The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1214

Chapter 1214 The Mid Level Demons

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You guys Bearded Lord froze. He only looked down when there was a chill in his chest.

He saw a long sword surrounded by light piercing through his chest, dripping with his half-red, half-yellow quasi-god blood.

He turned his head around in disbelief. A silver-haired young man surrounded by colorful light stood indifferently behind him.

He glared down at him as if he were looking at an ant.

We must kill those who disturb the peace, When the silver-haired youth flicked his wrists, five-colored divine light burst into his limbs.

The quasi-god body of the Bearded Lord continued to decompose, turning into colorful particles and eventually disappearing into the sky. Only the Bearded Lords remained, holding a weak source of divine soul source origin.

Ah!! He screamed in horror as the Bearded Lord jolted himself forward in shock.

How did the other party get behind him without him noticing? What was the five-colored divine light that decomposed the quasi-god into particles!

The other quasi-gods saw that behind the bearded lord, the five-colored divine light had condensed, and Su Yu instantly appeared. The five-colored divine light was full of five elements and seemed to be able to assimilate anything that contained them.

This was not only Su Yus understanding of the Five Elements Mountain after refining it, but also him flexibly using the power of the Five Elements.

Everything was composed of five elements. As long as the power of the five-elements was extracted, the object could be erased from the world and reduced to nothingness.

The teleportation was another mysterious application. For now, Su Yu could only teleport for a short distance but couldnt make a Cavern world like a god.

Using his own hands to kill the traitor who jumped out first, the lords who witnessed this were somewhat frightened.

Rumor had it that the new lord has only Vientiane cultivation. After seeing it with their own eyes, however, they knew that wasnt the case at all!

Rebel and this will be your end! Su Yu glanced coldly at the many lords as his silver sword swept across them, uttering an unwilling roar. It slew the Bearded Lords soul and obtained his Great Source Divine Origin.

How cruel!

The lords heart trembled. The means used were fierce, and Su Yu was not one to mess with!

With Su Yu glancing coldly at everyone, nobody dared to act arrogantly.

Perhaps he intended to fight all the enemies alone?

This was impossible

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Enormous demonic clouds covered the sky and dispersed as the sun came flooding in. The mixed divine powers that came through shone on billions of souls.

Looking at the many lords of Seawatch City facing the enemy, they looked stunned. The enemy was too strong for them to fight against!

If there was a battle, they mightve not even been able to escape.


Some lords swallowed their saliva fiercely as their hearts trembled. Some lords gradually retreated.

They had already given up before the battle began.

Hehehe, everyone in Seawatch City, how have you been, In the magic cloud, a sad and cold voice emerged.

The sound shook the magic cloud, revealing one hundred quasi-gods with faint divine power!

The one who spoke was one of two demons leading the pack.

One of the purebred demons sneered and looked down at them indifferently.

The demon with a higher blood purity was the one who spoke.

Looking at the two, the lords of Seawatch City felt their limbs become cold.

Mid-Level quasi-gods!! There is a purebred demon among them!!!

They were all demons, but the pure breed demons were even more powerful!

The power of the two demons far exceeded the power of sixty of them. There were only fifty-nine early quasi-gods left now, not to mention that the other ninety-eight quasi-gods followed them.

What? We havent arrived yet, but you have already started to kill each other? Now that the dragons have no master, have you become headless flies? The semi-purebred demons looked at them and mocked.

Finally, their gazes fell on Su Yu. You are the so-called new Lord of Seawatch City. I thought you would be a powerful creature, having saved the ninth princess. It turned out that you cant even control your people. You need to kill a hundred to scare them to listen to you. How pitiful.

The lords of Seawatch City had strange looks on their faces Su Yu wanted to kill hundreds of them, but his order wasnt for them to attack, right?

Looking at the sneers of the semi-purebred demons, the lords could not help but secretly think that they were idiots.

Even if you mobilize them all, you cant change the situation today. Give up the ninth princess, and you will be happy. Otherwise the semi-purebred demons taunted.


Eight consecutive bursts of sharp air blasted and surrounded the semi-purebred demons.

At the same time, the silver sword in Su Yu s palm flew out and blended with the eight silver swords that pierced the air. The sword sieged the nine masters, including him.

Silver light swept over, and a large intertwined silver giant net drew the masters in the formation.

The faces of the semi-pure demons changed slightly. They released an air of demon breathe and exposed a body that was as hard as granite.

There was a stream of dinging sounds as things hit the demons body, accompanied by pieces of spark.

The sword array of the heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo couldnt break through their physical defense but would only bring them some pain.

While they could block it, the other eight demon gods mightve been left vulnerable.

The muffled sound of chopped flesh and blood was mixed with their screams. The eight demon masters were destroyed by the sudden sharp sword array, leaving behind souls that desperately tried to flee from the scene.

Alas, they did not manage to escape from the sword array. The nine days Cangming came down to suck up their souls, swallowing them all up in the breath.

The screams and muffled sounds stopped abruptly.

There was nothing left but the deep panting sound of the semi-pure demons, along with the pungent black blood left behind by those who were slaughtered.

Both Su Yus allies and enemies remained silent.

In the blink of an eye, the eight demon masters at the early stage were smashed. Their flesh was torn apart and all their souls and Great Divine Source Origins were taken away. Not one escaped!

Earlier, the demon lords on Su Yus side were furious towards Su Yu. Now, their anger had turned into utter fear!

They finally realized how justified the Bearded Lords death was!

They finally understood what Su Yus intended to merely ask them to stand aside and witness what he does!

Raising his hand, the nine swords flew together resembling nine silver dragons surrounding Su Yus body. They met with his cold face, making him seem even more indifferent.

After having killed the semi-pure-bred demons, Su Yu looked at his enemies with red eyes and said, Do you have any other nonsense to say?

They seemed to be irritated, and the neck of the semi-pure demon race was twitching. The irony and drama on their faces were replaced by sternness and deep suffocation. Ok! Good! Good! Your talents are not immediately observable, no wonder you can save the ninth princess! If that is the case, I have found my reason to strike!

You, die for me now! The semi-purebred Demon roared sharply and struck into a black afterimage.

Su Yu was unmoved and said with a smile, It seems like without me, you wouldnt even have a chance to take a shot. You may be a deputy, but dont act like youre the best in the world!

Facing the mid-level demon known for his physical strength, Su Yu did not retreat as nine extremely brilliant golden lights emerged from his body. From Su Yus mouth, he spewed out, Dragon Form Technique!

With a ferocious roar of the dragon, Su Yu suddenly turned into a golden dragon. At the same time, his body was shrouded in colorful light and collide with the celestial bodies as well as the semi-pure demon.


A roar erupted from the collision, creating shock waves that swept in all directions.

The enemy had demons who had broken through to a new level in their cultivation. However, the shockwaves had blasted them backward by hundreds of feet, leaving their bodies cracked and their flesh torn.

This new move combined the power of the dragon and the five elements.

The Dragon Form Technique was strong in explosive power and suppression but lacked explosiveness and long-lasting power.

Combining the two to learn from each others strengths created a source of unprecedented power.


The half-pure demon was shocked by this earth-shattering collision. He rolled over and spat out blood several times before slamming hard into the magic cloud.

Suddenly, several more screams arose from a few unlucky demons who got caught amongst the firepower and suffered.

Looking back at Su Yu, his golden dragon aura has dissipated as he turned into a figure covered with five colors of light. He was standing still at the source of the collision, ground zero.

The differences in standards of who was at a higher point and who at the lower was obvious at a glance.

The half purebred demon spat out demonic blood, startled by what he experienced. You

He could no longer act arrogant. Instead, his composure was replaced by deep fear displayed in his eyes.

In the beginning, the masters on the side of the enemy were completely relaxed. Now, they stared at Su Yu in horror.

On the surface, he was of Vientiane cultivation. In reality, he was no less than at the level of cultivation of quasi-gods in the Mid-Level. They no longer thought that there was anything suspicious. Killing him and getting to the ninth princess on this trip became easier to do.

Counting everyone, the opponent also has two Mid-Level demon masters!

Upon that thought, the fierce silver-haired demon lord said indifferently, Only this?


As soon as his voice was dropped, he disappeared from the crowd out of thin air.

He wasnt fast, but he mastered the teleportation skill that only the gods can master!

The pure-bodied Demons pupils finally shrank at the sight. His gaze turned like lightning, and suddenly his face changed. He shouted, Demon dragon, be careful! He is heading for you!

The semi-purebred demon was shocked. Before he could even comprehend his bosss reminder, he felt the astonishment of chill from behind.

It was a critical moment. He did not attempt thinking harder and shouted, Holy Demon Transformation!

Upon that, he saw a dazzling bright red color flickering in his body, of what looked like blood vessels.

Some kind of terror in the blood seemed to have been awakened instantly.

The blood-red light emerged through his body, condensed into a layer of blood-red armor on the surface covering his entire body.

At the end of the armor covering was an arm with brilliant golden fingers covered with five different strokes of light. It was full of amazing power that pierced through his heart.

Only a muffled sound was heard, and his Scarlet Armor was pierced by these fingers that penetrated the dragons body. Nevertheless, the armor somehow negated the fingers instant killing power.

Enduring the severe pain, Demon Dragon roared and patted his back with two palms, while his body flickered forward.

When he turned his head again, he checked on the blood left on the armor behind him, and the Demon dragon was more relieved with what he saw.

This Scarlet Armor was formed by the power that inspired the bloodlines peculiar to the Purebred Demon Clan. It was difficult for ordinary Demons in the Clan who just broke through to the highest levels to destroy, but it was now almost disintegrated by Su Yu.

The power of the dragon, combined with the power of the Five Elements, was terrifying.

He stared at Su Yus gaze and saw in his eyes a look that turned from fear to thrill. After three fights, he was no match for him at all!

As he was preparing to retreat to his leaders side and work together with him, Su Yu suddenly disappeared again!

The Demon Dragon was so scared that his eyelids leaped wildly as he frantically scurried back towards his compatriot. At the same time, he was trying hard to repair the dent on the scarlet armor.

With this scarlet armor in hand, Su Yu could not kill him. Instead, he could take the opportunity to meet with the leader so the two sides can join forces to destroy this child easily.

Thinking about the strength of the leader, the dragon demon was completely reassured and shouted, Come! You would think that the Lord would be afraid of you!


That amazing chill struck again from behind, and the dragon demon did not panic or rejoice. However, he coughed as he tried his hardest to resist the finger.

The leader who was rushing over was also feeling chilly.

Su Yu happened to be in the center between them. As long as he wasnt killed by this finger, he could turn against him and kill Su Yu on the spot.

When the leader stared at Su Yus gesture, his face suddenly changed. No! Demon Dragon, run away, dont resist any further!