The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1240

Chapter 1240 Dangerous Spirit Bug

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Su Yu frowned slightly. To be honest, he was fearful of the conniving Sixth Princess.

Not only was she smart, but she was also extremely powerful!

Back then, when the All-Access Merchant God was in her hands, he stood no chance against her at all!

Based on raw combat power, she should be able to hold her ground against Dakini.

One would wonder if it is a blessing or a curse to have her by your side.

However, this was a decision among the royal family members. Su Yu had no choice but to accept. Ok! The day of the coup will be when I march towards the Capital of the Demon Emperor.

The only way to leave the Demon Realm was through the ancient sacrificial altar in the Capital of the Demon Emperor.

Eventually, they will meet in the Capital of the Demon Emperor.

After sending away the royal sons and daughters, only the Sixth Princess remained.

Hehe, it seems that you are going to have to elope with all members of our royal family. The Sixth Princess teased, smiling brightly with her radiant eyes brimming astutely.

Su Yu questioned her. Are you sure that you will lose? I dont think so. Now that a coup has been decided, I dont believe that you will stand by and do nothing.

The Sixth Princess smiled and proclaimed, Of course, there is a plan, but I will not tell you!

Like a deer, she treaded lightly to the front of the puppy and touched her with a smile on her face. However, she was met with the puppys snarling teeth instead.

A few months ago, the Sixth Princess wanted to put it to sleep forever.

Su Yu was generally not interested in what they were planning, but there was one thing that he wanted to find out.

Sixth Princess, is the seed of Golden Flame Forbidden Wood in your hands? Su Yu turned his head and asked her with a straight face.

The Sixth Princess was slightly stunned but rolled her eyes, she smiled and said, Call me Jingxuan.

Su Yu replied, This is not a trivial matter. Im not kidding here

I want to hear you call me Jingxuan.

Sixth Princess, please be serious

Call me Jingxuan!

JingXuan, the seed of Golden Flame Forbidden Wood

Hehe, of course, I have it! Do you want it?

Su Yu was a little bit uncomfortable with this cranky princess, and said, Yes! I would like to trade it for any other things that you desire

I refuse! The Sixth Princess put her hands behind their backs, smiled, and refused decisively.

This was all within Su Yus expectations. After all, it is the seed of the first magic tree in the demon world. Only one left in the whole world. How could it be easily traded with something else?

Its all right. The seed could only change certain passive components, and it would not have influence over the final showdown.

It would be great to have it, but it would be fine without it too.

Come and take it yourself! The Sixth Princess grinned with eyes full of mischief. A seed that is about to die has no trade value. Come and take it yourself if you want it.

Eh? Su Yu lit up. The Sixth Princess was not so abominable after all.

Where is it?

Here! The Sixth Princess stuck out her chest and pointed to her pair of shapely breasts that were about the size of a fist.

On her snowy white neck, a thin red string seems to hang off it, extending into her breasts.

The seed was carried closely with her all along.

At this point, Su Yu was getting a headache caused by this woman. Was she teasing him again?

If you dont mind, Ill proceed then. Su Yu stepped closer. He held her shoulders with one hand, while stretching his other hand towards her neckline without hesitation.

The Sixth Princess originally planned to throw him off. She did not expect Su Yu to be so resolute.

She was taken aback, covering her breasts and backing away, ashamed and angry. How dare you

Did you not give me permission to take it? Su Yu said flatly.

The Sixth Princess felt conflicted. She pulled out the pendant and threw it to Su Yu about a dozen feet away. She did not dare to go closer towards Su Yu, for fear that he would make advances towards her again.

After throwing the pendant, she stomped her foot and warned Su Yu while walking away. I will keep an eye on you, dont think you can get away with it!

Upon grabbing the pendant, there was still the warmth from her body temperature and the delicate fragrance of a young lady.

After crushing the gold pendant, a faint golden yellow seed appeared.

The vitality fluctuating from within the seed was very weak. If you do not examine it carefully, you will hardly feel this vitality.

It is already damaged to this extent? Su Yu frowned. Then, his mind suddenly lit up, and decisively put the seed into Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl before burying it in the Supreme Growing Soil.

Observing silently for a while, Su Yu was slightly relieved that the vitality slowly returned, flowing through the seed gradually. It became more stable and showed signs of growth.

Luckily, it is not too late. If delays for another day or two, even the Supreme Growing Soil will not be able to help. Su Yu felt fortunate. Depending on the situation, the seed will be able to germinate in half a month. Then, it will depend on the properties of the Golden Flame and Forbidden Wood seed for it to ripen.

Su Yu instructed Sheng Ge to take care of the seed and not to let it be mistaken by the Chaos Multicolored Butterfly for food. Then, Su Yu returned to his flesh body.

At the moment he opened his eyes, a furry head was right in front of his face.

Su Yu was startled, and awkwardly rolled his body away.

What are you doing? Su Yu poked the puppys head in annoyance.

The puppy held its head with his two front paws, rubbed them, and hummed, Nothing!

It witnessed the Sixth Princess seducing Su Yu and even saw that Su Yu actually played along with the Sixth Princess. For some reason, the puppy felt that the Sixth Princess had taken something personal away from it.

This uncomfortable feeling was very strange to the puppy.

After waiting for Su Yus soul to leave, it curiously came over to watch over Su Yu, only to be taken aback by Su Yus reaction.

Glancing at the dog for a moment, Su Yu got up. Divine energy waves start to undulate in front of him.

Yu Demon, why havent you seen the princess? Half a month has passed already. Cai Lins cold voice came suddenly. She still smiled with kindness, but compared to the previous time, she was a little more cautious.

The nine royal princes and princesses had gathered here, but the Sixth princess remained and did not leave, which made her really suspicious.

Su Yu asked, Well, Senior Cai Lin went and resurrect so soon?

He pretended not to know anything and realized he was surrounded at the same time.

Cai Lin smirked, the purple pupil demon had investigated about the existence of the four of them. How could they not notice it?

Looking at how Su Yu was acting innocent, Cai Lin sneered, it seemed that he had found out something and was being cautious about it!

Well, the princess ordered you to meet her at the royal capital immediately, Cai Lin urged.

Su Yus face was conflicted. To tell senior the truth, there are some important things I have to deal with first, and I do not have the time to go to the royal capital yet.

What important matters? The Jingyu Realm is calm, and the affairs are left to the Illuminating Moon City Master to handle. So if there is nothing important, you can leave with me now. Cai Lins face was suddenly devoid of any friendliness.

Su Yu said, I need to train! I just broke through the mortal fairy, and the realm is not stable enough. If I dont hurry up, Im afraid that the realm will slip. Its about the younger generations future. Its definitely not my intention to delay. Please forgive me.

Cai Lin laughed and looked to the demon world. If Princess Yunxia wanted to see someone, who dares to disobey?

Only this Su Yu from Xing River!

However, Princess Yunxia did seem apprehensive and specifically told her not to force him too much.

Although she was angry, Cai Lin felt inconvenient to continue forcing him. She asked expressionlessly, How long?

Well, half a year.

Too long! The princess cant wait that long!

Then three months.

Cai Lin groaned for a moment and said, Two months, no longer!


Cai Lin stared at Su Yu deeply. I hope you look out for yourself!

Hmph! What a rude fellow! Puppy glared at her as she departed.

Su Yus eyes turned to a cold gaze: We have to tolerate the small stuff in order to serve the bigger cause. When the time comes, we will definitely get back at her.

You dont run around. I need to retreat during this period. Su Yu blinked slightly.

The nine princes and princesses are about to launch a coup that will alarm the demon world.

It was unclear how many city masters the nine princes and princesses had gathered for the coup, let alone knowing how many other forces that would be joining.

The only thing that can be sure of was that the demon world would be violently shaken!

Originally, Su Yu planned to create a turmoil in the demon world by himself, delaying the live spirit of Star River. Unexpectedly, the demon world was already brewing larger turbulence.

Once the coup begins, whether it succeeds or not, the Demon Realm would undergo an unprecedented upheaval.

Without internal stability, the Demon World would not invade the Great Eastern Alliance, hence buying more time for them.

Entering the hidden room, Su Yu began his retreat.

Consolidated as early as half a month ago, the treasures of Jingyu Realm were stabilized, but were not dealt with.

The Demon Cloud City Master presented the red powdered skull that could imitate the emperor-based saint artifact.

The Birming City Master presented the pure Celestial Energy Sphere.

There was also the Dead Soul Bug presented by the Abyss City Master!

All three are exquisite things, especially the pure Celestial Energy Sphere and the Dead Soul Bug.

Grabbing the Celestial Energy Sphere, Su Yu guided it slowly into his body. It was then very gently divided into two pieces and merged into the two divine paths of Su Yu, respectively.

Only the grain-sized and pure Celestial Energy Sphere could quickly grow five times, becoming a circling Star River the size of a finger.

The massive Mortal Fairys Strength was sucked in by two divine paths, releasing the divine power from within.

Normally Prospective Deities have only one divine source, but Su Yu had two, so he was able to release the divine power twice as fast.

Although not yet broken through to the realm of gods, the power in Su Yus body had reached the level of ancient Prospective Deities.

Now, even without relying on any magical treasures, Su Yu could fight alone with an ancient Prospective Deity.

Ha, the Birming City Master really treats me well, saving me over a year of training! Su Yu smiled.

Next is the Dead Soul Bug sent by the Abyss City Master, an ancient spirit worm sealed in the incredible ancient ice!

He clearly remembered that the Demon Cloud City Master and Birming City Master dreaded this bug.

Furthermore, when he first saw the bug, The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron issued a warning.

Even in the face of the gods, The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron had never issued such a warning before!

Su Yus biggest treasure was this bug!

Holding onto the incredible ice, Su Yu thought to himself, just how powerful is this bug?

He suddenly had a thought. Su Yu detached a line of his soul and entered the incredible ice to test the bug.

But at this moment, The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron trembled fiercely, alerting Su Yu.

On his forehead, the dark shadow of the Evil God was also cast out, which hurriedly said, Retreat your soul quickly!

Both The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron and the Evil God warned at the same time. Su Yu was startled and immediately withdrew his soul.

As soon as it was retracted, Su Yu could sense the chilling aura emanating from the body of the Dead Soul Bug.

It felt as though a little white rabbit was being stared coldly at by a giant tiger.


Su Yu shuddered involuntarily, and thought to himself: Just how dangerous is the Dead Soul Bug?

After experiencing many mystic techniques and mysteries, none of them made Su Yus soul feel so fearful.

The evil god heaved a sigh of relief, staring at the bug in the incredible ancient ice, his eyelids beating slightly. He subconsciously moved away from it and looked at Su Yu gravely. You were too careless, almost threw your life away! Fortunately, you reacted quickly! Otherwise, even if your Master is here, he cant save you!