The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1223

Chapter 1223 Divine Level Wild Beast

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Su Yus eyes shone, and a sky-shattering evil energy shot out abruptly from the spot between his brows.

An enormous black dog stuck out a black paw, tightly clenching a long spear covered in evil energy, and thrust it forward in an instant.

But the Book Deity seemed to have expected the sudden assault. I knew it!

In a flash, he rapidly teleported away from the spot, leaving behind only a patch of divine brilliance penetrated by the long spear of Evil Fatal Energy.

The Book Deitys eyes froze slightly as he stared at the colossal black dog blocking in front of Su Yu. Youre that mysterious remnant soul that the Rakshasa Deity mentioned, arent you?

Not bad. Youre not like any other ordinary deities; a tenth of your remnant soul power has the intensity of a late-stage Prospective Deity. If you recover to your peak state, Im afraid no one in the galaxy apart from the Demonic Emperor will be a match of you, right?

The black dogs eyes turned as it cackled. Youre not like any other ordinary deities either. Despite diverting part of your attention to suppress the Deity Perishing Misfortune, your combat power is still as strong as ever.

A single failed attack wasnt unexpected. The long spear of Evil Fatal Energy had been used for so long that it contained far less Evil Fatal Energy than before.

Initially, the black dog could achieve the combat power of a deity with the long spear in hand. It could hold back the fourth-ranking Rakshasa Deity of the Great Eastern Alliance even when she joined hands with the Book Deity.

Now that it lacked the power of even a deity, it was unable to kill the Book Deity with a single blow.

Luckily, the Book Deity needed to suppress the Deity Destroying Misfortune, so his capacity wasnt as great as before. Otherwise, he wouldnt even need to dodge the blow just now and could have killed the black dogs remnant soul right away.

Since the Book Deity was a deity, the abundance of his divine energy wasnt something that the Evil God could compare; he was at an advantage.


In the fraction of a second, the two of them began fighting again.

After ten rounds, the Book Deitys eyes shone with a sharp gleam as he gathered three-tenths of his divine energy at the tip of his finger and tapped it on the long spear that came stabbing at him.

All of a sudden, the blade of long spear transfigured from the Evil Fatal Energy could not withstand it any longer. It crumbled into whiffs of the Evil Fatal Energy and vanished into the Void.

Seizing the opportunity, the Book Deity abruptly pointed his finger at the black dog as if it was a bolt of lightning.

Having lost its weapon, the black dogs face changed slightly as it was forced to absorb the blow with its Original Form.

With Su Yus help, its godly spirit had recovered substantially. It was confident to at least be able to hold off the blow.

However, right when his finger was about to get into contact with the black dog, an uncanny, hardly noticeable smile flashed at the corners of the Book Deitys mouth. Faint grey energy was flickering at the tip of his finger.

That must have been the divine energy of the Rakshasa Deity!

When the black dog found out about it, its eyes went saucer wide in shock as it teleported away in a haste.

However, how could a well-meditated blow of the Book Deity be easy to shun away from?

The black dogs godly spirit was on the verge of being destroyed when another soul suddenly pounced forward and growled.

The soul carried the godly spirit of a middle-stage Prospective Deity in its arms and detonated it directly.

The Book Deity slightly frowned; he had no choice but to withdraw the divine energy at the tip of his finger and protect his body instead.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thunderous booming sounds erupted all across the sky, and a small half of the mansion was transformed into a bottomless black chasm.

The pavilion where Su Yu was had been grazed to the ground.

Somewhere up above, the black dogs figure flashed its form all of a sudden, with Su Yu sitting on its back.

Had you not been here, I wouldnt be able to secure my life, the black dog said with squinted eyes, embarrassed. This is more trouble than I thought. He collected much of his divine energy from the Rakshasa Deity self-destructed! The Rakshasa Deitys divine energy is more than a few times stronger than the Book Deitys!

Su Yu was slightly stunned as well; the Book Deity had kept such a trump card!

When the smoke and dust dissipated, the Book Deity stood unscathed under the protection of divine energy and stared at Su Yu with indifference. As I said, therell be no exception this time!


The Book Deity came attacking once again, with his divine energy as well as the Rakshasa Deitys surging all over him at once.

The black dog bared its fangs and charged forward despite its fear.

However, there was now a miniature mountain with resplendent colors in its paw.

The interlacing of the divine energy and the Power of Five Elements created a petrifying wave that shook the entire area under the jurisdiction of the Seawatch City, leaving all creatures sprawled out on the ground.

Both of them recoiled from the tremor.

The Book Deity stared at the penta-colored miniature mountain with solemn eyes and remarked coldly, What is the point of having numerous treasures when you cant unleash your full potential?

Once he finished speaking, he came forward via teleportation once again and launched blow after blow.

With the aid of the penta-colored miniature mountain and the Power of Five Elements, the black dog managed to at least secure its footing. Even so, its defeat was almost inevitable.

Both parties were involved in an intense fight, constantly teleporting outside the realm.

Where they passed, the lands were devastated terribly as some weaker cavern worlds directly crumbled from the bombardment.

The waves rapidly spread to the eight other cities.

Several vague motion waves of deities flashed past unnoticed.

The Book Deitys face fell; if the battle continued for much longer, he would be at a disadvantage.

No one knew if the deities who had come to spectate the battle would attack him suddenly. His scent proclaimed that he was a deity from a foreign land.

But Su Yus presence was a pain in the neck. Every time he launched a sudden onslaught and the remnant soul of the black dog was about to fall apart, Su Yu would always contribute a self-exploding soul from the Demonic Gods Heavenly Prison and disrupt the attack.

The self-exploding souls consisted of stronger middle-stage Prospective Deities as well as weaker early-stage Prospective Deities. Even as a deity, he could not ignore them.

The battle culminated in a state of incandescence as the black dog gradually lost its vigor. The divine energy generated in its godly spirit could hardly keep pace with the consumption.

Brat, Im about to collapse, the black dog said.

Su Yu creased his brows slightly. Hold on just a little longer!

Looking up at the boundless desolate heavens, Su Yus brows were creased even more deeply.

Right at that moment, the Book Deity recoiled suddenly with determination flickering across his eyes. There is no other way!


He retrieved a book titled The Star River Scripture.

This was another book hidden in the cavern world. The difference was that the shocking waves of motion emitted from the book belonged to the wild beasts of the galaxy!


A few roars sounded faintly from within the book.

The Book Deity bit the tip of his tongue forcefully, spitting out a mouthful of fluttering divine blood.

All of a sudden, it was like the seal that suppressed the demons and monsters had opened up. From the scripture emerged a divine-level wild beast resembling an ancient monstrous fish!

Tremendous aura of deities surged and roiled in all directions like a major tsunami.

Upon its emergence, the divine-level wild beast cast its stare at the Book Deity with its rapacious eyes, as if it was still savoring the divine blood released by the Book Deity.

The Book Deity gritted his teeth and spat out another mouthful of divine blood. There were nearly a hundred drops of it, which was a tenth of all the divine blood of the Book Deity!!

The divine-level wild beast opened its massive mouth and devoured all hundred drops of the divine blood, leaving not a single drop behind.

Only then did the divine-level wild beast turn its skull with satisfaction and stare at the Evil God and Su Yu with ferocity in its eyes.

The black dogs pupils constricted intensely. Did he summon out a deity-level wild beast?

Staring at the book, the black dog was in great awe.

Su Yu was utterly surprised that he had reserved such a means of retreat as well!

Besides, there were several more beasts in the book!

These are the wild beasts that I collected during my adventures in the galaxy. Initially, I planned to use them to aid the demon race when they attack the Great Eastern Alliance in the future. The Book Deitys face turned pallid.

Having used up a tenth of his divine blood was not a small price to pay on his part either. Well, you should feel honored that I used them on you today instead!

Su Yu didnt understand the Book Deitys intention at all. Why were all the former Book Deities obsessed with destroying the Great Eastern Alliance?

Did the Alliance somehow wrong the Book Deitys family in the past?

No! Despite the treacherous motives of all the former Book Deities, the perished ones were still buried in the divine graves, which was considered a decent treatment.

Shaking his head, Su Yu remarked coldly, How unreasonable!

As he spoke, the wild beast opened its gruesome giant mouth wide and charged forward suddenly.

The Book Deity moved at the same time, charging hand in hand with the wild beast.

With the two deities striking at once, the black dog was defenseless even with the help of two Five Elements Mountains!

At the critical juncture, Su Yu heaved a light helpless sigh. There is no other way. I can only open it once again!

The spot between his brows began writhing all of a sudden as if something turned inside it. Shortly after, a pitch-black seam slowly appeared, revealing a silver-white eyeball.

It was inhumanly ferocious and ravenous.

There was even an ancient air of a ferocious beast from the bleak wildness surging out from within the eyeball.

Once the scent emerged, all the creatures in the entire area of jurisdiction trembled in fear and shock, as if they had fallen prey to something horrendous and sinister.

Even the deities who had rendered themselves invisible to spectate the battle could not hold back the wavering of their divine brilliance, nearly exposing themselves.

The fierceness of the wild beast was nothing compared to its ancient ferocity!

The divine-level wild beast that had pounced forward with ferocity shimmering in its eyes at first had unease in its eyes the moment the scent appeared, stopping dead in its tracks and could not advance another step.

The Book Deity was taken aback. A half-mature Tao Ties eye that has gone through metamorphosis once?

Tao Tie was like an ancient legend that held a place in peoples hearts for its ferocious name.

Su Yu remained silent. The Tao Ties eye suddenly opened up, the silver-colored eyeball condensing into a vortex with a small black dot at its center, as though the end of the vortex was nothing but endless, dead silence.

An immense drawing force erupted from the vortex, shrouding the Book Deity and the divine-level wild beast.

Shrouded by the force, all of the deities divine energies were rendered useless. Like any other ordinary mortals, they were slowly drawn away by the massive force.

If it had been a mature Tao Ties eye, they would have been directly devoured instead of slowly being pulled away.

Evil God! Su Yu bellowed lowly. The Evil God grasped his intention and appeared behind the Book Deity in a flash with the Five Elements Mountain in hand. The mountain expanded boundlessly in its palm and brutally slammed onto the ground once it enlarged to a thousand feet in size.

The blow was enough to destroy the Book Deitys divine body, with all his divine energy canceled.

At this critical moment, the Book Deity bit down at the tip of his tongue once again, spluttering out 200 drops of divine blood this time.

When the divine blood touched the wild beasts body, it condensed to form a golden chain.

The chain pulled, and the gargantuan body of the divine-level wild beast was pulled by force, blocking behind his back in an instant.


With a dull sound accompanied by an agonized shriek, the divine-level wild beast was shattered by the Five Elements Mountain!

The soul which had escaped could not resist the sucking force of the Tao Ties eye any longer and was devoured in a split second.

Having completely devoured something as nourishing as a deitys soul, the Tao Ties eye closed once again.

Seizing the opportunity, the Book Deity shimmered with a bright shine. Enduring the weakness brought about by the severe consumption of divine blood, he turned into divine brilliance and charged at Su Yu.

The Evil God planted down its blow, there was no time for aid at all.

Damn it! The Book Deity growled, unlike his usual self. Having consumed three-tenths of his divine blood this time, it would take him at least a hundred years of recuperation to recover his peak state with the Deity Perishing Misfortune.

At that moment, the Book Deity was tempted to slaughter him instead of capturing him.

Su Yu was at the brink of being captured when a wave of divine brilliance suddenly surged forward.

An extremely powerful divine energy befell from beyond the heavens and bombarded the Book Deity.

The Book Deity was already an arrow at the end of its flight. How could he endure a full-force blow from a deity?


The Book Deitys body cracked from the blow, his divine blood splattering all over the place.

Looking up, his pupils shrank forcefully. Purple-Eyed Demonic God! You

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God flew to Su Yus side and taunted. I returned, didnt I? The Yu Demon was right, you aimed to draw me away, but you wouldnt necessarily inflict substantial harm upon the Purple Eye City.

So as long as I left for real and returned to the Purple Eye City, youll strike. Hence, I returned but went back here again right after.

Every move of yours was within the Yu Demons speculation. The Purple-Eyed Demonic God cast a look at Su Yu and shuddered inwardly as he thought to himself, This man was a true genius in the psychology of mankind.

Although he did not possess the probing power of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God, his intelligence was unrivaled and frightening.

Having been simply tricked by Su Yu once again, the Book Deitys face was as gloomy as the dark water. How could he possibly be fooled by this guy again?!

But the Book Deity was very decisive. A cruel determination flashed across his eyes as he retrieved the Star River Scripture once again.

Right as he took it out, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God had arrived by his side with a flicker of his divine brilliance and despoiled the book from his hands to prevent the release of another divine-level wild beast.

The Book Deity snorted coldly and teleported away at the same moment.

But right when he moved, the black dog struck again abruptly from behind with the Five Elements Mountain. The Book Deity was forced to dodge and couldnt focus on opening the Star River Scripture.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God struck with full force as well, joining hands with the black dog to restrain the Book Deity until he was gradually losing his ground.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God had posed an extremely fatal threat to the Book Deity. Having sustained three consecutive attacks physically, his body had been damaged. It wouldve only taken one final blow to make him perish completely.

The Book Deity was outraged. Now that things had turned out this way, capturing Su Yu was impossible; he could only wait for another chance!

With a shift of thoughts, the Book Deity left via teleportation.

In the blink of an eye, an entirely black Kylin resembling a mountain ten thousand feet in size suddenly appeared. With a stomp of its feet, the Book Deity was forced out from his teleportation!


Having sustained the severe trauma, the Book Deity spat a mouthful of divine blood. When he turned to look, his pupils shrank intensely. This isGod Kylin of the former Jiuzhou cavern world? You recovered, and can even maneuver your former divine body now!

The physical body of the Sacred Kylin had been preserved in the hundred-story martial tower the whole time, unlike the black dog who lost its body completely.

With Su Yus continuous nourishment from godly spirits, God Kylin had recovered to a middle-stage Prospective Deity, which was enough for it to maneuver its former divine body. Although still far less capable than it used to be, it was about as strong as the black dog.

After the severe blow, the Book Deitys body was even less stable, hovering at the brink of collapse.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God, the black dog, and the Sacred Kylin formed a triad, besieging the Book Deity in the middle.

This was Su Yus ultimate strategy.

This time, the Book Deity had to pay a lofty price.

Wasnt it similar to the scene in the World of Divine Remains, now that he was once again in a despairing plight?

Nonetheless, the Book Deity masked his desperation with a cold look. Su Yu, do you think you have won? I was careless this time, but I will make sure you die without a burial place next time!

Demon Cloud City Master, what are you still waiting for?


From the intangible heavens, an exceptionally immense and terrifying divine energy befell all of a sudden. The magnitude of the divine energy could rival the second-ranking All Access Merchant God of the Great Eastern Alliance.

The divine energy formed an extremely domineering tornado, sweeping the Purple-Eyed Demonic God and the two others off their feet while taking the Book Deity away.

Su Yus eyes turned icy. Wanna leave?

His eyes emitted three different colors all at once: the three hues of Time, Space and Soul integrated into one, forming a foreign dimension which confined the Book Deity.

The Book Deity who was about to flee gradually deviated from the tornado until he was detained once again.

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God and the two others came to their senses at the same time and struck a joint attack!

Humph! But at that moment, a heavy cold snort sounded from the desolate heavens.