The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1218

Chapter 1218 The Emissarys Visit

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Even if he was a prophet, he would never have predicted that the Misfortune Deity would leave behind an ultimate misfortune upon his death.

And even less predictably, the misfortune wouldve manifested as a silver-haired demon.

At that moment, the Book Deity dodged swiftly with teleportation.

Unfortunately, misfortune wasnt a material attack. It had manifested early on along with the divine energy he unleashed when he assaulted Su Yu from across the dimension.

The black streams of air lingered around him like silhouettes and slipped into his body effortlessly as the Book Deity growled in anger.

A faintly discernible black mark emerged on his forehead.

In horror, the Book Deity maneuvered his divine energy instantly to chase it off.

Shortly afterward, his brows were furrowed into a deep scowl, his face as gloomy as the dark water.

It was just like the mythical saying: misfortune could only be suppressed but not resolved, and the suppression wouldnt last for too long.

As the Book Deity, he knew everything in the world. Thanks to his immense knowledge, he knew misfortune was nearly irrevocable unless with the help of several methods.

Its the Misfortune Deity from the World of Divine Remains, isnt it? Thats weird. Wasnt he dead already? How is there still an ultimate misfortune left behind in the world? The Sixth Princess pretty eyes turned slowly as she queried in surprise.

She had been calm and composed the whole time, not even hindering the Book Deity whom the misfortune had befallen.

The Book Deity had a gloomy look, the depths of his eyes filled with deep hatred. Who else could it be, apart from the Feather Deity?

What? The Sixth Princess, who was initially calm, raised her brows. Its him?

Hints of iciness filled her crystal-like eyes. She had not forgotten that Su Yu had single-handedly devastated the network of spies that the Demonic Dimension had stationed in the World of Divine Remains!

Neither had she forgotten that Su Yu drew the Death Deity, causing the mayhem on the transmission of the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring.

Were it not for the Demon Emperor, she and her seventh younger brother wouldve nearly been embroiled in the calamity and died.

Putting aside the two old grievances, he had interrupted her big plans once again!

Feather Deity, Yu Demon! The Sixth Princess laughed bitterly, her laughter icy cold. In the galaxy, you have ruined my plans time and time again. In the Demonic Dimension, you have confronted me again and again, ruining my big plans! God forbid that I spare your life!

The Book Deity was consumed by despair, brimming with hatred and bitterness. In the World of Divine Remains, he had painstakingly freed himself from Su Yus intrigue.

Who would have predicted that he would fall victim to Su Yus scheme once again in the Demonic Dimension and be cursed with the Deity Perishing Misfortune!

Book Deity, as a princess, I can neither intervene in the affairs of the Jingyu Realm nor order the deities under me to get involved. Otherwise, it will easily leave traces behind, and well get punished by the Demon Emperor!

However, youre a deity from foreign lands. Even if you flip the entire Jingyu Realm over, it is none of my business! Thus, I will leave the Feather Deity at your disposal!

The Book Deity was silent. If the Sixth Princess got involved, she would be punished, but wouldnt he as an outsider? He was more likely to receive a punishment that was even more dreadful and exacting.

I understand your considerations, but all you need to do is attack the Feather Deity and get rid of him. As long as the Ninth Princess isnt alerted, the Demon Emperor will not be alerted.

The Book Deity seemed to be pondering.

Rest assured, if you can capture the Feather Deity alive, I will implore my imperial Father to help you get rid of the Deity Perishing Misfortune! The only person who could resolve the Deity Perishing Misfortune is the first-ranking strong man of the galaxy, the Demon Emperor!

Having been offered the condition which he desired, the Book Deity finally nodded.

There were only a handful of powers in the world that could resolve the Deity Perishing Misfortune, and one of them belonged to the Demon Emperor.

No wonder the Sixth Princess had only sat back and watched as the Book Deity was possessed by the Deity Perishing Misfortune; it turned out that she was waiting to gain control over him and make him serve her.

I can attack, but am I allowed to kill him? The enmity between the Book Deity and Su Yu could not be put in simple words.

No! I only want him alive, in perfect condition! No matter what, she had to get her grip on Su Yus nature-defying ability to reverse his fate and demonize himself.

The Book Deity was exasperated inside. The enemy was before his very eyes, yet he could only capture but not kill him? How miserable.

But he looked unruffled on the surface. Yes!

As he finished, he turned into a puff of breeze and dissipated from the secret chamber.

Guarded by the nine deities of the Jingyu Realm, the Seawatch City was a prosperous city bustling with activities.

Industries, population, and every other aspect and profession had shown unprecedented improvement and development.

Compared to the Great Eastern Alliance, the Jingyu Realm was even more advanced as a city of the Demonic Dimension.

Rumor had it that the Demonic Dimension was a world of chaos, spartan and harsh environment with cruel killings happening at every corner

As far as the eye could see, it was all peace, prosperity, and splendor in the Demonic Dimension, which far surpassed the Great Eastern Alliance.

The combined capabilities and resources of a mere Moonview City could rival almost half of the Great Eastern Alliances.

Putting aside the faraway areas, a single city had 81 Demon Masters of the Prospective-Deity level. How many Prospective Deities were there in the entire Great Eastern Alliance? Not more than 200.

Gazing at the Seawatch City from the Boid, Su Yu had realized the insignificance of the Great Eastern and Western Alliances.

They didnt need the whole army of the Demonic Dimension. Any of the Princes or Princesses could lead the creatures of their territories to march into and conquer the Great Eastern Alliance with complete ease.

What on earth is happening? If the Demonic Dimension had wanted to destroy the Great Eastern Alliance, they would have done it long ago. Why are they being so discreet and cautious, spending several hundred years to lay arrangements?

Su Yus doubt intensified. His questions could only be answered by the members of the royal house.

It seemed like he had to help Puppy recover part of its abilities so that it could communicate freely.

With the support of dozens of surrendered Prospective Deities, Su Yu seized control over the city masters mansion.

The mansion had been left behind by the former city master. Not only was it adorned everywhere with the writings of deities, but even the treasury of the mansion was also preserved.

After investigation, Su Yu was surprised that many of the resources were objects that could only be used by individuals of the deitys level. They mightve not been useful to Su Yu, but they could provide unexpected benefits to the Evil God and God Kylin.

Of course, there many resources which Su Yu could utilize as well, especially those that could help him achieve a breakthrough into the Mortal Fairy level.

Having appeased the crisis this time, Su Yu had the feeling that the next crisis wasnt far away.

He had very little free time, so he had to seize the opportunity to break into the Mortal Fairy level.

Once he attained the level of Mortal Fairies, the Heavens Son Gazing at Air Technique and his godly spirit would benefit tremendously, and his capacity would improve by leaps and bounds once again.

The only problem was that Su Yu was human. If he broke into the Mortal Fairy level and triggered the unusual phenomena of the peculiar demon race, it wouldve led to disaster.

Therefore, he had to figure out a way to conceal the unusual phenomena during his breakthrough.

Right when Su Yu was contemplating, Shaer walked up to him from behind.

Qianjun had led the army to attack the city masters who disobeyed his command. Because Shaer had replaced her fathers post to deliver Su Yus orders, she looked just like a trusted follower of Su Yu.

City master, the Demon Cloud City Master has sent an emissary to meet you.

The Demon Cloud City was one of the nine great cities of the Jingyu Realm, and its city master was a genuine deity.

Alright, bring him to the reception parlor, Su Yu said. He had just assumed the post of the city master, and Su Yu had expected other city masters to visit.

He just wasnt certain if the visitor was an ally or an enemy.

He couldnt determine which among the eight other city masters were still faithful to the Ninth Princess.

Perhaps when the Ninth Princess was at her pinnacle, they had been loyal and devoted. With her current state, however, they had likely turned their backs on her.

After Shaer left, Su Yu summoned the Ninth Princess and stroked her furry head. Puppy, are there any deities in the cities you think I could trust? Su Yu asked, knowing it was unlikely.

Puppy contemplated very intently before shaking its head.

Was there none? Puppy was clear about its circumstances. No one could be trusted at this point.

Su Yu couldnt help but frown at the fact that there wasnt anyone who could be of help to him. The enemy was the Sixth Princess, who had the Book Deity and several other deities by her side. It would be unnerving not to have had any helpful deities by his side.

Isnt there anything I could use against them to make them surrender?

Puppy shook its head.

Then is there a means of retreat that can be used to halt them and prevent the situation today from happening again?

Puppy shook its head again.

Su Yus veins leaped, as he stared at her and questioned, As a princess, what do you usually do?

Eat! Puppy uttered the word with great difficulty.

What else?


Other than that?


Enough, you useless princess! Su Yus head was throbbing. As a member of the royal household, how could she not know about the cruel nature of the competition, which far exceeded what the commoners would ever face?

Commoners either won or lost in a competition.

But the competition in a royal house was a matter of life and death!

Despite the vastness of the Demonic Dimension, the royal members only consisted of the Demon Emperor and his nine descendants. Where were the Demon Emperors siblings back then?

They most likely perished in pools of blood.

Puppy bared its fangs in protest. She wanted to tell Su Yu that if he ever called her useless again, she would bite you.

In that case, you have neither any control over the nine deities under your jurisdiction nor any means of retreat that can intimidate them. I dont feel bad for you in your predicament today.

Su Yus head ached terribly. There were eight deities whom they had no control over. If any of them harbored malice, major calamities would ensue.

Based on the current situation, the emissary from the Demon Cloud City was very unlikely to be a kind one.

A brief moment later, in the great reception hall

The emissary from the Demon Cloud City was a middle-stage Prospective Deity, and even a rare, purebred demon!

I am an emissary from the Demon Cloud City, here to greet City Master Yu Demon, the emissary said as he looked Su Yu in the eye, neither arrogant nor humble.

Shaer creased her dainty brows and yelled, What an insolent emissary! It is basic etiquette to bend one knee when you greet the city master. If even an insignificant demon king like me knows that, how could you not know this?

An emissary shouldve been more aware than anyone when it came to manners.

The emissary had a placid look in his eyes as he said, The Demon Cloud City only crowns heroes in terms of their strength and capabilities. To command respect and decent manners, you need to be equally powerful.

His words were meant for Su Yu. A mere Peak All Creations did not deserve the manners that were meant for deities.

Shaer yelled, Wanton! How dare you calumniate our city master!

I was just speaking the truth. If you insist on punishing me for that, I have nothing else to say, the emissary remarked with indifference.

Shaer was so angry she laughed. This emissary was way too arrogant, having no respect for Su Yu at all.

Even though the word about Su Yu being appointed the new city master had spread around, the news about him conducting a massacre in the Agile Demonic City and destroyed three middle-stage Prospective Deities had not gotten around. It was probably too early for it to have spread far enough.

If the emissary before him knew about it, he would never be brave enough to behave so wantonly.

She intended to continue the argument, but Su Yu waved a hand to stop her. He said, He is our guest, and I have never placed much importance on things like manners. Tell me, what has the Demon Cloud City Master sent you here for?

The emissary looked at Su Yu and took out a badge that emitted the jet-black luster of metal.

The Divine Order of the Demon Cloud City Master!

Seeing this badge means seeing the Demon Cloud City Master himself! The emissary held the badge in his hand and yelled softly. His stare was fixed on Su Yu as he waited for him to act.

Su Yu sat tight on the main seat without budging an inch. Indifferent, he said, Did the Demon Cloud City Master send you here just to show me the badge?

The emissary withdrew the badge, and replied without humility, I received the order of the Demon Cloud City Master to represent his full authority and discuss a matter with the Seawatch City Master.

Hmm! Su Yu raised his brows slightly. This Demon Cloud City Master had no respect for him at all!

As a city master just like him, the Demon Cloud City Master sent his subordinate to negotiate with him. What he implied was that the Demon Cloud City Master did not see Su Yus status as any different from a middle-stage Prospective Deity.

Beside him, Shaer was exasperated as she heard it. The Demon Cloud City has gone too far!

At Su Yus side, Puppy blinked and thought to itself, The Demon Cloud City Master is a real bully. Is he always this impudent when Im not around, treating my command like it is nothing?