The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1209

Chapter 1209 Princess Small Beast

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3 figures landed in front of the Agile Demon Master and Feiran after breaking the seal above the mansion.

After fixing her eyes on the comers, Feiran knew they were the 3 demons in the restaurant that day. Terrified, she subconsciously hid behind the Agile Demon Master.

How dare you! The Agile Demon Master shouted angrily. She didnt think these reckless fools dared to rush into her mansion; it was obvious that they looked down upon her.

Qian Jun replied seriously, Agile Demon Master, this woman tried to frame us! First of all, she tried to kill us in the name of a law enforcer. So, my lord resisted and killed a Demon King who was her underling! Then, my lord released the rest of the law enforcers and asked them to relay a message to her that she should stop what she tried to do. My lord released them because he wanted to show his due respect to you!

But she didnt want to stop, so she sent 2 Demon Masters to kill us! Therefore, my lord came back to fulfill his promise by killing her! It is ridiculous that she would try to sow discord in front of you!

Qian Jun narrated the course of this event without any exaggeration.

Nonsense! What I did is for this demonic city! Why should I kill you? Also, do you think I have the power to give orders to 2 Demon Masters? If youre going to lie, at least make it more convincing! Feiran fearlessly proclaimed as she stood behind the Agile Demon Master.

Qian Jun replied with a cold smile, If my lord wanted to kill you, he would have done it in the restaurant! Why would he bother to kill you now? You didnt cherish the opportunity given by my lord and instead wanted death, so my lord came back to end your life!

Then, Qian Jun turned to the Agile Demon Master, Now, I believe the Agile Demon Master has figured out the truth!

Heh heh the Agile Demon Master replied with a cold smile, I choose to believe my underling! Did you think you could convince me to kill my trusted underling with a few words? Did you think I would ignore what you did in my city?

Today, none of you could leave this place! The Agile Demon Master snorted as she took out a black cage filled with demonic energy.

This item instantly made everyone within its vicinity uncomfortable.

My lord, this item is a top grade demonic granted by the Demon Emperor to the Agile Demon Master. It is called the Heaven Prison for Deities and Demons, which is a copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact! It can subdue a Medium Stage prospective deity! Qian Jun reminded Su Yu secretly as he stared at the Agile Demon Master. The reverence in his eyes turned into contempt.

Ive heard the Agile Demon Master is respectable and knowledgeable. Now I know you cant live up to your great reputation. You cant distinguish right from wrong! Youre so dumb! Fortunately, my daughter and I met my lord first. Had we sought refuge with you, we wouldve regretted it for the rest of our lives.

Su Yu interrupted Qian Jun by waving his hand.

Su Yu said calmly, The Agile Demon Master can distinguish right from wrong. She knows what Feiran did is wrong. However, she has to stop us even though she knows she is being used by Feiran!

As the Demon Master of this city, she wouldnt allow others to kill her underling here. Otherwise, her reputation and prestige would be ruined completely.

Therefore, she was not stupid. On the contrary, she was quite smart because she knew she had to do this.

A strand of amazement appeared in the Agile Demon Masters eyes upon hearing that. She couldnt help but look at Su Yu carefully. It seemed this silver-haired young man was the leader of the other 2 demons.

Even though you knew what I have to do, you still broke into my mansion! How reckless of you! The Agile Demon Master said coldly, I dont care what kind of grievance you suffered before, you have caused plenty of trouble in my city. Now, I must quiet this disorder with your head!


The copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact in her hand started to rotate and expand rapidly. Then, dozens of black hands reached out from it and tried to drag Su Yu and his teammates into the cage.

In front of such a powerful demonic artifact, even a Medium Stage prospective deity had no choice but to flee.

Feiran sneered at the sight. She was confident about the strength of the Agile Demon Master, knowing the 2 Demon Masters couldnt rival the Agile Demon Master in combat.

After all, only a few Demon Masters had copied Emperor-based Saint Artifacts. The Agile Demon Master was one of them. She could enter the top 10 among all Demon Masters in the Moonview City. In this city, nobody aside from several Later Stage prospective deities could rival the Agile Demon Master.

Therefore, Feiran believed Su Yu and his teammates who rushed into this city recklessly had confirmed their fate.

In front of this activated copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact, Su Yu waved his hand to set up the Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation with 9 Celestial Swords.

The silvery swords formed a tightly-weaved net eliminating all the demonic hands that almost reached Su Yu and his teammates.

The Agile Demon Master changed her expression as she saw the sword formation, What a powerful sword formation! Perhaps it could rival the Sacred Demon Sword Formation of our Demon Clan No! I found some similarities between these 2 sword formations!

It seemed the knowledgeable Agile Demon Master had figured out this sword formation was extraordinary.

Without hesitation, the Agile Demon Master shouted in a low voice to activate that copied Heaven Prison for Deities and Demons.

Even if it was a copied artifact, it was still an extremely powerful Emperor-based Saint Artifact.

Along with the roar coming out from the Heaven Prison for Deities and Demons, the menacing aura of a Medium Stage prospective deity rushed out.


The transparent soul of a Medium Stage prospective deity immediately rushed out from the cage and started to dash towards Su Yu and his teammates.

This was why the Heaven Prison for Deities and Demons was dreaded. Once a soul was trapped in it, the soul would be under the cages control.

My lord, be careful! Qian Jun shouted. Even it was just a soul of a Medium Stage prospective deity, it was still more powerful than any Initial Stage prospective deities!

Su Yu looked at the sky. A giant eye filled with rotating waves appeared in the sky and covered an area of tens of thousands of square kilometers.

The Soul Eyes, enhanced by the Tree Gods Divine Path, were more solid and powerful than before.

Even a Demon King wouldve been subdued after being stared at by this giant eye. Su Yu couldve easily taken away his enemys soul and thrown it into that giant eye.

The integration of the Divine Path and the Soul Path? The Agile Demon Master was shocked as the combined path brimmed with power.

Although Su Yus Divine Path hadnt reached the level of Void Transformation, it still terrified a prospective deity such as herself.

Oh, no! The Agile Demon Master realized the dangerous situation and tried to seal that hard-won soul of a Medium Stage prospective deity back into the cage. However, the giant eye in the sky blinked, instantly taking the soul away.

Before the Agile Demon Master had time to attack that eye, a cluster of colorful divine light fell straight down towards the heads of the Agile Demon Master and Feiran.

All of a sudden, the Agile Demon Master and Feiran were suppressed by that light.

The Agile Demon Master tried to raise the light with futile efforts. Feirans body of a Peak Mortal Fairy had been crushed by the light directly.

Feirans soul refused to budge under that divine light.

Feirans arrogance shifted into fright.

Su Yu walked up to them and said as he stared at Feiran calmly, Ive warned you before. As I said, even a Demon Master cant protect you! You should have taken my words seriously!

You cant kill me! II work for the Sixth Princess! If you kill me, you will become an enemy of the royal family! In such a desperate time, Feiran didnt dare to hide her secret identity anymore!

Hearing this, the Agile Demon Master beside her was greatly shocked. You work for the Sixth Princess!?

Even if you are her trusted follower, I will still kill you here. You are merely an expandable lap dog! Even the Sixth Princess cant escape from my hand, let alone you! Capture her! Su Yu shouted in a low voice. Then, Feirans soul was absorbed into the Soul Space.

Qian Jun and Shaer didnt believe what they heard just now.

Even the Sixth Princess cant escape from his hand! Ehhe said it just now. Did he mean the powerful and cunning Sixth Princess Jingxuan?

Hearing this, the Agile Demon Master was also greatly shocked. Why did Feiran offend someone with so much power?

Despite being amongst the top 10 Demon Masters in the Seawatch City, the Agile Demon Master was defeated within 3 rounds!

When Su Yu turned to her, the Agile Demon Master said as she clenched her teeth, You won! Now, the Ninth Princess is missing. Nobody could uphold justice for our city master! My life is at your disposal now!

Su Yu replied with a faint smile, Heh heh! I didnt expect you to be so frank. But how would I benefit from killing you?

Su Yu said as he kicked the cage up into the sky and grabbed it with his hand. Now, this powerful demonic artifact became Su Yus trophy.

The Agile Demon Master was forced to accept this fact because she couldnt take it back from Su Yu. She quickly said, If you dont want to kill me, do you want me to surrender? In your dreams! I am only loyal to the Master of the Seawatch City! I will never pledge loyalty to you!

As a Demon Master, she had pledged her loyalty to the deity who ruled the Seawatch City. She couldnt break the vow enchanted by the deitys strength. Otherwise, she would be killed by the deitys strength in her body for her betrayal.

The Master of the Seawatch City was killed, but the vow was still in effect.

Hahahaha! Su Yu laughed wildly, looking up at the sky. Then, he said in a horrendous tone, What if I am the Master of the Seawatch City?

What? The Agile Demon Master widened her eyes after hearing this. Qian Jun and Shaer were also dumbfounded.

Everyone knew the Master of the Seawatch City had been killed. Did that mean Su Yu was a replica created by his Celestial Energy Sphere?

However, Su Yu was with Qian Jun and Shaer before the City Master died. How could he be a replica of the Master of the Seawatch City?

Are are you insane? The Agile Demon Master looked at the young man in front of him with puzzlement, unable to understand what he said.

Su Yu waved his sleeve. Then, a hairy little white beast flew out from his Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

Ninth Princess, please give your order to nominate me as the new Master of the City!

When the small beast came out, it heard those terrible words immediately. It trembled a bit and didnt dare to make eye contact with Su Yu or admit its identity of the Ninth Princess.

However, someone else admitted the fact for it.

Ah! Ninth Princess!! Greetings, Ninth Princess, I am the Agile Demon Master! The Agile Demon Master said with profound respect and humility after looking at the little white beast.

Blue veins appeared on the little white beasts forehead out of anger. She murmured in her heart as she looked at the Agile Demon Master angrily, This is so irritating! Cant you figure out the current situation? Cant you fool this devil by saying I am a spiritual pet of the Ninth Princess after receiving my implication? You exposed my identity, dumbass!

When she was in the sulks, her head was touched by a hand as a nightmarish voice came in. Heh heh! Puppy, I didnt expect you are the Ninth Princess Jingyu! Why didnt you tell me earlier? If you didnt tell me, how would I know you are a princess? How could I feed you?

From now on, you will have one more bone in each meal, along with one more hour to relieve yourself every day. Su Yu said as he touched the little white beasts head with a loving smile.

After hearing that, the little white beast trembled as she thrust her claws into the ground. Then, she said in her heart as she showed her teeth. Ah! Ah! Ah! My reputation has been ruined completely! God, please smash this abhorrent devil to death with an asteroid!

What? Why wont you thank me? Su Yu said. Despite his smile, his voice sounded rather cold.

The little white beast turned around hurriedly. Anger had disappeared from her face. Then, she started to rub Su Yus hand with her head as she wagged her tail as if she was quite happy and grateful.

Su Yu said with a faint smile as he patted the small beasts head, Good! Good!

Seeing this, Qian Jun, Shaer and the Agile Demon Master were dumbfounded like ducks terrified by thunder.