The Divine Nine Dragon Cauldron Chapter 1243

Chapter 1243 Wanted Demon In The Demon Realm

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Go nowhere! Su Yu teleported out from the place, and his divine light fluctuated. Alas, the three maids caught up instantly.

It is impossible for quasi-gods to escape from the gods.

Above the earth, the soil squirms and condenses into the form of Su Yu.

When they appeared, Su Yus five-colored light flashed, and the power of the five elements was teleported.

The three maids couldnt stop it and clenched their teeth hard.

They didnt find out at all that, at the spot where Su Yu stayed, there was a drop of golden blood, which contained the unique flavor of the demon royal family.

He appeared again via teleportation, and the three maids appeared first before Su Yu, condensing divine power to seal Su Yu away.

However, just at this moment, two waves of divine light suddenly appeared.

Giggle, to withstand three moves in the hands of the gods, and escape twice, no one else in the demon world can do this, right? A quirky, pretty face appeared.

On her side is the Purple-Eyed Demonic God.

After the two appeared, they naturally broke the seal of the divine power.

Purple-Eyed Demonic God! And the sixth princess! The pupils of the three maids shrank slightly.

Purple-Eyed Demonic God, they need not say much, but the sixth princess actually attacked!

How terrible the power is in this royal family, second only to the existence of the great prince, has always been an unknown mystery.

We were ordered by Princess Yunxia to arrest the Lord of the Seawatch City and return to the Demon Emperors Capital. I dont know if the two of you know this, but you will not be blamed for it. However, now, you will step down without hindering us! The second maid said.

The eyes of the sixth princess turned, and she bent to form a crescent. Oh? We knew that Princess Yunxia would attack the Yu Demon, and therefore we decided to attack! We just disobeyed Princess Yunxia, so what happens? Are you ready to attack me too?

The Purple-Eyed Demonic God also bowed his head gently. I advise you, there is no need to seek your own death here today.

Ah! The pupils of all three maids shrank.

How could they have expected that the sixth princess and the Purple-Eyed Demonic God dare to defy Princess Yunxia in public?

You are here for betrayal! The second maid said suddenly, sulking.

The eyes of the sixth princess gradually became cold. Oh, youre right, we are rebelling!


The sixth princess transformed into the divine light and started her attack!

The second maids scalp was numb, and she hurriedly said, The sixth princess, the Purple-Eyed Demonic God are now in rebellion, they shall be killed without any pardon!

What mental energy do the three maids have now on their primary task to capture Su Yu? Instead, they have to deal with the decisive sixth princess.

The two sides fought at once.

The three maids are the strong ones carefully selected by Princess Yunxia. They are also among the top gods.

However, in a fight, all three were bombarded by the sixth princess.

The fourth maid was directly destroyed by her, and her Great Source Divine Origin was held by the bloody hands of the sixth princess.

Her pretty face, with a trace of cruelty, devoured it in public, licking her lips endlessly. Giggle, its delicious.

This scene is shuddering, even for Su Yu. He witnessed it till his sight turned drowsy.

Fourth sister! The second maid yelled sadly, staring at the sixth princess with hate.

But her mouth quickly issued a decisive command. Leave separately, go back and inform the princess; the sixth princess and the Purple-Eyed Demonic God have betrayed, and ask for the Holy Magic Hall to dispatch further manpower!

Their messenger jade, because of the previous emergency message received, was now destroyed and could not promptly notify Cailin. The only way left is to use the means of a messenger in a city and announce it to the world.


The two of them split in different ways and fled.

The edge of the sixth princesss mouth was left with golden blood, and cruelty radiated from her eyes. Cant let you escape.


Her figure flickered and chased the second maid.

Purple-Eyed Demonic God looked at the second maid for a long time. Sixth princess, if you dont handle it well, it will be a source of hidden danger. You must be prepared, my little friend.

Su Yu also stared at the light. The sixth princess, like an uncontrolled tiger, acted fiercely. She had changed a lot and had a very cold heart. Accompanying them, of course, they could use her unparalleled strength, but they could also be bitten back by her at any time.

I have plans. Su Yu said, Is it properly arranged?

Well, one month after you left, I have done all as you told me, and there is no one in Seawatch City.

Su Yu nodded slightly. Well, we dont have to go back to Seawatch City anymore. Now, we head straight for the Demon Emperor.

Purple-Eyed Demonic God nodded and looked at the direction in which the third maid escaped. Its almost time to give chase, wait a moment.

A purple light flickered, and he chased quickly.

After a long while

The sixth princess and the Purple-Eyed Demonic God appeared one after the other, and the two maids failed to escape and were killed on the spot.

Su Yu witnessed everything. The Purple-Eyed Demonic God took off a long time after the sixth princess, but they took about the same time to return.

Also, he can quickly kill the third maid!

He is indeed the Purple-Eyed Demonic God. When they fight together, he can always predict the enemys next move, and he can also understand the enemys various weaknesses.

Fighting with such an enemy is terrible to think about.

His heirone can only wonder how much he inherited from the existing Purple-Eyed Demonic God, and whether he will be a great help for Su Yu.

Although they have now died, their deaths cannot be concealed from Princess Yunxia for very long. Su Yu looked to the sixth princess. Sooner or later you will be speculated about. About your rebellion. Thus, go back and strengthen your preparations. I will go to the demon emperor with the Purple-Eyed Demonic God.

The sixth princess nodded her head. The reason why she stayed and supervised Su Yus execution was to confirm whether he was really credible.

Now that he was ordered to be killed by Princess Yunxia, he must be someone who is not in colludes with Princess Yunxia, and she can cooperate with him at ease.

The coup was imminent, and she did need to go back and prepare for it.

Okay! After one month, we will all meet the Demon Emperor! The sixth princess turned and walked away.

Su Yu paused and said, Wait, I have advice for you.

Eh? The sixth princess turned her head and stared at him with a smile.

The Book God cannot be trusted, and anyone who believes in him will be used by him and eventually die! Su Yu said, I urge you to remove him immediately, without any hesitation! Doing so also means you help me remove one rival.

The sixth princess did not answer. She dared to use the service of the Book God, which naturally means she had something to use against the Book God.

Without the sixth princess, there is no possibility of removing the Divine Meteor Doom in the Book Gods body.

If you feel that you are holding something of worth against the Book God, I can only say than that; sixth princess, you are not far away from death. Su Yu shook his head and said, This person cannot be trusted and controlled.

With that, Su Yu took out a jade pendant and threw it to the sixth princess. If you trust me, follow the message in the jade pendant.

With that, Su Yu and Purple-Eyed Demonic God quickly left.

The sixth princess grabbed at the jade pendant, read the contents, and turned her eyes slightly. After a moment of contemplation, she raised her palms and patted her chest, and she suddenly coughed up blood.

Her face paled quickly, and pain appeared across her face.

After a moment of teleportation, she returned to Jingxuan Realm in this state.

As soon as she returned to the mansion, the Book God ushered her in and saw that the sixth princess was injured.

Send out the order. Those who depend on our city secretly to come here and protect me.

The Book God said, Yes!

Looking at the back of the Book God, the sixth princesss eyes were cold.

Seven days later.

Looking at the magic clouds rolling over the Seawatch city, the violent gas was wanton.

Several gods stand tall, deterring the spirits of the heavens.

The Lord of the Seawatch City killed the princesss special envoy. Such crimes cannot be tolerated!

Its the holy magic hall!

When did our city lord kill the princesss envoy?

It must be someone from the Holy Magic Hall. They are reluctant to give up after the failed attempt on our city the last time. Now they want to plant unreliable blame on our Lord!

They questioned and questioned, but no one dared to stand up to the monsters of the Holy Magic Hall.


Looking at the Seawatch city, the spirits are still in shock, and several gods descend on the main residence of the city.

The deity who came to assist is the Demon Cloud City Master.

Sure enough, he escaped! After a search, the people in the mansion found nothing, leaving only those who did not matter.

Behind him is a blood-stained demon with tyrannical eyes, and he angrily said, This demon is a cunning man, and he escaped upon killing the maids. He is most likely in hiding now!

Many people in the mansion recognized that the demon in front of the Hold Magic Hall was not any other person but the Demon Cloud City Master himself.

They do not know why, but in just half a year, he actually changed from the tyrannical demon form typical of the Hold Magic Hall.

Hmm! The land belongs entirely to the demon emperor. Where can he escape to? Send the order and issue a first-level wanted order in the Holy Magic Hall to arrest Su Yu and Purple-Eyed Demonic God!

Yes! The Demon Cloud City Master sneered. When he is caught by the Holy Magic Hall, I willI must eat him in person, alive!

A wanted order was quickly conveyed to every city and every jurisdiction in the Demon Realm. Whenever he appeared, he must be arrested by local official forces. After all, no one wants to be further convicted by the Holy Magic Hall.

With such a massive web of potential informants, Su Yu, who had nowhere to hide, appeared in the Demon Capital!

In an unobtrusive ordinary house, three early-level quasi-gods who had been with the Demon Emperor for half a year were now guarding a certain house seriously.

A team of seven early quasi-gods is entering the house in turns.

In the squatter room, Su Yu sat cross-legged and met them one by one.

On the day when the first hundred quasi-gods were released from captivity that day, thirty of them were taken away by Qianjun and hidden to investigate information on behalf of Su Yu.

The other seventy people were delivered to the Demon Emperor Capital by Su Yu six months ago and arranged everything in advance.

This shelter is prepared in advance.

No one will doubt that the Feather Demon wanted by the demon world is actually right under the eyes of Princess Yunxia.

He divided the seventy people into ten groups, and each group was about seven people. He came here in advance to catch up on the news and arrange everything he needed.

At this moment, he hears about the news that they spied for half a year.

The first thing he asked about was, of course, the method of leaving the demon world, the ancient altar.

Master Uighur, the altar is guarded by three generals of the Holy Magic Hall, and they are very powerful, comparable to the Demon Cloud City Master.

Su Yu frowned slightly. The strength of the Demon Cloud City Master, Su Yu had seen it with his own eyes. If the four joined forces, he would not be their opponent at all.

At this altar, the princes and princesses will find a way to seize it first as part of their coup. This is to secure and ensure their retreat path, so there is no need for Su Yu to worry much more.

Second, is the intelligence reports on the Demon Emperor and Princess Yunxia.

The capital has rumors. The Demon Emperor has not appeared for hundreds of years. It is likely that he is controlled by Princess Yunxia by some means. Now everything happening in the demon world is controlled by Princess Yunxia.