The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241 The Median God Bug

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Its true, Su Yu said. If the Nine Dragons carved in the Divine were awakened abruptly, it would have caused unimaginable harm to him based on the cold consciousness he experienced just now.

No wonder the Lord of the Cloud City and the Lord of Birming City are so scared of this bug.

Staring at the dead soul bug, Su Yu asked, Evil god, what is the dead soul bug?

You should have heard of the starry sky, right? the evil God said inexplicably.

Su Yu nodded. Heard of it. There are rumors of thousands of creatures in the sky.

Ten thousand is just an imaginary number. There are more than ten thousand creatures in the stars. it is said to be even more than one million! The evil God smirked as he told Su Yu something that he had never heard before.

Millions of souls are divided into the upper third, middle third, and lower third flow according to their innate strength. Collectively, they are referred to as the nine flows.

Su Yu secretly heard the devil god mention this before. It seems that the human race belongs to the lower third flow.

So, there are nine classes of creatures in the Xing River? This dead soul bug belongs to the higher ranks? Su Yu now somewhat understood the meaning of the evil Gods words.

However, the evil God shook his head. Let me correct you on two points. First, the creatures in the Xing River belongs in the lower third flow. The people you call humans are the ninth-flow race. The minority races, such as the Sheng Deity and the Dakini, belong to the eight-flow race. The demons are the seventh-class race.

Second, the dead soul bug is not only of high quality but of very high quality! It belongs to the upper three flows!

Su Yu was stunned and dropped his tongue out. To think that the human race really was at the bottom in ninth place.

Moreover, the quality of the demons is above all the Xing River creatures, which is why the demons are extremely powerful.

Humans are really weak.

Also, this dead soul bug in front of me is very special. Although it has been frozen for 10,000 years, and most of its life has been lost, but there is still a consciousness left inside it. Let alone you, even if the demon emperor tries to go after it, he will lose more than half of his life!

Su Yu couldnt help but be surprised. Wow, its such a terrible thing, so why did the abyss city owner so willingly give it to me in the first place? Su Yu questioned.

The evil God said, That is because he has no eyesight and only knows that this worm is a dead soul bug. However, he doesnt know that it is a bug that has temporarily lost its mojo!

What did it lose? Will it not survive it?

The evil God rolled his eyes and said profoundly, Gods are also divided into high and low periods throughout their lives. Naturally, there will be fluctuations. This dead soul bug should be the worm that struck the median God but ultimately failed.

Median God? This was fresh news to Su Yu again.

Evil God replied, The gods are divided into the lower God, the median God, and the upper God, but they are all gods. However, there is an abyss between the three. It can be said that it is not a difference between all of them.

You just need to know that the deity of the lower god is given by the median god, and the deity of the middle god is given by the higher god.

Su Yus eyes flashed slightly. You mean, the one who manages the lower god is the median god?

He remembered that he had witnessed two robberies happening in a row. Perhaps the one who manipulated all of this in the underworld was a median god?

How many gods are there in our galaxy? The demon emperor, the God of death and the Dakini? Su Yu asked.

Haha! The evil God sneered. What kind of median God are they? They didnt even reach the minimum threshold even to be a median god!

As for how many median gods are in the Xing River, the answer is zero. The evil God calmly said, Xing River is too small to contain a median god.

Strong as the demon emperor and the God of death are, they are merely considered to be lower gods? How powerful is the median God?

This dead soul bug is a median god worm that failed the calamity. Its strength when it is alive Lets just say that the demon emperor and the God of death are not worth mentioning. Even if it is dead, its remaining consciousness can also take half of their lives. The evil God jealously stared at Thousand-Year Black Ice. You did pick up a bargain this time! It is as good for self-defense, but unfortunately, it can only be used once, and so you need to be careful.

With such clarifications, Su Yu was extremely careful as he put away the dead soul bug. This is a big killer whom many have no knowledge of. Once thrown out and released, the effect it may cause

Su Yus confidence momentarily increased a lot.

The last item is the pink skull, an imitation of the imperial sacred artifact. It contains an extremely powerful psychedelic effect, that is, a god, if he is not strong, will be made confused by it.

The refining process is not cumbersome, and it is easily completed.

After half a month, Su Yu exhaled softly. Its finished.

As soon as he was thinking about it, Su Yus soul entered Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl. In the nursery, a golden bud was covered with golden light, much like gold carving.

Around where it germinated, the burning layers of warm flames were observable.

Sir, what is this? Chaos Colorful Butterfly is very eager to know more about it. If it werent for me, she would have been eaten by it. Sheng Ge curiously looked upon it.

Su Yus eyes were slightly happy. It is a good thing. For the time being, let the chaotic, colorful butterfly endure this. After it matures, harvests enough seeds, and then plant a special batch for it.

With that, Su Yu moved his eyes to another nursery. There was a towering silver bamboo, standing tall, densely scattered around it.

Su Yu stared at the most sturdy one. After years of cultivation, Su Yu never once moved the original silver bamboo. He wanted to see what the limit it could grow to when it matures.

However, at present, apart from its exaggerated body shape, of which it is gradually far from the description in historical records, there is nothing else special about it.

He looked away, and then Su Yus soul flew away.

As soon as he walked away, the chaotic, colorful butterfly rushed into the nursery again, devouring the World Soul Treasures.

In the nursery now, except for the banned Golden Flame tree seedling, the only thing that can attract it is the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo.

However, Su Yu didnt realize it, and Sheng Ge didnt notice it either. The chaotic, colorful butterfly devoured all the Heavenly Orchid Silver Bamboo but avoided the biggest one far away.

The soul returned to his flesh, and Su Yu took out the Five Elements Mountain to continue with his enlightenment.

Just as he moved, a colorful tower comes out uninvited and circled in front of Su Yu.

Eh? Su Yu raised his eyebrows and stared at a small green ink dragon that emerged from the colorful tower. What are you doing coming out here? I havent called for you!

Since receiving the reminder from the devil gods remains in the belly of the Five Elements Mountain, Su Yu had been observing 100% vigilant against the black-green water dragon.

Since then, the Five Elements Divine Prison had never been used.

Boy, lets make a deal. Black-green water dragon, for some unknown reason, had a body shape that was a lot more solid than before.

Once it appeared, it went straight for what it wanted without beating around the bush.

What transactions can we make?

Of we can make a transaction! For example, now that you are in need of help, I can use 30% of the power of the five elements to help you get out of trouble.

Thirty percent? Su Yus pupils shrunk. At first, the black-green water dragon only used 10% of the power to suppress the peak dust fairy easily.

But now it can be tripled!

Su Yus eyes froze, and it seemed that the black-green water dragon used an unknown method to restore a part of its body, and its control of the Five Elements God Prison also increased significantly!

However, Su Yu had not told him that, after so long, Su Yu had been able to reach over 30% in detecting the feelings of hundreds of monster characters. He now reached 50% of control.

The real battle for control had already begun, and the black-green water dragon may not have won Su Yu.

Now that the black-green water dragon suddenly appeared, there must be another plot looming.

Yes, but what do you need me to do?

Black-green water dragon said, Its very simple. Exile me to Xing River, and from then on, I have nothing to do with you.

Yes, sure. Su Yu agreed quickly.

Deep in the bottom of the dragons eyes, a tinge of different colors flashed.

It withdrew the Five Elements God Prison, and Su Yu had a bit of coldness in his eyes. Black-green water dragon, if you are honest and lead a peaceful and restrained life, everything will be fine. However, if you have other intentions, dont blame me for erasing you from this place forever!

Time passed, and Su Yu had been in retreat in the Five Elements God Prison for one month.

His refinement of the Five Elements Mountain had entered the final stage. It should not be long before he could refine the Five Elements Mountain completely.

In addition, within a month, the seeds of Golden Flames Forbidden Wood grew a lot. It is now already one foot long, and its growth was much faster than expected.

At the same time, within a month, the princes and princesses seemed to be silent, but in fact, they actually acted frequently, and they were in constant communication.

The city lords in their realm are frequently mobilized. Some city lords are arranged to perform tasks quietly in the distance, while others are summoned to meet the princes and princesses.

The silent horn of war sounded quietly in the demon world.

After half a month

The period of two months of waiting had finally come.

Cailin did not wait for a moment and immediately appeared in front of Su Yus secret room. Time is up, come with me to see Princess Yunxia!

Im sorry, I have reached the critical moment and need to retreat for another two months. In the secret room, Su Yu spoke lightly.

Cailins eyebrows twisted, and her face was completely sullen. Feather Demon, how dare you! Princess Yunxia wants to see you. Its you who should be cultivating your blessings.

So, are you going to capture me? Su Yu did not answer the question.

Cailins eyebrows flashed a murderous look. She is not a kind-hearted person. For so many years, she had secretly killed many disobedient gods on behalf of Princess Yunxia.

However, Su Yu is different.

Princess Yun Xias deliberate orders forced Cai Lin to hold back.

One month! After one month, if we do not leave then, you will face your own consequences! Cai Lin threatened.

From the kind smiles she had at the beginning, to the urging later, and now to the threats today, her true attitude was gradually revealed.

In the room, Su Yus eyes flashed cold.

He is waiting, waiting for the Golden Flame Forbidden Wood!

Using the unique cultivation ability of the Supreme Growing Soil, the Golden Flame Forbidden Wood seedling thrived, and now it is almost three feet high.

Depending on the situation, it would mature in another three months.

If he had the Golden Flame Forbidden Wood, many things would be easy!

In that month, Su Yu continued to enlighten his cultivation of the Five Elements Mountain, and he had successfully refined most of it and mastered many uses of the Five Elements Mountain.

In addition to the new power he had, the power of the Five Elements Mountain had reached a new level.

Time is getting tighter, and I dont know if I can delay it until three months later. Su Yu murmured softly to himself.

Three months later, it is also the time when the nine princes and princesses would launch the coup.

At the same time, in the Xing River, a huge battleship was sailing in the vast Xing River, heading towards the west.

On the barge were the Sheng Deity and Sheng Yuanxin, as well as two or three gods who had participated in the attack of the land of the gods.

After stepping out of the land of the gods, they returned to the Great Eastern Alliance, which was inspired by their actions and won rave praises from everyone throughout the Alliance.

Thousands of people had once suffered in the hands of the enemy. Now, the evil land of their suffering had been destroyed, as many wished for.

In addition to their joy, they redoubled their confidence in resisting the invasion of the Demon Realm and held several deities meetings to discuss unprecedented anti-demon measures.

The most important one is to unite all forces that, if possible, can be united.

To this end, two batches of troops were dispatched.