The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1231

Chapter 1231 Stage Three Mortal Fairy

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The two Divine Laksana standing behind Su Yus back were like two powerful bodyguards.

Im ready! Come on! Su Yu said, staring coldly at the young versions of the three mighty primes.

Although the young primes were generated from the divine tribulation, they still had the characters of their real bodies.

Su Yu was not afraid of them at all. So, his contemptuous eyes and attitude offended their pride and honor.

The two young Demon Emperors and the young Death Deity looked at Su Yu with curious expressions.


In the next moment, the three young primes dashed towards Su Yu, leaving magnificent trails in the sky. In the blink of an eye, all of them had appeared in front of Su Yu.

The former Demon Emperors eyes shot out horrible and overbearing black thunder and lightning, which was created by combining demonic energy with lightning.

Seeing what was happening, Su Yu didnt step back but instead prepared a seal with his hands. The mountainous tree behind him then threw out two vines to attack the former Demon Emperor.

The sheer attack was launched by Su Yu according to his understanding of the Divine Path of the Ancient Tung Tree.


The vines destroyed the demonic thunder and lightning flying out of the young former Demon Emperors eyes before hitting him.

Then, the former Demon Emperor was immediately turned to ash by the divine strength from the Divine Laksana.

One of the young primes had been defeated.

The Demon Cloud City Master and Li Ying, who were standing at a distance, were shocked. The young current Demon Emperor and the young Death Deity were as well.

They were shocked because the former Demon Emperor was defeated in the first round.

Did it mean the guy who was going to cross his divine tribulation was as powerful as the current Demon Emperor, who was the number one expert in the Realm of Demons?

Who the hell is this guy? Li Ying asked in a shaky voice. He hadnt expected to witness a legendary guy who was able to rival the current Demon Emperor with his own eyes!

I I will do my best to recruit this guy! the Cloud City Demon Master murmured to himself. He knew the man in front of him would become a prime in the future. So, he had to recruit him to prevent other people from doing so first.

In the battlefield:


The vines were still sweeping over the area rapidly.

Soon, two dull sounds were heard.

The current Demon Emperor and the Death Deity had also been hit by the vines, which stopped their attacks and forced them to show up.

While the vines had crushed the former Demon Emperor, the current Demon Emperor and Death Deity were not harmed at all. They stared coldly at Su Yu.

The current Demon Emperor was holding a black bone sword full of overbearing demonic energy.

In the hand of the Death Deity, a green dagger was glowing with a dreamy but fatal death aura.

Those two weapons were Emperor-based Saint Artifacts.

On the two vines that had been knocked back, two deep cuts could be seen clearly.

Su Yus powerful attack, which had been generated from all his comprehension of the wood element Divine Path, was not able to leave a scratch on the bodies of the two primes.

Because they were much more powerful than the former Demon Emperor!

With pride and arrogance in their eyes, the current Demon Emperor and the Death Deity dashed toward Su Yu again.

Su Yu felt his heart skip a bit in fear. He was like a small boat in the raging sea, about to be devoured at any moment.

However, his eyes remained steady, no matter how nervous he was.

Defy! Su Yu uttered the word calmly.

However, that simple word could help him defy injustice, the heavens, and fate!

The gigantic black-haired figure lowered its head and looked at the current Demon Emperor and the Death Deity coldly.

Puff! Puff

Along with two dull sounds, the two young primes felt their attack be deflected by a horrible defying force that could rival the natural rules.

Su Yus lips were covered in blood, but his fighting spirit soared high.

The young Demon Emperor placed the black bone sword in front of his chest as he murmured something in ancient and obscure Demon language. Then, magnificent energy full of divine strength rushed out from the sword.

The light of Buddha covered the left side of the young Death Deitys body. However, the right side of his body was enveloped in a dark shadow created by the green dagger in his right hand. He was just like a combination of demon and Buddha.


Thunderous roars could be heard from the tribulation clouds as if the trumpet signifying the last battle had been blown.

Endless thunder and lightning shattered the earth. Then, fiery hot lava started to erupt.

The area was filled with lightning and lava at that moment.

Two No, three young primes were about to start decisive combat between the heavens and the earth.

The fight had started!

With a cold light flashing in his eyes, the young Demon Emperor attacked with his bone sword, which would kill all creatures in its path.

Like a ghost monk in hell, the Death Deity dashed towards Su Yu with his lethal and horrible dagger in hand.

Now, Su Yu was wrapped in an endless defying force and magnificent strength.

The large tree behind his back threw out countless vines that even covered the sky, sweeping over a wide area.

There were many large, booming sounds as countless vines were cut down.

The two young primes were flying towards their target, destroying all barriers in their way like two sharp swords cutting a path.

After a short while, all of the vines had been destroyed. The primes appeared in front of Su Yu.

The black-haired giant behind Su Yus back stared at the young Demon Emperor and the young Death Deity. Then, their body was wrapped up by an endless, defying strength.

However, the determined young primes continued to approach Su Yu, breaking the defying strength. They were like two small boats sailing against the current.

At that moment, Su Yu, who hadnt moved a bit from the very beginning, finally moved.

However, he didnt step back. Instead, he moved forward.

At the same time, his eyes shot out a magnificent, four-colored light.

Four kinds of amazing fluctuations went into the void.

Then, something gigantic appeared in the sky.

It was so tall that even the Giant of the Bitter Sea was shorter.

Like the one who created this world, this figure was standing on the ground while its head reached the heavens.

It was a fuzzy shadow of a human being who only had half of a body left.

The figure had a gigantic purple eye that covered an area of millions of square kilometers.

The color of its enormous body was a deep crimson.

Its sizeable left hand, which could cover the sky, was emerald.

It also had a large, pale left foot.

The horrible figure that had appeared looked as if it could devour worlds.

Four colors were shining on its body, fluctuating strangely.

When Su Yu stepped out, the giant figure did the same.

Instantly, it seemed as though four kinds of profound meanings were rotating at the same time. They seemed to ripple out when Su Yu stepped forward.

This was Su Yus sheer attack generated from the Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron, which contained his comprehension of the time, space, soul, and life forces.

In front of the powerful fluctuation, it was extremely difficult for the two young primes to walk forward.

However, Su Yu started to move towards the young primes by rapidly stepping across the fluctuations.

10,000 meters! 1,000 meters! 100 meters!

He was so close!

The three young primes were about to have an ultimate collision!

Ten meters!

One meter!!


A deafening thunder was created in the tribulation cloud. It was as if someone in the unseen world was roaring angrily. The entire Jingyu Realm was trembling under the thunder, and it killed countless weaker creatures.

The sudden and deafening bang was created by the ultimate collision of the three young primes.

Nobody saw the collision clearly; they could only see the consequences of it.

The bone sword that had been in the hand of the young Demon Emperor was crushed. He was looking at the broken sword with a puzzled expression.

The green dagger of the young Death Deity had disappeared. His body, which contained the strength of Buddha and demon, was a mess.

Also, a big hole had appeared on the chests of both of the young primes. Their hearts had disappeared without any trace.

No, their hearts had been vaporized by a magnificent strength.

Slowly, the two young primes, whose lips were covered in blood, disappeared into the void.

The young Demon Emperor was defeated! The young Death Deity was as well.

Now, only one young prime had been left standing!

He was the ultimate winner!

Witnessed by all deities in this world, an invincible champion who defeated the number one expert in the history of the Realms of Demon had come forth!

The Demon Cloud City Master, who was trembling in terror, murmured as he looked at Su Yu from afar. I am not able to control this guy! he said.

He knew the invincible champion standing before him wouldnt be controlled by anyone!

Even the current Demon Emperor was not able to control him!

The mans potential was so tremendous that the Demon Cloud City Master decided to keep his distance.

Li Ying was utterly shocked. His jealousy had disappeared in his heart and was now replaced with admiration and awe!

Li Ying was quite clear that he was not even qualified enough to envy the guy.

Because this guy would be a prime who could look down upon all of the powerful experts in the world in the future!

When all of the young primes created by the tribulation cloud were defeated, dull thunder could still be heard coming from it, as if it didnt want to accept its failure. However, the cloud dissipated slowly at last.

The divine tribulation was then finished.

The next moment, a strand of light descended from the dissipating tribulation cloud and disappeared into Su Yus forehead.

Another dazzling light particle appeared in Su Yus Dantian.

It was a Celestial Energy Sphere!

It was the second Celestial Energy Sphere in Su Yus body.

Nobody in the world had obtained two Celestial Energy Spheres before.

Su Yu looked at the dissipating tribulation clouds as a cold light flashed in his eyes. The divine tribulation and the invisible will shouldnt have appeared there at that moment.

You are not able to kill me! I will walk up, step by step, and find you at last! Su Yu swore to himself.

In an unseen world, a cold will knew it had to find another way to kill Su Yu. So, it knew it was time to go!

The divine tribulation disappeared.

The next moment, gentle light shone down from the sky and entered Su Yus body.

The primordial spirit in his body, which was enhanced remarkably, became a young Su Yu. This little Su Yu was quite young, but he was determined just like the unyielding young man who was in the martial arts training institute of the Xianyu prefecture.

A stage three Mortal Fairy? Su Yu said, surprised. Normally, when the primordial spirit became a three-year-old child, Su Yu would reach stage one Mortal Fairy.

When the primordial spirit became an eight-year-old child, Su Yu would reach stage two Mortal Fairy.

Therefore, the current primordial spirit of Su Yu meant he had reached the level of stage three Mortal Fairy.

Does it mean I reached stage three Mortal Fairy from the Peak All Creation directly? he wondered.

He was not surprised because he used to reach the level of the All Creation from the fairy realm directly when he crossed his last divine tribulation.

So, it was not a big leap for Su Yu to reach an enhancement of three stages.

After all, the divine tribulation Su Yu crossed this time had been a stage one divine tribulation.

At that moment, the primordial spirit of Su Yu, which was in the form of a young Su Yu, was no longer formed by the force of All Creation but, instead, the strength of Mortal Fairy!

Two small light particles were flying around the primordial spirit.

At last, Su Yu was able to solidify its Celestial Energy Sphere!

After injecting the strength of Mortal Fairy into the Celestial Energy Spheres, divine strength would be created, which could then be used to solidify the Celestial Energy Spheres further.

Heh! Heh! Finally, I have my own divine strength! Su Yu murmured excitedly.