The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1234

Chapter 1234 Beaten Back To A Rewrite

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The three city lords finally reacted to what they heard, and their faces turned red!

Once made known, it was indeed hard to believe.

The three of them had given precious treasures to their enemy before the battle!

That was right. In fact, they did so with a smile on their faces. They tried to curry favor, were polite, and very respectfully gave their own precious treasures to him!

This ruthless and cruel reality seemed to be a shocking slap in their faces.

Throughout the universe, there was probably no bigger joke then they were at that moment.

Yu Demon! You deceived us, but you also deceived the Lords dead soul worm! Give it back to me! the Abyss City Master said. He had suffered the most significant loss. He was now iron-faced, and his teeth were clenched.

How did I deceive you? Su Yu asked helplessly. As soon as I finished with my tasks, you came and gave these gifts to me with your own hands. Though I did wonder if you had come to deal with me. In fact, I thought this was your tradition. I thought, before the crusade, you must send the enemy a large number of precious things.

The Abyss City Master trembled with anger, and every sentence Su Yu spoke stung his nerves.

The faces of the Demon Cloud City Master and the Bo Ming City Master did not look good either.

Kill him! the Bo Ming City Master screamed. He wanted to kill Su Yu, and regain the treasure!

The fierceness of the Demon Cloud City Masters eyes emerged, and the gentle color from earlier disappeared.

He suddenly realized that standing in front of him was not only their demon object, Yu Demon, but also the future World Supreme Leader!

Thinking about this, the Demon Cloud City Master was furious. He must not be allowed to live!

At that moment, the Demon Cloud City Master had even forgotten that his main goal at the moment was Her Royal Highness, the Ninth Princess!

The three gods were so angry that their thoughts could kill heavenly beings.

Su Yu, who had now gotten two Divine God Source Origins that were equal to half that of the gods, was not afraid.

Kill me? Huh, are the three city lords trying to rebel against the demons? The royal ban prohibits all city lords from killing one another. Those who go against this will be killed without pardon! Su Yu calmly said.

The three gods anger was immediately quenched.

Killing him may have relieved them of their hatred, but it would have attracted the wrath of the royal family, and they could not escape death.

We are still here to pay respects to the Seawatch City Master, and we are here upholding righteousness! the Demon Cloud City Master yelled. Li Ying!

Li Ying came forward, staring at Su Yu coldly. He was full of murderous intentions.

The man in front of them was too scary; he must not be given a chance to gain any more power.

Li Ying is here! Li Ying operated his divine power, transmitting his voice to the entirety of Seawatch City, drawing the attention of all living beings. The previous Seawatch City Lord, entrusted by the Demon Cloud City Master, the Bo Ming City Master, and the Abyss City Master, are here to declare the new crime of the new City Lord, Yu Demon!

The new Yu Demon City Master has committed two major sins!

The first sin, holding the Ninth Princess hostage and threatening important members of the imperial royal family.

The second sin, conspiring to abscond the seat of the Seawatch City Master. My father fell, unfortunately, because of his scheme. According to common sense, as the heir, I should assume the title of Lord of the City, but he threatened his Highness and manipulated her to take the throne!

The spirit of Yu Demon is extremely evil, and he has no respect for the royal family. I will wait for the Tri-City Alliance to come and help me correct what is wrong!

With that, Li Ying stared at Su Yu, yelling, Traitor and thief, why dont you get down on your knees quickly?

A string of sounds, full sentences, made their way through the sky. His message was conveyed to all living beings.

They were shocked and deeply confused. They looked to the new Seawatch City Lord, who had never said a word.

Su Yu waited for a moment, then said, This is the reason for your crusade?

Raising his hand, a dog was thrown out of Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. It seemed confused.

Her Royal Highness the Ninth Princess, your courtiers suspect that I hold you in captivity. You should go with them, Su Yu said.

The dogs sleepy eyes opened, her head shook like a rattle, and she remained around the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. Everything is okay, so why should I go with them? I wont go! she said.Read the next chapter on our

With that, the dog stared at the three masters of the Demon City. Lets all go wash up and sleep. The Princess is fine and is not being held hostage.

Then, the furry animal drilled back into the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl!

Su Yu stood up with his hands raised and said confidently, It seems that your first major sin is not true.

Su Yu glanced towards Li Ying, saying indifferently, As for you, haha, which rule of the demon says that the children of the city master must inherit the position of the city master? When you are in trouble, you hide in the capital of the demon emperor. However, now that the crisis has been lifted, you are here, shamelessly returning to assume the position of city master. I would like to ask the people residing in Seawatch City. Is such a wandering and whimsical city master what you want?

All in all, the reasons for your crusade are not valid. Go back and rethink the crusade, and then we will talk about it! Su Yu waved his sleeves, causing the creatures in Seawatch City to laugh.

Li Ying flushed red and yelled, Who are you talking about?

You, of course! Su Yu responded. A so-called dignified descendant. When your father was in trouble, you did not even dare to make a single sound. When your father was dead, you did not dare to avenge him yourself and behaved instead like a slave, asking other city lords to drive this ahead for you. You even lead outsiders to attack your own city! Dogs have loyalty; you are not even as good as a dog! Saying that you act on a whim, I feel like I am even disrespecting the word!

His voice shook all of Seawatch City. The creatures who did not like Li Ying in the first place were even more scornful now.

The Lord of the City is right. You see what he looks like standing there in front of him. Does he not look like a slave?

Oh, this kind of weakling. He only knows how to hide behind the demon emperor. To think that he also wants to come back to wrestle for prestige. He is worse than a dog!


Li Yings complexion turned from red to pale green, and he was utterly humiliated. I act on a whim? Oh, a character like you that behaves like a rat in my hands, how dare you to say that I act on whims? If I am a whim, what are you? he said.

As soon as this remark came out, the creatures in Seawatch City grew even more scornful.

The son of the old city master is really a bully. A late-stage quasi-god bullied a Vientiane level creature. How dare he speak like that, thinking that he is so d*mn great!

Hey! Each subsequent generation is indeed not as good as the previous one!

Hearing the irony, Li Ying sneered. A group of ants indeed. All of you shut up! The demon world respects martial arts and is built on strength! Who is he, for he is so weak? he said.

He turned his eyes and shot a mean look at Su Yu. Li Ying laughed. No matter how amazing your potential, now, in my eyes, you are still an ant. How dare you call me whimsical; I have no aptitude for it! he said.


Li Ying broke away from the three gods, teleported away, and yelled, I represent myself, and I will give you some surprises to truly sober you up! How dare you imagine that you are above all beings, you are still too young!

What Li Ying implied wat that he was now attacking Su Yu for personal reasons that had nothing to do with the crusade.

Suddenly, at the moment of his attack, Su Yus whole body flashed in all colors, and he moved away.

Li Ying was stunned and smirked. Did you see? he called. This is your new city owner, a wretch that wastes time and effort! He only knows how to dodge and fly away! It is ridiculous that this wasteful creature has the nerve to evaluate others as waste!

Su Yu looked indifferent. He was not angry at all, just like during the previous encounter.

He sighed softly and said, You just said Im avoiding you, but have you ever thought that, in fact, I just never considered you as an equal and didnt want to fight?