The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1235

Chapter 1235 Guest Of The Imperial City

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I have no idea where your confidence came from! Li Ying shot Su Yu a look of sympathy. I watched your fight while negotiating the ordeal. You have the strength of a middle-stage Prospective Deity at most.

You probably cant survive more than one blow from my hands. Your preposterous confidence made me pity you indeed, he said.


With a flicker of his remnant shadow, Li Yings words still lingered in the air, but he had disappeared via teleportation.

When he emerged once again, his cold words resonated in Su Yus ears. Because you wouldnt even know how you die! Li Ying said.

The divine energy of a late-stage Prospective Deity was gathered between his fingers. The purity of it was not far from that of the ordinary deities.

This time, Su Yu did not shy away via teleportation, but slowly extended his right palm, colliding with the finger powered by divine energy without even turning his head.

There werent any ear-shattering sounds. There was only a soft, dull noise that reverberated between the two of them.

Su Yus body wasnt shattered by the late-stage Prospective Deity Li Ying as the outsiders had imagined.

The two of them maintained their positions as if they were frozen in place.

Only after a brief moment did Su Yu withdraw his right palm nonchalantly, and a black dragon glided past leisurely and flickered out of sight.

Sighing softly, Su Yu said, Rest in peace, although, you dont even have a clue how you died.


As his words ended, a patch of skin like a hard shell peeled off from Li Yings face, and a puff of eerie, cold, deathly scent leaked out from within.

The insides of his body had been destroyed by the deathly air, and so had his soul, leaving behind only an empty shell.

A late-stage Prospective Deity, destroyed by only a palm, just like that!!!

Everyone who had been watching was stupefied.

What is the actual cultivation of Lord City Master?

He just made it into the Mortal Fairy realm, I think.

Ouch! What a domineering palm! Even if Li Ying had suffered a full-force slam from his peer, he should have the power to retaliate. He couldnt possibly be killed. But even Li Ying couldnt dodge the city masters palm, killing him right then!

The creatures of Seawatch City were shaken by the city masters astonishing powers, and they gradually became excited.

The stronger their city master, the more prosperous he could help make Seawatch City.

Hahaha! I heard that Lord City Master only had the cultivation of All Creations initially. I was startled; it turned out that our city master is a late-stage Prospective Deity who has hidden his expertise well!

Right, no wonder the Ninth Princess entrusted him with Seawatch City. It is because he has hidden powers. That is the only reasonable explanation!

Haha, how hilarious was Li Ying to have overestimated himself, raising all this clamor and scampering everywhere to hunt down our city master. In the end, he got killed with just one palm. In fact, he was the one that deserved our sympathy.

Before the fight could even fully begin, Li Ying, who had been the instigator, had been slaughtered.

The Demon Cloud City Master and the two others had gloomy looks on their faces.

They were the ones who had brought Li Ying back from the Demonic Emperor City, since he was the true heir, to overthrow the current leader of Seawatch City.

But it turned out that he had been killed with just one hit before the battle could even begin.

The three city masters saw the attack clearly. Li Yings death was worthwhile, yet he had died very unjustly.

It was worthwhile because the palm carried astonishing power, and was more than enough to finish off Li Ying.

He had died unjustly because if only he had been cautious and mindful, and not made direct contact with the palm, he wouldnt have been killed so easily.

No matter what, Li Ying was dead.

But it was his death that had given them a new reason to launch an assault.

Rebel, usurper! The Demon Cloud City Masters eyes were like bolts of lightning as he berated Su Yu in a raised voice. You killed a deitys descendant, and you deserve to die a horrible death for your crime. As deities of the Jingyu Realm, we will not sit back and watch an evil, cunning man like you inflict harm upon Seawatch City!

He yelled so righteously and justly, yet invited verbal abuses and insults from Seawatch City.

Youre twisting the truth! That scumbag Li Ying attempted to kill him but got killed instead. Did you expect our city master to stand still and wait until he had been beaten to death?

You were the ones who inflicted harm upon Seawatch City!

Right, get lost from here! The affairs of Seawatch City do not need your intervention!

The creatures of Seawatch City understood it well; once Seawatch City was conquered, they would become puppets to those three city masters.

Their grunts and grudges were nothing in the eyes of the Demon Cloud City Master. He mocked them, saying, You bunch of foolish people, I have come here to rescue you!

As he spoke, he stared at Su Yu. In the name of Her Highness, I hereby declare to the world that a war of justice is to be started against the Yu Demon! the Demon Cloud City Master stated.

After exchanging a glance with the city masters beside him, the three of them shot glares at Su Yu all at once. Simultaneously, their divine energies surged and roiled, penetrating the heavens, killing Su Yu then and there.

The three of them understood that now that things had turned out this way, all they could do was obliterate Su Yu, the unrivaled master with terrifying potential.

Otherwise, what awaited them in the days to come would be endless nightmares.

The importance of killing Su Yu had far outweighed that of seizing Her Highness.

The three great deities struck at once, and among them was the powerful Demon Cloud City Master, who could even rival the All-Access Merchant God. It wasnt a force that Su Yu could stand against.

But even if he couldnt, someone else could.

Bang! Bang!

At that instant, the three of them attacked. Four beams of divine brilliance struck down abruptly, unleashing a totally unexpected fatal blow from behind!

They were the city master of the Luminous Moon City and three others.

The city master of the Luminous Moon City had not let Su Yu down indeed and had successfully invited the other three city masters.

They were lying in ambush at the borders of their own territory, all the while paying attention to the activity in Seawatch City, waiting for the best opportunity to start their raid.

For that, they had prepared their most adept, most deadly trump card.

The raid by the four of them had far exceeded the expectations of the Demon Cloud City Master and his partners.

They had thought that even if the Luminous Moon City Master and the three others dared not come forward and offered them aid, there was no way they would hinder them, would they?

But was that just hindrance? They had been lying in wait to plant a brutal, ruthless blow on their backs!

The Demon Cloud City Master was the first one to come to his senses. The divine energy he unleashed was withdrawn right away, as he growled in anger and directed it at the raiders behind him.

With a dull whimper, one of the ambushers was hit by the blow, recoiling, leaving behind a pool of divine blood on the ground. It was the Luminous Moon City Master whose mouth was full of blood.

However, a Blood Red Bone Needle on the Luminous Moon City Masters hand had successfully pierced through the palm of the Demon Cloud City Master as well, as a blood-red mark spread across his palm.

Deity Destroying Poison? The Demon Cloud City Master asked, exasperated. Yet he dared not be careless. He immediately commenced suppressing the acute poison.

The Luminous Moon City Master clasped at his chest and coughed out mouthfuls of divine blood, his face covered in a taunting sneer. Haha, no wonder youre the first-ranking city master of the Jingyu Realm. You could injure me even with the Deity Destroying Poison in you! However, you cant escape your tragic fate today!


Two shrieks of misery sounded one after another. The Abyss City Master and the Bo Ming City Master did not manage to react in time like the Demon Cloud City Master had, and their bodies shattered in the joint attack of the other three city masters. They were left with only their divine souls and had escaped without a trace.

The three of them were the Baiyue City Master, the Lingxin City Master, and the Fansai City Master.

They did not bother to chase after the two divine souls that had fled. Instead, they stood side by side with the Luminous Moon City Master, gazing at the Demon Cloud City Master from afar.

The divine souls that had lost their bodies were nothing for them to worry about.

The Demon Cloud City Master was a great disaster, and whom they should really be concerned with.

Fansai City Master, you actually The Demon Cloud City Master had fury in his eyes. Before that, the Fansai City Master had been standing on his side!

The Fansai City Master said with indifference, The Luminous City Master has promised me enough benefits. Yes, more than you ever did.

No friends or enemies could last forever. The only invariant factor was benefits.

Fine! Fine! None of you can leave today! the Demon Cloud City Master bellowed in rage.


Shocking demonic energy erupted from within his body with a tempestuous force. He fixed his enraged eyes on the Luminous Moon City Master. Thinking of taming me with the mere Deity Destroying Poison? Go to Hell! he said.

With a shift of thoughts, he transformed into a gargantuan demonic body that was ten-thousand feet tall.

The Luminous City Master and the three others had solemn and grave looks on their faces. Even though the Demon Cloud City Master had been poisoned, they did not dare to let down their guards down. They transformed their bodies into ten-thousand-feet-tall hideous demonic bodies as well.

Five monstrous creatures got into an earth-shattering major battle in the air above Seawatch City.

Every move of theirs destroyed an area of mountains and rivers, vaguely afflicting the laws of the Great Path. Because of that, a cavern world as sturdy as the Demonic Dimension had begun to show traces of cracking.

The Demon Cloud City Master was the first-ranking city master of the Jingyu Realm indeed. Even with the intense poison in his system and left with only 70 percent of his peak capacity, his combat power was still as astonishing as ever. Despite being under the siege of the four great city masters, he wasnt at a point of disadvantage.

But since the four great city master had joined hands today, they had the intention of killing the Demon Cloud City Master. Having been taken aback by the horrendous power of the Demon Cloud City Master, they grew even more staunch and determined in killing him.

If they let the Demon Cloud City Master go today, he would be the root of never-ending troubles and disasters in the future!

Do not hold back your strength anymore! the Luminous Moon City Master growled thunderously. He acted first by displaying his strongest demonic weapon, generating a forceful killing technique at the cost of consuming his own divine energy.

The three other city masters dared not delay a second longer, all of them putting their best feet forward.

The great war between them finally underwent a change.

The Demon Cloud City Master was bombarded by the four great city masters until his divine body was swaying, and numerous cracks and seams hundreds of feet in width appeared all over his body. Plenty of divine blood went fluttering in the air, looking exceptionally magnificent.

As time passed, the condition of the Demon Cloud City Master deteriorated, and his divine body was on the verge of crumbling.

However, the four great city masters werent in great shape either!

The Fansai City Master had accidentally been shattered by the assault of the Demon Cloud City Master. Even his divine soul had gotten destroyed by the Demon Cloud City Master. The Fansai City Master had perished!

The Baiyue City Master and the Lingxin City Master were severely injured as well. It would take a few dozen years of rest before they could recover.

Even the Luminous Moon City Master sustained significant injuries.

And that was because he had been poisoned by the Demon Cloud City Master prior to the battle.

Hes about to lose it, lets charge together! the Luminous Moon City Master bellowed.

The outcome was clear. The Demon Cloud City Master would meet his death that day, without a doubt.

The three great city masters pounced forward all at once, giving the Demon Cloud City Master a final blow.

With an anguished smile on his face, the Demon Cloud City Master stared at Su Yu in a fury. Yu Demon! I will never forgive you!! he said.

Although there was no evidence, it was obvious that Su Yu had caused the four great city masters to take his side so peculiarly.

He regretted not believing the Book Deitys words. The brat before his eyes was a terrifying entity who should never have been given any opportunity.

He could turn the clouds over and summon a downpour with a mere flip of his hand and overturn the entire world with a single thought.


The ten-thousand-feet-tall demonic body leaped into the air, preparing for an escape.

Where are you going? How could the Luminous City Master allow the Demon Cloud City Master to flee? With the two other city masters, they chased after him.

The Demon Cloud City Master was like an arrow at the end of its flight; he would never be able to escape the final attack of the three of them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

However, right at that moment, a surge of deafening thunder rumbled at the edge of the sky.

An immense mass of demon clouds rode above Seawatch City like a tsunami, emitting a grave, murderous aura that foretold a brutal massacre.

Su Yu was moved by the violent air.

The demon race! Su Yus pupils flickered with an uncanny light. The violent air was filled with a scent that was unique to the demon race, which rampaged the galaxy.

Upon entering the Demonic Dimension, none of the demons whom he had seen and interacted with were the bloodthirsty demons in the galaxy.

Su Yu used to wonder if the demons in the galaxy had really come from the Demonic Dimension.

But the harsh, vicious scent emanating from the demon clouds made Su Yus eyes turn icy cold.

The Demonic Dimension was indeed the great emperor that manipulated the life and death of the creatures of the galaxy.

The final stroke of luck had been extinguished, and Su Yus eyes were filled with a merciless, malicious shade.

The savage air radiated in all directions, making many creatures recoil in shock and horror.

Even the faces of the Luminous Moon City Master and the two others turned awful, as they exclaimed in low voices, Holy Magic Hall!