The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242 All Ties Are Torn Apart

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A team of troops led by the All-Access Merchant God searched for the Cavern Worlds scattered in Xing River and sought to gather them into the Alliance.

The troops were led by the Sheng Deity and headed to the Great Western Alliance of the West.

As the representative of the Great Eastern Alliance, the Sheng Deity, on behalf of the gods, headed to the west in order to ally with them and fight against the demon world that was about to move ahead with plans.

On the giant ship, the gods negotiated, and they all dispersed after, all with confidence on how to deal with the situation.

Sheng Yuanxin was the only quasi-god on the ship. She had not been seen for almost two years, and she had successfully broken through to become a mid-level quasi-god.

Mother, we are in front of the former site of the land left by Su Yu, Sheng Yuanxin leisurely said.

The Sheng Deity looked at her daughter, frowning, and sighed softly. He fell into the Devil Realm, and the possibility of his survival is almost zero. I dont expect him to be alive anymore. Put your mind on cultivation, and strive to break through the final-level of quasi-gods before the Devil Realm strikes.

Sheng Yuanxin clenched her fists tightly. I believe he will not die. The wind and the waves will come in, and the devil realm may not fall as well! But I am afraid that when he returns to the Great Eastern Alliance, seeing the status quo of the Great Eastern Alliance, I dont know how he will feel?

In her words, there was deep anger and a deep apology.

Yuanxin, he fell into the demon world. There is no possibility of living. The Daikini has transferred everything to the newly trained junior for management, and it is reasonable for her to do so

Sheng Yuanxin smirked. Reasonable? If it was not for Su Yu, how many devil insiders have penetrated our Great Eastern Alliance? If not for Su Yu, who contributed to destroying the land of the Gods? As a result, his life and death are unknown. All the things he left in the Alliance are given to others! There is no colder heart than our actions! Mother, you might as well ask the people in the room if they feel if such actions are reasonable!

Complaints about this matter are loud and boisterous.

Su Yus actions for the Great Eastern Alliance, all can see it with their own eyes.

However, now that his whereabouts are unknown, such treatment is rather unfair to him, making everyone rather mad about it!

The Sheng Deity was silent. Not only in the world but also amongst the gods, there is all indignation.

Who has no complaints when observing such treatment to a fellow god?

However, that was the decision of the Daikini. As the first God of the Alliance, no one dared to resist and go against her actions.

If I were Su Yu, I found that I was treated in this way when I return, I will immediately feel betrayed by the Great Eastern Alliance! Sheng Yuanxin said deeply, I really feel worthless towards him. He is outside the Alliance and has done so much for us. He even sacrificed himself for this, but what have we done for him?

The Sheng Deity was speechless and bitter.

If it was her, she would also rebel.

Hey, he has no possibility of returning. Take it that we failed him and owe him a big one. I will fight, amongst the gods, for him to have an honorable cloak and make him a grave amongst the gods.

Sheng Yuanxin smiled a little. Depriving him of everything, whats the point of leaving only one robe?

Silently, the giant ship slipped silently towards the Great Western Alliance.

In the demon world, a months time quickly passed.

The seedlings of the golden flames forbidden wood have reached a height of about one foot. They are about the thickness of the arm, reaching a level of semi-maturity.

Although in the outside world, only three months had passed, the cultivation of the seedlings in Supreme Growing Soil was equivalent to making it have a 200-year period of growth. It was, therefore, reasonable for it to reach a semi-mature state.

In about two months, it should be able to reach a four-hundred-year-old cultivation period, which is enough for it to fully mature.

The first holy tree of the devil world and Su Yu was full of expectations.

However, when a wave of divine light came from outside, Su Yu raised his eyebrows. He was afraid it would be difficult to delay the matter until two months later.

Feather Demon, its time to hit the road! Cailin stood coldly outside the closet, and her patience was worn thin.

Su Yu opened the door to the secret room and said, Okay, but Im going to some other places.

Cailins eyebrows twisted. Want to delay some more?

If you are not assured of what I am doing, you can follow me. Su Yu took care of himself and left the Chamber, took out the flying magic weapon, and slowly walked towards the Bitter Sea.

Cailin was furious. Feather Demon! My patience is limited!

She put up with it again and again, but Su Yu was still delaying time.

She turned her head and gave her a faint look. When will I see Princess Yunxia is my decision, and when do I need to look at you to decide?

Cailin was so angry that she stared at Su Yu, her eyes flashing with hidden killing intent.

If it wasnt for Princess Yunxias orders, who else, except the members of the royal family, can she not kill?

As for Su Yu, she cant wait to lay her hands on him.

Okay! I want to see what you are doing!

After half a month later

Edge of the Bitter sea

Cailin said coldly, You wobbled slowly here for half a month. The so-called place to go is here? There is no scenery here for you to see at all!

Oh, cant I just watch the sea? Su Yu shrugged and walked aimlessly along the bitter sea coast.

Until half a month later, Cailin finally lost her last straw of patience.

All three of you come here! Cailin stared at Su Yus back and shook her head. With a whoosh, three waves of divine light appeared all around them.

It was Princess Yunxias second, third and fourth maids.

He is already suspicious, and you dont want to go to see Princess Yunxia. Hold on to him, dont let him go away, Ill ask the princess on what to do next. Cailin got in front of Su Yu. By doing what she was doing, she had torn off all signs of relationship and any form of cooperation.

If he wants to escape, you dont have to be polite and break his legs! Cailins breath suddenly became cold, and her murderous spirit was no longer concealed.

Yes! The three maids replied in unison and stared at Su Yu, their pretty faces flashed with a vicious look.

He waited for Cailin to leave. Then the three maids dispersed, two of them guarded close to him, and one simply stared at Su Yu.

The one staring at Su Yu was the second maid, holding her arms and scorning at Su Yu. To be held in regard by the princess is rare. To meet someone like you, whom she had in regard but does not appreciate, it is rare!

Su Yu strolled leisurely around and calmly said, This kind of attention is me being monitored, I would rather not have it.

Oh, you are so arrogant, arent you! The second maid didnt hide her disgust and looked at Su Yu from top to bottom. You know how excited the princess was when she saw you? It was the first time that I found the princess having abnormal behavior. Therefore, you must have something that the princess longed for.

Is it the Milky Way Star River? Su Yus heart was clear as a mirror. Secretly, he said to himself, senior Tian Jizi, you are wrong.

Well, dont leave again, sit here honestly, and wait for the elder sister to return with the news, the second maid yelled.

Su Yu stopped, sitting cross-legged on the bitter seaside, and was bored enough to pick up stones and throw them into the sea.

The stones fell and were immediately corroded into nothingness.

The second maid glimpsed at the scene and laughed, but Su Yu had no choice but to wait.

Time passed slowly, and in the blink of an eye, it was already three days.

At last, the jade of the three maids vibrated at the same time made a rapid noise that jolted them.

It was the elder sisters message. Yet its strange, why is it an urgent one. The three maids were surprised, and the emergency message was only launched when it was something that was very important. This is because it had the potential to damage the jade.

Three penetrating cracks sounded at the same time, followed by three exposed voices from the other end.

The sound is cold, full of endless ice and chills.

The princess has a command! Cut off the hands of the demon, imprison his soul, and return to the imperial capital immediately. There must be no mistake in your task!

Cailins cold words remained in the air, shaking peoples hearts.

The three maids were stunned. They thought that the princess would order them to arrest Su Yu and bring him back forcibly.

But now, she asks them to cut off his hands, destroy the body, and imprison the soul?

Such a cruel means can only be used against the most serious criminals.

After they calmed down, the three maids stared at Su Yu coldly. They would not have the slightest pity and sympathy towards him.

It seems that you irritate the princess and have to end up in such a way. You can only count it as your own fault. The second maids mouth twitched with sarcasm, and her eyes flashed.

The third and fourth maids used divine power to block Su Yus direction of escape.

The second maid is in charge of the operation. With a flick of her fingers, pure golden yellow power, shaped like a sickle, cut into Su Yus palms.

This was what the princess cared about most.

Su Yu secretly froze. Such a decisive woman, immediately doing what she was ordered and took Su Yus hands straight away.

It seems that Princess Yunxia is most likely in the know-how about the Milky Way Star River and wanted to deal with it immediately.

A ray of cold light flashed through his pupils, and Su Yu responded extremely quickly. Even when the three maids were still stunned by the message they received, he had already struck.

Gold! Su Yu cried, and the power of the five elements erupted in his body, surrounding Su Yus whole body.

Golden wood, water, fire, and soil, the power of the five attributes were combined with each other and amalgamated, and all the five elements are transformed into the power of gold.

The power of gold merged into Su Yus body. Su Yus entire body was now metalized.

The sickles divine power sought to chop Su Yus arms, but only a friction sound was made. It could not chop Su Yus arms within a short span of time.

This was Su Yus harvest of his continuous cultivation of the five elements mountain.

The second maid was slightly disoriented as to what had just happened. It was expected that this blow could easily cut off Su Yus hands.

However, those under the gods are mere ants. Even if Su Yu had the ability to kill the later-levels quasi-gods, it was still not worth mentioning and discussing his skills in detail.

Her eyes flickered, and the sickle turned by Gods power suddenly grew several times.

The golden force in Su Yus body was unbearable, and it was instantly broken.

The huge sickle that swelled split not only Su Yus hands but also his body into two.

He didnt wait for the second maid to show a sneer, and his facial expression changed.

Su Yus body was indeed divided into two, but at the moment of separation, Su Yu hands printed. Water!

The body that was cut off turned into a condensed person made out of it.

The golden sickle, as it struck, penetrated a ball of water. It passed through Su Yus body without causing any damage.

You are really difficult to deal with! The second maid was shocked. The golden sickle was divided into ten at once and divided Su Yus hydration into ten parts.

Earth! At the critical moment, Su Yu spit out a word.

His body was chopped into ten pieces, and every piece was turned into soil.

Not good! He has fallen into the ground! The second maid had a pale complexion, although she tried to maintain her composure. The three strikes, shockingly, did nothing to capture a quasi-god.

The third and fourth maids shot out Gods light that hit the sky.

Su Yu instantly moved to the endless distance with the technique of earth.

Chase him down! If we dont kill this person, none of us need to go back alive! The second maid said coldly.

Princess Yunxia never raised useless people, and the top ten maids were never fixed maids. Countless of them had been replaced since.

Those replaced, no doubt, were plentiful to fill the earth.

Therefore, if Su Yu was not dead, they were dead!


Three gods teleported themselves and chased after Su Yu with all their strength.

The situation finally developed to the final step. The Demon Realm, Su Yu had to leave it now!