The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1233

Chapter 1233 Frozen God Worm

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The two city masters looked at each other, secretly frightened by the determination of the Demon Cloud City Master.

He was even willing to give away the second piece of god artifact, which showed how determined the Demon Cloud City Master was to win over Su Yu.

However, upon thinking further, the three young city masters would surely become a new generation of Kings in the future.

Now that he sought to provide assistance to this man while he was gaining power, it may well prove to be the icing on the cake in the future.

It seems we cant be stingy, the Bo Ming City Master said bitterly. If the gift they gave was worse than the Pink Skull, it would be seen as too shabby, and it would difficult for them to get into Su Yus good favor.

So, either they had to give him something decent or not bother giving him anything at all.

But how could the two of them come up with something that could be compared with what the wealthy Demon Cloud City Master had given?

The Bo Ming City Master stepped forward, holding back the pain in his heart and smiling kindly. My friend, to be able to meet you is fate, nothing else. This is the pure Divine God Source Origin that I have refined in one year of retreat. It is of great benefit to you after you absorb it. It can help you to stabilize your own Divine God Source Origin, he said.

He took out the Divine God Source Origin sealed in divine power, which was more than ten times larger than the rice grain-sized Divine God Source Origin in Su Yus body.

If he combined them, Su Yu would be able to save on one year spent practicing.

Su Yus heart throbbed, but his face remained calm, and he took it without expression.

Nice, another enemy had given him an excellent gift.

Oh, the two city masters truly care about Yu Demon. I am heartened by them, so I will give you something good to defend yourself, the Abyss City Master said, smiling. He took out a piece of ice, his face displaying great pain. Frozen deep within the ice was a small worm.

Looking at the worm, the eyelids of the Demon Cloud City Master and the Bo Ming City Master jumped, revealing hints of shock.

The Bo Ming City Master spoke in tongues, saying, The Abyss City Master just joked about the Demon Cloud City Master spending too much on his gift. This old guy is the one that is truly sacrificing! Hes even giving away a dead worm! Thats what he considers a lifeline for himself!

Of the three, the Abyss City Master was the most enthusiastic gift giver!

The Demon Cloud City Masters face sank, and his nostrils flared slightly as he snorted. It was a sign that perhaps he knew he had lost in this arbitrary contest.

Oh? Whats this? Su Yu stared at the frozen black worm. His soul of the peak dust fairy felt a sense of anxiety. The Nine Dragons carved in the Divine also issued a warning alert.

Since entering the Xing River, even when fighting face to face with deities, the Nine Dragons carved in the Divine had not sent warning signals out.

The Abyss City Master kindly explained further. This is ten-thousand-year-old mysterious ice that was washed up by the bitter sea. It seals an ancient worm, a dead soul insect that has disappeared from the demon world! Somehow, it is frozen in this mysterious ice. Although ten thousand years have passed, there is still a trace of its vitality in it. If it is released, it will be very easy to kill a gods soul with it, he told Su Yu.

Kill a gods soul? Su Yus pupils shrunk slightly. This was really a great treasure, equivalent to a life-saving magic weapon.

If he had this item earlier, before the Book God struck, he could have used it against him and made him disappear forever.

Thank you, Abyss City Master. Su Yu smiled, politely taking the gift.

The Abyss City Master trembled slightly, and his heart hurt. However, he glanced at the somber expression of the Demon Cloud City Master and the ugly expression of the Bo Ming City Master, and he felt somewhat relieved.

With a smile, the Abyss City Master presented the gift with both hands. You may come to visit me in Abyss City and cultivate resources in the future. My Abyss City is willing to take on all the responsibility of doing so, and can also provide the most determined security protection. It means you will never have to face any danger, he said.

The Demon Cloud City Master snorted and looked at Su Yu. His eyes were glowing mildly. Haha, I will open my door to you at any time as well. If you want, if there are any problems with your cultivation, I think I will be more than qualified to assist and provide some helpful pointers.

The Abyss City Master was ruthless, and the Demon Cloud City Master was even more so. They were now all claiming to be, in the name of a master, willing to help out an apprentice.

The Bo Ming City Master was not willing to fall behind. Oh, Bo Ming City also welcomes you. Whatever the difficulties, Bo Ming City is willing to help; even if there is a god enemy that comes to your door, no matter who the other person is, I will settle it for you! he said.

Hiss! He even promised to get into feuds with other gods!

The Bo Ming City Master had made the most significant promise!

The three city lords provided valuable things, with conditions that ordinary people would not have been able to resist, just to curry favor with Su Yu.

Cough, the three city lords kind intentions, I will forever remember. All I want to do is establish a good friendship with the three city lords, Su Yu said. His face was not red as he jumped in and collected the three treasures.

The three city lords waited for what they wanted.

But there may be a little difficulty, Su Yu continued.

Ah? The three city masters frowned. He had taken their things and benefited from them, but now claimed that there was some difficulty?

Oh, what are the difficulties for you? Just tell us. I dont think there is anything that can affect the friendship between us, the Demon Cloud City Master said as he smiled kindly.

Yes, my friend, say it! the Bo Ming City Master and the Abyss City Master urged, also laughing and smiling.

Im afraid, after speaking my mind, the three city lords will be very unhappy, Su Yu said.

As soon as the words left Su Yus mouth, the Demon Cloud City Master patted his chest boldly and said, What nonsense! We are gods; what can we not tolerate?

Yes, nothing can affect the rare fate between us today.


It was at that time that Li Ying, who had followed closely, finally caught up with the gods.

He was also very curious to find out what kind of character the man before them was.

After he appeared, he looked intently toward the youth who had been treated kindly and respectfully by the three city lords. He couldnt help showing a respectful expression and smiling. Ive seen he began to say.

As Li Ying spoke, his eyes focused on the man.

Li Yings words stopped abruptly when Su Yus clear figure reflected in his pupils.

Confused, puzzled, and surprised, Li Yin blurted out, Why, it is you, Yu Demon!

Among the four people present, only he had fought against Su Yu, so he saw Su Yus true self with his own eyes.

Wait a minute!

The three city masters, with smiles on their faces like flowers in the snow, suddenly froze, and their shock was visible on their faces.

The Demon Cloud City Master shot a glance at Li Ying. Who did you say he is? he asked.

The other two gods also stared at Li Ying with eyes that seemed to want to swallow someone up.

Li Ying was afraid and slowly began to retreat, swallowing. Its the Feather Demon, lord of Seawatch City! he said.


As if there were three strikes of the gods hammer, the words bombarded their hearts, making them instantly stiff.

The Abyss City Master felt cold seep up through his hands and feet. His lips froze, and he yelled, What are you talking about? The Feather Demon is only the cultivation of Vientiane, how can he possibly have survived the calamity?

Li Ying had been scolded by the gods and was now frightened. Nevertheless, he said, No mistake! I saw him half a month ago. How could I be wrong about this? He is absolutely real. He is the object of our activities, the Seawatch City Master!

The three city lords looked as though they could not accept what Li Ying was saying.

Cough, my three city lords, this is what I wanted to say. There is going to be a little difficulty in our relationship together, Su Yu said, ultimately reminding them of what they had just lost and brought them firmly back to reality.