The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238 Preparing To Leave

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Did I misunderstand something? Su Yu said suddenly.

The sixth princess shook her head: No, you havent misunderstood. My request is literal, take me to elope and leave the demon realm.


With such an abrupt turn of events, Su Yu was confused and did not know how to react.

After returning to his senses, Su Yu groaned and said, Although you princes and princesses are oppressed, shouldnt it nevertheless be easy for you to escape from the demon world?

The previous time, she and the seventh prince arrived in Xing River through the Nine Demons God Sealing Ring.

Its not difficult to leave the Demon Realm, but its extremely difficult to avoid being chased and killed by the Holy Magic Hall, she said as she pointed to the blood dripping out of her. The blood of hers, compared to ordinary demons, has the smell of royalty. No matter where I flee, the Holy Magic Hall can find me. The outcomes of the princes and princesses who escaped from the demon world in the past told me what will eventually happen.

So, if I take you and elope, the Holy Magic Hall cant find you?

The sixth princess looked at Su Yus right hand and replied, Yes! You can reverse the demonization of All Access Merchant God, that means you must have separated him from my demon blood. If you can also separate the breath of my demon royal family, then it will be very difficult for the Holy Magic Hall even to find me.

No wonder the sixth princess and seventh prince, at first, would rather risk offending the god of death and insist on having Su Yu.

They probably speculated on the role the Milky Way Star Sand played.

Su Yu was lost in his thoughts. After this conversation, he realized that the seemingly prosperous inner world of the devil realm was, in fact, in danger.

The demon emperor was in retreat and did not appear, and Princess Yunxia held the power of the demon realm. She was now ready and looking to launch a war on the prince and princesses of the demon realm.

This was not something he had been able to foresee, and the situation far exceeded Su Yus expectations.

How is it? As long as you are willing to help me, I am willing to make you a promise and be your companion. My beauty is first in the demon world. My strength is second only to the eldest prince. Staying with you, I can protect your growth until you become a god. The sixth princess came over and leaned gently against Su Yus arms. A charming smile arose at the corner of her mouth.

Su Yus lightly lifted the dust fairy and shook it away. He then said lightly, You dont have to pretend and put on a smile whilst suppressing the disgust in your heart.

The sixth princess had a rigid smile. Indeed, as a demon, she naturally despised the souls of the Xing River. For her to marry someone other than a demon, it would be something that she really hated.

What is your decision? The sixth princess looked at Su Yus eyes with anticipation.

Sorry, I refuse. Su Yu looked at the sixth princess. Intuition tells me that you are not trustworthy.

There are too many loopholes in the words of the sixth princess!

The simplest example is, why did her attitude change so much, before and after?

She also sent the book god to arrest him a few months ago, but now she goes all the way and would rather commit herself in marriage to Su Yu?

Something amiss must have happened in between.

Farewell! Su Yu turned, and Purple pupil city master and Lord of the Moon City suddenly appeared, escorting Su Yu as he took his leave.

As for the book god promised before, Su Yu did not ask further about it, but could already guess.

As she watched Su Yu leave, the sixth princess grinded her silver teeth, and a gloomy glow flashed in her eyes. Coldly, she said. It seems your strategy is not working!

Da da

A middle-aged man who is pale is walking out of a bamboo leaf forest. If it is not the Book God, who can it be?

Where does he show any signs of being caught?

He didnt agree, and it is reasonable. Even if it was someone else, they would have also doubted the intentions of the sixth princess, Book God explained.

The mastermind behind everything that was happening was indeed orchestrated by the Book God.

Huh! If it wasnt for Princess Yunxia getting involved and sent four maids to guard me, why should I take so much initiative! I should have just grabbed him directly, and took away the ability in his right palm!

The words that she had just uttered, seven points were true, and three points were false.

The ambition of Princess Yunxia and the situation of the princes and princesses is not a lie.

The princes and princesses have reached the moment of life and death, and they have accumulated strength secretly in preparation for a coup d tat with her. It is to happen before the bitter sea.

She intends to launch a surprise attack to assassinate the ignorant. The most careless and innocent ninth princess has to be killed, in order to have a more powerful force in the coup.

In the eyes of an outsider, the sixth princess killed her fellow sister in order to fight for the throne. Only she knew that she was just trying to save her own life.

As for the sacrifice of her sister, what is the point of relationships between the members of the demon royal family anyway?

She adopted the strategy of Book God and wanted to include Su Yu in her own pocket. The purpose was to give herself a retreat and backup plan in case of anything. In case of a coup failure, she could use Su Yus ability to eliminate the power of the royal bloodline and avoid being tracked by the Holy Magic Hall.

Although she hated Su Yus firm will, she willingly compromised with him. Alas, the other side, was unmoved by her gesture.

The Book God was also feeling regret. If Su Yu fell for the sixth princess, he had a hundred ways to kill him silently.

This matter needs long-term discussion. The sixth princess exhaled a deep breath. Once the coup is launched, it will be irretrievable. If it fails, only my escape to the Xing River will give me a glimmer of life. The royal breath in my blood is a big danger in the end!

There was a hint of bitterness and helplessness, blooming in her lips.

Looking out from Seawatch Mansion.

For three days, Su Yu practiced silently, stabilizing the third realms of the dust fairy that he had just broken through.

After one day

Purple pupil city master quietly came to Su Yus retreat.

How is it? Su Yu opened his eyes and looked around.

Purple pupil city masters face was calm. The sixth princess is right. You are really surrounded. The four maids of Princess Yunxia hold positions in the four directions of Seawatch city. It is almost impossible to escape without alarming them.

In addition, it is true that the sacrifice of the bitter sea is going to happen! And, according to the last random selection of the sacrifice, it should be the sixth princess. It is no wonder that she is so eager to act, trying to annex the world of quiet rain, eager to master an increased strength. She is really in a hurry.

Sure enough. Su Yus heart was much heavier.

Although the sixth princess did not have good intentions for him, Princess Yunxia seemed to be headed for the Milky Way Star Sand.

Tian Jizi, Tian Jizi, you really left me a big task to deal with! Su Yu mumbled. If he still does not leave the words out, he would not be able to control the Milky Way Star Sand fully, and he would not be able to wake up the sleeping tree god.

If he talks about it, the Milky Way Star Sand will be taken away by Princess Yunxia, and he will not survive.

The four maids are staring at here right now, and you cant delay too long. Otherwise, Princess Yunxia will lose her patience and will directly detain you to bring you to the Demon Emperors Capital. At that time, everything is too late. My friend, you need to plan early.

Su Yu shimmered in a flash. Going to the Demon Emperor now must be courting my own death. However, if I am late, it is also not possible. Time is urgent, and some plans need to be arranged in advance.

The decree goes out, Her Royal Highness the ninth princess returns, and invites the princes and princesses to visit! Su Yu decreed for a while. His eyes flashed, and he wrote eight letterheads, each with the jade seal of the ninth princess.

Purple pupil city master was slightly surprised. Is the sixth princess also invited?

Yes, please! Su Yu said.

Purple pupil city master realized that the situation was serious and extraordinary. He immediately held six letterheads and sent them around immediately.

After he left, Su Yu summoned Qian Jun forward.

The early quasi-gods detained by Li Ying, did you find them? Su Yu said.

Since the Magic Cloud Hall had calmed down, Qian Jun had been in charge of taking over the affairs of the Magic Cloud City. Looking for those loyal early quasi-gods was one of the assigned tasks.

I live up to the expectations of you, sir, and I have found them.

Su Yu bowed his head. Well, they totaled 100 people, leaving 30 people to listen to your command. From now on, they will hide within the demon world and are never to be seen.

Ah! Lord, this is? Qian Jun was surprised.

Su Yu said, Maybe, I will soon leave the Demon Realm and return to Xing River. You lead them to stay in the Demon Realm, lurking around, and secretly exploring and finding out the news of the Demon Realm.

The situation changed drastically, and Su Yu had to make contingency plans for it early.

Sir, I am willing to leave the Demon Realm with you, Qian Jun said. Su Yu had the willingness to rebuild him, and it is worthy for him following him.

Oh, for the role of inquiring the news for me, even the gods cant compare with you! In the demon world, there are not many people I can trust. You are one of them. This matter can only be left to you. Su Yu patted him on the shoulder. After I leave, the affairs of the devil realm will be taken care of by you.

Qian Jun moved forward with a solemn look. Yes, your subordinate will not fail in his mission.

Not long after, he and Sha Er led thirty carefully selected quasi-gods and disappeared within Seawatch City.

Their movements, of course, can not be concealed from the eyes of the four god maids outside the city. However, a group of quasi-gods is comparable to ants in their eyes, which is not worth paying attention to, and thus they did not care.

Leaning on the seat of the Lord of the City, Su Yu was lost in his thought.

The dog didnt know when to come out. She was lying at Su Yus feet, and the bright-eyed dog looked at Su Yu with curiosity.

Calming things down in the Jingyu Realm, Su Yu could have truly consecrated the emperor and became the actual master of the realm. Alas, he now faces the terrible existence of Princess Yunxia.

If it was as per normal, the dog would have already been gloating at him for a long time. However, now, she stared at Su Yu with a frown, and she cant even laugh.

Although this guy is abominable, what he is trying to do is not easy. First, a group of quasi-gods is chasing and blocking him, and then there is the attack of the Lord of the Demon Cloud City, and now it is followed by Princess Yunxia. The dog thought to herself that although Su Yu was bad, he was not as malicious as she thought he was, or at least he was better than the Lord of the Clouds.

It would be a pity if he died like this.

As she thought and thought about it again, the dog opened its mouth and spat out a golden lance.

The spear is full of golden cane, and the surface burns with a layer of golden flame. It is a very gentle flame and does not scourge the wielder.

This is? Su Yu looked down at it suspiciously.

Golden flames forbidden wood. The dog barked. This is for youfor you to keep your life.

Su Yus pupils shrunk slightly. This is from the first magic tree that was first used to restrain the giant of the bitter sea, golden flames forbidden wood?

There are only ten pieces in total, one for each of the nine princes and princesses, and one for the devil emperor.

This thing should be the most powerful thing that this dog has.

He didnt take the spear, but Su Yu instead picked up the dog and put it on his thigh, his eyes were looking at it softly. Dog, dont you want me to die?

The dog hesitated, nodded her head and hummed, I do not think so! Huh, I will let you gloat first for now!

Oh, surely you have grown for me after some time, have you never ever given up on me, and instead, grown a deep love for me?

The dog showed her teeth as if to say, shameless! She opened her mouth and swallowed the golden flames forbidden wood as if she regretted it.

She could only swallow half of it before it was forcefully taken out by Su Yu. Dog, you have to be honest. You have to fulfill what you said you would do. How can you take back what you spit out? Let me keep it for you.

He recklessly grabbed the golden flames forbidden wood over, and Su Yu stroked her head gently, soothing it.

Struggling to protest twice, the dog laid down obediently after, enjoying his stroking comfortably, groaned away.

She didnt realize that she really became more and more like a little white dog.

Holding the golden flames forbidden wood, Su Yus eyes contained a bit of regret. Its a pity that there is only one spear. If there is enough golden flames forbidden wood, I may not be so passive about things as it is.

The dogs ears moved, hesitating for a while, and said, The seeds of the golden flames forbidden wood are in the hands of the sixth princess.

Ah? Su Yu was shocked.