable and gentle. I bet she will be able to answer your question!

Now, Su Yu, Qian Jun and Shaer had reached the dominion of the Agile Demon Master. In five days time, they would arrive at the demonic city to meet this Demon Master.

When they were talking, they saw the sky was filled with a dazzling divine light which came over from the horizon.

At the same time, golden blood dropped from the sky like heavy rain. Qian Jun and Shaer who were born in the Seawatch City couldnt help but feel sad.

A deity had passed away!

It was the deity who was in charge of the Seawatch City!

Su Yu stood up and became quite serious. Had the deity been killed by the Giant of the Bitter Sea?