The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1207

Chapter 1207 Win Loyalty

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My lord, were in serious trouble! Its the Mind Control Demon Master! Among the Initial Stage Demon Masters, he could enter the top 10! Hes remained undefeated within 3 rounds fighting against a Medium Stage Demon Master! He is extremely dangerous and proficient in controlling minds! Demon Masters who are at the same level as him arent so willing to fight against him!

Qian Jun didnt mention that he heard about the Divine Path of the Mind Control Demon Master being so awful. It was capable of uncovering the secrets hiding deeply in peoples hearts, especially painful memories. He was able to magnify those memories 10 or even 100 times more painful than before. Rather than from physical injuries, many people died from the painful memories destroying their souls.

Just then, the Mind Control Demon Masters voice echoed in their mind again, Endless Nightmare!

Deep memories in Su Yus mind started to emerge. While Su Yu did his best to guard his mind, he was unable to resist.

It was as if he was going back in time. All the memories appeared in Su Yus mind one after another. At last, the memory of Su Yu as a young Martial Artist in the Xianyu Prefecture also appeared.

During the engagement ceremony, the Duke protected Su Yu and Xianer from the deadly strike with his body.

It seemed that the flames that had devoured the Duke appeared on Su Yus skin and began to scorch him.

On the Zhenlong Continent, Master Li Guang, whose centennial hope failed, protected Su Yu with his life when the latter was being hunted down by his enemies.

Li Guangs frozen body, solitude tomb, and unfulfilled wish were like daggers plunged deep into Su Yus heart.

The Duke of Xianyu and Master Li Guang used to have inspired Su Yu when he became a Martial Artist. Su Yu wanted to repay them for their kindness. Li Guang disappeared together with his aura. Thus, Su Yu regretted not being able to revive him even though he knew it was impossible.

If Su Yu couldve revived him, he wouldve been so relieved knowing his century-long efforts and persistence didnt fail and the woman he loved so much didnt betray him.

It was a pity that Su Yu couldnt go back to the moment where he passed away to revive him and alter history.

That deep sorrow and regret tortured Su Yus heart and trapped him in a void of despair.

Eventually, Su Yu opened his eyes, brimming with regret, and sighed with yearning, Master Li Guang, please rest in peace!

Sighing, Su Yu emerged out from his endless memories as his eyes became clear.

What? How could you come out from your memory without assistance from outside? A surprised voice echoed in Su Yus mind.

Compared to Su Yu, Qian Jun, who was also trapped in his endless nightmare, was rolling on the ground painfully. It seemed his soul was about to collapse and would soon die once his soul had been destroyed.

Su Yu pointed at Qian Jun and said calmly, Endless Nightmare, stop!

Whilst being tortured by his painful memories, Qian Jun opened his eyes. Although sorrow remained in his eyes, he had regained consciousness!

Thats impossible! Youyou imitated my Divine Path!! The Mind Control Demon Master shouted in surprise. He didnt know the Divine Path couldve been imitated beforehand.

Although the imitated Divine Path was only half as powerful as the original one, it could still stop the Endless Nightmare easily.

Su Yus handsome face was quite calm. He said with a chilling and murderous intent, I havent forgotten my painful past because I cant forgive those failures caused by my incompetence! I can endure those bad memories even you magnified them by 100 times!

Su Yu then fiercely said, But! What I cant endure is that somebody tried to trick me using the people I respect!

A dragon wouldve been annoyed if its reverse scale was touched.

For Su Yu, the people he respected were his reverse scales.

Disregarding these reverse scales, Su Yu wouldnt have been as annoyed if his enemy attacked him with other measures.

Endless Nightmare! Su Yu shouted coldly. A transparent ripple appeared around him and Qian Jun, the ripple seemingly twisting in pain. At last, it left Su Yu and Qian Jun, moving into Shaers body and controlling it.

Vaguely, they saw a transparent demon controlling Shaer by sticking to her back.


Under its control, Shaer picked up a sword and placed the tip on her chest. It seemed the sword had the strength to ruin souls.

If she stabbed the sword into her chest, her soul would be ruined immediately.

If you dont want to see her die, follow my orders! Otherwise, she will die along with her soul in front of your eyes! The Mind Control Demon Master said coldly.

Qian Juns eye pupils constricted after hearing that. Infuriated, he said, As a Demon Master, how could you threaten us with the life of an ordinary demon?

Cut the crap! Stand here and dont move! If you make even the slightest movement, I will kill her on the spot! Shaer stabbed the sword several centimeters into her chest, black demon blood starting to gush out from the wound.

Qian Jun turned pale after seeing that. Despite his fury, he didnt dare to move an inch.

With Shaer under his influence, the Mind Control Demon Master walked back vigilantly. He knew he couldnt kill Su Yu. Maybe he could also kill him using those magnificent light of Five Elements.

Su Yu didnt move either. He just stared at the Mind Control Demon Master who had flown away by controlling Shaer.

When the Mind Control Demon Master was sure he was far enough from Su Yu, he left from Shaers back. He then turned around to flee towards the Agile Demonic City as he said coldly, You jackass! Sometime in the future, you will regret what you did today!

Looking into Shaers glassy eyes, the Mind Control Demon Master said, She is useless to me now. She is yours!


The sword Shaer was holding penetrated her heart, thus ruining her soul.

Hahahaha! the Mind Control Demon Master laughed rampantly as he flew away. Shaers lifeless body started to fall from the sky.

Seeing this, Qian Jun rushed to catch his daughters body from the sky. Then, he screamed with deep sorrow and hatred, Why? Why did you kill her when you can run away?

When faced with death, the demons reaction resembled that of a human.


A gorgeous woman in a black robe came out from Su Yus Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. She stood before Qian Jun, but it seemed that he couldnt see her.

After getting instruction from Su Yu, the Black Phoenix nodded her head as she looked at where the Mind Control Demon Master disappeared coldly before flying out like a gust of black wind.

Let me see! Su Yu said.

Weeping bitterly, Qian Jun said as he clenched his fists tightly, My lord! Shaer has

Su Yu silently placed his palm on Shaers body. Then, amazing waves appeared around her.

Qian Jun was shocked; the pieces of his daughters ruined soul started to gather together, her lifeless body becoming vibrant.

After several breaths, Shaer opened her eyes slowly and asked in confusion, Hey! Dad! Why are you crying? Wait! Where is that Demon Master?

Qian Juns body trembled violently as he looked at his revived daughter.

Nobody could fill the gap between life and death. How could his dead daughter have been revived?

Even the servants who signed the Divine Agreement with a deity could only be revived by that deitys Celestial Energy Sphere when their body and soul were ruined.

However, it shouldve been impossible for Shaer to be revived.

However, his wild joy was overwhelmed by the shock and terror in his heart soon.

He knew it would be bad news for him to know the secret that Su Yu was able to revive the dead.

To keep this a secret, this Demon King couldve placed a horrible seal in the souls of him and his daughter and enslave them forever.

Its time for you and your daughter to leave me now. Go! To Qian Juns surprise, Su Yu didnt kill him or his daughter but asked them to leave.

Su Yu didnt care if this secret was made public in the Realm of Demons. He was not a demon, so it was fine if demons knew this secret.

Ah! Qian Jun thought he misheard Su Yu, unable to believe that Su Yu would let him and his daughter go like this.

After briefly thinking about it, Qian Jun said as he dropped on his knees, Lord Demon King, I am willing to follow you to repay your kindness of saving us twice now!

Su Yu first saved him and his daughter from those bandits. Because Su Yu had saved his daughters life again, Qian Jun chose to follow Su Yu to repay his kindness.

Su Yu asked as he looked at Qian Jun and Shaer, Follow me? Will you follow me regardless of who I am?

Qian Jun replied seriously, My lord, do you know the status of me and my daughter in the Realm of Demons?

You are insignificant here!

Qian Jun said, Because we are insignificant, everyone more powerful than us could kill us at will. Had you not saved us, we would have already been killed. We are now yours, my lord. We have severed all ties with any factions in the Realm of Demons. No matter who you are, we are at your disposal!

Su Yu said with a smile, What if I was a sworn enemy of the demons from outside the Realm of Demons? Would you still follow me?

Before Qian Jun could reply, Shaer said immediately, Lord Demon King, it doesnt matter. You have saved our lives. So, we will follow you forever!

The Realm of Demons was a dangerous place filled with death, so demons didnt care about the idea of race and origin.

Therefore, they didnt care about turning against the Realm of Demons.

Hehe! Good! I dont have any background in the Realm of Demons. Now, I need help. If you have made up your mind to follow me, I can guarantee a prosperous future for you! Su Yu said with a faint smile, knowing he had won their loyalty after saving them twice.

Su Yu would leave the Realm of Demons sooner or later, but he needed information about the Realm of Demons. Thus, he needed someone to secretly gather information for him.

Qian Jun and his daughter were pretty good candidates.

At that moment, the Black Phoenix came back seriously wounded with a Celestial Energy Sphere in her hand. She said with a smile, My lord, I have brought back his Celestial Energy Sphere as you told me to!

Like the Mind Control Demon Master, the Black Phoenix was also an Initial Stage prospective deity. However, as an assassin, she was much more powerful than the Mind Control Demon Master because she could kill most prospective deities during an ambush.

In a way, Su Yu obtained 2 Celestial Energy Spheres.

The demons Celestial Energy Spheres were powerful enough to generate the strength of the demonic god, which could only be used by demons. Creatures from the Jiuzhou Continent were not able to use it.

I will give these 2 Celestial Energy Spheres to you and your daughter. Try to reach the level of Peak Mortal Fairy so you can absorb them into your body! Su Yu gave the 2 Celestial Energy Spheres to Qian Jun and Shaer.


Hearing this, Qian Jun and Shaer couldnt help but to simultaneously before trembling excitedly with a Celestial Energy Sphere in each of their hands.

This was the Celestial Energy Sphere of a prospective deity!

Qian Juns greatest wish was to become a Demon King who served a powerful Demon Master.

He never expected he could become a Demon Master.

My lord, are you really going to give them to us? Qian Jun and Shaer didnt believe they would be granted such power so easily.

Su Yu said, Yes. The quality of these Divine Paths is bad. Please accept them; they are better than nothing!

Better than nothing? Qian Jun and Shaer kept shaking their head. How could you say that? Youre wrong!