The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210 The Lord Of The Seawatch City

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Qian Jun and her father were shocked by the identity of the snow-white beast. It turned out to be the supreme Ninth Princess!

The Agile Demon Master was shocked by the relationship between the Ninth Princess and Su Yu. She wondered if she had been crushed by the power of the five elements Mountain and had suffered from an hallucination. The Ninth Princess had become a spiritual pet?

Gosh, since you are the Ninth Princess, and I am your master, you have to obey me right? Su Yu smiled mildly.

However, in the eyes of the dog, it was the smile of a devil. Would he dare to shake his head? He nodded in a hurry, and his eyes blinked at Su Yu, fearing that Su Yu was unhappy.

Well, now, you write a book of edicts in the name of the Ninth Princess, and you will bestow on me the right to be the new owner of Moonview City!

The dog struggled for a while until he realized that Su Yus body was emitting a cool breath, and he spat out what he had been asked to. He opened his mouth to spit out a yellow jade seal and a scroll full of special magic.

The imperial jade seal was the unique seal of the Demon Emperor, representing the supreme identity of the Ninth Princess.

Su Yu grabbed the scroll and stroked the dragon. From his hands, he drew a few lines of dragon and phoenix dance characters.

The words of the Ninth Princess: the Feather Demon rescued me. The princess was rescued by him, and she specially arranged for Seawatch City to have a new owner. Seawatch City will be affiliated to him and run by him. No one is to go against my orders. Out!

The dog looked at the scroll pitifully with tears in its eyes as it held the jade seal and pressed it, leaving the mark of the Ninth Princess on the scroll.

Then the entire scroll turned into nothingness and sank into the void.

At the same time, the spirits of Jingxuan Realm appeared with the mighty voice of the gods.

Suddenly, the souls of Jingxuan all bowed in excitement as they heard the imperial edict.

The princess is not dead! She really is not dead!

The Ninth Princess had disappeared over a month ago and no one knew whether she was alive or dead. Many creatures were worried. They never expected that she would be found safe and sound.

Just who is the Feather Demon? How did he save the princess?

Although the creatures in the quiet Jingxuan world were surprised, the news that the Ninth Princess had been rescued made them feel relieved.

As for rewarding the demon to become the master of the Seawatch City and holding a position that could only be held by the gods, they did not have much to say to that. After all, this is the will of the Ninth Princess. Even if they are envious, what could they do? Who made him save the Ninth Princess?

In the squatter house, thousands of fathers and daughters and the Agile Demon Master also felt this godly will.

The princess herself gave the order, and Su Yu became the master of Seawatch City!

The Agile Demon Master was so dumbfounded that she couldnt believe the scene in front of her. She had witnessed the birth of a city master with her own eyes! It was more like a testimony to a daring and intimidating thief who had threatened the princess!

With a depressed face, the dog lifted the jade seal and was ready to swallow it, but he did not expect a hand to reach out and prevent him from swallowing it.

Then, a nightmare-like voice came into his ears. Gosh, you are still young, so you should let your owner take care of important things like the jade seal; be good and let loose.

What! You need my jade seal too!

This was equivalent to Su Yu taking control of its power! With this jade seal in hand, he could replace her at any time and surrender it to the souls of the Jingyu Realm. In addition, any creature born in the realm of Jingyu Realm would not be able to disobey his orders!

In this way, Su Yu became the real person in charge of Jingyu Realm!

The dog realized that the situation was serious, and it bit down hard on the jade seal without letting go. Once the jade seal was taken by Su Yu, the world would be in chaos!


There was an extra bone in Su Yus hand, and the eyes of the dog looked at it instinctively and rushed towards it.

Its mouth loosened around the jade seal which was taken away by Su Yu. The dog realized that it had been tricked and immediately rushed over to Su Yu, anxiously trying to grab the jade seal back.

Alas, as Su Yu flipped his palm, he put the jade seal into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl, smiled and said, Puppy, are you being disobedient again?

The dog looked at the smile on Su Yus face and trembled all over. It remembered the terrible experience of being trained for five days and suddenly stopped and stared at Su Yu angrily and anxiously. However, it did not dare to resist.

Go and eat the bone; you are fine here and there is nothing else here for you now, Su Yu said.

It struggled for a while and spewed hate towards Su Yu as it gritted its teeth. Ah! Ah, the princess is so mad! How could there be such a terrible demon in this world? I have to endure it. Wait till I release the seal of the nine gods in my body; I will bite him! Yes, bite him! Bite bite bite!

If it knew that it now belonged to the Great Eastern Alliance, and it was the unparalleled Feather God who had caught it, it would not have such a thought.

Because from the moment it fell into Su Yus hands, it would never be able to escape!

However, the dog was pretending to be docile, holding the bone seriously and truly enjoying it. It felt good inside. Hum! The princess is very patient; just you wait for it!

Although it seemed that the dog was quite happy gnawing on the bone.

Poor puppy. It didnt know that, regardless of how happily it ate that bone, it couldnt change the future.

Seeing this scene, the Agile Demon Master had lost interest in watching further. Even if Su Yu let go of the repression on the dog, she had already lost her soul. She stared at the dog, whispering, No, no, our princess, how could it be a dog that chews on bones?

Alas, the dog gave her a look that secretly said, Im lying here, trying to bear the burden of this; do you understand my burden? Hey, how can you be so stupid? I am clever, haha, very clever. I shall chew, try my hardest to chew

Its over! The world of Jingyu is over! Looking at the bone and the Ninth Princess who had gone berserk chewing on it, the Agile Demon Master felt an inexplicable sadness.

Agile Demon Master, hear your orders! Suddenly, a cold hum sounded like a clap of thunder.

The Agile Demon Master reacted instinctively, kneeling on one knee. Humble Demon Lord, I obey the command of the Lord of Seawatch City.

When she realized what happened, the Agile Demon Master could only swallow her pride. The order was binding, and she could not resist it.

Things here must be kept secret. They must be destroyed immediately, and they must not be searchable.

Yes, Lord of the City!

Sure enough, it worked. Su Yus mind was slightly fixated, and he was thinking hard.

He had fallen into the demon world and originally intended to see Princess Yunxia and escape as soon as possible. After all, he was not a true demon, and he would be exposed sooner or later.

However, he unexpectedly took control of the Ninth Princess, and the situation changed greatly in his favor. Su Yu had to recalculate his plans.

It seems that there is no need to leave the Demon Realm in a hurry after all!

There was at least the matter of the sixth princes and seventh princess, the two culprits who brought Su Yu into the demon world; if he didnt repay them, how could they benefit from Su Yus encounter? And how would he deal with the Tree Goddess, who was in a state of deep sleep?

Sixth prince, seventh princess! Believe me, the last thing you regret in this life will be that you brought me, Su Yu, into the Demon World! Su Yus mouth evoked an evil smile.

Seeing this smile, everyone who was present shivered.

Especially the dog. There was a kind of uneasiness that it felt before the coming of a heavy storm. It seems to be calm for millions of years, only for that massive storm of blood to hit immediately after.