The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1230

Chapter 1230 The Primes Through The Ages

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Standing beside the Demon Cloud City Master, Li Ying said, surprised, I didnt expect that this guy would be a young Demon Emperor!

Ive heard that the stage one divine tribulation is the incarnation of the former Demon Emperor, which is extremely powerful because all of the skills and techniques of the former Demon Emperor are included in it! the Demon Cloud City Master said as he nodded his head. Unless this guy crossing the divine tribulation is more powerful than the former young Demon Emperor, it will be impossible for him to cross it successfully! This is also the reason that the Demon Emperors in the Realm of Demons are more and more powerful. All those who managed to cross the divine tribulation successfully are even more powerful than the previous Demon Emperors!

This guy is facing the challenge of the young version of the former Demon Emperor!

Li Ying was shocked by what he heard. Will he able to cross the tribulation successfully? he asked.

The Demon Cloud City Master frowned. He might have a chance because what he is facing is the young version of the former Demon Emperor! If he were facing the young version of the current Demon Emperor, he would be killed immediately! he said.

Li Ying felt great respect for the current Demon Emperor.

The current Demon Emperor was the number one expert in the Realm of Demons and the most powerful Demon Emperor in history. Over the past millions of years, nobody was able to rival the current Demon Emperor.

He was able to scare away all the deities in the Realm of Demons with just a glance!

It was impossible for the guy crossing the tribulation to be more powerful than the young version of the current Demon Emperor!

When the current Demon Emperor crossed his divine tribulation, he defeated the young version of the previous Demon Emperor within three rounds. I dont know whether this guy will be able to survive after fighting against the young version of the former Demon Emperor for ten rounds! the Demon Cloud City Master said.

The incarnation of young Demon Emperors was at the level of Peak Mortal Fairy. However, it was more dangerous than most Medium Stage deities!

Su Yus pupils constricted slightly as he thought to himself, I guess this guy is from the royal family! How could he be so powerful?


The young Demon Emperor growled. His body was covered in thousands of red veins.

Su Yu was not surprised by the scene because it was the specific bloodline strength of the Demon Clan.

However, the body of the young Demon Emperor was all red, which meant he was more powerful than those full-blooded demons.

A mountainous red giant, which was generated from the endless red energy, appeared from his body. Then, this giant roared as he shot a red beam of light from his eyes to attack Su Yu.


Su Yu, whose body was covered by colorful divine light, dodged the attack. Then, he teleported onto the shoulder of the giant.

The next moment, a colorful spear appeared in Su Yus hand. Then, Su Yu stabbed the spear, which was full of the power of assimilation, into the body of the giant.

Su Yu was surprised because the red energy of this member of the royal family was so robust that the power of assimilation only assimilated a small amount of red energy. The spear only left a small hole in the giants body.

The red giant roared angrily as it attacked Su Yu with dozens of tentacles that had sprouted from its body.

Su Yu teleported to dodge the attack, thinking to himself, Are all royal family members so tough?

He didnt realize the being in front of him was no ordinary member of the Demon Clans royal family. It was the young version of the former Demon Emperor!

Countless red tentacles had covered the sky. It seemed the entirety of Seawatch City had been turned red.

Su Yu kept teleporting to dodge the attacks. The Nine Suns Cosmos Sword Formation, which was full of the power of assimilation, was rotating around Su Yus body, cutting the red tentacles.

But Su Yu could only concentrate on parrying the giants attack.

He was like a desperate moth being engulfed in flame.

No matter how hard the moth struggled, it would be devoured sooner or later.


Su Yus body was penetrated by a red tentacle when he failed to dodge an attack.

Su Yu shouted as he placed the Five Elements Mountain in front of him at that critical moment.

The Five Elements Mountain blocked the tentacle. However, the horrible energy contained in the tentacle knocked Su Yu back.


Su Yu was seriously wounded. He groaned, and a wound appeared on his body, spurting out blood.

He will die soon! He managed to survive for two rounds, which is good enough for an expert like him! the Demon Cloud City Master said as he squinted his eyes. He planned to save Su Yus life.

However, the colorful tribulation cloud started to move again. Then, another gigantic whirlpool appeared in the cloud.

From the whirlpool, a pale-faced scholar-like royal family member descended.

After seeing him, Su Yu felt his heart fill with inexplicable anxiety and fear.

The Demon Cloud City Master and Li Ying, who were watching the fight from afar, couldnt help but gasp. That is the young version of the current Demon Emperor!

The young version of the current Demon Emperor had arrived.

How could this be? Two young Demon Emperors appeared at the same time! One of them is the young version of the current Demon Emperor, who ranks first among all those known!

The Demon Cloud City Master stared at Su Yu, confused, with his eyes opened wide as he murmured, This is impossible! The stage one divine tribulation can only generate one young Demon Emperor! How could two young Demon Emperors appear at the same time?

The former young Demon Emperor had easily almost killed Su Yu.

Now, the young version of the horrible current Demon Emperor had also arrived, which meant Su Yu would be killed swiftly.

However, just then, another big whirlpool had appeared in the magnificent colorful tribulation cloud.

From the new whirlpool, a young monk covered by a horrible death aura descended. The young monk was quite calm. It was as if he didnt belong to the Realm of Demons.

Seeing this, Li Ying asked in surprise, Who is that? Is he also a member of the royal family?

Su Yus pupils constricted abruptly when he saw the young monk.

The Death Deity!!

The familiar aura of death and the mans appearance told Su Yu that he was the Death Deity from the World of Divine Remnant!

It was said that the Death Deity was the only expert in the Star River who could rival the current Demon Emperor.

How could he appear here? This is the Realm of Demons. The incarnations generated by the divine tribulation should only be demons. How could the Death Deity? Su Yu was shocked. Then, an exciting thought occurred to him. Did that mean the Death Deity?

Su Yus eyes lit up as he realized something.

However, this divine tribulation still shocked Su Yu.

He was facing two young Demon Emperors and one young Death Deity!

One was the current Demon Emperor, who was the number one expert in Star River. Another was the Death Deity, who could rival the current Demon Emperor. The last guy was the former young Demon Emperor, who ranked third in the history of the Realm of Demons.

Now, the young versions of the top three experts in the history of Star River were attacking a young man who was only at the level of the Peak All Creation!

This was an unprecedented divine tribulation.

Su Yu wiped the blood off his lips. This is the best you can do, right? OK! Now, open your eyes and watch! he said as he looked at the colorful tribulation cloud.

Su Yu then shouted as he put his palms together and moved his fingers rapidly.

The next moment, a gigantic tree appeared behind his back. The large tree crown tore the red sky open as it cast green shadows over everything in the world.

At the same time, an enormous figure appeared behind the big tree. The black cape on its back was whistling in the wind. Its proud black eyes could see through time and space!

Two Divine Laksana!! How could this be? the Demon Cloud City Master asked, shocked. He looked at the two figures in disbelief.

Martial Artists could only choose one path to become a deity. So, they could only have one Divine Laksana.

Nobody could have two Divine Laksana at the same time.

Therefore, the Demon Cloud City Master was shocked by the unnatural scene.