The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1215

Chapter 1215 The Betrayal Towards Su Yu

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Huh? Shocked at the realization that the situation looked bad, the demon dragon immediately flung forward in an attempt to escape.

However, the strategy of resistance he adopted earlier caused him to lose the chance to escape.

It was supposed to be similar to how he normally activated his power. This time, however, there is a power of assimilation added to the power of the dragon god and the strength of the five elements!

The scarlet armor made from the condensation of the blood energy suddenly broke down by itself, exposing the weak point on its vest.

Without further hesitation and with murderous intent, the finger penetrated the demon dragons vest and attacked his chest vigorously.

What was more frightening was that the strength of the five elements from the fingertips poured into the demon dragons body and broke his body down into particles, leaving only a shivering soul!

The scarlet armor was ultimately an ancient vessel made of blood, and blood was partially made from water.

The water attribute in the strength of the five elements could separate the blood and water for the water to resonate with it and return to its normal state. Therefore, it was possible for this finger to easily break through the scarlet armors defenses.

Clinging to whatever he had left, the Demon Dragons soul screamed in horror, Master, please save me!!

In response, the soul rushed towards him as a ray of light.

The leader was unhappy. A black jar appeared on the palm of his hand as he said, Hurry up unless you want to be swallowed up by the soul space in the sky!

The Demon Dragons soul forcibly endured the sucking force from the sky and quickly flew into the jar to seek refuge from it.

Although the powerful demon body was lost, he could still be restored in the future as long as the original physical body and divine source existed.

Just when the soul of the demon dragon felt relieved, a black light suddenly flashed as a cage made from the bones of the demon god fell from the sky.

When he looked up, the soul of the Demon Dragon was terrified, exclaiming, The Demonic Gods Heavenly Prison! Noooo! Arghh!

The cage relentlessly trapped the Demon Dragon in it. It was no longer possible for him to escape.

All souls brought into the Demonic Gods Heavenly Prison lost their self-awareness and became enslaved for eternity.

Furious at the Demon Dragons soul being taken away, the leader roared and flashed forward to snatch the Demon Gods Heavenly Prison.

Although he was fast, he was no match for Su Yus teleportation, manifested from the strength of the Five Elements.

In a flash, he caught the Demon Gods Heavenly Prison in one hand and grabbed it with the other hand to activate it. Instantly, excruciating screams echoed from the Devil Gods Heavenly Prison, accompanied by green.

That was the forced deprivation of the Demon Dragons self-awareness!

Not long after, there was nothing left in the Demon Gods Heavenly Prison.

Just like that, a quasi-god was made into a slave while he was still alive!

In a blink of an eye, it fell into its current state!

Disregarding the demon masters, all of them felt exasperated and gazed at Su Yu as if he was a beast.

You must be looking for death! The purebred demons were furious. They were instantly provoked upon witnessing what Su Yu had done.

When they had just arrived, they were expecting this to be a one-sided massacre. Nobody expected the Demon Dragon to be easily wiped out by the new Seawatch City Master!

Su Yu put away the Demon Gods Heavenly Prison and gave all of them a slight glance. The demon dragon also said that I was looking for death, but he was the one who died in the end. Enough nonsense, now its everyones turn!

The ferocious leader exuded a frightening demonic aura. The sound of his heart beating profusely can be heard as if countless veins were pulsating at the same time, filling the whole sky with the ominous beats.

Blood-red lines also appeared throughout his body.

The Demon Dragon previously only had about ten crimson lines, but now this demon had over hundreds of them!

This was the difference between purebred and half-bred demons!

The majestic blood energy rushed out of the body and swelled around him, turning him into a ten-foot-tall devil with a crimson body resembling the leader.

Sacred demon transformation! The leader grunted. Like a residual image, he appeared before Su Yu and pummeled him with his bloody fist.

Su Yu squinted and unleashed the power of the dragon god, the strength of the five elements and the power of assimilation altogether.

However, Su Yus face changed slightly upon contact. The five elements of Gods light emerged from his body and he teleported away.


The bloody fist penetrated through where Su Yu stood, revealing the Xing River within the demon world.

Using his full strength, Su Yu only allowed the fist to penetrate his defense by less than one foot. However, he could not completely diffuse the blood fist.

Not only did the leader have astounding defenses, but it was also far more powerful than the Demon Dragon.

If Su Yu hadnt immediately teleported away in time, that punch wouldve killed him on the spot.

Ha, this is the difference between purebred and half-bred demons! You think Im joking about wanting you dead? The leader looked down at Su Yu coldly with murderous intent.


The leader flashed forward again at the speed of lightning.

Having mastered the five elements of Gods light, Su Yu avoided the attack. Although the opponent was strong, he could not stop Su Yu.

Both of them looked on anxiously. This final battle would determine who was the victor.

Many lords in Seawatch City became extremely tense. Su Yu had given them hope, but the Demon Master gave them despair. If this continued, Su Yu will be defeated. When that time came, a bloodbath awaited them.

Master of the Ten Regions, only you and the City Master can fight against the enemy by joining forces. For the sake of Seawatch City, please lend us a helping hand, After some deliberation, they all set their sights on the Master of the Ten Regions.

If they were dispatched, hundreds of quasi-gods on the other side would join the war.

Once the Master of the Ten Regions joined the fight, the enemies would hesitate to follow.

The Master of the Ten Regions continued to silently watch the battle between Su Yu and the Leader with cold glares.

He sneered, Didnt he warn us to never get involved? If hes so powerful, then why would he need my help?

The lords smiled bitterly. The City Master was prideful.

At that moment, the situation changed.

The leader roared after not attacking for a long time. In a flash of light, the huge body shot out hundreds of tentacles towards the sky and enveloped their surroundings.

Looking from the outside, Su Yu and the leader were sealed in a huge bloody sphere.

Looks like you have nowhere to run, The leader sneered. The sphere quickly shrank so that Su Yu lost the teleportation distance.

Since taking a full blow from the leader seemed inevitable now, Su Yu murmured, Its about time for me to finish this in one shot.

Su Yus hands suddenly formed a seal, and a surging earth-based power surrounded him.

The leader was slightly surprised. What a rich earth-based power! I didnt expect you to be proficient in the earth element!

Even so, he refused to hold back when killing Su Yu.

As the leader was about to kill Su Yu, thick red vines suddenly burst out from below and filled the huge blood sphere from within. They were densely shaped, much like hair.

New vines continued to grow relentlessly, quickly filling the already narrow sphere.

The leader went down and destroyed numerous vines with his fist, but most of the power was absorbed by the vines and didnt Su Yu at all.

The endless growth of the vines threw off the leader. They were filling the entire interior so quickly that he was forced to retreat again.

Upon retreating to the edge of the ball, the entire interior was filled, and he found himself lacking space for any kind of movement.

At that moment, small spikes emerged from the vines. Together with Su Yus unique five-element assimilation power, they were all launched together and towards the leader.

Within the space that they had to move around in, resistance became futile. The large spikes pierced into his body.

One or two spikes may not have been able to assimilate the power of the blood energy, but what about 1000 or 10,000 thousand spikes?

Like a snowman that was standing under the sun, the leaders giant body quickly melted away and soon revealed his original body.

Since the blood sphere was restraining him, the leader recovered the blood sphere and quickly withdrew.

Just then, Su Yus cold voice came from within the countless vines, Now!


A giant spike engulfed with the power of infinite assimilation cut through the void and penetrated the leaders giant body.

The blood mist on his chest instantly dissipated to reveal the entire upper body, including his head and chest.

Wasting no time, Su Yu teleported in front of him, transformed into a golden dragon donning colorful heavenly lights, and use the power of lightning to deal a lethal blow.

The blow was enough to kill the leader!

The lords of Seawatch City felt their hearts in their throats. This battle would determine whether they could kill the enemy leader.

However, they were too nervous and did not realize the normally quiet Master of the Ten Regions had disappeared!

The leader was terrified. The Demon Dragon was defeated by the fusion of these three forces!

At a critical moment, the leader yelled, Master of the Ten Regions! What are you waiting for!

What are you doing, Master of the Ten Regions? When the lords of Seawatch City heard, their hearts sank. It couldnt be

At the last moment of the fight, a red robe figure appeared silently behind Su Yu and said coldly, Received!


A black giant sword appeared in the palm of the Master of the Ten Regions and swung down through the air.

With the full strength of Master of the Ten Regions, the blow was second only to the leaders full blow.

Su Yu was cut into two with no apprehension!

Blood splattered and the golden dragon roared.

When the lights faded and the golden dragon became one with Su Yu, the lords of Seawatch City were immediately stunned.

The City Master was dead

He was not killed by the hands of the enemy, but rather murdered by an ally while engaging the enemy!

Master of the Ten Regions!

The lords of Seawatch City stared at the traitor with hatred and disdain. They couldnt believe what they had just witnessed.

That would explain a lot. When the City master was in trouble, he refused to help and chose to ridicule instead.

When the City master was about to succeed, he fatally stabbed him in the back and cut things off.

You beast! The lords of Seawatch City were livid. They lost because of this traitor!

Lets kill this traitor together! The lords were completely enraged by the attack on their City master.

Faced with the indignation of former colleagues, the Master of the Ten Regions wiped the blood from the knife-edge and said, Youre all morons who do not know the current affairs! Even if the ninth princess is alive, she is now beaten back to her former body. It is almost impossible to restore her to her heyday. Whats the point of following her Royal Highness like this? It would be better to turn to the Sixth princess instead!

Master of the Ten Regions glanced at most of them with pitying eyes, Do you think that Im the only one who trusts the Sixth Princess?