The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1237

Chapter 1237 Elope With Me

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The one walking toward her was, of course, Su Yu.

Looking at the delicate, exquisite girl before him who looked so unlike a demon, Su Yu said calmly, All thanks to Sixth Princess, that we meet again in the Demonic Dimension.

The one who asked to meet up was none other than the Sixth Princess!!

Hehe, you look so drop-dead gorgeous with the demon appearance, that even Im going to fall for you. The Sixth Princess giggled.

Su Yu was unmoved; his facial expression unchanged.

Hehe, youre upsetting me with that lack of facial expression, the Sixth Princess chuckled as she said.

Su Yu replied placidly, I dont expect a woman who dispatched the Book Deity to capture me to admire me genuinely.

I very much do! she told him.

Smiling, the Sixth Princess said, Considering how highly Consort Yunxia regards you, you can imagine how much I admire you.

Su Yu stared intently at the Sixth Princess. You have come for Consort Yunxia! he said.

Before that, the Sixth Princess was only interested in Su Yu because of his ability to demonize himself inversely.

But now, her real interest lied in Su Yus relationship with Consort Yunxia.

Well, you could say that, of course, but part of it is for your own good, the Sixth Princess said. She continued after a pause. Have you any idea what kind of woman Consort Yunxia is?

Su Yu had asked about her throughout the past three days.

She had come to the Demonic Dimension a hundred years ago and had gained the Demon Emperors fancy. He then married her and made her the Consort afterward.

The Demon Emperor ardently loved her, and her status far overrode the rest of the Consorts, even the Queen.

All of the Demon Emperors affairs were placed under her management, and she had also displayed her outstanding ability in her reign. Her style of ruling was domineering and harsh, taming the nine demon Princes and Princesses of the Demonic Dimension.

This woman also oppressed the city masters of various worlds until they could hardly breathe, and she had earned her respect from them.

Even a terrorists organization like the Holy Magic Hall, which was teeming with monsters, was efficiently domesticated by Consort Yunxia.

Across the whole of Demonic Dimension, no one had the guts to disrespect her in any way.

Decisive and competent, with sagacious and merciless style, Su Yu commended.

The Sixth Princess replied, Yes, not much different from what I think. That is about all the information you could get about her?

Oh? Su Yu raised his brows. It seemed that the Sixth Princess had something else to say.

In the eyes of the creatures in the Demonic Dimension, she is a powerful empress. But in the eyes of Princes and Princesses like us, do you know what kind of a character she actually is? The Sixth Princess sauntered forward, her slim figure sashaying elegantly amidst the bamboos.

Su Yu was undistracted by her alluring manner. He questioned her nonchalantly. Does her personality have anything to do with me?

It does! Because, if you go this time, it is highly possible that you will never return again, she said.

Yes! Su Yus eyes grew somber, but he was calm. Are you threatening me? he asked.

Im not threatening you; it is true that you wont return! Consort Yunxia certainly has malicious intentions towards you, the Sixth Princess enunciated her words with great clarity, and her violet eyes were intent and solemn.

Su Yu was silent.

He had never expected to gain Consort Yunxias favor just because he helped Tian Jizi deliver his message.

After all, he was nothing more than a mouthpiece that spoke on someone elses behalf, which wasnt worth mentioning.

However, Su Yu did not quite believe that Consort Yunxia would harm him.

Perhaps you have no idea. Apart from the first servant, the second, third, and fourth servants have all come to the Jingyu Realm, including Cailin, who has just left. She hasnt returned. Actually, she stays at the border of the Jingyu Realm with the rest of the servants!

Cailin hadnt left? Su Yu squinted his eyes.

Hehe, what do you think those four servants have beleaguered the four corners of the Jingyu Realm for? I guess, they certainly havent stayed just to enjoy the scenery, right? she continued.

All of a sudden, all of Su Yus guards were raised.

They were taking precautions in case Su Yu ran away.

If Consort Yunxia had only wanted to know what message Tian Jizi had brought for her, were these precautions a necessity?

She must have some other plans in mind!

Su Yu clenched his right palm into a fist as chills filled his heart.

Was it because of the Milky Way Star Sand?!

Tian Jizi owned the Milky Way Star Sand, and it wasnt necessarily unbeknownst to Consort Yunxia!

Now that he had looked for her, as long as she wasnt brainless, she would have guessed if the Milky Way Star Sand was with Su Yu.

For safetys sake, she hadnt resorted to any violent means out of worry that Su Yu might find another spot to hide the Milky Way Star Sand. Instead, she had used a gentle way to make Su Yu lay down his guards.

This was very similar to the tactics that Consort Yunxia was accustomed to, as was recorded!

He thought about himself. If the Sixth Princess hadnt invited him to meet up and hadnt reminded him about the stealthy moves of the four servants, Su Yu wouldnt have been cautious about it.

Seems like you finally came to your senses, the Sixth Princess giggled. In fact, Im very curious too. That woman sent her four most trusted servants to watch you. To be frank, apart from my big brother, you are the first one to receive such treatment!

The eldest Prince had inherited the Demon Emperors Divine Path, and would likely rise as a matchless master of the new generation, who would surpass his father in the future.

It wasnt surprising that the Consort would keep an eye on him, but it was very unusual that she would guard against an outsider like Su Yu, who had no influence over her status at all.

After a moment of silence, Su Yu said in a low voice, As far as you Princes and Princesses are concerned, what kind of a person is she?

A usurper! The Sixth Princess uttered the murderous word!

Su Yu chuckled. With the formidable power of the Demon Emperor, who dares usurp his imperial position? he asked.

No, you have belittled the cruelty of this woman! The Sixth Princess had hatred in her eyes, as well as terror. She cannot lay a hand on Father indeed. However, it is a piece of cake for her to overthrow us Princes and Princesses!

Su Yus eyes turned, and he asked in shock, Youre saying that she wants to eliminate all you Princes and Princesses, and make the Demon Emperors throne lose its heirs?

Exactly! the Sixth Princess said. Thats what shes planning, and thats what shes been doing! During the century in which Father was in isolation, she laid out all her strategies and suppressed the nine Princes and Princesses.

From the outside, the nine of us still hold ownership over the nine great lands, but you must have witnessed what happened to my ninth sister too. Did any city master stand up for her? No! the Sixth Princess said.

Because throughout the hundred years, Consort Yunxia has told all the city masters with her savage rule, that she is the absolute ruler of the Demonic Dimension and not the Princes and Princesses who own their respective territories.

Su Yu nodded quietly. Puppys circumstances were enough evidence.

She continuously deprived us of our power. Apart from the right to order the masters of each city, we do not have much influence over the city masters as Princes and Princesses. Hence, the city masters have no fear for us at all!

If you think all of the tactics as mentioned earlier are mellow, then the new rule which she just announced will clarify your doubt!

Why did the Demon Cloud City Master and even the Luminous Moon City Master and the rest have such courage to hold the Princess hostage and prepared to announce it to the world? Arent they afraid of rousing the wrath of the royal house? I suppose you must have been baffled about it before, she said.

Su Yu nodded solemnly. Indeed, he had wondered about that exact thing before.

The reason he dared to hold Puppy hostage was because he hadnt planned to stay in the Demonic Dimension for long. Once the matter got out of hand, he could flee.

But the Demon Cloud City Master and the others had their fundamentals in the Demonic Dimension, how could they not fear the wrath of the royal house?

That is because she announced the rule that any city master is granted permission to vie for the rulers position in the name of encouraging the city masters to grind harder. In actuality, she has deprived the unique privilege of us, the Princes and Princesses.

Hence, if a city master exposes the wrongdoings of another city master, the royal house will surely carry out an investigation. However, if the same thing happens between city masters and the Princes and Princesses, it is not against the rule, and the royal house will not intervene.

That is why any random city master has the guts to dream of seizing the ruler in the hope of ordering his people!

This rule is only known by city masters of the level of deities, as well as the royal heirs, it is understandable that you dont know about it, she continued.

Taking a deep breath, the Sixth Princess cast a deep gaze upon Su Yu with her cold violet eyes. This is how the royal heirs regard Consort Yunxia, a woman with wild ambitions, who intends to eradicate us all!

Su Yu thought for a moment and said, So far, she has only suppressed you, and hasnt shown any intentions of eradicating you.

Haha, that is only because you have no clue about the existence of the Bitter Sea Sacrifice Offering! the Sixth Princess said with horror in her eyes.

The Bitter Sea Sacrifice Offering? What was that?

This is the new rule she secretly declared ten years ago. The Bitter Sea was steadily corroding the continent of the Demonic Dimension back then, so this woman conducted the Bitter Sea Sacrifice Offering every ten years, in the name of Fathers order, who was in isolation during the time.

Every time, a Prince or Princess would be offered as a sacrifice to the Giant of the Bitter Sea, to alleviate the corrosion by the Bitter Sea.

In the histories, there had been royal members who had been dragged into the Bitter Sea, preventing the corrosion, so her saying had a certain degree of logic in it. However, it hasnt reached an extent where the Bitter Sea engulfs the continent of the Demonic Dimension. Other than to eliminate us, what could be her reason for offering the sacrifices now? she said.

At the rate of once in a decade, all the Princes and Princesses would be obliterated in less than a century!

Initially, she weakened the influence of the royal heirs, making them lose the power to summon the deities to retaliate.

Finally, the scroll came to an end, and the dagger was revealed; she was so malicious that she offered them to the Giant of the Bitter Sea one by one!

A saying floated into Su Yus mind.

Most venomous was the heart of a woman!

Even Su Yu couldnt help but shudder in fear. Was Consort Yunxia really such a vicious, evil woman?

Why didnt you complain to the Demon Emperor? Su Yu asked.

The Sixth Princess laughed miserably. The place where Father isolates himself prohibits visits from all people, even the royal heirs!

Then how can you explain the time when the Demon Emperor got involved, to rescue you and the Seventh Prince from the hands of the Death Deity? he asked.

That was Fathers projection that came, not his true self. It flashed out of existence in the blink of an eye, giving us no time to voice our complaints, the Sixth Princess replied.

Ten years is up, and the weakest among us royal heirs will be sent for the sacrificial offering. Whoever defies will be slaughtered by the Holy Magic Hall. The royal heirs are no longer noble entities of great honor, but livestock that is kept in sties, totally defenseless and vulnerable!

When he finished listening, Su Yu couldnt help but touch his nose.

This was the very first time in all eternity that Princes and Princesses had faced such a fate.

That was way too tragic!

Why did you find me then? Just to remind me not to meet her? Su Yu asked.

The Sixth Princess shook her head, her gaze pinned on Su Yu, full of earnest anticipation. No, I hope you could do me a favor.

Want me to kill her? Su Yu asked. If that was the case, he could only snort in contempt.

How could he possibly contend with the immensely influential Consort Yunxia?

No! The Sixth Princess shook her head and looked at Su Yu with an unwavering gaze. Elope with me!

What? Su Yu was stunned. Elope with the Demon Princess?