The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1206

Chapter 1206 Mind Control Demon Master

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Outside the demonic city, Qian Jun was quite anxious as he slowly flew forward on the flying demonic artifact.

Su Yu had killed a Demon King. The woman who was threatened would never stop making trouble for them. She would definitely send more experts to kill them. Now, Su Yu and his teammates were traveling slowly. Wasnt this suicidal?

Maybe Su Yu could kill one Demon King easily. What if his enemy sent 10 or even 100 Demon Kings?

Many Demon Kings had come to this place to seek refuge with the Agile Demon Master.

Su Yu was still quietly learning the inheritance of the Tree Goddess.

It was highly possible that the Tree Goddesss inheritance was from the Ancient Tung Tree. Su Yu was not able to acquire all of them. However, her Divine Path had helped Su Yu a lot in comprehending his own Divine Path.

Now, Su Yus Divine Path had reached the Peak Pure Divine Decree. Next, his Divine Path would reach the Void Transformation Divine Decree.

The Void Transformation Divine Decree was a Divine Path.

Although Su Yu was a prospective deity, his training stage and Divine Decree were far away from the level of a prospective deity.

The Divine Path in the Tree Goddesss inheritance could provide great assistance to Su Yu in comprehending his own Divine Path. After all, only the Tree Goddess could give her Divine Path to Su Yu without any reservation.

Su Yu was acquiring the inheritance with great eagerness. It could allow him to keep perfecting his own Divine Decree.

Five days later, they arrived at the border of the demonic city. If they continue to move forward, they would enter the dominion of another Demon Master.

Qian Jun, who had been anxious for a long time, let out a sigh of relief. He was surprised that their enemy hadnt hunted them down on their way.

My lord, we are about to enter the dominion of the Aurora Demon Master. I guess we will be safer there! Qian Jun lowered his vigilance and said with a smile.

With his eyes still closed, Su Yu said calmly, Safer? I dont think so. Two prospective deities have been following us for a long time. I guess they are going to kill us here!

Qian Jun was surprised by his words. Two prospective deities?

A prospective deity was at least at the level of a Demon Master. However, each place only had one Demon Master. Did it mean the Agile Demon Master had come here with a friend who was also a Demon Master?

As Qian Jun puzzled over Su Yus words, two chilly auras appeared and stopped Su Yu and his teammates from moving forward or running away.

Oh? I didnt expect you could sense our existence! What a surprise!


Two prospective deities descended in this area with weak divine strength.

One of them, who was wearing an animal hide, was strongly-built.

The other one was wearing a long black robe that covered his entire body. Even his face was hiding in the shadows.

The young man who was wearing an animal hide looked at Su Yu and his teammates as he licked his lips coldly. When he saw the little white beast beside Su Yus feet, he was a little terrified a bit as he murmured in his heart secretly. It really looks like the one we are looking for! No wonder Feiran asked us to intercept them!

Ive heard you are only an All Creation expert but you managed to kill a Demon King who was at the level of the Peak Mortal Fairy easily! the young man said as he looked at Su Yu curiously. I like those who are gifted. So, I decided to show mercy to you!

Qian Jun and Shaer had been totally terrified by what they saw. Demon Master! Two Demon Masters were standing in front of them!

Instead of sending more Demon Kings, their enemy had sent Demon Masters to intercept Su Yu and his teammates.

How could they rival the Demon Masters? Maybe the Demon Masters could kill them with just one finger!

When Qian Jun heard one Demon Master agreed to show his mercy, his heart began to pound furiously. As expected, they were just like ants for those Demon Masters who could spare their life when they were in a good mood.

How will you show us mercy? Su Yu said as he opened his eyes with a smile.

The young man replied with a smile, All of you will be killed by me!

Hearing this, Qian Jun and his daughter were so frustrated. How could you say you will show us mercy when you have already made up your mind to kill us?

Heh! Heh! Trust me! That woman plans to ask this gentleman beside me to kill you. If you are killed by him, your death will be quite miserable!

Qian Jun and his daughter looked at the prospective deity who was hiding in his long black robe. Although they couldnt see his face, they felt more terror from this guy.

Since you keep silent, I guess your answer is yes! the young man who was wearing an animal hide said with a smile. Then, a strand of weak divine strength flew out from his body.

Although it was quite weak, it was still divine strength. No matter how powerful a Mortal Fairy was, he or she only had the strength of Mortal Fairy!

The gap between the divine strength and the strength of Mortal Fairy was as wide as a sea!

If they were hit by this divine strength, they would be destroyed along with their soul!

Qian Jun stood in front of his daughter as he smiled wryly because he had given up resisting.

It was meaningless to resist the attack of a prospective deity.

When Qian Jun sensed the horrible divine strength, he slowly closed his eyes. However, after several breaths, he didnt sense the pain of destruction but a cloud of harmonious strength of Five Elements which wrapped up him and his daughter.

Qian Jun gasped on the spot when he opened his eyes.

A cloud of five-color light, which was full of powerful strength of Five Elements, had enveloped Su Yu and his teammates.

The destructive divine strength was stopped after going into the five-color divine light. Now, it was only two meters away from Su Yu.

Su Yu was still sitting on the demonic artifact with his legs crossed.

Seeing this, the young mans face darkened. This suppressing strength is so powerful! It can even suppress divine strength! I guess it is from a top-grade demonic artifact in your body, right?

He was quite serious because he knew only a few top-grade demonic artifacts could be found in the Demon Realm.

Who the hell was this guy? The young man who was wearing an animal hide was shocked and had a bad feeling about this situation.

Su Yu waved his sleeves to collect the divine light of Five Elements. Then, he threw the divine strength back to its owner.

The young man who was wearing an animal hide changed his expression slightly. Then, after wiping off the divine strength which was flying towards him, he asked seriously, Who are you?

Qian Jun and his daughter Shaer also wanted to ask this question. By now, they had figured out Su Yu was absolutely not a traveler from the Jingxuan Realm. He must be a powerful demon with a secret identity.

I dont want to kill too many people. Just dont push me! Su Yu stood up from the demonic artifact and waved his sleeve calmly.

Hearing this, the young man became hesitant. Frankly speaking, he didnt want to fight against a secret guy who might have a top-grade demonic artifact.

However, he made up his mind when he looked at the little white beast beside Su Yus feet.

I can let you go. But you should leave this small beast with us! he shouted.

Su Yu was still calm but an invisible killing intent appeared in his face. I dont think you understood what I said before!

The next moment, a large cloud of five-color divine light appeared behind Su Yus back. Instantly, the five-color divine light appeared above the young man wearing an animal hide.

Then, the five-color divine light, which was full of the horrible strength of Five Elements, fell down.

The young man became very serious. He created a fiery-red fire lion with his Divine Path and tried to resist the strength of Five Elements with it.

Puff! The next moment, the fire lion was crushed by the divine light and became a small flame.

The young man was totally shocked because he was also suppressed by the divine light and was not able to move at all.

What is the top-grade demonic artifact you have? The young man in the animal hide was terrified because he had seen top-grade demonic artifacts before. However, he had never seen a horrible demonic artifact that could suppress a prospective deity like him easily.

Su Yu stared at the young man coldly. I dont want to kill you because I dont have any issue with you. Now, you decide to seek death. Dont blame my cruelty! he said.

Finally, the young man in animal hide figured out the meaning of Su Yus words. Su Yu didnt want to run away. He just wanted to spare their life!

Wait! Youd better think twice about what you are doing now! Do you know the consequences of attacking a Demon Master? By the way, I am from the Jingxuan Realm. If you annoy the Sixth Princess who is the master of this realm, nobody could protect you in this world! the young man said as he secretly accumulated divine strength so that he could run away or strike back when he had an opportunity.

He chose to mention the Sixth Princess at this dire moment because he knew ordinary people in the Demon Realm didnt dare to offend the Sixth Princess. Only ruffians would!

It was a pity that Su Yu was a ruffian from the Star River.

The Sixth Princess? What a coincidence! I fought against her not long ago. Thanks to this princess, I am trapped in this situation. If you hadnt mentioned her, I might have let you go. What a pity

The next moment, a spear which was formed by the Evil Fatal Energy flew out from Su Yus hand and penetrated the young mans body. Then, his body and soul were destroyed by the spear at the same time. Only a lump of golden Celestial Energy Sphere was left.

In front of the widened eyes of Qian Jun and Shaer, Su Yu put the Celestial Energy Sphere into his pocket.

They didnt expect the Celestial Energy Sphere of a mighty prospective deity could be taken away by him in this way!

Qian Jun and Shaer couldnt believe their eyes.

What Su Yu said just now even surprised them more!

He said he had fought against the Sixth Princess!

He managed to survive after fighting against the powerful Sixth Princess! Who the hell was this guy?

Hearing this, the little white beast rolled its eyes in surprise. Then, it started to look at Su Yu thoughtfully.

Su Yus identity had totally shocked Qian Jun, Shaer, and the little white beast.

However, Su Yu shouted in a low voice at this moment, Be careful! Guard your mind!

He turned around and found that guy who was wrapped up by the long black robe had disappeared together with his aura.

However, a strand of dangerous aura was approaching Su Yu slowly.

Suddenly, Su Yu felt a sting in his soul. When he realized his soul was under attack, he reminded Qian Jun and Shaer immediately.

Qian Jun managed to guard his soul in time. However, Shaer, who was too young and inexperienced, lost control of her soul at last.

Along with a groan, Shaer rolled her eyes and lost consciousness. Her soul was being controlled by a powerful mind.

Seeing this, Qian Jun tried to drag her back anxiously. However, Su Yu stopped him immediately, Guard your mind! Dont fall into his trap!

That guy was trying to distract Su Yu and Qian Jun by controlling Shaer. When they were anxious, he would take the opportunity to control them.

After being reminded by Su Yu, Qian Jun forced himself to calm down.

Hah! Hah! Hah! Hah Do you think you can defeat the Mind Control Demon Master by guarding your mind? A voice echoed in the mind of Su Yu and Qian Jun at this time.

Hearing this, Qian Jun was totally terrified. The Mind Control Demon Master!!

There were many Demon Masters in the Demon Realm. Normally, it was not necessary for Qian Jun to know all those Demon Masters.

However, Qian Jun changed his expression abruptly when he heard the words of the Mind Control Demon Master!