The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1227

Chapter 1227 The Disintegration Of The Alliance

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A furious flame was flashing in the eyes of Li Ying. He was waiting for the attack of Su Yu, who was annoyed. Then, he would defeat Su Yu with a justifiable excuse.

Every dog has its day? You might think this way if you could regain the glory as the son of the city master through it, Su Yu replied calmly. It seemed he was not angry at all.

Li Ying shouted angrily, You really have the gift of the gab! This is my last warning! Follow me to meet the deities, or I will force you to do that! I know you are quite powerful and even able to defeat some Medium Stage prospective deities. For me, your so-called skills are nothing! Dont force me to attack you!

Because of your nonsense, I decided to shorten the time to half an hour. Now, you only have 30 minutes left! Su Yu ignored Li Yings warning and spoke calmly.

Li Ying was extremely annoyed by Su Yus words. In other words, Su Yus reaction was exactly what he expected.

Su Yus arrogance forced him to resort to violence.

You asked for it! Li Ying shouted angrily. Actually, he was smiling delightedly in his heart because this was the chance he was waiting for.

However, when he attacked Su Yu with his palm, Su Yus body was covered with colorful light. Then, Su Yu disappeared on the spot. Li Yings attack missed its target.

Teleportation? Li Ying was shocked. Then he said with a disdainful smile, You use teleportation in front of me? You are teaching a fish to swim!

Then he fixed his eyes on a certain spot with a smile. The next moment, Li Ying also disappeared instantly.

When Su Yu showed up, Li Ying appeared behind his back and reached out his hand to grab Su Yu rapidly.

Su Yu was not surprised at all. His body was covered by colorful light and he disappeared again. Li Yings effort failed once more.

Seeing this, Li Ying snorted as he teleported to catch up with Su Yu.

In this way, the two of them flew into the sky above the city from the Perfumed Breeze Brothel.

As a Later Stage prospective deity, Li Ying was quite powerful. However, Su Yus teleportation skill was as good as that of Li Ying. Therefore, Li Ying was not able to catch up with Su Yu at once.

The catch-me-if-you-can game lasted for 30 minutes. Su Yu showed up after the teleportation and said calmly, Time is up. It is a pity that those city masters failed to come to the place I named on time! Please tell them that the meeting has been canceled.

Then, Su Yu teleported to the Transportation Hall and tried to leave by activating the portal without hesitation.

Li Ying would never allow Su Yu to leave like that. Li Ying also teleported to the hall and tried to stop Su Yus transportation.

However, a strand of horrible evil energy gushed out from Su Yus forehead at this moment. Then, a huge dog paw knocked Li Ying back.

Heh! Heh! You reached the level of Later Stage prospective deity by inheriting your fathers Divine Path, right? You are so weak! The black dog figured out Li Yings strength instantly.

Most of the time, prospective deities that inherited Divine Path from their parents couldnt rival those who reached the level of prospective deity by themselves. The inheritance would keep weakening the Divine Path.

Who are you? Li Ying shouted.

The black dog replied disdainfully, Just go back! You should thank me for saving your life just now!

Li Ying would have been killed if Su Yu attacked him.

Hah! Hah! Hah! How ridiculous you are! You are just a remnant soul of a deity! How do you have the nerve to bluff here? Li Ying shouted as he was about to attack Su Yu again.

However, the teleportation portal under Su Yus feet had been activated. Only Su Yus words were still echoing in the sky.

Tell the seven city masters that I dont want to talk to them now. Dont try to waste my time again! If they have the guts to attack the Seawatch City, I promise I will kill them all! Humph! What a bunch of shameless bastards!

Li Ying was anxious and angry. He failed to punish Su Yu, who even escaped right in front of him. He didnt know what to say to the deities.

At the same time, seven strands of divine light appeared in the area.

The deities knew what happened between Li Ying and Su Yu.

All seven deities looked at Li Ying gloomily. They didnt expect Su Yu would really leave after two hours.

Didnt he worry he could be killed by the seven deities who would occupy his city after the failure of negotiation?

The meeting ended before it even started, which surprised all seven deities.

The Luminous Moon City Master said as he looked at Li Ying coldly, You are unable to accomplish anything but are liable to spoil everything! You failed to accomplish such a small task! How could we give our support to you and allow you to be in charge of the Seawatch City?

Then, he turned to the Demon Cloud City Master and said angrily, Now, the meeting is canceled as you wished!

Humph! I dont care! Nobody can push back the seven city masters who send their troops to save the princess! We are not afraid of him!

The Luminous Moon City said with a cold smile, Dont count the Luminous Moon City in! I dont want to be implicated when you are investigated by the royal family! Farewell!

The Baiyue City wont send one soldier to assist your attack! Farewell!

The Lingxin City hereby drops out of the alliance! Farewell!

Fansai City also drops out of the alliance! Demon Cloud City Master, I am sorry to fall short of your expectations!

The Demon Cloud City Master was quite frustrated when several city masters dropped out of the alliance by following the Luminous Moon City Masters example. When the Fansai City Master also announced his decision, the Demon Cloud City Master changed his expression and said, Fansai City Master, how could you?

Before this, the Fansai City Master was in favor of attacking Su Yu directly. Therefore, his decision to drop out of the alliance surprised the Demon Cloud City Master at this time.

The Demon Cloud City Master knew they were terrified by Su Yus actions.

Su Yu enjoyed himself in the city in the past three days. Then, he acted arrogantly before the meeting and even threatened all of them before going back. His reaction had shaken their determination.

He even threatened to kill all deities who dared to attack the Seawatch City!

He must be very confident about his strength. Otherwise, he would never utter those arrogant words.

Therefore, the Fansai City Master who agreed to attack the Seawatch City directly was scared.

Within three days, the alliance of seven city masters which shared the same goal fell apart!

This embarrassing situation annoyed the Demon Cloud City Master beyond belief.

How could this be? Facing this hopeless situation, Li Ying was puzzled. The alliance of seven cities used to be so firm. All seven deities wanted to take the princess back. They even laid aside their old grudges!

After spending three days in the Demon Cloud City, Su Yu managed to break this firm alliance even without meeting the deities!

Good! Now, I believe what the Book Deity said. The Yu Demon is really good at scheming! He is definitely a horrible enemy, The Demon Cloud City Master said angrily.

Then, the Demon Cloud City Master went back into the room of the Book Deity in his mansion.

When the Book Deity saw the expression of the Demon Cloud City Master, he was surprised. Did something bad happen?

The Demon Cloud City Master nodded and narrated what happened in the past three days.

Hearing this, the Book Deity sighed as he shook his head. You shouldnt have given him any breathing space! Your decision to have a negotiation with him was so stupid! Such a crafty and cunning guy could only be killed through a decisive and direct attack. Alas! You had dug your own grave when you decided to negotiate with him!

The Demon Cloud City Master said coldly, I dont need your ridicule at this moment! Tell me, what should we do now? Only three cities are willing to attack Seawatch City. The attack could be regarded as an internal conflict that will definitely be investigated by the royal family!

The Book Deity was so disappointed. He secretly thought, I dont need such a stupid ally! He provided those deities with a perfect plan. However, he didnt expect they would decide to hold a meeting before resorting to violence! Now, his elaborately planned alliance of seven cities had disintegrated completely!