The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1212

Chapter 1212 Fresh Blood Must Spill To Rise

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Oh? Su Yu was surprised. He thought that those at the level of the gods would be very clear about the existence of the Xing River. He did not expect that even they did not know everything.

In that case, they were even more unaware of a group of extremely cruel and inhumane demons in the Devil Realm killing outside at the Xing River?

Interesting. The devil world was much more complicated than Su Yu expected.

After understanding all the information, Su Yus eyes flashed with this intel. Our current priority is the enemy hiding in the world of static rain. They must have heard the news about my dog here. I wouldnt be surprised if theyre rushing towards Pinawan City.

Agile Demon Master said. My Lord, please take the Royal Highness back to Seawatch City as soon as possible. There are several masters in the city, which will allow us to protect the royal Highness.

No! Stay here, Su Yu flashed his eyes across.

Qian Juns face was calm. Master, do be careful and take care! Even the demon king on the fringe has been bought by these people. Anyone can easily see how well the sixth princess is preparing. There will likely be more quasi-gods enemies! Sadly, the Azure Bull Demon Master and the Mind Control Demon Master are only a small portion of what is to come. Where we currently are, there are not enough strong forces to protect His Highness and my lord.

Agile Demon Master took this seriously. He is right, there may be a mid-level quasi-god amongst the enemies. Once the enemy comes, I am afraid that none of us can stop it. We shouldnt be here for too long!

Su Yu said lightly, How can we draw them all out if we dont give them a chance?

The snow-white beast choked on the bone it was gnawing at and angrily stared at Su Yu. Was this to deliberately attract the enemys firepower? Was this abominable bastard trying to kill me? it thought.

Qian Jun and Agile Demon Master tried to persuade him again, but Su Yu waved his hand and interrupted, I dont have time to find all the enemies lurking in the quiet rain realm one by one. Leading the snake out of the hole and hitting all of them at once is the fastest way!

The order has been given to all the masters staying in Seawatch City. You must rush to Pinawan City to see the lord of this city within three days!

Qian Jun said, Yes! He paused, and then said, What if they refuse to see you?

Well take note of anyone who doesnt come.

Yes! Qian Jun said. Despite this, he was secretly thinking of how, with the disposition of the city owner, many would likely refuse to meet the lord.

Soon after in the eighty-one cities of Seawatch City aside from the ruined Youran Demon City and Agile Demon City, all the lords received the order of the new city lord. They were to leave for Pinawan City now.

Towards this new city lord, there were very few people who would willingly submit to him. Previous city lords can only be gods. Who is this character called the Feather Demon? None of them have heard of it.

However, it was the order of Her Royal Highness the Ninth Princess and no one could ignore it.


Just as the soldiers came under strong pressure, a huge cloud of magic flew towards Pinawan City.

Master, the lords of the various parties in Seawatch City have left their territory one after another, and set off for Pinawan City as we expected.

After getting the report, the eyes of the purebred demons turned cold. Wonderful! Their movement confirms that the ninth princess is still in Pinawan City! It seems that the ninth princess hasnt learned her lesson and easily exposed her location! If she leaves quietly, I may not be able to confirm her whereabouts so easily. However, all that fanfare ordered by the Lord to come to escort and expose her position is ridiculous!

Hey, maybe our Royal Highness the ninth princess thought that the lords of Seawatch City were enough to resist us? Besides the purebred demons, there was a very pure subgroup of demons that ranked second only to the purebred demons.

The corner of the mouth of the purebred Demon evoked contempt. The whole army listens to my orders and speeds forward. Let us surprise the ninth princess!

The lords of various cities in Seawatch city left their territory, generating tons of speculation.

Many people realized that they went to see the Lord of the Seawatch City in name, but they actually went to see Her Royal Highness.

What they didnt know was that they had taken on the responsibility of secretly escorting them all.

There were many opinions and speculations on this matter.

Despite this, Su Yu meditated in the mansion amidst the chaos.

He still based his cultivation primarily on the inheritance of the Enlightenment of the Tree God. He had cultivated for many days and learned plenty of knowledge, centered on the tree spirit.

Thanks to the experience of the Five Elements Divine Prison in the past, I have a deeper understanding of the wooden attribute power in the power of the Five Elements. Otherwise, if I would like to understand the wood-based power element from the start, that would truly take forever Given his existing knowledge, Su Yu could soon unleash the true power of the tree god.

The power that he managed to cultivate was no weaker than Su Yus current peak of the gods power.

As for the status of the deity, Su Yu integrated the newly acquired ability of the Tree God into his divine will; it went into the realm of life!

After the emerald dragon had been completely cultivated and its magical abilities obtained, all living things within the ream became immortal.

There was sadly no chance to use this ability, but it could prove useful in the present.

Su Yu has also reached a certain stage in refining of the Five Elements Mountain. At present, he did not need to rely on the Five Elements Mountain anymore, but could also urge the forces of the Five Elements Mountain to suppress the enemy.

If he further refined his ability, he could use the power of the five elements more easily.

During the process of refining the Five Elements Mountain, Su Yus comprehension of the power of the five elements increased each day. Of the nine hundred demon characters, Su Yu had secretly understood more than three hundred of them.

All of this was achieved while hiding it from the green ink dragon in the Five Elements prison.

He never forgot the black-green water dragons advice; that he should not believe in the green-ink tattoo dragon.

In the face of a major crisis, Su Yu never used the Five Elements Prison again.

If Su Yu fully understood the demon characters and had absolute control over the five elements, he wouldve been on a level higher than the green ink tattoo dragon; this wouldve drastically changed the situation!

Finally, Su Yu had stayed at the peak of Vientiane for a while. It was time to prepare to break through to a higher level!

Dust Fairy!

As soon as he reached the realm of the dust fairy, Su Yu could use the powers of both the god and the dust fairy to give birth to an exclusive magical ability that he could use to strengthen his Divine God Source Origin and gradually stabilize it. This also made it more difficult for people to take it away from him.

After the realm of the dust fairy, Su Yus soul would become even stronger. At that time, he could begin to cultivate the fifth layer of Heavens Son Gazing At Air.

Su Yu predicted that his strength would change once more when he reached that realm of the dust fairy.

He didnt know why, but he felt that it might not be that simple for ordinary creatures to break through to the realm of the dust fairy.

After three days of continuous practice, Su Yu slowly opened his eyes.

Outside the door, Qianjun and Agile Demon Master waited respectfully for him.

Hows it going? Su Yu said indifferently.

Qian Jun said. Master Lord, out of seventy-nine lords, sixty have come, five are still on the road and fourteen nothing and no news.

Well, its only been three days! Take note of all the demons who are still on the road or not moving!

Yes, Master!

Agile Demon Master said, Master, how shall we arrange them to protect both you and His Highness?

Protect us? No! Su Yu said. Gather them, entertain them well. No orders for them. No matter how many enemies come, no shots are allowed to be fired!

Ah! Agile Demon Master didnt understand what Su Yu was thinking; was he an idiot? The number and strength of the enemies were unknown, while their subordinates who have been excruciatingly summoned were cast aside to do nothing!

Then why did the Lord ask them all to gather?

Su Yu said lightly. My dog and I dont need them to guard us! I asked them to come to remember a word.

Come to me, or perish fighting against me! They should be fortunate that there are a large number of enemies who will use their blood to demonstrate this! The implication was that without these enemies, Su Yu wouldve probably killed some of them.

Agile Demon Master heaved in a breath of cool air. Youre insane! You intend to fight against the enemy on your own?

He was finally convinced that Su Yu was a downright lunatic!

A new officer who didnt show off a little wouldnt achieve much. If he was not crazy, what else could he be?

The Agile Demon Master said coldly, Unfortunately, we now know the enemys whereabouts. They are still half a day away from Pianawan Demon City! There are over 100 quasi-gods, including two Mid-level ones! My Lord, if you want to die, I wont stop you. However, if you want to take Her Royal Highness to her funeral, I cant allow it! I will take Her Royal Highness to leave now!

The Agile Demon Master had enough of Su Yus amorality.

Su Yus mouth evoked contempt, I thought that there would be a high-level quasi-god. How disappointing!

Hearing this, Agile Demon Master shook his head. What a lunatic!

One mid-level quasi-god was enough for them to panic, so how would they deal with two of them? There were also far more quasi-gods than they could adequately handle.

With such an inexplicable disadvantage, nobody knew how Su Yu could be so cocky.

He faintly stared at the Agile Demon Master. Su Yu then said, You can take your dog anywhere without leaving the range of the city. However, if you even take one step outside the city, I wont show you any mercy again!

Agile Demon Masters silver teeth bite hard and he spoke with an equal amount of contempt. Now it is time to inform the ninth princess!

The Ninth Princess has suggested for the second time that Su Yu to order her deities to come to escort in her place.

The crisis could be easily resolved even if a god was dispatched, but Su Yu refused to even consider this.

I have said many times! Asking the gods to come is akin to asking for death! Su Yu said coldly. During the pursuit of the Ninth princess, may I ask if any of those gods showed any signs of wanting to save her?

Agile Demon Master shook his fist. He did not want to admit it, but the answer was no.

If that wasnt the case, how could the ninth princess end up so miserable?

However, they may not have all surrendered to the Sixth princess. It may simply have been inconvenient for them to get involved in the affairs of the city.

They dont always have to surrender, but I cant see how loyal they are to the ninth princess. When they see the ninth princess being beaten and losing much of her strength, they give off such a horrid attitude. Do you trust them? Are you sure they will come if you invite them? Are you sure that they wont shoot at the ninth princess amidst all the chaos?

Even if just one of the gods has a different allegiance and makes small scheming actions, its not something that you and I can guard against! Su Yu said. Never say anything that stupid ever again. Youre a real pain to deal with!

Agile Demon Master bit the lips of his demons teeth as he was refuted by Su Yu until he had nothing else to say.

Retreat! Go and do as I ordered! All the masters, do not allow anyone to move! Su Yu shouted.

Everyone backed down, looking at Su Yus eyes with deep suspicion.

Was the Feather Demon this crazy?

He wanted to stand up against all those enemies all by himself so that he could win respect and his rightful place?

How crazy! What a lunatic!

Only the dog raised her head and stared at Su Yu in surprise, her eyes flashing with different colors.