The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1205

Chapter 1205 Obstruction And Interception

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Half a day later, Su Yu took a breath and said, Many experts at the level of Demon King come here to seek refuge with the Agile Demon Master. I guess many of them are your former colleagues, arent they?

Qian Jun looked up and looked at Su Yu admiringly. My lord, you are really a prophet! Among these visitors, many experts are from the Carefree Demonic City and are my former colleagues. It seems the surviving Demon Kings decided to seek refuge in the Agile Demonic City after the destruction of the Carefree Demonic City!

Su Yu nodded his head and said thoughtfully, Most of the visitors have come here to seek refuge. So, it will be very difficult for us to meet the Agile Demon Master who is so busy, let alone talk with her!

The main purpose of Su Yus visit was to get information about the entrance to the Demon Realm.

If they could not get any useful information, they would have to leave here and go to straight to the capital of the Demon Realm.

At least, Su Yu was sure that a woman, whose name was the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine, was a concubine of the Demon Emperor.

It would be quite easy to confirm whether she was the one Yun Yazi had tried to find.

When they were observing the mansion of the Agile Demon Master, one woman and two men walked down from the upper story of the restaurant.

The woman was quite elegant and noticeable.

The two men who were standing on either side of the woman were quite handsome and calm.

When they appeared, all the people on this floor immediately stopped talking and looked at the three people in terror. When they saw the woman, they even sat up straight reverently.

The woman and two men went downstairs. When the woman glanced at Su Yu and his teammates, she frowned slightly as she said, You have been watching the mansion of the Agile Demon Master for a long time!

Hearing this, Qian Jun was surprised. Did it mean that she knew what they were doing here?

To avoid any misunderstanding, Qian Jun replied hurriedly, Lord Demon King, we come here to visit Lord Agile. There are so many visitors here. So, we have to wait here for our turn!

Although Qian Jun didnt know the woman and the two young men, he had to treat three experts at the level of the Demon King carefully.

His excuse could hold water because the Agile Demon Master was truthfully quite busy at the moment.

You can visit the Agile Demon Master. But stop your sneaky observations here. Otherwise, dont blame us if you are arrested because of your suspicious actions! the woman said with disapproval.

Then, she glanced at the little white beast beside Su Yus leg. Surprise immediately appeared in her eyes.

However, she regained her normal appearance by looking away nonchalantly.

Heh! Heh! They are Demon Kings who were terrified by the Giant of the Bitter Sea! Now, they are homeless. So, it is understandable that they treat everything vigilantly. Miss Feiran, dont let them ruin your mood! the dark-skinned young man who was standing on the womans left said with a smile.

The pale-faced young man on the other side of her also nodded and smiled.

Then, the three of them went downstairs.

When they walked to a quiet place, the woman stopped and said suddenly, Find a way to detain those three people!

What? The two men were a little stunned after hearing that. We passed by those people just now. Why should we detain them?

That little white spiritual pet looks quite familiar. I dont know whether my speculation about it is right or not. So, we have to take it from them!

Familiar? The two men hadnt paid any attention to that little white beast just now.

My lady, why didnt you arrest them just now? Because of your identity, nobody would dare to stop you!

The woman replied, No! By my best guess, this small beast is very powerful. We cant take it by force. You find a way to get it and give it to me. As for those three people, you could kill them or seal their mouths to avoid this issue being disclosed And you should give the small beast to me secretly. Dont let the Agile Demon Master know about this!

As you wish, my lady!

In the restaurant, Su Yu sighed as he touched the head of the little white beast. Puppy, I have to feed you every day! But you havent done anything useful for me yet. I guess you will bring me a lot of trouble! I think it is time for us to leave this demonic city now!

Su Yu had noticed the womans thoughtful gaze just now.

However, Su Yu didnt suspect the small beast had a hidden identity. He believed the woman cast her greedy eyes on this precious spiritual pet.

It seemed that the womans status was extraordinary. Although Su Yu was not afraid of anyone, including the Demon Master, in this demonic city, he still wanted to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

Lets leave for the capital now!

The capital? The little white beast shook its ears as it gnawed a piece of bone quietly. However, its nostrils kept chugging as if it was expressing its protest against Su Yus frame-up.

Qian Jun became quite serious. He had got the feeling that the woman was quite edgy and also thought that they should leave here as soon as possible.

Although Qian Jun was surprised when Su Yu said they were about to go to the capital, he really had nowhere to go in this world. Therefore, he was willing to follow Su Yu.

The three of them and Puppy arrived at the Transportation Portal that could take them to another demonic city.

However, when they arrived, they found the portal was temporarily sealed.

Heh! Heh! It seems we are too late! Su Yu said calmly.

If that woman knew Su Yu used to ruin the World of Divine Remnant, maybe she wouldnt have the guts to stop him from leaving here.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The next moment, a group of guards in uniform, who had reached the level of Mortal Fairy, flew into this place. They were led by the two men from the restaurant who had reached the level of Demon King.

Seeing this, Qian Jun was quite worried. Two Demon Kings! How could they defeat two Demon Kings here?

Qian Jun, who pretended to be calm, walked over and folded his arms at those guards. Are you law enforcement officers in this demonic city? My name is Qian Jun and I am a Patrol Envoy of the Carefree Demonic City. What are you going to

Shut up! I dont care where you are from! We suspect the three of you are planning to do something to the mansion of the Agile Demon Master. You must come with us for further investigation! the two leading Demon Kings said as the auras of Peak Mortal Fairies gushed out from their body.

Qian Jun was quite angry. How could you say that? We just looked at the mansion from outside. A lot of people were watching the mansion from that restaurant!

My lords, this is my identity plate. Please have a look! We are not bad guys! Qian Jun said as he gave his identity plate to those guards.

The dark-skinned Demon King grabbed the plate and looked at it casually. Then, he smashed the plate and looked at Qian Jun with a cold smile. You are a drowning dog and not a Patrol Envoy now! Wake up! Your Carefree Demon Master has gone! Here, you are nothing!

Arrest them! the pale-faced Demon King who hadnt yet spoken ordered by waving his hand.


Those guards behind them rushed up and surrounded Su Yu and his teammates with horrible killing intent.

Surrender! If you dare to resist, we have the right to kill all of you before giving a report to our superior! The dark-skinned Demon King gave his order as he glanced at the little white beast.

Now, in this transportation portal, the two Demon Kings would be able to take away the little white beast and secretly give it to Miss Feiran.

Qian Juns heart was torn with anxiety. If they resisted, they would be killed here. If they surrendered, they would also end up in a miserable situation.

Qian Jun became hesitant. However, those guards took out chains and rushed towards Su Yu and his teammates without any hesitation.

Heh! Heh! I dont want to make trouble. And dont take it as timidity! Su Yu said as he knocked back a law enforcer in front of him with several golden light beams.

They were resisting arrest!

Seeing this, the two Demon Kings were quite glad instead of being angry. The dark-skinned Demon King said ferociously, This is the moment I have been waiting for! Law enforcers, the criminals have resisted arrest by wounding a law enforcer. Now, kill them!

He dashed towards Su Yu. Then, he attacked Su Yus chest with one of his hand which was full of the magnificent strength of a Mortal Fairy.

The next moment, his smile disappeared from his face as his body was penetrated by a golden palm from behind.

Then, the palm vibrated a bit and the Demon Kings body was broken into several pieces!


Along with a miserable scream, the dark-skinned Demon Kings soul flew out from his body and rushed towards the other Demon King immediately.

However, his soul was penetrated by a golden arrow the next moment. Then, his soul was completely destroyed.

Within several breaths, a Demon King had been killed.

The other Demon King and the rest of law enforcers gasped. Even Qian Jun was greatly surprised.

Qian Jun knew Su Yu was powerful because he had killed two Stage Three Mortal Fairies easily.

However, Qian Jun didnt expect Su Yu could kill a Demon King within one round!

Su Yus stinging attack had totally impressed Qian Jun!


Su Yu took back the Celestial Destroying Arrow and wiped the blood from it calmly.

Around him, those law enforcers, who didnt dare to move at all, stared at Su Yu with widened eyes. They knew Su Yu could kill them easily.

The other Demon King was also extremely shocked. He could do nothing but also stared at Su Yu in terror as his heart pounded furiously.

Then, Su Yu said calmly, Tell that woman to never try to do it again! Otherwise, even the Demon Master cant protect her!

After saying that, Su Yu calmly left the demonic city with his teammates as the law enforcers simply looked on.

After a while, those law enforcers recovered their wits.

Lord Demon King, what should we do now?

The pale-faced Demon King said in terror, Lets go back and report to Miss Feiran! This guys strength is horrible!

In a big hall, the woman who was waiting for the arrival of the small beast received a message which annoyed her.


The woman pounded the table in front of her angrily. How dare he!

She didnt expect this guy could threaten her in such an arrogant way!

This blatant threat had totally annoyed her.

Nobody dares to threaten me in this way in the dominion of the Agile Demon Master!

The pale-faced Demon King said, Miss Feiran, please calm down! This mans strength is unfathomable! He also has powerful artifacts. Experts at the level of Demon King are not able to rival him!

The woman thought it over for a while after hearing that. Then, she said resolutely, That small beast is crucial to my future! I have to get it from them! If Demon Kings are not able to rival him, I guess prospective deities could defeat him! Those assassins sent by the Sixth Princess should do something now!

Hearing that, the pale-faced Demon King looked around vigilantly.

If those assassins were sent to carry out this mission, that guy would be killed no matter how powerful he was.

In order to ensure safety, ask the Mind Control Demon Master to finish them! the woman said viciously. Because of your threat, all of you will die miserably!