The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213 Everyone Got Activated

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Anticipating that the Agile Demon Master will take away the dog, the black phoenix silently appeared behind Su Yu, staring coldly at the Agile Demon Master.

Master, let me kill this woman. She is simply too ignorant. It is difficult for any new city lord to trust a traitor to lead. She knows nothing but questions everything. To stop this from continuing, its best to kill it off, Black Phoenix said coldly. He was thinking and looking out for Su Yu.

Su Yus face was calm and he shook his head gently. They dont understand me, but dont you understand my intentions?

To stand out among the many lords in Seawatch City, Su Yu had to have the courage to face hundreds of quasi-gods, of which two are mid-term quasi-gods. Therefore, how could he even care about the numerous demons under his jurisdiction who were indignant about his leadership?

He didnt need to pretend to these quasi-gods at all!

The lord is really protecting the ninth princess. These quasi-gods seem to be loyal to the ninth princess. I dont know how many have already rebelled. If they are used by us against the incoming enemy forces, Im afraid the one that will suffer the most from this chaos will be the ninth princess!

The master invited these lords to lead the head snake out of the hole and wipe out everyone. When was it for even done for prestige? Its silly how the Agile Demon Master claimed to be self-righteous when all she cared about was the life and death of the ninth princess.

She felt indignant for Su Yu.

Everyone in the world misunderstood him as a lunatic but didnt understand that he was the sanest person there.

Many didnt know that Su Yu was doing the most important thing for the ninth princess; ensuring her future.

Su Yu said indifferently, We cannot blame her. We cant publicize this matter either. Otherwise, how can those traitors hiding in our army be easily fooled into showing their true colors at critical moments?

You keep a good eye on the Agile Demon Master, dont let her take the dog out of your sight, let alone bring her to the lords who come near you. If she goes out of line, kill her.


There was a breeze blowing as Su Yu was left alone in the pavilion.

If one person was to fight against hundreds of quasi-gods, Su Yu himself knew how crazy this was.

Oh, if Master Yun Yazi knows that his disciple is where he is today, would he be pleased? Su Yu smiled softly.

In the gloomy galaxy, a god bone ship galloped along.

On the bow of the ship stood a solid old man with solid eyes, eyes full of the deep light that penetrated and showed its years.

Unexpectedly, my apprentice grew up like this over the past few years, Yun Yazis god bone ship passed through the ruined land of the gods several months ago.

Relief was expressed on his old face. Even without me, I believe that he can become a god all by himself and maybe even reach a level that I have never reached.

He never truly understood his disciple. He always exceeded his expectations, bursting out with amazing potential.

He intended to point the way forward for him, but Su Yu was always one step ahead of him. Yun Yazi had trouble comprehending his disciple.

Especially after entering Xing River, Su Yus actions became increasingly unpredictable.

Cleaning the Great Eastern Alliances maggots and the land of the gods were things beyond a gods ability, but Su Yu managed to do it.

Now that Su Yu fell into the devil world, whether he would live or die is unknown.

I hope its not too late. The demon emperor is deeply secretive. His ability to plot is beyond the previous demon emperors. If Su Yu is careless, it will be difficult to leave the demon world.

A trace of anxiety emerged in Yun Yazis eyes.

The god bone ship carried itself slowly through the galaxy, much like a shooting star.

In Pinawan City

Qian Jun quickly made the arrangements as instructed by Su Yu.

The sixty lords he invited were all placed in a hospitality hall of the mansion.

The divine power frequently flashed in the hall. People who werent quasi-cultivators in the hall couldnt bear the immense pressure at all.

This was the place for quasi-gods in the entire territory.

Not all of them were destined to become a god in the future, but together, they were too powerful to be ignored.

Qian Jun entertained them per Su Yus orders, guaranteeing flawless hospitality in all aspects.

Despite this, the lords were still dissatisfied.

Hey, the Lord of the City summoned us. Wouldnt he just let us drink tea and leave it at that? a quasi-god said whilst staring at Qian Jun.

Although Qian Jun despised them, Su Yu was looking after his back. Thus, he was full of energy and spoke humbly, Aside from drinking tea, you can quietly recuperate, communicate with each other, et cetera. As long as you do not violate the order of the Lord of the city and leave the hall without permission, you may do as you please.

What a jerk! The bearded quasi-god shot up from his seat and said. Who are you and what permits you to order us around? Immediately tell the city owner that if we dont see him, we will return to our territory immediately!

Qian Juns face hadnt changed as he said lightly, The city owner said that you can go, but you cant come back once you step out of this hall.

With that, Qian Jun took out a thin piece of paper, held the pen in his hand and stared at the person. May I ask for your name?


The lords glanced at the paper and found that the names of nineteen lords were already on it.

The person thought for a moment and knew that they were all lords who had never come to see the Lord, and their names were written down.

The Bearded Lord froze for a moment and suddenly felt a little suffocated. Those who did not come were disobedient.

If the new city lord had no aptitude and skills, he would have nothing to handle those who disobeyed him either.

How about some means?

Thinking about it, the bearded lord was embarrassed as he snorted coldly, Then can we see the ninth princess first?

No! Qian Jun said shortly.

What! The Lord of the City does not allow us to meet him. In fact, why isnt even Her Royal Highness allowed to see us? Lord Beard laughed angrily.

Qian Jun said, This is the order of the Lord of the City. It is not appropriate for you to see Her Royal Highness.

Hmm! Another lord spoke this time, with anger in his face. Her Royal Highness is of a high position. If we want to see Her Royal Highness, why should the Lord make these decisions? Say, where is His Royal Highness? We will visit her ourselves!

Thats right! Were going to personally impeach the Lord of the City and tell her that he is not worthy to be Lord of the City.

Everyone, together, the Lord of the City is acting by his own accord. I suspect that Her Royal Highness is likely to be coerced by the Lord of the City because of her injury. Lets go and see Her Royal Highness together.

The sentiment got the crowd excited. Su Yu invited them to come, but suppressed them from moving, causing dissatisfaction, and the dissatisfaction was led by the lord with an ulterior motive to head towards starting a riot.

Qian Jun sneered at the corner of his mouth and drew a few strokes as he raised the pen.

Some lords found that something bad was happening and shouted, Wait! What are you writing?

Without a word, Qian Jun moved aside and said lightly, Again, the Lords order has been issued, and everyone still decides to disobey. I cannot stop everyone from doing as they please, but you bear the consequences yourself.

After saying that, he left straight away, leaving the quasi-gods behind without a care.

Only then did the menacing lords suddenly become quiet. The atmosphere in the air was a little stagnant. No one wanted to take the lead in causing trouble, especially without knowing the new lords ability.

Master of the Ten Regions, you are the newest subordinate of the former Seawatch City Lord. Could you please say a word for us? After thinking for a while, many lords looked into a corner. The youth, clothed in red, was always silently standing in a corner.

He had sharp cheeks that reflected faint light, giving off a cold feeling.

He stood silently in the corner, resembling a behemoth animal, and no one could ignore his existence.

A voice came out and all the other lords looked around. They were thinking about who had the guts to speak up but waited for the lord to speak.

As both Master of the Ten Regions and the strongest lord of Seawatch City, he was once the most important lord of Seawatch City. Some people secretly called him the great lord.

This was because he is the only med-level quasi-god in Seawatch City!

Master of the Ten Regions slowly opened his cold eyes. He glanced indifferently at the crowd, and he closed them slowly. Patience.

He simply uttered this word without saying anything else.

Although the lords were indignant, they had no other choice since even the great lord chose to be patient.

At that moment, the lord suddenly changed his expression and looked towards the sky.

The other lords also opened their eyes. Such strong power fluctuations!

The lords constantly changed their expressions, feeling the presence of hundreds of quasi-gods in the sky!

Who is this? said Master of the Ten Regions. He was affected as well because there are two powerful enemies that he detected and was afraid of.

Not good! Is it an enemy that is going after Her Royal Highness? They could guess this without obvious evidence.

Escort and protect! Someone shouted, smashed the roof with one palm, and broke out.

The other lords also joined in, volleying outside the hall.

However, someone was waiting in the air.

Follow the order of the city lord. All the lords are to watch the battle here. Without the city lords order, no one is to strike, Qian Jun raised his voice.

Watch the battle Upon realizing that Su Yu was displaying his powers, some of the lords were simultaneously shocked and angry. Who can fight against high-level quasi-gods?

Is the Lord of the City crazy? Her Royal Highness is in danger but wants us to stand by. Is this a deliberate trap set for us to become infidels?

Dont bother about that lunatic, we are Her Royal Highnesss subordinate. Lets kill the enemies and protect the princess together! Among the gods, the bearded lords eyes flashed with a different light, and a roar encouraged the lords to take action.


However, a halberd full of evil spirits had just rushed through the void so quickly that it created shockwaves.

It was the bearded lord who was provoked by it.

Suddenly, an evil halberd appeared. When the bearded lord finally responded to its appearance, the evil halberd flew more than a hundred feet away.

The lords around him saw that things were not going well and had already dispersed and found any corners to hide. However, the evil halberd was able to recognize the bearded lord.

Seeing that he had no escape, the bearded lord whispered and sacrificed from his hands a rosary made from nineteen skulls.

Instilling its power into himself, the skull immediately sent a shock wave that pierced the soul.

The lords near him stepped back, and they were startled. Soul Chaser Soundwave?

All lords ran for Divine Protection, lest they are affected by the power released.

When the sound wave arrived, it was enough to shake the evil halberd.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the bearded lord yelled, Lords, our city lords colluded with foreign enemies and secretly ordered us to slay our soldiers. In reality, they used the foreign enemies to destroy us! Everyone lets band together. We wont be defeated by him

The bearded lord yelled, but the response was out of horror rather than out of a desire to band together. They kept back and quickly moved away from him as if to avoid the plague.