The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1221

Chapter 1221 The Purple Eyed Demonic God

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Of course getting you out of the way will save me trouble, The silver sword in Su Yus hand gleamed and sliced the emissarys head off his neck. With the Demonic Gods Heavenly Prison, his soul and godly spirit were plundered.

Be careful and keep this crumpet, Shaer. If emissaries from other cities come to visit, youll be in charge of receiving them. If they arent friendly enough, show them this crumpet, Su Yu said placidly.

There wouldnt be just one emissary from the cities.

How about the Demon Cloud City Master? Should we inform him of this? Shaer asked.

Well just send him a message.

Just as Su Yu had expected, two other emissaries came to visit him three days later.

Like the Demon Cloud City Master, they had only sent two Prospective Deities for negotiation.

In the great reception hall, the young Shaer received the Prospective Deities with the bearing of an adult.

We represent the city master. What right do you have to negotiate with us? Youre just an insignificant Mortal Fairy.

Since I represent the Seawatch City Master, were of the same status. Whats wrong with that? Shaer questioned in return.

What a joke! Who does the Seawatch City Master think he is? We all know deep down he has no right to be put on par with us! Call him out right now. We have matters to discuss with him!

Haha, there used to be an emissary who came to negotiate that same way, but it didnt end well. Shaer was half-smiling.

Cut the crap, I dont care about any emissaries. We came here to meet the Seawatch City Master. Im giving you 30 minutes to bring him here immediately!

Well, while I go get him, you can admire this present. Shaer got up gracefully and set down the jade box containing the crumpet before walking off briskly.

Ah! The first-ranking master of the Demon Cloud City, Zhao Yunfei!!

What? Its him! How how did he die?

Shaer turned and said, Isnt offending the master of a city something worth getting killed for? Oh, and it was our city master who did it himself! Now take your time to admire it while I go get my master.

He must be very pleased to see you, but he has said that if he meets another foolish emissary like Zhao Yunfei, hell gladly meet with them!

How could this have happened? Zhao Yunfei was a better fighter than them. He was the first-ranking master of the Demon Cloud City, which was one of the nine cities. And yet, Zhao Yunfei was slaughtered, let alone by them!

Hold on, Miss Shaer, we have made up our minds. Well do as you have suggested and just negotiate with you. You dont need to alert the Seawatch City Master. The emissary glanced at Zhao Yunfeis eyes and shuddered inward; they remained wide open even in death.

Shaer was baffled. Hm, didnt you say that you wanted to see the city master in 30 minutes?

That was just a mistake, Miss Shaer. You must have heard it wrongly, hahaha

In that case, let us discuss.

In a fortnight, about five to six emissaries paid their visits one after another. Those whose attitudes were unfriendly or condescending became upon seeing Zhao Yunfeis crumpet.

Some emissaries did not even mention taking Her Highness away. Instead, they rushed out after a perfunctory conversation.

In the meantime, news about the war at the Pinawan Demon City had spread to various cities.

Everyone was stupefied by Su Yus achievement of obliterating nearly a hundred early-stage Prospective Deities and three middle-stage deities on his own.

From then on, no more so-called emissaries came to visit again. Discussions of their intention to take Her Highness away had ceased.

Seawatch City had regained its peace and serenity, but an unknown danger was lurking underneath.

In the boisterous market walked a fair-faced, middle-aged man without a beard but a black mark on his forehead. He wore a robe, and his eyes flickered with a profound gleam.

He appeared just like any other ordinary man, with nothing special about him.

Gazing at the city masters mansion from afar, the man could hardly suppress the growing urge to kill in his eyes.

He quickly held them back and continued walking in the market as if nothing had happened. He was in fact, heading towards the mansion discreetly.

The Book Deity prided himself upon being knowledgeable of everything in the world. Having fought hand to hand with Su Yu many times, however, he frankly wouldve admitted that Su Yu was devilishly clever.

His schemes were careful and meticulous, laying traps with every step.

Having been at a disadvantage several times against him, the Book Deity did not think his discreetness was irrelevant at the time.

He did not even doubt that he would barge into the mansion to find Su Yu waiting for him for a long time!

Meanwhile, in the mansion

Su Yu was indeed waiting. It wasnt the Book Deity who came in the end, but another deity Su Yu did not expect to come.

Inside the reception chamber, Su Yu received his guest in person.

The visitor was an old man with a head of white hair.

Based on his intuition, Su Yu could sense that the old man was as vulnerable as the Crane Deity back then.

Deities had a definite lifespan as well; the deterioration of godly spirit was a sign that a deity was at the brink of death by old age.

A deity like him who would soon perish decided to look for Su Yu.

Furthermore, he was also one of the nine city masters; he was the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. He was ranked in the ninth position, the least powerful deity among the nine cities.

Su Yu couldnt ignore this city master. He had gone out of his way to meet with him in person, after all.

Purple-Eyed Demonic God, did you come here just for a place to rest? Su Yu was slightly surprised. Upon his arrival, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God had been silently sitting with his eyes closed the whole time.

In response to Su Yus question, the Purple-Eyed Demonic Gods opened his eyes.

His purple-colored eyes were rarely seen, with an enigmatic and shrewd gleam swirling within.

When his gaze met those eyes, Su Yus heart trembled slightly. He worried that the old man mightve seen through him.

Haha The Purple-Eyed Demonic Gods voice was hoarse and gruff, with a touch of the withered years and vicissitudes of life.

There seemed to be a wilted, decayed air about him as he spoke. This was a scent unique to the deities who were close to their imminent deaths.

It is better to meet someone in person rather than hear about them. No wonder youre an entity capable of rescuing a deity from the hands of the Giant of the Bitter Sea. You possess the Power of the Heavenly Law that could transcend time and space.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic Gods words caught Su Yu off guard, who became overcome with shock.

He knew that Su Yu possessed the Power of Time and Space with just one glance at him. He even knew that he saved the Tree Goddess from the mouth of the Giant of the Bitter Sea!

He wasnt around then, so how could he have known that now?

Su Yu squinted his eyes, his murderous intent slowly emerging in them.

Haha, dont rush into a fight. The tactics you arranged are presumably prepared for another deity. If you use them now, it will be much less effective than you think, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God remarked with a senile smile.

Su Yus pupils constricted slightly. He even knew about this!!

He had kept an eye on the Book Deitys advent the whole time, but this old man had seen right through his plans.

You know far too much, old man.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God chuckled. The other deities said the same thing, but none of them trusted me except for the Ninth Princess.

Yeah, because shes a fool, Su Yu said. Most people wouldnt leave someone who knew their secrets unattended, let alone trust them.

The naive, absentminded Puppy was the only one who offered him shelter without any worries and made him the master of a city.

Hehe The Purple-Eyed Demonic God took a glance at Puppy, who was lying on her stomach in front of Su Yus feet. He seemed to have found out about the colorless mark on Puppys body, but he didnt bring attention to it.

In that case, did the Purple-Eyed Demonic God visit me hoping to take the Ninth Princess away?

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God chortled and shook his head. I am old and worn. I do not have the courage of young people to risk making foes of the eight other city masters.

Whoever got hold of Her Highness would be targeted by everyone. This was a common belief in the Jingyu Realm.

Oh? Then did you come to find a junior like me to chat about life and get rid of your loneliness? Su Yu questioned him without much interest.

Right. The Purple-Eyed Demonic Gods reply made Su Yu choke.

I did find you to talk about life, The Purple-Eyed Demonic God was somber and earnest.

Su Yu was secretly bewildered.

However, I am old now and have no life to talk about. Instead, Id like to talk about my heirs life, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God told him softly.

Su Yu listened patiently. A deity who went out of their way to personally visit him must have wanted something.

My heir has inherited my Divine Path and is in the process of striving a breakthrough into a divine position. Once I perish, my divine position will be vacant for my heir to naturally receive, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God said.

If everything is normal, my heir will rise as the city master after my demise. However, after your arrival at the Demonic Dimension, nothing has been normal.

Just as expected, he had eventually shifted the focus onto Su Yu.

Drawing the Giant of the Bitter Sea to come ashore, causing the Ninth Princess to be seriously injured, making the Sixth Princess restless all the deities of the Jingyu Realm have ulterior motives now!

It used to be a land of peace and joy, but there has been endless unrest and upheaval since you arrived. Im not sure if youre aware that you are the root of all this chaos, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God stated thoughtfully, his purple eyes flickering.

The root of all chaos? Now that he thought about it, chaos and turmoil had arisen wherever Su Yu went.

No matter where he went on the Zhenlong continent in Jiuzhou within the galaxy, there were always gruesome winds and rains of blood.

From martial artists to deities, many had perished amidst the turbulence.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God reminded Su Yu that his life had been filled with immense chaos and unrest, especially of late!

When he got to the Great Eastern Alliance and caused the hundred deities to fight and annihilate the traitors who had turned to the demon race, he had led a reign of terror. Even the heavens cried with blood as all the creatures whimpered in grief.

In the World of Divine Remains, all the deities had perished and the eight great cavern worlds were wiped out; the World of Divine Remains had vanished from the world.

When he came to the Demonic Dimension, he caused the Giant of the Bitter Sea to come ashore before ultimately wreaking havoc to the Jingyu Realm.

There was even an uproar which Su Yu had unintentionally caused. Had he intended to do so, a small half of the Demonic Dimension would have ended up in the turmoil.

In that case, you havent come to eradicate me as the root of all chaos, right? Su Yu was calm and composed. If the Purple-Eyed Demonic God had wanted to kill him, he would have done so by now.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God laughed. Of course not! Killing you wont benefit at all. Besides, Im not necessarily capable of killing you given the tactics youve created.

Oh? Then what do you want?

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God smiled. Havent I told you? To talk about the life of my heir! I wish to consign my heir under your care.

His words were fairly outrageous. If he could see through many of Su Yus secrets, he would have known about Su Yus other identities beyond the galaxy. Why would he hand his heir over to Su Yu so flagrantly?

I have never been fond of doing anything so troublesome, Su Yu refused without hesitation.

My heir has inherited my Divine Path as well. He could see through everything in this world.

Even more reasons not to keep him. Do I look like I want someone else to know my secrets?

You dont! However, we could sign a treaty so that you and all those related to you cannot be seen through.

Thats too much trouble.

Haha, then I will support you in whatever you plan on doing. It doesnt matter if youre dealing with the eight other deities or even carrying out your plan in the Demonic Dimension.

Su Yu raised his brows and stared at the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. He calmly said, Your eyes are truly appalling. However, it will be quite beneficial if they are used to appall the enemies!

Su Yus face beamed in delight.

They had struck a deal.

Su Yu would help him take care of his heir, while the Purple-Eyed Demonic God would help Su Yu while he was still alive.

At this point, Su Yu was surrounded by enemies in all directions. He was in dire need of deities whom he could trust.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God was an ideal ally!

However, Su Yu still had some doubts about it.