The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1236

Chapter 1236 Princess Yunxia

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Su Yus mind raced. Holy Magic Hall? Where was that?

The demon clouds surged forward with an intense force, and a young demon showed himself. He looked to be in his thirties with a hideous, ferocious facea purebred demon.

Unlike the ordinary purebred demons, the sharp horn on top of his head had streaks of blood red on it, and even his body surface was blood red.

A demon like that was very similar to the demonic body of the Glittering Jewel Demonic God.

A blood-red Demonic God?

Behind the youth stood a row of demons with blood-red bodies.

All of them gave off a savage, violent air. They were like beasts that would pounce forward and devour a human at any moment, which was deeply unnerving.

The Luminous Moon City Master and the two others slowed down their pace and did not dare to take another step forward. They watched as the Demon Cloud City Master entered the demon clouds.

The blood-red youth taking the lead had a cruel gleam in his eyes as he looked at the Luminous Moon City Master and his partners who had retreated. He seemed somewhat remorseful as he said, What a pity.

The Luminous Moon City Master shuddered, his face gloomy and fearful.

If they had been irrational and had rushed into the demon cloud just now, it would have been considered an attack against the Holy Magic Hall.

And the consequences that would have befallen them would be ending up as snacks to the monsters of the Holy Magic Hall!

Those words, what a pity, gave them shivers when they heard them.

Ive taken him away, the Blood Red Demonic God said, completely disregarding the people at the scene.

His glance skipped the three city masters and fell upon Su Yu. As for you he said.

His words were filled with hints of iciness. Do follow me to the Holy Magic Hall, and wait for your verdict!

On the demon cloud, the Demon Cloud City Masters lips curled into a resentful smile.

The Holy Magic Hall was a paramount existence that overrode the nine worlds. Within it was the most powerful deities of the Demonic Dimension, all of them only abiding by the Demon Emperors commands.

They existed with the purpose of extending their influence and conquest on the outside and suppressing rebellions and insurgency on the inside. They formed an extremely horrifying, bloodthirsty team together.

Anyone whom they brought into the Holy Magic Hall never stood a chance of making it out alive unless the Demon Emperor gave his order.

Su Yu would never survive if he went in, and would most likely end up a meal to the monsters of the Holy Magic Hall.

If possible, the Demon Cloud City Master did not wish to involve his network of people from the Holy Magic Hall either, because it meant that he had to join the Holy Magic Hall himself!

But Su Yu had forced him into a corner, and he had no choice but to request aid from the Holy Magic Hall eventually.

What is the reason? Su Yu questioned calmly amidst the heavy silence.

The reason is, I am the General of the Holy Magic Hall, and I have the right to interrogate you, little city master! the Blood Red Demonic God stated coldly.

Su Yu was unmoved, and he said placidly, In other words, you are acting on your own, not under the command of anyone?

The Blood Red Demonic God squinted his eyes. He thought that the fellow could be easily threatened and hadnt expected him to be such a calm, composed individual.

Without the order of the Demon Emperor, he had no right to capture a city master.

Humph! Speak another word, and Ill tear your mouth into pieces! the Blood Red Demonic God snorted coldly. Follow me. This is my last time saying it!

This demon was extraordinarily domineering and arrogant.

None of the deities at the scene dared speak another word for Su Yu.

The Holy Magic Hall was undoubtedly a giant boulder that was weighing on everybodys heart, leaving them breathless.

At that moment, the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl flickered, and Puppy emerged. She stared at the Blood Red Demonic God with hints of dread glinting in her eyes as well.

Outrageous! Hes a city master under my jurisdiction. You have to get my permission before harming or killing him! The Ninth Princess yelled.

The Blood Red Demonic God stared at Puppy with great disdain. Oh? Ninth Princess? You were worth nothing in the eyes of the Holy Magic Hall even at your best time, let alone now that you are severely wounded! There have been more than just a couple of Princes and Princesses who had died at the hands of the Holy Magic Hall!

Puppy shrank back a little. She was quite afraid of the Holy Magic Hall.

It was a gruesome organization, ruling above all Princes and Princesses. If any of them had the intention of rebelling, the Holy Magic Hall had the right to step forth and slaughter the Princes and Princesses.

It was a knife blade that hovered around the necks of all creatures of the Demonic Dimension.

He stared at Su Yu in a disdainful manner. If I want you to walk, there is no way you can roll, and if I want you to roll, there is no way you can crawl! Despite the vastness of the Demonic Dimension, there is no one whom I do not have control over. Not even the Demon Princess can save you, and no one can defy me!

When he finished, all of a sudden, a surge of boundless fragrance wafted from all directions.

A chilly voice floated over, saying, Is that so? Not even me?


Two waves of divine brilliance moved, revealing two figures.

One of them was the Purple-Eyed Demonic God, who had been gone for the Demon Imperial City for a month.

In front of him was a gorgeous woman with a cold, detached look on her face, clad in a fluttering, colorful dress. Her manners were just like a humans.

No, judging from her scent, she was a human.

Consort Yunxia?

Upon hearing that, the Blood Red Demonic God froze a little. The first servant of the Consort, Cailin!

The Consorts servant? Su Yu was surprised.

The insolent, condescending look was wiped from the Blood Red Demonic Gods face and was replaced by somberness. You really want to reign me in? he asked.

Cailin looked dispassionate. First, you have left the city without an order, and have detained a city master without permission. I will report this to the Consort so she can ask the Demon Emperor to deal with you!

Upon hearing that, the Blood Red Demonic God trembled a little. As he stared at Cailin, the looks on his face were ever-changing.

Secondly, it is not me who wants to get involved; it is the Consort! she said.

The Blood Red Demonic God gasped in shock. What? The Consort

Looking at Su Yu, the Blood Red Demonic God was in great shock and disbelief. Consort Yunxia had personally sent her first servant to take care of a little city master?

How noble and honorable was the Consort Yunxia?

The Blood Red Demonic God drew in a sharp, cold breath, terrified. He he knows Consort Yunxia personally?

Even the Luminous Moon City Master and the others had their eyes wide open as if a lump was lodged in their throats and they could not speak.

If the Demon Emperor was the strongest and greatest of all, then Consort Yunxia was the most powerful hierarch.

The Demon Emperor was in isolation all year round, and the affairs of the Demonic Dimension, regardless of their importance, were under the control of Consort Yunxia.

Some secretly said that Consort Yunxia was the true Demon Emperor of the Demonic Dimension, a female Demon Emperor.

No one would have expected the Seawatch City Master, with an unremarkable background, had gained the recognition of Consort Yunxia.

Even Puppys eyes went wide as saucers, genuinely shocked. She realized that she had never really known Su Yu. He had come from beyond the Demonic Dimension, how could he possibly know Consort Yunxia, the horrible woman?!

Since you know, why havent you made yourself scarce? Cailin replied coldly.

The Blood Red Demonic Gods cheeks writhed, and the look on his face stopped changing. Instead, he turned and yelled, Lets go!

He wasnt hesitant at all, and couldnt be less bothered about Su Yu.

It was obvious how much he feared Consort Yunxia.

The tension of a grand-scale battle suddenly disappeared.

Su Yu was in emotional turmoil. It seems like the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine, who Senior Tian Jizi had been looking for, happened to be the Demon Emperors consort.

From Tian Jizis Last Testament, it was clear that he had felt affection for the Rosy Clouds Fairy Concubine. But if Tian Jizi knew that the woman he loved had become the Demon Emperors woman, would he continue to let Su Yu deliver the word?

Yu Demon, the Consort ordered you to head for the Demon Imperial City as soon as you can, she wants to meet you, Cailin said, becoming gentler.

Su Yu recollected his thoughts and nodded. I understand. Once I settle the affairs of the Jingyu Realm, I will set off the Demon Imperial City, he said.

Cailin nodded lightly and shot him a cordial look. But when her glance swept across the Luminous Moon City Master and the two others, her eyes turned cold and detached again. Before the Yu Demon heads for the Demon Imperial City, youll be in charge of ensuring his safety! she told them.

Upon finishing, she added, This is the Consorts order.

The Luminous Moon City Master and his mates shuddered violently, then bowed. We will comply with her command!

The Consort had personally given them the order to protect Su Yu; it was clear how much she cared about him.

What was the relation between them?!

Why was Consort Yunxia, who was renowned for her iron fist, so protective over Su Yu?

After Cailin left, the Luminous Moon City Master and the two others walked up to Su Yu with fearful looks.

Luminous Moon City Master, now that the latent crisis of the Jingyu Realm has been removed, you could announce your ruling over the Jingyu Realm on behalf of Her Highness, Su Yu said, keeping his promise.

The Luminous Moon City Master laughed bitterly. If the servant of Consort Yunxia hadnt shown up, not only would he have seized power over the Jingyu Realm, he would have eliminated Su Yu.

He had also witnessed the scene of him negotiating the ordeal just now.

If you could not befriend such people, you should not make them your enemies.

However, with the relationship that they currently had, it was difficult for them to become friends.

But right at this moment, how dare he?

He retrieved the edict and returned it with both hands. I have sustained severe injuries, and I am afraid it is not convenient for me to manage the Jingyu Realm. You should be the one who gives commands on behalf of Her Highness, Seawatch City Master, he said.

You take it, Su Yu said in an uncompromising tone.

His ambition lay not within the Jingyu Realm, but within the Holy Magic Hall.

That was the existence that posed a real threat to the creatures of the galaxy.

You heard it too, Her Highness and I cannot stay in the Jingyu Realm for long, and the Jingyu Realm cannot remain without a ruler for a day. Before Her Highness recovers from her injuries, you will rule on her behalf, Su Yu said as if giving an order.

The Luminous Moon City Master showed absolutely no disagreement as he replied respectfully, saying, Yes!

Eventually, Su Yu looked over at the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. With cupped fists, he said, All thanks to you, Purple-Eyed Demonic God, for delivering the letter to the Consort. Without you, the consequences would have been fatal.

Shock and doubt flickered across the eyes of the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. There were altogether nine servants at Consort Yunxias side.

The nine servants always ran errands on her behalf, except for the first servant, who stayed by her side all year round and seldom took a step outside.

However, she broke her custom for Su Yu this time, which truly surprised the Purple-Eyed Demonic God.

It was unusual how highly Consort Yunxia regarded this man!

It was you who has concealed your strength. I was just a runner, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God said thoughtfully.

Su Yu cupped his hands and made no explanation.

The upheaval of the Jingyu Realm had been appeased, yet the manipulator behind the scene, the Book Deity, was still at large!

With a flicker of his eyes, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God said, My friend, shouldnt the Book Deity be dealt with as soon as possible? He has endless schemes up his sleeve and has wreaked enough havoc in the Jingyu Realm. It is not a small matter if we let him escape.

Theres no need to go, it is too late already, Su Yu said, shaking his head.

Based on Su Yus understanding of the Book Deity, when he realized that something wasnt right, he would have escaped. There was no way he would have stayed a moment longer.

Nonetheless, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God still went forth to check.

In a secret chamber with the lingering scent of the Book Deity, his trace was indeed nowhere to be found. However, a messenger jade pendant had been left behind.

When the jade pendant was brought to Su Yu, he was slightly stunned. The Book Deity left a message for me? It is so unlike him. This man is fond of stabbing people in the backs, and never easily gives away traces of himself, he said.

After a round of inspection and making sure that there werent any traps on the jade pendant, Su Yu squeezed it into pieces.

Hehe, foreigner, do you want the Book Deity? He is in my hands. Why dont we have a talk? No matter the outcome of our discussion, you get to decide what to do with his life, the message said.

Su Yu was startled. The Book Deity had been abducted!

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God scanned around with his purple eyes as if probing something. However, everything related to the Book Deity was blocked by a vortex of unfathomable depth.

Friend, the abductors identity is unknown, and their intention of seeing you is unclear either. It is better not to meet up with them, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God said.

A brief moment later, Su Yu squinted his eyes and stood up slowly.

Their intention for meeting me is unclear indeed, but as for their identity, I can speculate. Su Yus eyes shone with shrewdness. Knowing that I am under the protection of the Consort, they still dare to ask me out for a meeting. This person surely has something important to speak to me about.

Three days later, Su Yu left Seawatch City on his own and came to the intersection border between the Jingyu Realm and the Jingxuan Realm.

This place had luxuriant forests of bamboo. A willowy girl in a purple dress was leaning against an emerald bamboo gracefully, her gorgeous shadow slightly slanted, clearly displaying her beautiful, enchanting figure.

She was holding a demonic book in hand, reading it with rapt attention.

All of a sudden, she lifted her delicate, pretty face, flashing a mischievous smile at the handsome demon who was walking up to her, his hands on his back, from the entrance of the bamboo forest. We meet again, fellow from the Great Eastern Alliance, she said.