The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203 A Little White Beast

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Why would the Giant of the Bitter Sea appear in the Seawatch City?

Su Yus instinct told him that he must be the target of the Giant of the Bitter Sea who had gone ashore because he had been so annoyed.

Why had the Giant switched his target and appeared in the Seawatch City which was located in the opposite direction?

What made the Giant of the Bitter Sea change his target?

As Su Yu was thinking this over, a hairy little creature fell from the sky like an asteroid.

The little creature, which seemed to be intelligent, flew towards Su Yu and his teammates.


With a dull sound, the bonfire was smashed and a giant pit was created on the ground.

When Su Yu fixed his eyes on the thing that had fallen from the sky, he saw a small creature, which looked like a white fox or dog, was lying in the pit. Its short legs, white hair and black eyes made it quite cute.

Shaer recovered herself and shouted in pleasant surprise, Wow! What is it? It is so cute!

She tried to touch the little creature. However, she was stopped by Qian Jun who shouted hurriedly, Stop!

This little creature had fallen through the sky with the divine blood. However, its hair was not stained. Moreover, as an experienced demon, Qian Jun had never seen a creature like it in the Demon Realm before.

A creature that looked harmless could be extremely dangerous!

Su Yu stared at the white creature as he narrowed his eyes which were full of killing intent.

Just now, he saw clearly that this white creature had fallen from the sky far away from them. When it saw Su Yu and his teammates, it changed its direction and fell near to them.


The white creature which had fallen heavily to the ground didnt have a scratch on its body. It jumped up and started to run deep into the forest with its four short legs moving rapidly.

Su Yu sneered, This is outrageous! What an evil beast! I didnt expect it would try to lure its enemy to us!

Apparently, this small white beast was fleeing from its calamity.

It chose to land next to Su Yu and his teammates because it wanted to lure some enemies to them.

Qian Jun frowned and said, I see. It seems something is chasing it. He tried to use us to slow down its enemies! How ridiculous it is! Lord Demon King, let me capture it!

Qian Jun took out a black scimitar and threw it out immediately. The scimitar landed on the hind legs of the small beast with the magnificent strength of a middle-grade demonic artifact.

Qian Jun was totally surprised because the small white beast kicked the scimitar back with its hind legs without even looking back.

The scimitar failed to scratch or even cut a hair on the small beasts hind legs.

This Qian Jun was shocked. He used 60% of his strength in this attack, which could at least seriously wound a Stage Two Mortal Fairy. What stage was this small white beast at?

Qian Jun received the scimitar with embarrassment. Then, he dashed forward and shouted angrily as he tried to grasp the small beast with his hand, Stop! Evil beast!


However, the small white beast was not terrified at all. It turned around and showed its teeth disdainfully. Then, it kicked back with its hind legs.

The next moment, Qian Jun, a Stage Three Mortal Fairy, was sent flying by that harmless-looking little white beast. Then, Qian Jun started to spit blood. Cracks could also be heard from his chest. It seemed the bones in his chest had been cracked.

Squeak! Squeak!

The little white beast raised its head and stared at Su Yu and his teammates disdainfully.

Then, it turned around and started to run towards the forest with a swagger.

However, a silver light beam flew towards it at the next moment.

Without any hesitation, the little white beast attacked the silver light with its front legs. The silver light was smashed and a small silver sword appeared in front of it.


The little white beast knocked the sword away easily and was about to run away. Suddenly, it stopped and warily looked at the void in front of it.

Actually, a further eight silvery swords were hiding in the void in front of it. If it continued to move forward, it would be trapped in this powerful sword formation.

At the last moment, the little white beast twisted its body in an incredible way and managed to run away from the edge of the sword formation.

Then, the little white beast looked back again. It even pointed at the ground with its paw disdainfully to show its contempt.

However, Su Yus voice came into the ears of the little white beast the next moment.

Interesting! You are able to perceive the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation in advance, which means your perception is even better than some Initial Stage prospective deities!

Hearing this, the little white beast was somewhat stunned. Then, it found Su Yu was standing in front of it.

Without any hesitation, it dashed forward and tried to knock Su Yu away as it had done to Qian Jun.

However, when its paws were about to reach Su Yu, a giant Five Elements Mountain appeared in front of Su Yu.

The little white beasts attack was totally absorbed by the mountain and it was knocked back by a magnificent strength.

It rolled over on the ground several times. Its white hair was in a mess.

Squeak! Squeak!

The little white beast roared by showing its teeth angrily.

Before it could jump up from the ground, the Five Elements Mountain landed heavily on its body.


The little white beast started to dig up the earth with its small paws. Then, it managed to raise the Five Elements Mountain in an unsteady way.


However, a black rope flew over and twined on its neck to suppress the strength in its body.

Immediately, the little white beast collapsed like a stretch of boggy mud. Although it still growled ferociously, it was not able to move anymore.

Lord Demon King, what is this? Qian Jun asked as he stared at the little beast with widened eyes.

Su Yu didnt answer but also stared at the small beast in surprise.

He didnt expect this small beast would be able to raise the Five Elements Mountain which could subdue a deity!

Although Su Yu was not able to use the full strength of the Five Elements Mountain, he could subdue a prospective deity with this mountain easily.

Therefore, Su Yu was totally shocked by what had happened just now.

If Su Yu failed to seal the strength in the small beasts body, it would run away sooner or later.

Lets leave here immediately. I guess the enemies of this beast are drawing near. This is definitely not a good place to stay! Su Yu said hurriedly.

He put away the Five Elements Mountain as he grasped the rope in his hand tightly.

When the Five Elements Mountain was moved away, the little white beast jumped up as it showed its teeth angrily.


Su Yu spanked the butt of the small beast with his palm and shouted, Behave yourself!

The little white beast screamed and stood up like a man. Then, it covered its butt with its paws as it stared at Su Yu angrily as if it had been greatly humiliated.

What? I didnt expect it could be so intelligent! Su Yu was surprised.

What are you looking at? I will smash your butt if you dare to do anything reckless! Su Yu said snappily. The next moment, he jumped onto the flying demonic artifact as he dragged the little white beast like he was walking a dog. Then, they left immediately.

One hour later

A large mass of dark clouds descended. It contained the auras of several prospective deities and over 100 Peak Mortal Fairies.

One of the prospective deity among them was the full-blooded demon who had appeared several months ago.

He landed on the ground and checked this place. Then, he said seriously, Yes! This is the aura of the Ninth Princess! The Giant of the Bitter Sea defeated her and turned her to her original form. Then, she fled to this place! Lets split up to search for her. It is impossible for her to cover a large distance in such a short time!

After a while, they came back to this place.

What? You didnt find her in an area of which the diameter was around 1,000,000 kilometers? The full-blooded demon frowned. Expand the search area and continue to look for her! This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to kill the Ninth Princess! The Sixth Princess will reward us handsomely if we can accomplish this mission!

As you wish!

Hearing this, the other demons split up again and started to search a much larger area.

The full-blooded demon looked up at the sky ferociously. Ninth Princess, he said, you wont get away this time!