The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1232

Chapter 1232 A Gift From An Enemy

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Su Yu was quite happy about the change of his soul. His soul had reached the level of Peak Mortal Fairy, which was one stage higher than his previous stage.

Now, the fifth layer of the Heaven Sons Insight appeared in his mind automatically, which was also the last layer of the records on the flagstone the Soul Devouring Realm.

The fifth layer, which had been long expected, appeared at last.

Those who had reached the Soul Devouring Realm could strengthen their souls to the level of divine soul by devouring the souls of other creatures.

There were three layers altogether. Those who had reached the first layer could devour the souls of creatures whose stages were lower than deities, which meant even the soul of a Later Stage prospective deity could be devoured.

Su Yus pupils constricted abruptly. Devouring souls?

Isnt that a skill that only belongs to the souls of deities?

A creatures memory was stored in its soul. Those who devoured the souls of other beings at will would lose their memory and eventually become insane.

Only deities were able to wipe off the memories stored in a soul. Then, the deities could absorb the soul when it was cleansed.

However, Su Yu had also obtained that skill after reaching the Soul Devouring Realm.

Now, he had reached the first layer.

When he reached the second layer, he would be able to devour the souls of deities!

When he reached the third layer, he would be able to devour the souls of Median Deities!

Su Yu didnt know what a Median Deity was, but he was sure that it must be more powerful than ordinary deities!

Yun Yazis remnant soul was extremely powerful, which meant that his Soul Devouring Realm had reached a very high level!

While Su Yu was thinking everything over, his Heaven Sons Insight had reached the first small layer of the fifth layer from the fourth layer.

Su Yu then discovered that his soul could look through any other souls, and even check the memories hidden deep within.

Furthermore, Su Yu also felt that he was able to change their memories and create false ones at will. He could also erase the memories in a soul. When the soul was clean, he could devour it to enhance his own.

Is this the Soul Devouring Realm? he wondered. This new feeling cheered Su Yu up.

There were nine layers in the Heaven Sons Insight. Only five layers were recorded on the flagstone. If the fifth layer was this powerful, the effect of the next four layers would be unimaginable! Su Yu licked his lips. He had become much more interested in the subsequent four layers of this skill.

This diving tribulation had brought a lot of benefits to Su Yu!

He managed to obtain the second Celestial Energy Sphere and reached the Soul Devouring Realm, which helped him begin the process of cultivating a new Divine Path.

Su Yu thought this divine tribulation would cause anomalies between the heaven and the earth like those in the world of human beings, which might attract the attention of the royal family of the Realm of Demons.

However, Su Yu knew, according to the divine tribulation he had just crossed, that he worried too much. He knew the royal family of the Realm of Demons wouldnt be startled.

Frankly speaking, the benefits Su Yu had obtained through this divine tribulation had exceeded his expectations.

Heh! Heh! Ive crossed this divine tribulation. Now, it is time to punish the Demon Cloud City Master! Su Yu said with a cold smile.

When the tribulation cloud disappeared, the Demon Cloud City Master and Li Ying dashed toward Seawatch City along with another two deities.

Terror was still reflected in their eyes.

Do you know the guy who crossed the divine tribulation just now? someone asked. As the Demon Cloud City Master and two other city masters approached Su Yu, they noticed a silver-haired young demon was looking at them, his hands resting behind his back.

Although they had witnessed the fight between Su Yu and the Book Deity, they hadnt received any details because of the concealment of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. Now, they even didnt know Su Yus appearance and aura.

When they saw the young demon, whose bloodline was not pure, they were even more convinced that he could be a descendant of a declining deity.

However, they had no idea that a descendant of a deity could inherit such a powerful Divine Path.

The Demon Cloud City Master had given up his plan to recruit the young man. Now, he only wanted to become friends with him.

Congratulations, young man! I believe you will become a prospective deity and a deity soon! the Demon Cloud City Master said as he walked up in front of Su Yu and folded his hands. It seemed he was treating Su Yu as his peer!

Another two city masters had also witnessed the magnificent scene when Su Yu crossed his divine tribulation. So, they were not surprised by the Demon Cloud City Masters reaction. They knew they should do their best to treat the young prime favorably.

Hah! Hah! Congratulations, young friend! one of the masters said.

My young friend, nobody had crossed the divine tribulation like you before! All of us are totally impressed by your heroic posture! said the other.

Su Yu touched his nose as he looked at the three city masters, puzzled.

The Demon Cloud City Master hadnt received the reaction he had expected from Su Yu, so he paused for a moment before continuing to speak with a friendly smile. Young friend, I guess you dont have any elder family members in this world, right? he asked.

Su Yu, who was from the Star River, didnt have any elder family members in the Realm of Demons. So, he nodded his head without saying anything.

Hearing this, the eyes of the three city masters lit up. The man was a descendant of a declining deity, just as they had expected.

The Demon Cloud City Master felt relieved. Then, he said with a smile, I am the master of the Demon Cloud City in the Jingyu Realm. I planned to provide some assistance to you when you crossed your divine tribulation. However, I didnt expect you to be so powerful that you didnt need any assistance at all! Anyway, if you need any help, I am willing to do my best!

That wont be necessary, Su Yu replied calmly.

After being arrogantly rejected by Su Yu, the Demon Cloud City Master was not annoyed. He continued to speak amicably. Heh! Heh! My young friend, I dont agree with what you said! There are a lot of deities in the Realm of Demons, which is a ruthless world. I bet a lot of people will envy you because of your extraordinary gifts. You are in quite a dangerous situation since you have no protection from your elder family members. So, these two city masters and I are willing to provide you with all kinds of protection and resources before you reach the level of deity. We dont want to waste this precious opportunity to get to know you today! he said.

What the Demon Cloud City Master said is correct! My young friend, you should be cautious in this ruthless world! the other two city masters added with a smile.

Su Yu stared at them without answering.

The Demon Cloud City Master and the other city masters were quite embarrassed and couldnt help but fume silently to themselves. No wonder he is an extraordinary young prime! they thought. He is so arrogant that he refused the help offered to him by deities!

However, instead of being annoyed by Su Yu, they ignored his arrogance.

They ignored it because they were focused on Su Yus massive potential!

If Su Yu had been an ordinary demon, he would have been killed if he dared to act so rudely in front of those same deities.

It seems he is maintaining vigilance in front of us! the Demon Cloud City Master thought to himself.

He then made eye contact with the other two city masters. The three of them nodded their heads at the same time.

Heh! Heh! My young friend, dont be afraid of us! We sincerely hope we can become friends with you! the Demon Cloud City Master said. Then, he pulled a pink beast head from his sleeve and handed it to Su Yu reluctantly. I obtained this copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact in a ruin. Please accept this little token and use it to protect yourself!

The pink beast head appeared in front of Su Yu.

Although Su Yu was puzzled by the actions of the Demon Cloud City Master, he accepted the strange gift without any hesitation.

Only a fool would refuse a gift from his enemy!

Seeing this, the other two city masters gasped and began communicating with each other using telepathy.

Wow! The Demon Cloud City Master had planned to leave that copied Emperor-based Saint Artifact to his elder son! Its name is the Pink Skull. It can be used to confuse the enemys mind. Even we have to be careful in front of it! I didnt expect him to give it to this young man! the one city master said.

Gasp! This is really a lavish expenditure of the Demon Cloud City Master! replied the other. If I remember correctly, the Demon Cloud City Master doesnt want to leave it to his elder son. He was going to use it as his secondary original life equipment! Wow, what a lavish expenditure!