The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216 The Deity Strikes

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All of a sudden, a few agonized screams broke out among the Seawatch City Masters.

Six city masters suffered sneak attacks, and their physical bodies perished. Two of them even had their souls and godly spirits plundered.

The ones who attacked them were none other than the rest of the Seawatch City Masters!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Many figures flashed past, and as many as 13 city masters flew out and landed behind the Masters of the Ten Regions, staring mockingly at the Seawatch City Masters with only forty people left.

You have turned traitors too! The Seawatch City Masters were in disbelief. When the Ninth Princess was on the throne, they appeared extremely loyal and faithful, but now that the Ninth Princess had sustained severe injuries, they had revealed their true colors.

It is you who were senseless! The traitors were indifferent.

The opponents leader heaved a long sigh of relief and withdrew his bloodline power. With a teasing smile on his lips, he glanced around and said, Ninth Princess, I know you are watching the battle. So, how are you finding this surprise? Ddo you like it?

No one would have ever expected that so many city masters would chose betrayal!

Besides, the betrayal by the Master of the Ten Regions further confounded the situation, making Su Yu suffer a defeat when he had been on the verge of victory.

The reply was not as expected. The leaders face was beaming with a triumphant smile as he looked over at the remaining Seawatch City Masters.

Listen to my order, city masters! The time has come to reap what we sow! Annihilate every last one of them! Leave no one behind! All their possessions will be yours!

Upon hearing that, all the city masters who were part of the betrayal stared at each other like gluttonous, starving wolves.

As Prospective Deities, they must also be carrying profitable items of worth.

All of them became ecstatic and uproarious at the thought of it.

In contrast, the faces of the Seawatch City Masters were ashen grey with despair. The opponents were three times greater than them in number, and there were two middle-stage Prospective Deities with terrifying capabilities among them. None of them would make it out alive!

Despair, reluctance, anger, and many other emotions flickered across their faces.

To the opponents leader, it looked like the final whimper of the desperate lambs.

Kill them all! The leader gave his command coldly!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The 13 masters who had joined the betrayal stood at the front line, giving them the vantage point. They took the lead and charged forward with great excitement.


However, just as the 13 of them moved, one of them died as their body exploded without any warning or apparent reason!


And then the second one, followed by the third, and the fourth

The 13 early-stage Prospective Deities who had charged forward valiantly kept exploding one after another like mushrooms. It was very creepy.

In the blink of an eye, the traitors whose faces were bloodthirsty and euphoric a moment ago were running back to where they had come from in great terror.

However, even as they ran, the explosions occurred incessantly. Even their souls dissipated with the winds, and both their physical forms and spirits perished together!

Ahh!! Im not killing anymore, Im not killing anymore!! The dead spirit of a traitor emerged in extreme dread for the gruesome and eerie deaths, while imploring in terror as it fled beyond the heavens.

However, he failed to escape his fate and died of the explosion.

In the blink of an eye, 13 early-stage Prospective Deities had perished. Not a single one of them was left alive!

Observant people would have noticed that the first ones to die among the 13 of them were the six traitors who had murdered their own, and whose hands were soaked in blood!

What a familiar scene it was, slaying 13 Prospective Deities in a row.

Just as expected, when they fixed their gazes on the spot where the 13 traitors had died sudden deaths, numerous blades of silver long swords gradually emerged, forming the Nona-Solar Sword Formation!

It was him! It really was him!

The face of the Master of the Ten Regions turned pale with fright, and streaks of cold sweat broke out all over his forehead. He turned his stiff neck with great difficulty to look at Su Yus corpse.

The leaders victorious smile was still plastered on his face, yet the look in his eyes had been replaced by terror and shock, as he painstakingly shifted his eyes to Su Yus corpse as well.

But was there even a corpse? Not a single drop of blood was in sight, and there was only a remnant pool of immense, boundless vitality!

Where is where is he? The Master of the Ten Regions swallowed a mouthful of saliva forcefully, and his heart was thumping wildly in his chest, filled with extreme insecurity and fear.

He was so terrified he felt as though he was teetering at the edge of a cliff and could fall into the bottomless chasm with just one careless step.

He cant possibly be still alive! I ensured that even his soul perished! The leaders palms turned clammy with cold sweat as he muttered underneath his breath, his pupils tightly constricted.


All of a sudden, the Nine-Solar Sword Formation moved, shooting towards a particular position all at once and surrounding a deserted space where it hovered with excitement.

Staring at the deserted space, the entire place was in complete silence.

No one dared utter a word. All they did was fix their stares on it, without even blinking.

Faint gleams of hope were rekindled in the despairing eyes of the Seawatch City Masters.

Now, their enemies were extremely anxious, pinning their hopes on a mere fluke.

Not him, it couldnt be him!


A soft noise sounded, and a layer of penta-colored divine brilliance lit up in the deserted space. Shrouded amidst the brilliance was a handsome silver-haired demon, standing gracefully.

City Master!! Its our City Master!! The city masters on his side burst out in euphoria as if the savior of the world had been reborn!

It was hard to imagine that not long ago, they were harboring jealousy, contempt, and displeasure towards Su Yu.

Now, all that was left was respect and excitement!

The facial expressions of the enemies as well as the Master of the Ten Regions were the complete opposite of theirs.

No, this is impossible! How can you still be alive after that swing of the knife? The Master of the Ten Regions lips were trembling. Having witnessed Su Yus combat power with his own eyes, he knew that he stood no chance of survival at the hands of Su Yu.

Right here right now, the Su Yu who had risen from the dead made him feel cold from head to toe.

Su Yu stared at the Master of the Ten Regions with indifference and did not reply. To be precise, that swing of the knife could have killed him indeed. He had only been revived with the help of the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

At the side, the leader sucked in a cold breath. Shooting a glance at the dead bodies of the traitors all over the ground, and at the city masters who were ordered not to attack by Su Yu, his heart trembled vigorously.

He voiced the thought that he himself couldnt even believe. Could you have summoned them to watch the battle, with the ultimate intention of wiping us all out, along with all the traitors of the Seawatch City?

Su Yu nodded lightly, confirming his surmise.

The leaders voice was inexplicably low. If that is the truth, you purposely allowed the Master of the Ten Regions to kill you just now?

Su Yu nodded again. If I wasnt dead, how could all those traitors be lured out?

Upon hearing that, the Master of the Ten Regions staggered a few steps backward. He could not believe that he had been tricked!

The leader had nothing more to say. Initially, he had thought that taming the traitors of the Seawatch City would be a surprise to the Ninth Princess, yet he had no clue that an even greater surprise was lying in wait for him.

He had invested such tremendous efforts in persuading the 13 city masters to surrender, only to have every last one of them rapidly eradicated by Su Yu, with his gruesome, swift and uncompromising strategies!

Staring at Su Yu, the leader felt deep hatred as well as a sense of dread. Ten Regions, he bellowed, he wont let you get away! Come join me and let us kill him together!

The Master of the Ten Regions was totally terrified, but since things had turned out this way, he had no more means of retreat. He yelled in agreement, Alright!

In the meantime, the leader commanded, Everyone, listen to my order! Strike at once and kill every single city master on the opposing side! Then, find the Ninth Princess. We will hold back the Yu Demon!

The all-round battle had begun!

If they found the Ninth Princess and took her hostage, Su Yu would surely spare the mouse to save the vase.

The city masters were forced to put up a desperate fight, and they had no choice but to risk their lives at this moment. It was make or break time!

Besides, their chances of winning were still considerably high. As long as the leader and the Master of the Ten Regions could restrain Su Yu, it would only be a matter of time before they killed the opposing city masters and found the Ninth Princess.

Once the Ninth Princess was found, the situation would become definite!

Looking at the opposing city masters who seemed deadly determined and murderous, Su Yu put on a tender smile on his face. Your courage is praiseworthy, however, it is a pity that I will give no you chance of turning your fate around.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, numerous tremendously thick vines emerged from beneath Su Yus feet, sprawling across the ground and extending to the edge of the sky. They weaved together and surrounded an enormous space, forming an enclosed cage.

All of you break out now! the leader yelled as he struck alongside the Master of the Ten Regions.

The leader contributed his powerful bloodline power once again, while the Master of the Ten Regions performed shocking knife techniques.

The two of them joined forces, and their combined strength was not to be slighted. No matter how capable Su Yu considered himself, he would never be a match of them.

However, what if Su Yu had an immortal body?

Su Yu closed his eyes slowly. In the desolate skies above his head, the enormous eye of reincarnation of the Soul Dimension suddenly turned into an emerald expanse. A very long beam of emerald light shot out from the eye and fell upon Su Yu, shrouding him.

From afar, Su Yu looked as delicate and crystal clear as an emerald. He was so exquisite that he looked like a fairy.

Right at that moment, the Master of the Ten Regions knife swung down, carrying the power of the Divine Path and splitting Su Yu into two. Even his soul was not spared as it was slain along with his body.

However, before the Master could show his satisfaction, Su Yu, who had obviously been split into two, moved his right hand. The Power of the Dragon God, the Power of Five Elements as well as the Power of Assimilation united as one, penetrating the Masters body without warning.

The Master of the Ten Regions could not believe it as he looked as his body that was gradually being assimilated. How could a dead man still attack?

Carrying his godly spirit, his soul escaped the moment his demonic body turned into grains.

Right when he thought that this was Su Yus final retaliation before his death, the Demonic Gods Heavenly Prison emerged on Su Yus left palm, and he tossed it into the sky.

Watching as the incredulous scene unfolded, the Master of the Ten Regions felt a sense of deep horror. That wasnt a final retaliation before death! Su Yu had not died at all!

Dodge! the leader screamed at the top of his lungs as he flew forth swiftly, his enormous bloody fist brutally slamming away the Demonic Gods Heavenly Prison.

However, Su Yu, who was already in two halves, launched another attack. A penta-colored mountain flew out from his palm and expanded suddenly in the air to a thousand feet in size, pressing down forcefully.

The leader yelled and slammed towards it with both his fists. But the instant his hand made contact with it, a boundless, immense Five Elemental Power of Assimilation was unleashed from the mountain, completely resolving the bloodline power on him!

Oh no! The leader was horrified. He had never expected Su Yu to have such a creepy miniature mountain constituted of the Power of Five Elements.

But it was too late to do anything about it now.

The nine silver flying swords in the air carried the penta-colored divine brilliance and the Power of Assimilation, piercing right through the leaders body.

At the same time as it pierced him, the Power of Assimilation was forced into his body, assimilating his demonic body into the five primitive elements, turning him into grains.

He was left with only his soul and godly spirit!

Impossible! What on earth is the matter with you? Why cant you be killed? The leader was terrorized beyond words. He could not conceive the scene that he was beholding.

He had killed him twice, but the outcomes before his eyes were unbelievable.

Especially now! He had obviously been split into two and had turned into a dead body, but why was he still not dead yet?

Do you want to know? All of a sudden, Su Yus halved corpse began speaking. The parts of the dead body assembled once again. Even his shattered soul healed to its initial state.

The incredible scene made the two middle-stage Prospective Deities choke on their sharp cold breaths. You you have an immortal body?

They exclaimed in horror as they looked at the emerald light in Su Yus surroundings.

Su Yu smiled gently. Precisely speaking, it is the Domain of Life! In this domain, I have eternal lives, no matter how many times you kill me, I will never end up dead.

Alright, I am done explaining things to you. Now you may rest in peace!


The Demonic Gods Heavenly Prison worked again, detaining both of the middle-stage Prospective Deities in it.

Su Yu took over the heavenly prison and with a clasp of his hands, he melted them immediately.

Inside the heavenly prison, the leaders unwilling and desperate growl of fury resonated, Princess, Your Highness, please come to our rescue!!


It was as though he had squeezed something into pieces. A wave of shocking divine energy was suddenly unleashed from the Demonic Gods Heavenly Prison!

That wasnt the divine energy of a Prospective Deity, it was a terrifying divine energy that only one with a mature godly spirit could unleash.