The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1220

Chapter 1220 Aggressive Coercion

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You The emissary was somewhat baffled. He looked at Su Yu, then at his surroundings. He couldnt quite figure out who was the attacker.

What you? Shaer had her hands on her slim waist, as she blabbered in anger, Who asked you to press on so aggressively and compel the city master to attack! You got what you wished for, and you deserve it!

The emissarys pupils shrank slightly as he glanced Su Yu up and down in disbelief. What? It was you?

The blow carried the strength of a middle-stage Prospective Deity, so how could it have come from a mere All Creations?

Impossible! The emissary bellowed coldly, Who attacked just now? Get the hell out here!

Su Yu strode out calmly. Placid, he said, Not only is the emissary from the Demon Cloud City deaf, but he is also blind.

As he finished speaking, the sudden penta-colored divine brilliance that Su Yu transformed into instantly disappeared.

Right when the emissary realized it, Su Yu had teleported three feet in front of him. With his terrorized eyes pinned on him, Su Yu held the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy in his hand and casually thrust it into his chest.

The lethal energy hidden in the long spear and Su Yus teleportation struck the emissary, his heart shuddering with great shock and dread.

It was him! He was the one who attacked!

A mere All Creations was capable of threatening him!

Having been forced to accept the reality, the emissary remained unconvinced. A desire for competition rose within him.

He sneered, Such profound concealment, you have some skills, dont you! In that case, allow a nobody like me to have a taste of your supreme magical powers, Lord City Master!

Impregnable Warrior! The instant the long spear thrust towards him, the emissary bellowed. The surface of his physical body was shaped like numerous pieces of bean curd, rapidly glistening with the sheen of bronze.

When the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy filled with divine energy stabbed into the bronze-colored body, it was like a small knife pricking on granite.

With a crisp sound, the long spear ricocheted off.

A long spear filled with Evil Fatal Energy Is that all that you could depend on? The emissary taunted. When a vile man gets his way, they often become blinded by arrogance. Even if the weapon is of great quality, its supposed power wont be unleashed if the user is weak. What is the point then?


With a flip of his palm, he took out a pitch-black walking stick covered in hideous inverted pricks with remnant black demon blood that contained some faint divine energy.

Countless Prospective Deities have died under the walking stick!

Ill give you a taste of the power of the greatest master of the Demon Cloud City to wake you up and make you know where you stand! As the emissary fiddled with the walking stick, the corners of his lips twitched into a callous smile.


The emissary moved like a bolt of lightning. With the walking stick in his hand, he thrust it in Su Yus direction as if he were a phantom.

But the sensation upon contact informed the emissary that it was only a remnant shadow of Su Yu in front of him.

Using the old trick again, are you running out of ideas? The emissary wasnt surprised but looked contemptuous instead. He got up abruptly and slashed behind him as he laughed coldly. Right here!


With a noise of metals colliding with each other, the walking stick struck a concrete object.

At the same time, the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy appeared out of nowhere again.

The emissary made no effort to dodge, his eyes full of scorn. You already know that this trick is useless, yet you use it again. Do you not have any other tactics to use? Im starting to feel sorry you

Are you? Right in front of him, Su Yu held a silver sword covered in resplendent lights in his left hand. Somehow, the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy in his right hand was shrouded in the splendor as well.


All of a sudden, the emissary felt his chest freeze, followed by a stabbing pain. He looked down subconsciously, and his pupils constricted to the size of a needle.

You The long spear of Evil Fatal Energy easily pierced through his chest as if piercing through a piece of paper, impaling him from the front to the back!

From his back, the long spear pushed the beating black heart right out of his body as it gave off the powerful sound of heartbeats.

Shortly afterward, Su Yus long spear trembled, and the demonic heart shattered into fragments without any warning.

The Evil Fatal Energy contained in the long spear surged into his body like mad waves of seawater.

In an instant, his body was filled with it, that even his eyes turned pitch-black.


With a horrified howl, the emissary shook off the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy by force, and the heart in chest reassembled. Even his wounds were rapidly healing, and the Evil Fatal Energy in his body was suppressed.

After being used several times, the strength of the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy had weakened gradually and was no longer capable of killing a middle-stage Prospective Deity in a single blow.

However, with his body full of Evil Fatal Energy at this point, the emissary had lost most of his strength by now.

What the hell was that divine light with five colors? It assimilated my chest as the Power of Five Elements in an instant! The emissary growled in a low voice.


In response, the Five Elements Mountain came colliding abruptly. He intended to shun away but was still sent flying off by the collision, his whole body covered in blood.

Shaer had no sympathy for him and sneered, Still haughty at this point huh? He must not care for his own life at all!


The Five Elements Mountain rose again and came pouncing with an immense oppressive force.

The emissary put on a fierce look and glared at Su Yu with deep hatred, his figure recoiling. He yelled, Fine! I will remember this day, and I will deliver your words to the Demon Cloud City Master. I hope that you dont regret it in the future! Humph!


The vast Power of Five Elements unleashed from the Five Elements Mountain slammed the recoiling emissary from across the air until he was flying off again. This time, his physical body cracked and he nearly shattered into pieces.

Enough of you! The emissary staggered to his feet and bellowed thunderously in rage. How dare you coerce me with just a handful of treasures!

Su Yu replied dispassionately, It was you who coerced me, wasnt it?

The emissary exclaimed in a dark, stern voice, Humph! I will return this humiliation in the future!

He turned to leave. Right as he left, a wave of Power of Five Elements befell from the heavens, bombarding him until he was rolling on the ground again.

Before the emissary could even growl, Su Yu questioned, Who gave you the permission to leave?

What?! The emissarys face froze, and he raised in voice in fury, What are you trying to do? I am the emissary sent by the Demon Cloud City Master! Even if the two nations get engaged in a crossfire, nobody has the right to kill emissaries!

This was the reason he was fearless to offend Su Yu, assuming that he wouldnt do him substantial harm even if given extra courage.

Leisurely, Su Yu said, Emissaries? Emissaries from which nation would pick fights for no reason and emissaries from which nation would snatch their Princess away?

Her Highness just said that she is not willing to head for the Demon Cloud City, and whoever disobeys her order should be beheaded! You went against Her Highness wish brazenly and tried to capture her by force.

You have turned against Her Highness, and you are now a traitor who no longer has a place in the Jingyu Realm, and deserve to be loathed by all!


The Five Elements Mountain crashed down with a booming sound, the massive Power of Five Elements oppressing the emissary until he could not move.

He struggled to resist the Five Elements Mountain gradually descending upon him and bellowed, How dare you! I am the first-ranking master of the Demon Cloud City and have received the command from the Demon Cloud City Master, do you know how severe the consequences are if you kill me?

He was truly anxious.

Su Yu dared to kill him!

Is the Demon Cloud City Master that amazing? Well, this is the Seawatch City. No matter how amazing he is, he has no power over me! Su Yu proclaimed coldly.

The emissary had a fretful, nervous look on his face as he yelled in a stern voice, Think clearly! Without Lord Demon Cloud City Master, can you secure the city masters position? Only in your dreams!

On the sidelines, Shaer had enough of the emissarys condescending behavior. She said mockingly, Are you talking about the various masters under the jurisdiction?

What a pity that they have been as proud as you before, but having witnessed the heavenly power of my master, all of them have surrendered and sworn their loyalty. My masters position needs not to be worried by you.

What, was she serious? The emissary was inwardly stupefied. With Su Yus capacity, it was impossible for those feeble, timid masters to surrendered!

One of the trump cards which he prided himself on had been discarded.

Humph! What do you have to be proud of? Have you forgotten what I said? There are many mysterious assassins in Seawatch City. All of them have come for the Princess without the protection of shelter by the Demon Cloud City Master. I dont mean to belittle you, but all of your heads will be gone from your shoulders in a fortnight!

Because based on what I know, there are at least two middle-stage Prospective Deities among them and nearly a hundred early-stage Prospective Deities! Dare I ask, without the intervention of the Demon Cloud City Master, can you hold them back?

Shaer put on a piteous look. I feel sorry for you, I really do! Shouldnt you have asked around before you came here? Arent your so-called mysterious assassins dispatched by the Sixth Princess? A purebred demon, and a half-bred demon named Molong, am I right?

How did you know that? The emissary was taken aback, and he blurted out in disbelief. He hadnt even sorted out the true identities of the visitors!

Shaer chortled. Of course I know. They have both been butchered by my master. As for the rest of the hundred early-stage Prospective Deities, they have all surrendered to my master and sworn loyalty to him until the day they die!

What?! The emissary drew in a sharp cold breath. Two middle-stage Prospective Deities and a hundred early-stage Prospective Deities formed such a colossal military force, yet all of them had been defeated?

Shaer finally released her sulks and laughed in disdain. From the moment you came, you behaved like you were doing a charity, saying things like if we serve your city master well, my master gets to secure his position and all that.

To be honest, I got the feeling from the start that you were sent here by the Demon Cloud City Master to entertain my master.

The emissary was in no mood to respond to Shaers sarcastic remarks at this point, drenched in cold sweat of dread.

The confidence he prided himself upon had crumbled into pieces.

The vile man who got his way whom he looked down upon had defeated him in terms of competence.

The weakness of the new city master which he got hold of was also a joke.

In that case, what other reason did he have to negotiate with Su Yu?

Seeing the Five Elements Mountain increasing in weight, the emissary finally put on a friendly look and showed his insincerity. I have offended you before. Please forgive me, city master. Considering that I am an emissary, I hope you dont take my past misdeeds to heart.

It sounded like he was surrendering, but what he said recently about returning the humiliation in the future still lingered.

I do not forgive you.

You are the master of a city! The emissary exclaimed. What he implied was that a city master should have the same magnanimity as a leader.

Didnt you say that according to the rules of the Demon Cloud City Master, competence is more important than positions? I am not as competent as the rest of the city masters, so I shall not be considered a city master. Thus, there is no need for me to forgive you with the status of a city master.

Upon hearing that, the emissarys face turned pale with fright. Wasnt it what he told Su Yu at the very beginning?

He did not regard Su Yu as the city master because the Demon Cloud City placed importance on competence instead of on positions.

He was the one who blocked his path of retreat completely.

Walking up to the emissary, Su Yu said with nonchalance, You have been rude to me and looked down on me, but I did not mind. There are so many people in this world, and those who look down on me are way too innumerable. How tiring will it be if I fuss about each of them?

Hence, I let you go and allowed you to return. Yet, you went on to behave impudently. In that case, I shall have no mercy on you.

Having said those words, the Five Elements Mountain pressed down once again with a deafening boom.

Powerless and defenseless, the emissary was completely suppressed underneath the mountain.

Shaer scurried over, extremely pleased to have vented her anger. My Lord, how are we going to deal with him?