The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1219

Chapter 1219 Having Respect For No One

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Looking down on Su Yu was the same as disrespecting the Ninth Princess.

If he still had any respect for the Ninth Princess, he wouldnt have deliberately committed such an insulting act.

Su Yu was calm and composed. If it had been any other successor of the position, they would never have accepted such a humiliating negotiation.

However, Su Yu could accept it.

Well, whatever it is that you wanted to discuss, you may speak, Su Yu said casually, leaning against the main seat.

Ahh! Shaer was completely taken aback. As far as she knew, Su Yu had never been one to eat the humble pie and endure insults without protest.

The emissary stared at Su Yu with great disdain. thinking of how he held the position of the city master but did not possess the caliber to maintain it. He was bound to bring shame to himself sooner or later.

The more Su Yu laid down his pride, the more the emissary looked down on him. Inadvertently, he sat up straight, giving off his usual dignified aura.

The Demon Cloud City Master has sent his command: now that the Princess is severely injured, she needs capable subordinates to protect her, to prevent those with evil intentions to bring harm upon Her Highness in this time of crisis. Hence, he has sent me here to invite the Princess back to the Demon Cloud City.

What? Did he want to take the Princess away?

Shaer and Puppy were both startled. They hadnt expected such a request!

But Su Yu seemed as if he had expected it. He secretly thought to himself, He came for this!

He believed that the Demon Cloud City Master wasnt the only one!

Now that Her Highness was seriously injured, whoever protected her would become her spokesperson.

If the Demon Cloud City Master summoned the rest of the city masters to come forth for a meeting in the name of Her Highness, who would dare to disobey? Because disobedience meant defiance against Her Highness and was the same as betrayal!

Who was wild enough to think of controlling the ruler to order her dukes around in mind?

Besides, some among them could be planning on seizing Her Highness and handing her over to the Sixth Princess to be finished off.

You have to inquire Her Highness willingness on this matter, Su Yu stated with indifference.

The emissary was secretly mocking him. He was far more useless and cowardly than he had thought, having given in so easily!

Then do invite Her Highness out here, I believe Her Highness will make a judicious decision, the emissary said.


A furry mass of snowy white little beast rolled out from beneath Su Yus feet, its pitch-dark, bright eyes looking at the emissary.

The emissary was stunned for a moment, the look on his face changed. He got down on one knee, and said with respect, Demon Master Tian Ling from the Demon Cloud City, greetings Your Highness!

It was said that the Ninth Princess had been reduced back into her Original Form. As an emissary, it was his duty to know about the Princess Original Form beforehand. Thus, he easily figured out that the snowy little beast before him was the Ninth Princess.

Puppy nodded gently and uttered two words with difficulty. Get up.

The emissary got up and said solemnly with a bow, Your Highness, please move to the Demon Cloud City. The Demon Cloud City Master is greatly concerned with Your Highness safety and is willing to safeguard Your Highness with his life.

Puppy snorted coldly inside. How amusing. He would never meet me in person, but his emissary says that he would safeguard me with his life? If he still has any regard for me, he wouldve met with me himself instead of sending a nobody like you!

I am not going! Puppy stated its intention concisely and straightforwardly.

She wasnt stupid. She couldnt rely on any of the eight deities.

Although Su Yu had been very mean to her, he was the only person who had no reason to kill her.

The emissary wasnt surprised. After all, the Yu Demon was the savior of the Ninth Princess life, trusting him was reasonable.

Unbeknownst to you, Your Highness, the Demon Cloud City Master found out that a mysterious group of killers who harbor malicious intentions against you has infiltrated the Seawatch City. If you do not leave soon, your safety will not be guaranteed, Your Highness!

His words sounded like good-willed persuasion to hide the fact that it was an imposing threat.

Puppy sneered to herself. If the Demon Cloud City Master is aware of the presence of those killers, why hasnt he taken any actions? And now youre threatening me with it. Im glad that the Yu Demon has gotten rid of them all!

As she thought of it, Puppy suddenly felt that she was even safer now as Su Yus captive. Otherwise, she would have died at the hands of those people by now.

Having the Seawatch City Master is enough Puppy spoke painstakingly.

The emissary scowled lightly. Not even a threat worked on her?

Forgive my forthrightness, Your Highness. The current Seawatch City Master is vulnerable in terms of his capabilities, he is not powerful enough to hold the evildoers back. I sincerely hope that you consider the Demon Cloud City Masters suggestion carefully, Your Highness.

There is no need to consider Im only staying in Seawatch City.

The emissary creased his brows into a deep frown. Since persuading Her Highness did not work, then he could only threaten this worthless city master!

Facing Su Yu, the emissary straightened his posture naturally and held his head up high. Seawatch City Master, perhaps you have just assumed the post and have yet to understand the Demon Cloud City Masters temper well.

If he has requested to do it, I strongly advise you against defying the Demon Cloud City Masters instructions. That will result in benefits to every party!

As he spoke, the emissary retrieved a pitch-black skull filled with the liquefied power of the Demon God.

This is a reward from the Demon Cloud City Master to you, for rescuing Her Highness, the emissary set it down on the table and muttered to himself.

If you cooperate with the Demon Cloud City Master, the benefits that you receive are far beyond your imagination! At least a single word from the Demon Cloud City Master could save you numerous troubles!

Apart from that, if the Demon Cloud City Master is satisfied with your performance, he might consider getting rid of the unknown strong men hiding in the city for you. This is a precious opportunity for you to secure your position as the city master!

Su Yu looked at the emissary with a placid smile on his face, quietly listening as he talked about the benefits that he was promised.

Seeing that Su Yu was unmoved, the emissary thought to himself, Are these benefits not enough for him? Humph, what a greedy man. But I understand.

He had gone from a little demon whose name was unheard of to a city master by just one leap. When a vile person got his way, it was normal that his gluttonous nature was exposed! It seemed like there was a need to give him a blow!

The emissary took a leisurely leap of his tea and put on a mirthless smile. I take it that the Seawatch City Master has no clue about your current circumstances yet?

Do you think that receiving Her Highness edict made you a real city master? Without the approval and support of the other city masters, I can guarantee that you wont be able to secure your place for more than a fortnight!

You will either be overthrown by the masters under the jurisdiction of the Seawatch City, or youll be finished off by the assassins lying in ambush!

Haha, maybe youre too naive, thinking that Her Highness edict means you could have it all. The truth is that many people think the Seawatch City Master is a nobody! He said ungraciously.

He said nonchalantly, Dont blame me for making such straightforward remarks. I did this to make you realize your limitations! You should be grateful!

Up to this point, he had stopped concealing his contempt and disrespect for Su Yu.

Alright, I have said what needed to be said. If you hand Her Highness over to the Demon Cloud City Master, you will be rewarded. And if the Demon Cloud City Master is in a good mood, he will help you get rid of the hidden strong men.

This has a determining impact in your effort of securing the city masters position! If you refuse, I am certain that you will be evicted pretty soon.

The emissary stared at Su Yu and waited for him to make his decision, looking cool and unhurried.

The placid smile on Su Yus face did not falter once. Haha, have I not made myself clear? If Her Highness is willing, I will not stop you.

But Her Highness isnt willing, the emissary pressed on.

Su Yu replied, Hence, I will stop you.

Humph! The emissary furrowed his brows into a deep frown, set down the teacup forcefully and squinted his eyes. Seawatch City Master! Do you even hear yourself? Say that again!

I said, I will stop you! Su Yu remarked calmly, and the smile on his face faded, looking calm and unruffled. The Demon Cloud City Master has sent a deaf man as an emissary. Is he running out of competent workers?

The emissary was stupefied. How dare a nobody like him who had gained success overnight treated him like that?!

How dare you! The emissary slammed the table and got up, his brows creased into a deep scowl. How could you humiliate the Demon Cloud City Master?!

In reality, he was infuriated by how Su Yu insulted him right in his face!

I should be the one who feels humiliated, that a deaf man has been sent to visit me! Su Yu remarked dispassionately and waved his sleeves. Go back and tell the Demon Cloud City Master that Her Highness is not willing to return, and Im not willing to let her either. The matter is decided, so there is no more room for a bargain.

Yeah, by the way, if he sends more emissaries in the future, tell him to send a smarter one.

As the owner, Su Yu ordered his guest to leave.

Since both parties were no longer on good terms, it was impossible to turn the situation around.

The emissary forced out a burst of angry laughter. A vile man who gets his way knows nothing about his real capacity! What a waste of my time to offer you advice on your current plight. It turns out that you are an arrogant, self-righteous idiot!

Su Yus eyes turned cold as he cast an indifferent look upon him.

Haha, how dare you still look at me? Do you think youre the Seawatch City Master? Idiot, you mean nothing to me! The emissary blurted out, no longer hiding his disdain.

With a sweep of his glance, he skipped Su Yu with total disregard and pinned his stare on Puppy, who was hiding behind Su Yus back.

He said, Under the order of the Demon Cloud City Master, I will take Her Highness back with me by all possible means, and she must accept protection by the Demon Cloud City Master! If I have offended you in any way, do forgive me, Your Highness!

The emissary bellowed as he stepped forward directly to seize Puppy.

Puppy was so furious that she was trembling terribly. She was like a tiger that got bullied by dogs when it wasnt within its own territory. How dare a mere middle-stage Prospective Deity treat her so impudently? Did he still have any respect for her as the Princess?

Stop it! I am notgoing to the Demon Cloud Citywhoever goes against my ordershould be beheaded! Amid her wrath, Puppy blurted out a string of words.

However, the emissary pretended not to hear her as he advanced in wide strides. Somberly, he said, Forgive me for not being able to abide by your order, Your Highness. For your safety, I have to take you to the Demon Cloud City!

Puppy was boiling with rage, murderous desires brimming inside her. You, how dare you!!

The emissary ignored her completely as a cold sneer flickered in the depths of his eyes. As a Princess who had lost power, did she still think that she was the Princess she used to be?

As he sneered, he made his way to Su Yus front with his hands behind his back. Without even casting a glance at Su Yu, he forced him out of the way with his shoulder and headed straight for the Princess.

The arrogant, supercilious look in his eyes was outrageous!

However, the imaginary scene where Su Yu collapsed onto the ground and shrieking in agony did not happen.

Instead, when his shoulder collided with Su Yu, it felt like he had crashed into a mass of cotton!

What? The emissary was slightly taken aback. With the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of a remnant penta-colored brilliance, and Su Yus shadow was nowhere to be seen.

Hold on! Was that teleportation?

In his shock and bewilderment, an immense, enormous force struck him from behind.

The emissary was caught unaware. He only managed to extend both his fists in time before the enormous force struck him.

The immensity of the force gushed into his body with enough power to topple mountains and overturn oceans, pulverizing both his fists and hurling him onto the ground brutally. He rolled several times on the ground, only stopping when a great half of the hall fell apart.

From the debris, the emissary scrambled out with his mouth full of blood and his face full of filth and dust, looking at where he stood a moment ago with utter stupefaction.

A silver-haired demon shrouded in penta-colored divine brilliance looked at him with nonchalance. Bold of you to come to vie for a person with that meager capacity of yours.