The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211 How The Demon World Is Run

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Within Demon Territory, a group of unknown strong demons still searched for something.

One of the purebred demons gradually became anxious.

The last clue of the ninth princess was found quite some time ago. It had been a full month since then and they hadnt found any new clues.

The more time passed, the worse the situation became for them.

My lord, news of the ninth princess came from the Phantom Demon City! A demon-like quasi-god said, looking rather dignified. Holding a black skull in his hands, he walked over quickly.

What happened?! The purebred demons were startled, grabbed the skull over the air, and crushed it on the spot.

A blast of magic exploded inside the skeleton, condensing into two characters that wrote Demon Clan.

The first line read; Carefree Demonic City, Green Bull Demon Lord was killed!

The second line wrote; The ninth princess was in the Phantom Demon City and rescued by someone in the Demon Clan named Feather Demon. Now he is given the title of the Lord of the Seawatch City.


The purebred demons clattered the text into a mist, and their eyes flashed with rage. Phantom demon city! Feather demon! No wonder we cant find the ninth princess in the devil city. It turned out she was saved by this Feather Demon!

Order all the demon masters in the Quiet Rain Realm to converge to the Phantom Demon City! The strong ones are lurking all over that place and will join the intelligence system. Pay close attention to the actions of the demon masters in your area. If you spot any signs of them performing a rescue, notify me immediately!

With this order, the strong demons belonging to the sixth princess camp hidden in the world of quiet rain acted upon it one after another.

A conspiracy against the severely wounded ninth princess kicked off on its finale.

Meanwhile, in Pinawan House

The sun was shining and the flowers were in full bloom.

In front of the pavilions, a handsome demon with silver hair with a light smile was glancing around.

Extend your claws.

Woof. The dog stretched out her right paw and put it in Su Yus hand.




Woof. The dog shook her tail, licking the bone and lying at Su Yus feet.

The blue veins on Agile Demon Masters forehead popped through. My Lord, dont do this again, please treat her like a princess.

Su Yu shrugged helplessly. You dont understand. This is a special bond between me and your princess, am I right?

The dog shook her tail and barked twice, seemingly happy to enjoy it.

The Agile Demon Master was overcome with grief, crying and kneeling. Master, my incompetence caused you to suffer such a crime!

The dog raised her head and gave him a white lool. She thought to herself, Youre so stupid, Im trying to live up to the character! To achieve greatness, the ancient ones are willing to suffer. So what if I gnaw on bones?

As she thought this to herself, the dog became more energetic. She didnt know why. Perhaps she had been chewing bones too often and began to enjoy it now.

The Agile Demon Master was speechless, and the father and daughter on the sidelines also had mixed feelings. The dignified princess was turned into a puppy, which was something they never expected to happen.

As he thought about other things, Su Yu said, Whats going on with you these days? Hows the task I gave you?

Qianjun respectfully said, Reporting to the Lord of the City, with the help of the Lord of the Puppet Demon, all the information that you want is collected.

He was blindly probing around the demon world. If he wanted to stand a chance, then collecting information was crucial.

What is the relationship between the princes and the princesses of the demon world?

Its very complicated. There are hostile to each other despite being allies. In other words, they are trying to take the position of the Demon Emperor. Qian Jun said: Among them, the great prince is the most powerful and has many gods under him. He is most likely to inherit the position of the demon emperor! Second is the sixth prince and seventh princess. The former is powerful and the gods under him are extraordinary and powerful. They are strong competitors for the throne, followed by the second prince, the third prince, and the fourth prince Finally, we have the ninth princess Well, there is also some hope for her to ascend to the throne

Su Yu looked down at the ninth princess and said, So, my dog is the lowest-ranked?


The dog accidentally penetrated the ground with her claw, and roared in her heart, Bastard! Who said Im not good enough for the throne? How dare they say such nonsense! Grrrrr! The princess is so angry!

Qianjun said. Wasted wood Hehe, the ninth princess doesnt care about the title enough to fight with the world for it. Otherwise, there might be a bit more hope for her

Oh, that means she is just idle and doesnt think about it. Its no wonder that she is the victim of the Sixth princess.

The dog bit her teeth and said, I will! I must!

Moving on, was the giant of the bitter sea led to Seawatch City by the sixth princess? Su Yu asked. He knew that the giant of the bitter sea came for him, but he switched and headed to Seawatch City in the middle of his journey; there must be hidden reasons for his actions.

Master, you are wise. This is indeed the act of the sixth princess. Although there is no obvious evidence, there are traces of quasi-gods under her control, Qian Jun said.

Using quasi-gods instead of the actual ones was reasonable. If quasi-gods were exposed, they could also shirk their blame and be destroyed at any time. However, if the gods are mobilized, nobody would forget the relationship between them and the deed once things became exposed!

Whats more, if the gods under the sixth princess appeared in the world of Jingxuan, they would have shocked the gods under the ninth princess; the plan to blame the ninth princess wouldnt have worked at all.

The sixth princess used the blood of the demon royal family to lead the giant of the bitter sea to Seawatch City, while the ninth princess happened to be here. Naturally, the two fought with each other!

Su Yu looked at him thoughtfully. According to what you said, my dog is just wasted wood and there is no possibility of her competing for the throne. Despite that, the sixth princess spared no effort to harm her. Why is that?

Its simple; to obtain the territory of the ninth princess and get the gods in her jurisdiction. This would strengthen the sixth princesss powers so she can better compete for the throne! Such an action will make her rank much higher than all the other royal princes and princesses. But once people find out she was behind the incident, the demon emperor will be angry and capture her. Nevertheless, success would grant her numerous benefits. Unfortunately, no one can count on you, my lord, to suddenly appear and save the ninth princess for her to escape.

It turned out to be true.

Looking at the dog, Su Yu couldnt help but think about the tree god. She was also seriously injured by the giant of the bitter sea, but the dogs condition was much better. She was seriously injured and returned to her former physical body. She only needed recuperation to recover, while the tree gods fate remained unknown.

Okay, then why did the giant of the bitter sea abandon the dog and drag it away to look for the Lord of Seawatch City? It can be attracted by the blood of the royal demons, so its much more interested in the ninth princess than the Lord of the Seawatch City, right?

Qianjun said, My lord thinks the reason why the giant of the bitter sea gave up on chasing the ninth princess is that the ninth princess successfully repelled it.

Repelled it! Su Yus pupils slightly shrank, for he saw the combat power of the giant of the bitter sea with his own eyes. No god could ever be that powerful. If the ninth princess was the so-called weakest of the bunch, then how would she have repelled it?

You may not know this. My Lord, but the Devils have been tormented from the giant of the bitter sea for a long time for tens of millions of years. They had since slowly worked out some effective targeting strategies to counter it. Among them, the most significant effect is golden flames forbidden wood. This is one of the rare items that can penetrate the body of the giant of the bitter sea.

Every royal demon has a weapon forged by the golden flames forbidden wood. The ninth princesss weapon is a spear. On the day of the battle in Seawatch City, the giant of the bitter sea was struck by the golden flames forbidden wood. After it penetrated deep into her flesh, he gave up on fighting the princess and turned to Seawatch City instead.

With the golden flames forbidden wood, there was something in the Devil Realm to restrain the giant of the bitter sea!

Since this dog can restraint the giant, why didnt she just kill him? Why is it now like this?

Qian Jun smiled bitterly: Not even the demon emperor would dare to kill the giant of the bitter sea! There isn much of the golden flames forbidden wood. Its a miracle that the giant of the bitter sea can be scared away.

Su Yu thought hard before he said, To what extent is the golden flames forbidden wood in existence?

In the Great Devil Realm, only a million years ago, a piece of an ancient fossil was washed up by the tide from the bitter sea. A section of the trees core wasnt petrified, thus leading to the discovery of the golden flames forbidden wood. Besides the royal family in the past, nobody in the demon world found a second tree. Although the last demon emperor planned to look for it from the bitter sea, the water of the bitter sea was especially hostile and no soul can enter. They gave up in the end.

Was it extracted from fossils?

Did you find seeds from the fossils? Su Yus eyes flickered slightly. His hopes werent very high anymore.

Qian Jun said: Of course. In the beginning, a residual seed was found from the trees. It was luckily not petrified, but the soil of the devil was not for planting trees. They put in millions of years of hard work to try and make it work. Alas, the seeds gradually withered instead, which made it a fossil.

Where? Su Yu blinked in front of her eyes.

In the hands of the demon emperor.

Su Yu was left speechless.

Su Yu vividly remembered the horror of the giant of the bitter sea. It wouldve been better if he got the seed of the golden flames forbidden wood that restrained it.

The Demon Emperor If Su Yu had to face the Demon Emperor, then he would inevitably have been killed.

The dog held the golden flames forbidden wood in her hand but was still injured by the giant of the bitter sea. Does it still seem that the dog is too wasteful like wood? Su Yu kicked the dog gently with his toes, causing it to be dissatisfied and grit its teeth.

Qian Jun shook his head and said, No, the giant of the bitter sea has the same restraint power against the demons, especially those with royal blood. Its blood is more rotten than the bitter seawater. A little touch can also make the members of the royal family disappear. If the ninth princess was not alert, she would have had her soul destroyed and be dead by now.

Oh? Su Yus eyes flickered again. To think that the blood of the giant of the bitter sea could be used to fight against the royal family?

It was a major discovery.

Knowing this, Su Yu gradually mentally made some calculations. Before leaving the Demon Realm, he needed to make the demons suffer.

Neither the Great Eastern Alliance nor the Great Western Alliance had the strength to face the Demon Realm.

At the very least, the two major alliances needed time to prepare for this war.

If he was able to shock the demons, he could force them to delay the time of war.

What about the last thing? How did the investigation go? Su Yu asked.

A look of great pride came across Qianjuns face. Because of the aptitude of the Agile Demon Master, we found some clues about the exit of the Devil Realm! In the Demon Emperors Capital, there is an ancient altar inherited from the beginning of the Devil Realm. Every time it is launched, there will be more breath of things that exist outside of the Devil Realm that can be detected. According to the Agile Demon Masters speculation, it is likely to be what my lord calls it; the exit of the devil world.