The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1208

Chapter 1208 The Identity Of The Small Beast

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After getting the precious Celestial Energy Sphere of prospective deities from Su Yu, Qian Jun and Shaer were more determined to follow Su Yu.

Qian Jun will follow you until I die!

Right! Shaer will go wherever you go, my lord! Shaer said with a smile.

Su Yu said calmly, OK! Lets go back to the Agile Demonic City!


Hearing this, Shaer and Qian Jun were stunned. It was hard for them to flee to this place. Why would they go back?

I am not used to keeping silent after being bullied several times! Su Yu said as a chilly light flashed in his eyes, Ive warned that woman before. Instead of correcting her mistakes, she sent prospective deities to intercept me! Humph!

His words terrified Qian Jun and Shaer; Su Yus murderous intent was painful to watch.

Lets go! They jumped on the flying demonic artifact and started to go back to the Agile Demonic City.

Su Yu planned to fulfill his promise by killing that woman, but he also wanted to confirm with her about a more important issue before she died.

He assumed that the background and history of the little white beast were significant. Otherwise, the woman wouldnt have sent so many experts to rob the small beast and kill them.

She even sent 2 prospective deities who were underlings of the Sixth Princess to kill Su Yu.

Su Yu refused to believe a Demon King in a small demonic city could give orders to prospective deities in the Jingxuan Realm.

They mustve been related somehow.

The little white beast trembled a bit when it noticed Su Yu was staring at it. It tried to avoid any eye contact with Su Yu as it murmured in its heart secretly, Oh, no! What if my identity is revealed? This creature from the Star River may be from the 2 great alliances. If he knows I am the Ninth Princess, hell surely torture me brutally. Yes! Hed do that because he is a devil! No, he is the devil among devils! Oh, hell, no!!

Su Yu smiled thoughtfully because he unintentionally captured a puny beast.

He bent down and touched its hairy head as he said with a smile, Puppy, dont be afraid! I will take good care of you!

Hearing this, the little white beast trembled violently and fell straight to the ground, its eyes filled with desperation.

Several days had passed in the Agile Demonic City

Su Yu was wanted throughout the entire city as a criminal who once killed a Demon King here, so he was spotted by the guards immediately.

Feiran quickly heard about Su Yus return. Her face turned pale.

She had a bad feeling about the disappearance of those 2 prospective deities, knowing they might have been killed.

However, she still betted that the 2 prospective deities had taken the small beast directly back to the Sixth Princess.

When she knew Su Yu had returned, she stretched out her hand.

Guards! Send more guards to defend the city and prevent him from entering!

As you wish!

After a short while, she received more bad news.

Lord Demon King! 3 wanted criminals broke the city gate after killing several guards! 5 Demon Kings who were sent to stop them had been killed!

Hearing this, Feiran was in complete shock. What? If I remember correctly, another 9 Demon Kings were supposed to be on the city wall! Where are they?

My lord, they have fled the battlefield!

Feiran was furious and shocked. As expected, I cant rely on these worthless new recruits! Send the Demon King team guarding the Agile Demon Masters mansion to kill the invaders. Remember, take no prisoners!Feiran said calmly.

She believed that as the most powerful team in this demonic city, the Demon King team could even kill Initial Stage prospective deities!

After a while, she received more bad news.

Lord Demon King, the Demon King team has been defeated. 10 Demon Kings were killed, while 30 Demon Kings were seriously wounded. The remaining 20 Demon Kings have fled!

What? Feirans expression changed. She didnt expect even the Demon King team to be unable to stop Su Yu and his team. Did that mean he killed both the Mind Control Demon Master and the Azure Bull Demon Master?

Where are the invaders now?! Feiran shouted.

Lord Demon King, they have reached the downtown area of the city and are now heading for your mansion!

Feiran quickly changed her expression upon hearing this, Wait! You said they are heading for my mansion now? Are you sure?

Yes, my lord! They are heading towards your mansion!


Feiran felt her throat being obstructed by something when Su Yus warning came into her mind; she had forgotten about it!

Tell that woman to never try that again! Otherwise, even the Demon Master cant protect her!

It seemed he returned to fulfill his promise.

From the 2 missing Demon Masters and the defeated Demon King team, she knew these 3 guys. While they looked rather weak, they were quite powerful in reality.

She was so anxious that she couldnt help but pace back and forth within her mansion as if a great calamity was at hand.

After a while, she clenched her teeth and said, All hands in the mansion, engage the enemy and stop their invasion!

After giving her order, she left her mansion and went to the Agile Demon Masters mansion nearby.

At that moment, the Agile Demon Master was hearing reports.

The Agile Demon Master was not a full-blooded demon. As a female Demon Master, she looked quite ordinary but displayed a cruel murderous intent on her face.

After hearing the report, the Agile Demon Master said angrily, I didnt expect these guys to be so wild and rampant that they dared to rush into my city and kill my Demon Kings! Are they looking down upon me?

After a short hesitation, the reporter replied carefully, My lord, it seems their target is the Feiran Demon King in our city!

Feiran? The Agile Demon Master said as she rolled her eyes, Has Feiran offended someone powerful recently?

Ive heard they attacked 3 passing demons, who ran away after killing an expert of Feiran Demon King. I dont know why they chose to come back!

The Agile Demon Master said coldly, Ask Feiran to come to my mansion!

She didnt expect Feiran could bring this much trouble to her demonic city.

As the reporter was about to leave, Feiran Demon King had arrived anxiously.

Lord Demon Master, please help me! Those 3 demons are insane!

The Agile Demon Master said calmly, Tell me what happened.

Feiran Demon King said mournfully, In the restaurant opposite to your mansion, I found the 3 of them peeping at your mansion furtively that day. I asked my underlings to question them about their identity and origin politely, but I didnt expect those 3 demons to refuse to answer the questions! Then, they attacked my underlings when they were not prepared. One Demon King was killed by them!

Hearing this, the Agile Demon Master said coldly with murderous intent, What happened after that?

Before they ran away, they threatened that I would regret it if I kept chasing them! Feiran said righteously, To safeguard the dignity of the Agile Demonic City, I sent my underlings to hunt them down immediately. So, they were annoyed and tried to seek revenge against me by slaughtering innocent people in the city!

What I did before was for the Agile Demonic City. Lord Demon Master, please help me! Feiran made a pitiful plea as if she suffered a great injustice.

This is outrageous! The Agile Demon Master said angrily, I want to have a look at this guy who dares insult me!

Lets go and meet them! Humph! The Agile Demon Master said angrily.

However, a chilling voice came in at that moment.

No need for that. I am here to behead her myself!