The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Crowning the Stars
Chapter 121: Crowning the Stars
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Sun Tianyang, trapped in the pillar of ice, suddenly opened his eyes!


Purple light filled the sky, the sounds of thunder boomed everywhere.

The might of the Purple Star Thunderbolt, if not properly defended against, could even overcome Third Level Holy Kings.

But Su Yu was not happy that he had successfully struck his opponent, instead, his expression was grave as he retreated without hesitation!


Su Yu flew backward. A steel fist flew toward him from within the purple light!

Su Yu's expression changed. He flicked his fingers and Divine Ice Threads danced in the air, narrowly blocking the treacherous steel fist! He looked towards the steel fist as the dust in the air settled.

Sun Tianyang's body was coated with a dull gold glow as if a layer of ancient copper had latched itself on his body. The Divine Ice Threads, which could cut anything, were unable to pierce him before turning into ice dust!

His body was incredible.

"Could that be the secret technique that hones the body in the depository, the Golden Transformation Mantra?" An Inner Sanctum disciple at the corner was shocked.

The Golden Transformation Mantra was a fraction of a legacy level technique. It was the only secret technique that honed the body within the faction. After cultivating that technique, the user's body became immune to physical harm, as if his body was made of copper.

"In just a month, he had cultivated that technique to Stage One Lower Class. While he had received pointers by the Great Elder and the benefit of the various materials used during his training, Sun Yangtian's level of perception should not be downplayed. Without those, he would not be able to even understand the Great Elder's experiences, much less cultivate the technique." Mo Wu calmly analyzed.

At the side, a lady was visibly envious, "Having a famous teacher teaching him makes his journey of cultivation so smooth. Without a capable teacher, Sun Yangtian would not have been able to understand a legacy-level technique without one or two years of the basics, no matter his levels of perception."

Then, the lady smiled, "Of course, Mo Wu being the personal disciple of the Second Elder is also cause for envy."

Mo Wu did not comment, his eyes locking on Su Yu, his expression perplexed. "Envy Maybe," he lightly muttered,

Purple Star Thunderbolt was, after all, at Stage One Upper Class.

Sun Tianyang, despite using the Golden Transformation Mantra in time, still suffered some injuries. Multiple spots on his body were burnt. The smell of burning flesh spread throughout the surroundings.

The intense pain caused Sun Tianyang's calm expression to contort slightly. He raised his eyebrows, his raspy voice harboring some form of emotion for the first time, "You deserve death!"

Su Yu, who did not deserve to fight him, had wounded him!

Both his body and mind had been provoked!


Sun Tianyang let out a low grunt. His body trembled violently, shaking away all of the Divine Ice Threads!

His horrifying energy followed the path of the Divine Ice Threads, all the way towards Su Yu's body.

Thud, thud, thud

Su Yu trembled, taking multiple steps back in retreat!

He had taken nine steps back before neutralizing the energy that was transferred to him. But his organs still lightly trembled. He had to suppress the mouthful of blood gushing up his throat.

Ultimately, the difference in cultivation levels between them was too huge!

First Level Upper Tier against Second Level Peak; it was an absolute, irreconcilable difference.


A sound broke the silence. Sun Tianyang's expression was that of hatred, his killing intent surfacing! He movied at the speed of light!

Su Yu's expression changed slightly as he activated his Icy Divine Wings.

As he began to fly, Sun Tianyang's figure appeared where he was standing, a fist of ancient copper rumbling as it struck.

The resulting air current brushed past Su Yu's face. It cut Su Yu, causing intense pain.

Had he taken the hit head-on, would he have been defeated with severe injuries?

Did his path stop here?

Could he never pass the steel bridge, across the divide between Outer and Inner Sanctum disciples, across the divide between him and Xianer?

Was he powerless to stop Xianer from marrying somebody else?

A gale assaulted him, causing his silver hair to dance wildly. His starlike pupils flickered violently!

Was this really the end of the road?

Multiple Outer Sanctum disciples observing the fight were dumbfounded.

Zhao Wuxie was deeply shocked. Su Yu's strength shook his soul. The last technique was Worldly Ice Seal. Had Zhao Wuxie taken the brunt of the attack, he would have been thoroughly defeated!

To think that there was another worthy opponent that he did not have the opportunity to fight in the Fallen Star Contest.

But looking on at the desperate Su Yu, Zhao Wuxie could only sigh in regret, "Ultimately, he still lost"

The Inner Sanctum disciples at the corner muttered amongst themselves. "The contest is over, what a pity," one lady felt sorry for Su Yu. Su Yu had the chance to fight for and accept the test of the Icy Pearl and step into the Inner Sanctums of the faction.

Unfortunately, he had to face off against Sun Tianyang.

Mo Wu gravely stared at Su Yu, then turned away, "Let's go, his abilities are simple."

The lady was stunned, who was he referring to when he said 'but so'? Was it Su Yu? Mo Wu was not acquainted with him, why was he so disappointed?


Sun Tianyang struck with his palm, the ancient copper fist harboring a horrifying power.

Su Yu evaded with all his might, but the fist rubbed across his shoulder.


Merely rubbing against his shoulder had broken Su Yu's arm!

An intense pain spread and Su Yu grimaced, his heart shouting with unjust.


Su Yu used the last of his energy to conjure a wave from the Icy Azure Lake, its waters falling onto Su Yu's arm.


The water was incredibly chilly, freezing Su Yu's arm into solid ice.

A bolt of strange energy flickered in his eyes!


Sun Tianyang struck again with his fist, his icy gaze locked onto Su Yu, "This is the last fist. Kneel!"

But Su Yu's grave expression gradually changed!

"Everything is not over yet!" Su Yu wiped away the blood at the corner of his lips, his head of silver hair dancing wildly in the wind. What followed was an equally maniacal gaze!


Su Yu shot out a Divine Ice Thread from his palm, driving it into the Icy Azure Lake under the bridge.

The chill above the lake was enough to bring fear to Second Level Lower Tier Holy Kings, much less the waters of the icy lake!


The terrifying chill followed the Divine Ice Thread into Su Yu's body, freezing his organs!

Su Yu felt a bone piercing pain. His heart throbbed, using the chill to activate the Sigh of Ice, accelerating the absorption of spirit energy!

Back then, when he had been forced into a corner by the silver robed guards sent by the Empire of Darkness, what he used was the chilly energy from the Seal of Ice to accelerate the breakthrough of the Sigh of Ice.

Buzz, buzz

Under the activation by the horrifying chilly energy, Su Yu's absorption of spirit energy exponentially increased!

Coupled with the fact that the area they were in had ten times more spirit energy than the outside world, no, there were twenty times more spirit energy in the waters of the icy lake than the outside world. The spirit energy was mixed into the chilly energy, directly absorbed into Su Yu's body through the Divine Ice Threads!

Boom, boom

The bottleneck in his cultivation level was like a shaking tree, on the verge of collapse!

Only a bit more!

But, Sun Tianyang's palm had already struck out.

Sun Tianyang calmly glanced at the state Su Yu was in at the moment, coldly sneering, "It's useless! You do not have time to achieve a breakthrough!"


But as the fist rumbled in the air, Su Yu clenched his teeth, letting out a deep growl, "Worldly Ice Seal!"


Multiple Divine Ice Threads shot out from Su Yu's ring!

Sun Tianyang was in disdain, "Reusing old tricks, useless struggling"

Thereafter, Sun Tianyang could not continue his words, slightly shocked.

Su Yu was not attempting to seal Sun Tianyang, but he sealed himself!

Ten Divine Ice Threads surrounded himself, binding his body. The other end of the threads were all shot towards the Icy Azure Lake!



Ten Divine Ice Threads, in addition to the one that was first shot out; a total of eleven!

He was absorbing chilly energy ten times faster to activate the Sigh of Ice. Su Yu had turned into an ice mountain in the blink of an eye.

But the rate he was absorbing spirit energy shocked everybody!

A vortex of spirit energy appeared above Su Yu's head, maniacally entering his body!

The Inner Sanctum disciples who were about to leave turned around after sensing the motion behind them.

Mo Wu contracted his pupils, "Is he crazy? Absorbing chilly energy at this rate would kill him before his cultivation level achieved a breakthrough!"

Zhao Wuxie's expression was grave, "He is too crazy!"

Sun Tianyang was deeply shocked, did Su Yu not care about his life?

The Inner Sanctum was a tempting place.

But what was the point of obtaining the right to enter the Inner Sanctum if he lost his life?

This thought crossed his heart only once and quickly replaced by a merciless idea.

This level of insanity... Should Su Yu have the chance to enter the Inner Sanctum, he would surely become a fierce competitor.

"With me around, you will never enter the Inner Sanctum!" Sun Tianyang shot out a palm, shattering the ice mountain and putting pressure on Su Yu's forehead!

But Su Yu had not achieved his breakthrough! Just a bit more!

The curtains of the battle above the icy lake had closed!

But, just as all hope seemed lost, Su Yu suddenly extended two fingers toward his pupils, taking off two thin films.

A pair of purple pupils appeared after!

"Seal of Time!"

Time stopped. Heaven and Earth stood still.

Sun Tianyang,s body was frozen in time as if a wooden statue.

That horrifying palm was just an inch away from Su Yu's forehead!

A moment passed and Sun Tianyang regained control of his body, his expression changing suddenly!

"Kneel!" A mixture of fear and anxiety was evident in his trembling voice. His body had been frozen in time for a moment!

He could not let Su Yu enter the Inner Sanctum!

He materialized another palm, once again striking at Su Yu's forehead!

But at that moment, the insane Su Yu had finally achieved the breakthrough!

Buzz, buzz, buzz

A vast and powerful energy shot into the air! A thick air current billowed in the air and a strong will to live spread throughout the surroundings!

"Purple! Star! Thunderbolt!" the cold growl pierced the sky!

It was as if a sleeping dragon had finally been awoken, its first roar shaking the heavens!



A luscious purple lily appeared, far more elegant than it had ever been.

Silent and elegant, yet it struck the soul with much awe!

At the moment of its explosion, it was as if a heavenly thunderstorm had descended!

It was deafening, scattering the clouds.

It was not just the Chilly Star, the Seventeen Stars or the Star of the Inner Sanctum. The entire Liuxian faction shook with the roar of the thunder!

Air currents billowed, dust scattered everywhere!

The Icy Azure Lake had furious waves, the waters rising in agitation!

The three bridges were shaky, about to get obliterated in the vast thunderstorm!


A figure was blasted a hundred feet away!

He flew from the surface of the icy lake back a hundred feet, falling to the ground.


The sound of the impact was as if a meteorite had hit the ground!

The crowd looked over. Sun Tianyang's mouth was full of blood. He had crashed into a bed of minerals, slipping into a coma!

Was Su Yu as fearsome as a First Level Peak Holy King?

Pulling the gap closer between the cultivation levels, Su Yu's battle ability was shocking!

Gasps filled the surroundings!

The newest champion of the Inner Sanctum, Sun Tianyang, had been thoroughly defeated!

Before this, he was overwhelming Su Yu! Now, he was thoroughly defeated!

Su Yu had taught a deep and shocking lesson to everyone here!

In desperation, in darkness, in despair, fight back. Use your shouts, use your guts, use the insanity in your lifenever blame it on fate, fight back against diversity with all you have!

In this very moment, no one could remain calm. The souls of everyone present was shaken to the core.

Looking at Su Yu who was breathing hard under the steel bridge, everyone felt increasingly pressured by Su Yu!

Why could he fight with such insanity, such disregard for his life, such defying of fate?

They would probably not forget this purple robed, silver-haired figure even years later!

His brilliance had crowned the stars in the sky!

They could never forget. What was most shocking was not the brilliant Purple Star Thunderbolt, what was most powerful was not the cultivation level, but instead the rebellious intent, fighting against fate!!

That was truly Su Yu's most shocking, most permanent splendor.