The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225 The Alliance Of Seven Cities

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Heh! Heh! It seems I am envied and hated by someone in the unseen world! Su Yu said with a self-deprecating smile.

When he tried to make a breakthrough from the Fairy Realm, the Tribulation of Three Nines almost wiped him off from this world.

This time he encountered the divine tribulation again when he tried to reach the realm of Mortal Fairy.

Theoretically, the divine tribulation was prepared for the descendants of the deities who tried to reach the realm of prospective deity.

However, an ordinary person like Su Yu had encountered divine tribulations many times. Nobody believed it was just coincidental.

I dont care who you are! Divine tribulations cant kill me! You are not able to do harm to me now! Su Yu said as he looked at the sky and void arrogantly.

Now Su Yu was powerful enough to kill a Medium Stage prospective deity.

Divine tribulations were prepared for those Peak Mortal Fairies. Therefore, they were no longer fatal for Su Yu now.

It seemed the one in the unseen world was annoyed by Su Yus words. The aura of the divine tribulation was more horrible than before.

Heh! Heh! The tribulation is controlled by someone as expected! Su Yu was sure that his speculation was correct. He sneered, I dont care why you always try to kill me. You are on my list now. If I have an opportunity to meet you, you will receive my generous repayment! Not an eye for an eye! Both eyes for an eye! A whole jaw for a tooth!

Su Yu was almost killed during the Tribulation of Three Nines, which had become an ineffaceable memory.

If he could find the one behind this, he would definitely give them a miserable death.


Deafening thunder rumbled in the clear sky, which was torn open by thickly-dotted lightning.

The aura of the divine tribulation became more and more horrible.

However, the divine tribulation would start 15 days later.

Su Yu had plenty of time to make preparations during this period.


Su Yu took out 200 drops of the Book Deitys divine blood and the Star River Scripture.

100 drops of Divine blood were needed in each activation of the Star River Scripture. Then, he would need another 100 drops of divine blood to control a legendary wild beast.

However, after careful consideration, Su Yu put away the Star River Scripture.

A legendary expert would be very powerful. However, it would be useless during the possible alliance of seven cities.

Therefore, Su Yu would rather use divine blood to nourish the Divine Nine Dragons Cauldron. Maybe he could activate the fifth dragon!

In fact, when Su Yu obtained the divine blood in the World of Divine Remnant, he used to nourish the cauldron with 50 drops of divine blood. However, the fifth dragon was not activated.

It seemed the activation of dragons was more and more difficult.

Last time, Su Yu activated the Emerald Dragon with one drop of divine blood. However, he failed to activate the fifth dragon with 50 drops of divine blood, which meant the activation was more difficult now.

However, according to the benefits he got from those activated dragons, Su Yu would gain a lot from those dragons of difficult activation.

Therefore, Su Yu started to pour 200 drops of divine blood into the area between his eyes one after another.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron absorbed all the divine blood that went into his body immediately.

When he poured 50 drops of divine blood into his body, together with the 50 drops of divine blood of last time, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron had absorbed 100 drops of divine blood. However, nothing happened in the cauldron.

Did it mean 100 drops were not enough? Su Yu murmured as he looked at the remaining 150 drops of divine blood in his hand. Then, he continued to pour more divine blood into his body patiently.

50 more drops of divine blood were poured into his body, but nothing happened in the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

Then, he poured another 50 drops of divine blood, but the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron was still very quiet.

Did it mean the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron had higher requirements upon the quantity and even the quality of the divine blood? Su Yu was surprised.

Then, he poured the last 50 drops of divine blood into the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz

Su Yu was quite delighted to see the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron tremble a bit after absorbing 250 drops of divine blood.

After that, the divine blood, which almost overflowed from the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, started to be compressed instead of being diluted.

At last, 250 drops of divine blood were compressed into one drop of gray blood.

Gray divine blood? Su Yu was shocked. This was the first time for him to see gray divine blood. Wasnt divine blood supposed to be golden?

While Su Yu was looking at the divine blood curiously, the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron trembled again. The gray divine blood was diluted and filled the cauldron once more.

The gray divine blood started to flow on the black surface of the fifth dragon along the wall of the cauldron.

Then, a low, cold and horrible dragon roar echoed in Su Yus heart.

A pitch-dark small dragon appeared in Su Yus right palm gradually.

Horrible aura gushed out from the small dragon, which could make people quite uneasy.

Staring at the dragon in his palm, Su Yu said as his eye pupils constricted abruptly, This is death!

The black dragon represented death!

The fourth dragon, which was emerald and represented life, was in his left palm.

The fifth dragon, which was black and represented death, was in his right palm.

Therefore, his left hand was life and his right hand was death!

I didnt expect it could be death! Su Yu murmured. Among the Eight Heaven Paths Profound Meanings, Su Yu had mastered time, space, soul, life and death!

All the abilities he got from the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron were related to the Heaven Paths Profound Meanings.

What is the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron? Su Yu murmured in his heart.

At this time, a strange message appeared in Su Yus mind.

As usual, 1/3 of the black dragon was crystallized. And the ability he obtained this time was death!

Su Yu was able to end life by touching his enemy when the enemys life force was lower than that of a deity.

In other words, Su Yu could kill any enemy who was not a deity by depriving them of life.

When Su Yu was confronting a deity, he could use his death palm to absorb half of the deitys life force. Although he would not be able to kill a deity, he could wound them. If a deity was seriously wounded and their life force was halved, Su Yu could them directly.

The precondition was that Su Yu would have an opportunity to attack a deity.

According to his experience in fighting against prospective deities, it was very difficult to attack the prospective deities with the death palm when they were vigilant unless he could attack them by surprise.

Therefore, it would be more difficult to attack a deity with this skill.

However, the death palm was still a horrible skill.

It gave Su Yu the possibility to defeat a Later Stage prospective deity! The Later Stage prospective deities were only one step away from deities. However, Su Yu would still be able to kill them with one palm attack.

Although Su Yu hadnt reached the stage of Mortal Fairy, he was as powerful as most prospective deities now.

I didnt expect I could obtain this overbearing ability at this critical moment. How timely it is! Su Yu thought.


Someone knocked on the door of the secret room at this time.

City Master, my father is back now! Shaer said outside the secret room.

Su Yu said, nodding his head, I know! I am performing secluded training now. You and your father could deal with those trifles for me!

City Master, my father is back alone!

Alone? Su Yu wondered as he opened his eyes abruptly. Ask Qian Jun to meet me!

Before long, Qian Jun said in shame as he dropped on one of his knees outside the secret room, My lord, please punish me!


When the stone door was opened slowly, a strand of death aura flowed out from the secret room.

Qian Jun, who was kneeling down on the ground, was almost killed by this strand of death aura!

What happened? Su Yu dispelled the death aura outside the room and glanced at Qian Jun.

Qian Jun, who was seriously wounded, bowed his head in shame.

City Master, those whom you sent to help me were detained!

Su Yu said as he squinted, You mean a City Master went into my dominion and attacked you, right?

It was highly possible that those City Masters did that because only they had the strength to detain dozens of Initial Stage prospective deities.

No! A City Master did not detain them. They were detained by the elder son of the former Seawatch City Master!

The former Seawatch City Master? Su Yu was stunned. After a short while, he asked, Did the former Seawatch City Master have children?

Yes! When the Giant of the Bitter Sea went ashore, the former Seawatch City Master sent all his children to the capital to avoid any possible risks. Inexplicably, his elder son, who is also his successor, went back and detained all those who were with me!

The successor of the deity of the Seawatch City? Su Yu asked thoughtfully, What is his stage?

He is a Later Stage prospective deity.

Su Yu cheered up and asked, Does it mean he asked you to come back and give me a message?

Dozens of Initial Stage prospective deities were detained. It was impossible for Qian Jun to run away.

Exactly! Qian Jun replied.

What is his message?

Qian Jun said with self-accusation and regret, He said his loyal underlings shall go to the Demon Cloud City. All seven city masters will gather in the Demon Cloud City for further discussion. He wants to invite you to participate as well.

Does it mean he kidnapped those Initial Stage prospective deities to force me to come to that meeting?

My lord, dont be fooled by him! When I was carrying out my task, Ive heard the seven city masters kept close contact last month. Im afraid they are planning something bad against you! Qian Jun continued to speak, I am sure you will be in great danger if you participate in that meeting

Hearing this, Su Yu said, waving his hand, If they planned to kill me, they didnt need to invite me to that meeting because they could have gathered their troops and attacked our city. Their invitation would be totally unnecessary! I guess they are going to try fair means before resorting to force.

If they could convince me to give them the princess, a bloody fight could be avoided. After all, if the royal family is offended by their actions, they will have big trouble!

Su Yu made an incisive analysis of their purposes with several words.

He was sure the master of the Demon Cloud City must advocate a direct attack strongly so that he could kill Su Yu to scour away his shame.

Among the rest of the deities, one or two deities whose prestige was quite high motivated him to take cautious measures.

Under these circumstances, my lord, please ignore their invitation. Anyway, you wont give the Ninth Princess to them. The meeting will come to nothing at last! Qian Jun replied.

Su Yu smiled after hearing that. No! This meeting suits me just fine. I have been looking for such an opportunity to talk with them. Now, they sent this invitation to me. Heaven is on my side!

Qian Jun opened his mouth in surprise. For him, this was an extremely dangerous meeting. However, for Su Yu, it was a good opportunity!

You two stay in this city. I will go there alone!

An hour later, after making a brief preparation, Su Yu arrived at the Demon Cloud City by traveling with Transportation Portals.

He didnt go to the mansion of the city master directly because the meeting would be held several days later.

However, the deities in the city had sensed his arrival.